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I am the oldest of four kids and love MJ so much and eternally. That is my baby!!! I like a lot of things, like music, sports, MJ sites, and lots of othr things MJ related. I MJ fantasize and write fan fics of him and read fan fics as well. I hope to be a good part of this family. L.O.V.E

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The Stripper:

Samantha: My name is Samantha. Everybody calls me either Samantha, Sam, Sammy, or S,Kitty. S.Kitty is usually my stripper name. That's right, I'm a stripper. I work at this club called The Sandtrap and get paid a lot over the week. That's how I get easy money for me and my two kids, Maple and Chris. Chris is the oldest sibling, a boy, and twelve years old, that likes electronics and computers. Maple is the youngest girl, eight years old, and is pretty active and like to sing. Also, I have no lover and I'm just perfect without one. I've had too many hard times with the men I've dated, and I never wanted to turn back for another one, especially the ones that had my children. Once my old boyfriends figured out I was having their child, they left me quicker than lightening. I was too devastated to do anything about them, so I let them be. My children were even more disappointed. My children don't really like the fact that I'm a stripper and I end up sometimes in the morning on a guy's bed, but they understand that's how we're living under a roof. I really try my best. Almost anything for the safety of my children and me. That's all I care about. No, man, no life saver, no nothing, but it would be nice to have a change just for once, even though all men are the same. I just believe my life is simply screwed.


The Gangsta

Michael: My name is Michael, Michael Jackson as some of y'all may have last known me. Not anymore though. I now either go by Boss or Big Brother Mike from my bad blue brothers. I'm talking about a gang...I'm leader in. We're called the Blue Gangstas. How this happen? I'd be glad to tell you.  I was a happy man from my Off The Wall era to my HIStory era. I married a beautiful woman named Lisa Marie Presley, LMP for short. I loved her so much, almost the world to me, and I thought she felt the exact same way. I even dedicated a song for her. That was, until my world fell into pieces when she said she wanted a divorce. So I apparently thought wrong! I was too devastated to do anything about her, so I let it go. I just couldn't simply believe it. What more did the woman want!? After that, I was fed up with women. I can't stand them. I promised to never fall in love with another one again in my life, just so I don't have that sick, crushing feeling! It's just me and my blue brothers. My blue bros found me walking around with a cloud of darkness over my head and disappointment in my face. They smiled seeing the KOP in a bad mood and took me in and showed me all they did. Me being in the bad mood I was in, I smiled at their mischevious ways and gladly joined. They soon made me leader. Ever since then, I haven't cared about anyone or anything but me, my brothers, and my real family. Me and my brothers are straight up bad and have a good reputation in our city. We do a lot like stealing, killing, whenever a brother is behind bars, we break them out, and they always protect me from trouble. I've always been a secret in our group and I always want it to stay that way. I've always had an evil look and it never left since that day we all united. My eyebrows always wrinkled, I never smile, my eyelids always covered half my eyes, and my cheeks poked out and stiff, not even letting me crack and smile. I promised I am a Blue Gangsta forever.

How will they work?

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