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I love Michael Jackson and I love the magic that came with him. I also love reading novels and seeing what people create with their minds.

If you are a fan of Michael then I already love you.

I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was a child. He was and continues to be my inspiration.
Michael was not only an entertainer, or the King of Pop to me, he was a part of my childhood, he was my friend in a way.

I first saw him from what I could remember when I was 3 years old in the Leave Me Alone video (1989) I fell in love with him though when I was 8 years old (1993). I had this huge poster on my wall that I used to kiss every night. He was in my heart.
When Michael left, he took my heart with him. I love him to this day and I will forever miss him.

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***When people find out that I am a Michael Jackson fan, they first ask me what's your fave song? (Give in to me) and then they ask what's your fave era? (He looks good in all but I have a weakness for the dangerous era). And then they get to know me and they realize I'm crazy in love with Michael and they laugh and they ask have you ever met him or seen him? When did you fall in love? I was a fan since I was three, I fell in love with him when I was like eight years old when I saw Remember the Time on MTV and the answer to the other question is yes, once but that one time left a mark in my heart.

It was 2001, I was 16 years old. I live in New York City. Sadly, as much I always wanted to see him, it seemed you always heard of Michael performing or appearing every where else in the world except America. Of course, knowing now how mean America has been to him, I understand why he didn't perform here often...unfortunately there was still a lot of fans here who did miss him and wanted to experience him as well. So when I heard he was going to be in Virgin Megastore in Times Square signing CDs, I know that was my chance to see him.

I used to go to high school in the downtown area of Manhattan and every afternoon after school, I used to go to Times Square's Virgin Megastore and buy CDs with my lunch money. Music was and is my life. MTV was right across the street and I always used to see artists stopping by to go to TRL( BSB, NSYNC, Britney Spears, etc) every one who was young and hot at the time. But Michael was my guy.

That morning, I woke up and headed to school. I knew I couldn't walk around the street alone with a book bag in the morning until after twelve noon when the HS seniors left school because police would stop me and take me to school. I have always looked younger than my age, til this day I still get ask for ID and I'm 27 years old. I went to school and met up with my crazy best friend at the time and I told her what I wanted to do. (Note: if you want to do something crazy, always take your craziest friend, they will get you closer than you ever will alone). I suffered through class until 3rd period (where they take the attendance for the day) and then after class, I slipped out of school with my friend and we took the train for the two stops to Times Square.

The place was packed, there were cops and people every where. I thought I will never get close to him. When we arrived, a security guard told my friend that to go inside and get the cd signed was to a limit of people and we got there too late, which of course, I understood because if not, then Michael will be there all day signing but I had to see him. After a few hours of just chanting his name, we still didn't see him. It seems he was in MTV doing the interview with Carson Daly for TRL.

I don't remember how long after we waited for him but at one time, we had left our spot to see if we could get closer (stupid move) because Michael walked out to the street to wave at the fans at that moment. At my moment of panic, I ran crossing the street and when I spotted him, I froze that I didn't realize my friend had to drag me out of the street so I wouldn't get hit by a car. He was heading inside and this is when the crazy friend is a good thing to have comes, she saw the revolving door of the store and she grabbed my hand and forced herself with me in the store. Of course, some girls saw what we did and they followed. Security stopped us but at this point I was closer to him than I ever was before. He was heading to the escalators to head down to the floor level of the store where he would be signing the autographs and he had his back faced my way, waving at the fans outside and on the other side. I was so scared that he would pass me and not see me that at that moment I screamed "MICHAEL!!!!!" and I must have screamed it so loud but you would have never noticed because everyone was screaming that you couldn't hear yourself but HE heard me and I scared him, I screamed so loud that he gave a little jump, he turned my way to find me staring at him like a deer in headlights and next thing you know he smiled at me. I smiled back and I stood frozen that way. I swear in my mind, I could see him turning around and smiling at me in slow motion but in reality it only took a couple of seconds. Before I got to say anything his bodyguard grabbed him and dragged him down the stairs. As the security guard kicked us out of the store and on my way home, I remember my friend going on and on about what had happen but I was quiet the whole way, I kept repeating him in my head smiling at me. I was in love.

When I got home, the school called my mom because they didn't see me in 5th period and yes, I got in trouble and yes, my momma beat my ass but LOL I didn't care. Michael was so worth it. I will do it again and my momma knows it. She rolls her eyes til this today if I or anyone mentions his name. She says I'm MJ's biggest groupie and I say "Mom, I can't be his groupie, I haven't had the chance to sleep with him and bring you some grand kids"

Looking back at that day and moment, I wish I would have had the strength to say something, anything "Mike, I love you" "Mike, can I have your baby?" LOL ANYTHING!!! but honestly his smile was sufficient. I see him smiling now on youtube videos and pictures and trust me when I say his smile in real life was even more beautiful, I don't know how that is possible but with him I guess everything was possible.

Thank you Michael for those wonderful memories..

*****If you are a reader of my story Waiting For You then you will see another familiar face, her name is Adriana Lima (In the story: Arianna Mendez Jackson). I met Adriana in 2008 at the Victoria's Secret Angel's store in 34th Street. I knew who she was and honestly I didn't become a fan of her until I met her. I had seen her in interviews and thought she was very down to earth compare to other models I've seen. Meeting her definitely proved that.

All the angels were there in the store. (No crazy friend in this one. I haven't spoken to her since high schol, sadly). Out of all the angels, Adriana was the only one walking to the fans, saying hi and signing autographs. She was so tall, I had to look up to talk to her. When she got to me, she asked me for my name and age and she smiled when I told her I loved her eyes (stupid comment, geez but they really were. They were like a grayish blue, so rare). I asked her if she gets nervous walking on stage and modeling the clothes, (this is happening while the other girls are posing for pictures, of course as I was talking to her some fans would jump in and ask questions of their own). She said she gets very nervous before going on stage because the girl on the runway is not her, she has to make up a character and that she's more shy in real life, she said with a a giggle and then she added that she felt she was dreaming because she never felt beautiful when she was young, she felt like a giraffe because she was so tall and skinny (in one of the chapters when Arianna is talking to Michael about his self esteem, I quoted her saying these words). I told her she had nothing to worry about because she was beautiful. And she smiled and thanked me and said "you are beautiful too. Thank you for coming out to see me and the angels today" she said and then returned to the rest of the girls. The fact that she took the time to talk and greet the fans made her human and so down to earth. when I see her on TV, I smile thinking back at out little convo. Thanks, Adriana for the beautiful memory.

****So I knew when I was writing Waiting for you who the lucky girl had to be to play me (clears throat) sorry I mean Michael's love interest in the story. As I started doing pics of them together for the story, I was like damn, they look good together and now I believed them as a couple. In my mind, my story is real LOL.

I hope you are enjoying my fan fiction novels and enjoyed my personal experiences that I shared here in my bio. Thank you so much for supporting my stories. I hope to have more soon.

Love, Andrea xoxo


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