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Over the past year or so this site has had a few changes, some meeting with a more favorable response to others. It will also undoubtedly get a face lift once we find the right person (hit me up with some of your work, if you're interested!). 

One of those changes was the requirement for a minimum of 5 reviews in the first month of joining. Prior to this it seems many members were just reading and never reviewing - we actually only discovered this when some duplicate accounts were deleted and received instantaneous emails from these account holders expressing how upset they were over losing their accounts!

Some may say the 5 review minimum is too many and some, too few. Regardless, this request has been met with many questions as to what is considered a review. Personally, I like to think a review should be at least a sentence long. At least. Our reviewers are important - no doubt about that. At the same time, this site would not exist without our writers. Updated stories keep so many people entertained and keep us motivated to keep this site going when so many others have closed. 

Regarding reviews, we've seen everything from an essay to an emoji. From lush with detail and metaphor to sparse and vague. Thus, I thought I would open this topic/pondering session of mine up to the writers on this site.


What do you guys like to see in a review?

Is there something you find offputting?

If we were to put out guidelines for reviews, what would you want to see us suggest?

How can we at MJFiction support your inspiration process?

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