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Days were filled with love making, fun, lot of talking, but also we started to argue.
The fights were always about the people around him who wanted to take over his life.
He was more and more silent, angry, sad and when he was around, he was not really there. Only when he needed my love making he took a move.
The last day he got so angry at me he took my shoulders, shook them en yelled;
“Now you have to shut up, don't get involved, you don't know shit!”
With my eyes tearing up I said; “Listen to me Michael, I only want to help, cause I don't want to loose you, you don't see clear what people are doing to you, but I do see it. I don't want you to yell at me, or shake me up, I am fed up with this, I am not just a toy girl or someone who is only good for one thing when you need it. We need a time-out, I will leave and leave you alone for now.”
“Go then, he screamed, go and leave, like everybody else! It's over between us!”
Michael run off and slammed the door.
I cried for a while, my heart was broken. I packed up my stuff and make my way to the airport.

At home I was crying so much, how could he just brake up, we had a good thing going on.
But I knew the fights were killing us, I shouldn't get involved, that is true, but I saw him dragging into things he didn't wanna drag into. It was a big of a dream to come true, I didn't wanna be a toygirl, and say yes to all he wants. I just need time to heal and find my life again.

A few days went by. My phone was ringing, I didn't reconize the number, I let it ring.
There was a voicemail.
Michael was crying. “Katy, please, I am so sorry. I know now you are right, I fired all those people, please can you talk to me? I miss you so much. I love you. I need you. Can you forgive me for yelling at you? I am gonna change my life and do what I want, and I want you in my life. Can you please call me back my dear sweatheart? I wanna make it up to you...please...”

I thought, well I don't know...is it true, is it a phase, does he really miss ME or just a woman around? I didn't know what to do. Of course I missed him too. I was so in love, but the fights broke me.
I have to think about it, what I should do or say.
I let it be for now.
Michael did not call back that day.

The next evening there was all noise outside. I hear people in front of my house, talking, I looked out of my window, there were a bunch of people and a big car in front of my garden.
My doorbell ring. What is this all about I thought...
I opened my door and Michael was standing on my doorstep with a huge bouquet of flowers.
“Michael...o my god, what are you doing here??”
“Dear katy, he started, I am sorry for all the things I have done. I miss you, I want you in my life, I love you. “ Michael put the flowers down and went on one knee.
Nooo..nooo I thought....michael....
He got a box out of his jacket. “My sweet Katy, will you marry me?”
He opened the box, there was a ring with a big diamond in it.
I started crying, YES, YES, I yelled, O god yes. He stood up and we fell in eachothers arms.
We both cried so hard. People outside were applauding and screaming, Yeahhh yeaahhhh!!!

We moved to neverland. Michael did indeed fire the crazy people, and do what he likes, making music, videoclips, making a movie, it is great.
We still live a happy life together, our fourth baby is on its way. We want a big big family.
We will stay together, till death du us part, when we are old and grey, with a bunch of grandchildren who we can take care of.
We are the happiest people on earth.

Chapter End Notes:
A short story. My next one is better in my opinion. :-)
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