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Hellooo people of!

I'm an author here and writing has been a passion of mine since a very early age. I love all things literary - whether it's reading or writing. I adore literature and am huge fan of John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Shakespeare and C.S Lewis among others. I also study English Literature and one of my favourite novels ever is The Great Gatsby.

I'm currently doing A-Levels in the UK, but outside of school, I'm an avid artist and have been drawing since I was in nappies. Another creative hobby of mine is music - I sing and play and I'm learning how to produce using software.

Music in general is a great part of my life and I listen to mainly Hip-Hop and R&B, both from today and from the 90s, though I like my House and Dancehall too. 

I grew up around MJ and his music and he fascinates and inspires me. My favourite allbum of his is Bad, as is the era, though I love him from 1958-2009. I combined two of the loves of my life and ended up writing a fanfiction story on this site. I take pride in my written work and doing anything creative is like a release for me. 

I'm still young and don't really know what I'll do in life XD but as for now, I know that I want to keep writing until the story is finished for you guys. 

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Age: 18-21
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Reviews by NeelzLovesMJ
Summary: Feature

We have all seen those stories that get no comments and those stories that regularly get a handful of comments per chapter. This series will focus on providing tips on how to be one of the latter, not the former!


Newest Segment: Developing Minor and Supporting Characters

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Chapters: 34 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: Jan 19, 2015 Updated: Sep 11, 2017
Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Sep 12, 2017 Title: Chapter 34: The writers' turn

I completely agree with everything said in this post. As an author and a writer, I'm not sure that the readers on this website are actually aware of the amount of effort - pure, sheer effort - which goes into my chapters. That's along with countless hours of research and planning, and then writing and editing, because I want the story to be a good, worthwhile read. I write for the people on this website. I always have the readers' best interests at heart. Therefore, I can't express how important feedback is to me. I want to know what people think! Reviews keep me going and even if it is just one sentence, it lets me know that I'm doing something right.

Not only that, but I feel like readers are sometimes hesitant to be critical. While reading positive comments makes my day, I also seek to find out how I can improve, based on what YOU - the readers - think. Part of being an author includes growing and developing skill. If you have any criticisms, do open up about them! That way, we can work constructively and produce even more amazing stories for you.

It's also just a means of consideration, even if you are not going to continue reading, leaving a line of thought for us really makes all the difference. Reviews are also a great form of communication between authors and readers and I feel like it makes the reading experience all that more special. It's important to engage with each other and establish that kind of connection. 

Personally, I think a review should detail the reader's true thoughts on the chapter a little more. I honestly always appreciate when people tell me they loved the chapter/enjoyed reading it - but what did you love about it? Why did you enjoy it? What do you expect next? Reviews are an opportunity for the readers to have a voice, too.

Make it about YOU. 

Author's Response:

Damn. I feel like I should ammend this to the registration confirmation email I send after creating someone's account. 


A look into my average teenage life... and some other stuff because I tend to go off topic. 


The fact that this summer I'll be joining the dub club so technically I'll no longer be a "teenager". Time for a "summary" change. 

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[Report This] Published: Sep 07, 2015 Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 03, 2017 Title: Chapter 23: I'm always asking questions, but I'm a curious teenager

You definitely got a point there, Brandy.

I feel like this website and FF in general used to be poppin’ like a few years ago. I haven’t even been here for long but just by looking at how many reads and shit the earliest stories on here have, compared to the ones now, there’s a huge difference! Even with Wattpad (though most on there make me cringe😂), so many stories are discontinued.

I mean, I guess like after his death, MJ’s popularity surged again and it did in every aspect maybe? So like people probably got really into writing FF and people were into reading it just as much. I don’t think people are getting OVER Michael and as hard as it is to accept, the years are passing and even the greats do start to fade out but the thing is, MJ’s fanbase is so worldwide and amazing and huge that we are constantly keeping his legacy alive - I don’t think he will EVER be forgotten or anything like that but time can change a lot, legit. 

