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Captain Eo, a young, single space captain new to the Voyager fleet, is given a last chance to atone for past mission mistakes by taking a group of cadets through a Martian nature exhibit. There, one misstep will force him to prove his worth as a leader.

*COMPLETED 5-24-2023*

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Categories: Bad: 1986-1990, Angst, Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Sci Fi Characters: Michael, Original Girl
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Published: Jan 06, 2022 Updated: Nov 18, 2023
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5. Chapter 5 by yourburgersarethebest [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (885 words)

Hi, I'm back. Thank you for choosing this story and for reading. It means a lot. I hope to start picking up the pace with things by the next chapters or so. 

Org's pronouns are it/it's. If there are any others, it's a typo, and I will be updating those pronouns typos soon throughout the story, and I'll also do some editing for other typos, probably with the next chapter so that I don't bump other stories down.

6. Chapter 6 by yourburgersarethebest [Reviews - 0] (1877 words)

I am sorry I didn't mention this before, but I had imagined this fic's Commander Bog to look nothing like the man from the original movie, but like Neo (Keanu Reeves) from The Matrix. I think Neo's brooding but quiet-confident look suits Bog the best for this story. I will add cast images later to the cover page.

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Final chapter!

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