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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hii!! Please listen to Carousel while you read, I think it will help set the mood! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

December of 1996, Philippines.

The whole country was going crazy because the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is going there for two concerts in Paranaque. He had arrived in the country many days before the concert day.

Just like before, he went out to give gifts to the orphaned children during a party sponsored by Manila hotel. With kids lining up so that Michael can personally give them one by one.

Katrina, 23 years old entered the lobby,Her hair falling freely right below her shoulders, her dress flowed right above her knee as she looked around, trying to get her way to the Maynila Ballroom, where a gathering she was going to attend to was being held. Her heels clacking against the marbled floor as she jogged. After a grueling amount of time, faint music can be heard from a closed door which reads "Champagne Room" on the sign, the doors gently opened and there reveals a room filled with children, and a stage occupied by a man sitting in the center, a line of kids were formed beside him as he was giving each a bag one by one. Katrina was puzzled, "this isn't the event I was supposed to go?" She mumbled.

Down to the last kid on the line, Michael finally finished giving the gifts to the children, it warmed his heart to see the kids' eyes glimmer with happiness as he handed them their bag of gifts. To him, it was the most fulfilling part of his job. He took a glance at the people in front, thanked everyone who attended then left the stage. When he was about to walk to the door, it gently opened. There stood a woman he obviously had never seen before. Her hair ranged from black to dark brown, it was curled right up to the ends and for some reason, he found it quite beautiful. He glanced at her features, her eyes, it was beautifully brown, but it was brighter than the others he had seen. Her lips were a shade of light pink. It was full and plumped.

The woman in front of him froze on her spot, obviously she lost the ability to even speak. There she is, face to face with none other than... Michael Jackson?!

She admired him for quite a long time, but this day never crossed her mind, that she'll see him face to face. Not to mention, his beautiful round, chocolate brown eyes glued right at her. Katrina wanted to hide, but instead she stood there, her mouth partly open.

"I..." She stumbled upon her words, "What... is going..." She bit her bottom lip. "W..here am I?" She squeaked. Michael giggled at her behavior. "We're hosting a party for the orphaned children here... May I help you?"

"Uhm, I think.. I lost my way around... I was supposed to be going to the... What was it again?" She paused. She looked up, tapping her chin. "The Maynila Ballroom! That's it! But... I guess I went to the wrong place." She let out a small nervous chuckle. Michael giggled once again, 'she's an adorable fella isn't she?' he thought to himself. "I.. uh.. better go..." She quickly turned on her heels and was about to run out when Michael suddenly spoke.

"Wait!" He called out, Katrina turned back around, her eyebrows raised. Waiting for what he's going to say next. Michael cleared his throat before continuing, "What's your name?"

Katrina tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Katrina."

"Will we ever meet again?" Michael asked.

"Of course." Katrina smiled at him.

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