I’ve been a fan since I was a child and I love him more NOW than ever! I guess part of that comes with age and growing up and understanding him better.😂lmao you’re not an oddball, you’re among dozens and dozens of other authors here (yoo-hoo!) and I think you’re doing an amazing af job with keeping FF alive since you update so often and all. Like don’t ever give up, either! Fr! It’s up to us authors to continue to write and give people a reason to read, right?

Same here like I said with growing up I learnt so much more about MJ after his death and had a much greater interest in him - thought that was only me. BRUH SAME LOL like I’m constantly on Instagram reading stuff about him and seeing pics and stuff since there are some amazing accounts which post rare images with a true story behind them in the caption.

Omg! You’re gonna stop writing?! WHY? I agree we can’t do this FF thing FOREVER legit like there’s life too, but to answer your final question - honestly? No. Not sure if FF will be a huge hype and shit in the following years to come. Idk, it must be the time thing. But another thing to consider is that for fanfiction to work, people need to continue to be interested in HIM. Without Michael and a shared love for him, there would be no fanfiction. 

But yeah idk usually I don’t respond to journals and things but this really got me thinking and everything you said is lowkey true fam 

Author's Response:

Thanks for taking the time out to view my journal. I always love reading about other peoples thoughts. 

I'm here with you when it comes to learning more about him whether it be the bad or the good. Although I do understand a lot more now than I did I was younger for I was such a naive child years ago. Bro I know what you're talking about when you mentioned instagram. I love love love seeing pictures with RL stories about Michael in the caption. I also follow a few pages that post rare facts about him. I'm always up for learning something new. 

And yeah I'd definitely stop writing eventually because if you think about it writing is time-consuming. Thinking of plot developments, character developments, re-reading two or three times to catch grammar errors (9 times outta 10 I still don't catch them all), and sitting down to even write the chapter. It takes a lot of time and effort and I'm in my 2nd year of college so I won't be as avaliable once I graduate with me wanting to go to med school and all. So, I'd probably just become a reader then and leave the writing to other authors like yourself. 

I totally agree w/ people having to continue their interest in MJ for FF to continue. 

Just know in the years to come I'll always be around as a reader. 



"Friendship may and often does grow into love, but love never subsides into friendship."

-       By Lord Bryon.

Can two friends see how much they care for each other?. Wanting to be more than Friends?.


Michael and Amber have been friends since the tender age of ten, spending time together but as they grew and are in High school, can Michael finally admit his feelings for his best friend and can Amber finally see it and care for him as he does for her?


Find out in..

   'I Found that Girl'

Categories: Jackson 5: 1965-1975, Drama, Romance
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Mild Violence
Trigger Warnings: Child Abuse
Series: A/M Adventures
Chapters: 32 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 38558 Read Count: 68982
[Report This] Published: Oct 12, 2015 Updated: Mar 01, 2016
Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 28, 2016 Title: Chapter 4: Ch.4

I'm so happy I got round to starting reading this story, and I have so much to say!

First off, I was smiling throughout these past couple chapters. I really love the way you wrote these two children, every interaction, every gesture, every word they spoke was filled with cuteness! 

Secondly, I think you depicted young Michael amazingly, especially given his situation at the time. I totally understand why he acted the way he did, and I think the way it played out with Amber apologising and them having a water gun fight (classic Michael) was spectacular. Really, very heartwarming. 

Finally, this story reminds me of my own! Part of my story also features young Michael and his best friend, and it's really refreshing to read this - I feel like I gain some sort of insight by reading about how other people portray his childhood and all. 

I'm definitely going to keep reading this, as you already know I really want to get on to the next instalment in this series! Amazing work!! <3


Author's Response:

No thank you taking the effort to read it! well I wanted them to have a sweet childhood but every friendship has it's trials lol. aw thank you I tried to make mj as fun and adorable like he was in his younger years I'm glad our stories connected somehow in his growing up I wanted him to have a decent childhood.

