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APRIL 3, 2003

"Happy birthday Paris!" Paris got up, leaned on the table and blew her birthday candle. Michael threw a party to celebrate his daughter Paris' birthday. "Let's take a picture!" Katrina called, a camera in hand. Michael and the kids turned their attention to Katrina and all wore happy smiles. Michael and Katrina dated for 6 months until Michael finally popped the question. The couple got married on the 29th of August in 2002 and last February, they welcomed the third member of their family which they named Prince Michael Jackson II, nicknamed Blanket. Now, Katrina and Michael are expecting their second child together.

Katrina pressed the shutter button and rubbed her growing baby bump. Paris and Prince ran to Katrina, giving her a hug. "Mommy mommy can we eat the cake already?" Katrina raised her eyebrows, pretending to think. "Hmmm... only if mommy gets a bite!" she giggled, "I'm just kidding, of course you can!" She walked up to the table, grabbed the spatula and sliced a piece for each of them.

Suddenly, Katrina felt an intense wave of pain, "ow!" she shrieked, holding on to her belly. Michael ran up to her and wrapped his arm around his wife. "Katrina, what's the matter?!" Paris and Prince looked at each other, not sure what is going on. "Is the baby trying to come out now?" Paris bewildered, looked at the both of them. Katrina and Michael rushed to the hospital.
- Delivery room, Hospital -

"One last push, Mrs. Jackson!" The doctor said as Katrina gave one last push. Relief started seeping through her as she finally heard the baby cry for the first time. The doctor handed the baby to Katrina to let her hold the infant for the first time. The baby was covered in blood, his eyes were closed, his lips were full and plump, and he has a thick amount of hair.

"Zion Ashton Kai Jackson" Katrina smiled down at the baby then looked at Michael. "That's gonna be his name."

Chapter End Notes:
Finally, the end! It was short but I had this quick idea so...!! :)
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