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The large gates opened after Katrina waited for a few seconds. The security performed a quick inspection on her then off she goes. She was hesitant to go, to be quite honest. But, hey it wouldn't hurt, right? She slowly walked right in and a man, who she assumes to be one of the staff approached her. She was led to the front entrance of the house and my oh my, she was stunned. Never in her life she had seen a place this beautiful. The man opened the door for her and let her in. He led her to the couch so she can sit and told her to wait for Michael.

Katrina's heart was racing, she nervously fiddled with the hem of her dress. What if it turns out he didn't really want to see her? She finger combed her hair and shook her head. "I really need to calm myself"

Michael stood right in front of the mirror, straightening his shirt. "Mr. Jackson, Miss Katrina is here." The man from before, who assisted Katrina in the house said. "Okay, I'll be on my way." Michael took one last glance at the mirror and off he goes to the living room downstairs.

Michael walked to the living room, and there he sees Katrina, she had a peach colored dress that stopped right above her knees, her wavy hair was flowing freely right behind her shoulders. He took a good look at her for a few seconds.

"Katrina?" Katrina turned her head and stood up. "Oh, hey Michael." She smiled, "Please, sit." Katrina smiled at Michael as she sat down.

Michael watched her every move. As soon as Katrina flashed a smile right at him, he wanted to melt right then and there. Silence filled the room until Michael cleared his throat. "Would you like to go for a walk outside?" Michael got up, his hand stretched out right at Katrina.

Katrina giggled. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and nodded. "Of course." Katrina placed her hand on his and got up.

Michael and Katrina were walking outside, checking the rides out. Nighttime has fallen and lights trailed the whole pathway as they walked and classical music played.

"This is beautiful." Katrina mumbled, looking at the lit up carousel spinning without someone on. Michael let out a low chuckle.

"Just like you." He mumbled under his breath. Katrina looked at Michael, giving him a look of confusion then looked at the ground, her cheeks red as a tomato.

"Michael!" She giggled and playfully hit Michael's arm. Michael laughed, "What, it's true!" Katrina playfully rolled her eyes and looked at the ground. Michael chuckled. Here he is, standing in front of her, he waited for 5 whole years for them to meet again and to him, every second of waiting was worth it. Here they are, but... He still didn't do what he should have done in those 5 whole years.

"Katrina..." Michael called, his tone changed into a serious tone.

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