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 28, 2016 Title: Chapter 16: Ch.16

Oh. My. God. I cannot stop reading this! Haha 

Well, I'll start by saying that I am a huge fan of Chris Tucker! From his movies to his's so awesome how he's friends with Michael! You made Chris into such a likeable, funny character which is great since we all know he's a reknowned comedian. I feel relived that he came in to save the day by rekindling his friendship with Michael, especially after what happened between him and Amber. I laughed when he gave Amber the nickname "shrimp"😂. Also love how Chris stood up for Michael and made Amber realise her mistake. In addition, it's nice to see that Chris doesn't hate Amber anymore but I sense there will always be a rift between them over what happened.

THE MAFIA?! I was just as shocked as Amber! I agree, she does have a little bit of a temper. I guess both were at fault. He didn't tell her, and when he did, she didn't allow him to explain. But again, super glad they worked things out thanks to Chris and Marlon's little plan. 

For some reason I feel like Marlon was just Amber's (sounds harsh) replacement for Michael. She clearly missed him, and maybe Marlon was the closest thing she had to Michael? 

Lastly - this Angelina girl needs to chill! Michael and Amber just made up there is no way they can possibly let her ruin everything! Hell to the no! 

Sorry for my lengthy reviews - I love this story & it just forms many opinions from me! 

Author's Response:

I must be doing a good job for you to not stop reading lmao. yes who doesn't love themselves Chris Tucker? i love him esp in rush hour and without chris there wouldn't be any fun without him haha. those two will never get along even for mj's sake loool. yes the mafia the plot twist to end it all! imagine if the music gig didn't work back then who knows what Joseph would have gotten them into? but at least it worked out after awhile. i agree marlon was used as a scapegoat for Amber since she didn't have her bo around her. Yass girl angelina needs to step out of the way she ain't needed just when the two have rekindled! hell to the nah xD

and no problem for lenghty reviews i love em xD 

thanks for reading hun <3 

Liberian Queen by Lorry Rated: K+ starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 154]
Summary: Past Featured Story


Prince Michael refusing to settle down with any woman his parents pick for him decides to leave his home to find his queen and finish his education. He is accepted into the university of Oxford in London where he meets his future queen Faith Parker.


Finally Settled Down King Michael and his Queen Faith  hope their united marriage would be a peaceful affair but drama is always lurking in the dark.The pressures of Faith being Queen and Michael trying to tackle the affairs and debts his father left for him while hoping to bring an heir into the world is too much for the newly wedded couple.


Will the two of them have a child or adopt to fill that hole? 

Will they crumble under the pressure or push forward together as one ruling the country?

Will the country accept New changes?

Find out in..

'Liberian Queen'

Categories: Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 57 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 86285 Read Count: 90888
[Report This] Published: Dec 18, 2015 Updated: Apr 12, 2017
Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 30, 2017 Title: Chapter 31: Ch. 31

Oh god I see this is the after-effect of Prince Michael being drunk. Typical of him to cause mayhem wherever he goes! Haha😆I love their relationship they've come a really long way

Author's Response:

because trouble cannot resist finding his majesty lmao. I agree they have come a long way and can only get stronger together :P

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 30, 2017 Title: Chapter 41: Ch. 41

I almost had a heart attack when Kenia was gonna become King over Michael! But Mike's a boss ass b***b and with Jim's help, proved Oriya wrong YESSS my man brought out them screenshots😂 - that twist blew my mind! Loved that dramatic scuffle and I'm so glad he's finally King. I really hope they have kids soon.😳

Author's Response:

I am not sorry for giving u an almost heartache cause drama is a favourite thing of mine and yasss the screenshots never lie 😂. Of course they will on due time 😎

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 28, 2017 Title: Chapter 6: Ch.6

I am LOVING this so far. Very clever how he uses the alias 'Michael Jackson'. It was funny when he sneaked out and everyone was looking for him and oh my god, I'm now imagining him with a South African accent... *fans self* 😂Faith's personality is great and I like all those UK related references you threw in there. It's nice to read about my idol visiting my country. I wonder if she will warm up to him🤔

Author's Response:

Cause Michael don't give a crap about no one but himself. Girl imagine it cause it's sexy 😂. She's just a unsocial and who knows with her attitude lol. Yas someone had to put down the references somewhere 😂.

