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Ms. TutThreeSevens was nice enough to agree to let me use her story summary and story and construct a couple alternative options to demo different ways of writing a summary.

Currently it looks like:


Michael Jackson became the biggest super star on the planet with his music.  What happens when he desides to walk away from it and tackle his other passion?  He meets a young tattoo apprentice and the chase ensues...Will it be love or pure regret?


I previously mentioned one as using lines from the story itself. Here's an example of mixing in a fairly classic line from the text into the summary:


First Thriller now MJJ Ink™

He's a good boy gone playa, with a list a mile long.

She's a new apprentice who just wants to perfect her craft.

Create beautiful art and make me money people. I'm out see y'all later.



Realistically, there is so much one can do with the summary. A summary is essentially meant to convey 1-3 points that you wish to convey about your story. It doesn't require a play-by-play of the drama to come, nor will one sentence adequately convey enough information to attract most readers.

While brief, summaries can vary dramatically whilst still being of great quality. After all, how much you want to set up and/or elaborate upon those 1-3 points is up to you. While I only did one example here, there are many ways to write summaries (e.g. poem, first person POV, third person POV, like on the back jacket of a book). This is simply one of them.....and as someone who doesn't write fic, it's one that I find to be both the easiest and the biggest tease.

Chapter End Notes:

Next ones:

-Online sources for information on Michael's life

-Consistency is Key

(Let me know if you think of more and/or if I forgot one)

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