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Jul 29, 2017 Title: Chapter 23: Ch.23

LMAO I feel like Jim is that one person that nobody wants to be. I'm hooked I've been reading this all day!

Author's Response:

because He is. the poor guy going through years of michael's match making or pranks tsk tsk lmao. girl keep reading! I'm sure you'll feel more pity for poor Jim somewhere XD.


Amber and Michael free from the clutches of Gary, head off to the sunny side of L.A hoping to follow their dreams but amongst the mix of finding where they belong...

they are blessed with a child and unknown shores of drama drop into their life which wasn't expected..

How will they cope?

Can they sustain their relationship though it all juggling with a child and their own dreams?
Find out in..

in the sequel to 'I Found that Girl'...

'California Dreaming'

Categories: Off The Wall: 1975-1981, Thriller: 1982-1983, Adventure, Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Mild Violence
Trigger Warnings: None
Series: A/M Adventures
Chapters: 59 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 83200 Read Count: 68754
[Report This] Published: Mar 04, 2016 Updated: Aug 22, 2017
Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Oct 26, 2016 Title: Chapter 6: ::Ch. 6::

Hello Lorry! I got on to reading your story just like I said I would! I promised myself I would only read two chapters (given the lateness of the hour), but I honestly couldn't stop! I'm aware this is a sequel, & I've kinda picked up on a few things but I have many questions so I should just read the prequel first! I'm guessing they ran away from Gary?

The wedding scene was so cute and spontaneous - I loved that! This story seems fun, playful and adventurous, I think it's awesome. Ooh also - is Michael famous in this story? 

Keep doing what you're doing!🙌🏼

Author's Response:

That's how it starts one chapter turns to another and another 😂. they did run away from Gary and go read the prequel you'll see what I mean. also yes mj is famous in this sequel it's just not too obvious lool. thank you! more to come soon 👻




What if I was something, someone other than my father's daughter or what people, my mother, significant others, everyone else, expected or wanted me to be. Just me in my own words. I did not plan on falling in love with him, it was real. You've read his side of things.

This is mine.



Banner by Lorry 


Categories: Dangerous: 1991-1993, 1993-1994, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, HIStory: 1995-1999, Adult, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Michael
General Warnings: Some Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Trigger Warnings: Drug Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 7213 Read Count: 671
[Report This] Published: Aug 29, 2016 Updated: Sep 11, 2017
Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Feb 06, 2017 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Loving it so far! It's really dramatic! Enjoying the great amount of internal monologues and the emotions, but I can't wait to see some dialogue, action and of course, MICHAEL! 😘

Author's Response:

Lol omg so demanding. Glad u love it haha. Yes be patient. Youll get what you want.

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstar
Date: Oct 19, 2016 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Yasss! It just keeps on getting better and BETTER. It's definitely interesting and I'm honestly growing impatient! You gotta update more! Aw you really didn't have to mention me but thank you so much, you're so sweet! I'm always here to encourage you and help you out. Keep it coming! kisses xx

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed
Date: Aug 27, 2017 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Hay😁Really enjoyed this one it's nice to see some more action and their flirtations were enjoyable to read. Kinda reminded me of that scene in Titanic where Rose is boutta jump idk why haha. Only criticism is just make sure the quotation marks are in place properly cause sometimes it's hard to differ between dialogue and narration. Lmao😂Bambi...Lisa really just doesn't care she says what tf she wants lol, I feel like (and hope) the drama only continues and we see more of their interactions 🤗 

Author's Response:

Lol thanks dude ya prob shudnt have edited it after i posted in the text box. Lol yes that was a lame titanic reference haha. Couldn't decide if i should take out the bottom part of not :/. Anyway thanks for reviewing as always glad you liked it. And of course she says whatever the fuck she wants what i like best about her:) 

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Sep 12, 2017 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

bihhhhh.....this was NOT long enough. No more fillers, plz. But i liked being able to see into Lisa's inner thoughts some more. I get where she's coming from. I love that she was being honest and admitted the one thing most people are scared to - that she intially thought he was strange, but that was before she got to know him, of course. So true what she said about how everyone just has it all wrong. Michael saved HER, that was all him. And damn right about her mother and is literally history repeating itself the circumstances are so similar its scary lol. I cannotttt wait for the next segment of the interview with Diane but I WANT A FLASHBACK. LOL KEEP IT UP PPIC XXXX

Author's Response:

Lol gurl bye. It's hard enough trying to find inspiration. Lmao impatient are we🙄 That's my whole goal of this lol well somewhat, so people get where she's coming from. Yea exactly it's scary admitting you misjudged someone, on tv, where that person will probably watch and or hear about it. I don't love the word or concept of "saving you" but I definitely agree with someone who uplifts you  etc. yeaa that's a reocurring theme I keep mentioning. The similarities, basically deja vu. Haha I'll see what I can do! As always love your comments and feedback it's reviews like this that keep me going! I also don't want to rush the story so if you have any suggestions on that, let me know. Thanks gurl BACK ATCHA PPIC! Xxx

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarhalf-star
Date: Aug 29, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is a fantastic start, I think you captured Lisa brilliantly and the imagery you used it really incredible. I'm personally so glad I pushed you to do this, cause - what's can I say? It's gonna be a masterpiece 😏 I'm really eager to meet Michael in the story and see how he interacts with Lisa, and of course, the kiss! You better come out with the next one soon!!

Author's Response:

Wow thank you!! I feel like i didn't enough of both of those like i was too much in her head. Lol. Gurll stop making me blush. OH YOURE GLAD YOU HARASSED ME INTO THIS i bet you're happy dancing as we speak. Oh godd  I don't know how I'm going to write him that's so hard. Hard for me to get into his head and figure him out. Won't do a POV from his side probably. The kiss LOL that was the year before. Seriously thank you for this I needed it! Love you.  K im working on it!

Reviewer: darkmc912 Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: Sep 08, 2017 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

This is your best chapter yet. Loved the lenght, the different dynaics we saw e.g an interview as well as a flashback. Hearing Lisa's lament about how her life changed after her father died was really sad, and how her mum tried to step in but she ws like "fuck you mom" LMAO. She regards Michael as kind of her saviour...and oh God Diane lol. I loved reading Lisa in her element with the guitar and Riley omfg shes so cute XD she was lowkey nervous with *ahem* Thriller Boy on the phone (goals) and its obcious that Michael is gonna have a huge impact even on the kids, and the way Lisa compares Michael to Danny gves me hope that yes, he WILL make her happy. Keep this shit up fam. <3

Author's Response:

Woww you always leave the best reviews! Tysm for always encouraging me even when I really get stuck and discouraged and hate my writing. Yeaa glad you liked that part it's hard to actually know because she doesn't open up about herself a lot, so it feels like i'm blindly guessing. Yeaa I don't know if savior's the right word but definitely along the same lines there. Again have no idea what she does for fun, thought that would make most sense. Also really having a hard time finding out what music she likes. Yea I assume ish through making their mom happy, makes them happy, don't really know how they took to him as a stepfather. Thanks so much fam:) I shall and I really should credit you you helped me a lot with this story.:)