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Author's Chapter Notes:

new chapter! yesh!!! *fist pump* hope you guys likes it!

The First Encounter
After further examinations for 72’s ‘blind’ sister, Luna still could not believe her boss actually confirmed her blind. Now rumors were beginning to spread around the ship about her.

Luna was getting sick of this stupid rumor, she already knew by now that ever since 62 was in her chamber with her brother that she was the only one who might make it out alive and functioning properly, unlike the other experiments gone wrong. She shuddered at the thought of the recent experiments.

Luna furiously scribbled notes on her pad in her office. Taking quick sips of her coffee, trying not to spill it while she switched from scribbling to coffee time as she clicked on files on one of her many computers. Blank knew Luna as a multitasking freak, she tried to take that as a compliment.

Taking in a tiring sigh, Luna drained half her coffee and slapped the cup down on the desk. Some of the dark, caffeinated liquid leaping from the top. Doing work made Luna get her mind off things, especially 72 and his sister, Blank too.

Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she pushed away her work and took a glance over to the device that tested DNA samples. The machine still read: RELATED. Luna somehow felt afraid to turn off the machine for some reason.

Pulling out a pad of paper, she began to draw a little. She had no idea what she was doing until she finally came to her senses. Doodled all over the paper was 72.

Maybe she couldn’t keep him out of her mind.

Suddenly her pager began to go off. Clasping it with a sigh as she grabbed her lab coat and strolled down to his room where she saw Brendon waving a rag doll toy infront of 72’s face, cooing happy noises for him to pay attention. 72 was clutching his stomach with a sour look on his face.

Brendon couldn’t be happier when he saw Luna approach. “thank goodness you’re here, 72 has been complaining how his stomach is killing him all day!” he cried, stepping back for her to examine the hybrid.

Luna held his chin and tilted it up to face her. 72 pulled away from her, grimacing. “hurt, it hurts” he whined, toppling over like a statue to his pillow.

“aw, someone has a tummy ache?” Luna asked, gesturing for Brendon to hand her a stethoscope. She pressed the metal piece to his heart then to his stomach, she heard a loud growl.

“what do ya know, the poor thing is hungry” Luna smirked tossing the stethoscope to Brendon. “get me the scientists managing the kitchen, we have to feed him”

A few minutes later, 3 scientists strolled in. One of them was pushing the cart of an arrangement of containers while the others held nothing but papers on clipboards. The food was kept in sealed containers, cards were laid on the top of each container claiming what was contained inside. One of the scientists jumped when he saw 72 staring right back at them, Luna giggled, maybe they were freaked out by his eyes.

“miss Luna, we have the specimens food ready for him, though, we are going to limit his diet on mashed foods for now because of the chiefs orders of soft solid foods to be introduced to him, since he already has fully grown teeth” one of the scientists with bleached, spiky hair confirmed reading off the clipboard.

Solid foods eh? Seems reasonable to Luna’s POV. Luna thanked the scientists, watching them silently file out of the room as 72 playfully pushed his head into her lab coat as she sat on the cot beside him. She brushed her fingers across his soft curly hair, he was so sweet and playful, yet at some times he would become a pain in the ass.

Brendon picked up one of the containers and squinted at the card. “eh broccoli?” he said, making a face at the contents inside. He opened up the container and took a whiff at it, and grimaced.

“ugh, lets try another…” Brendon squeaked. Before he could re-seal it, Luna snatched it from his hands. “let me see” she said taking a whiff at it, and gagged, re-sealing it in horror.

“yeah new one” Luna moaned rubbing her nose.

Brendon set down the rancid smelling broccoli container and picked up another. “potatoes?” he asked, holding it out to her. Luna opened the container, a lovely smell wafted from the food that made both Luna and Brendon sigh. 72 peeked out of Luna’s coat, curious.

“I think he want to try this one” Luna said, holding the container out of 72’s grasp when he tried to snatch it from her. Brendon grinned, handing her a plastic spoon after she pulled the oxygen mask off of 72’s face, it took a few gasps before Luna plugged in another set into his nose.

Luna held out a spoonful of the potatoes to 72, he stared at it blankly, not knowing what to do with the spoon shoved in his face. “here, like this 72” Luna said, motioning the spoon to her mouth. 72 cocked his head to one side as she took in the food herself. Luna chewed with an unsatisfied look. The food smelled amazing yet it tasted dry and rough. 72 carefully examined her jaws moving, even placing his hands against the sides of her face to feel her jaw move. He smiled.

Luna swallowed hard on the dry potatoes and tried not to grimace. She scooped up a healthy spoonful of the potatoes and held it out to 72. He took a while to understand what was going on until Luna directed the spoon to his mouth, but he didn’t bother to open it. Luna poked his mouth repeatedly with the spoon, begging him to open his mouth. He turned away.

Luna looked like if steam were to come blowing out of her ears just like in the cartoons while Brendon watched with content. “its like trying to feed a baby” he mocked. Luna gave him a look before turning back to 72 who was examining the walls. Why was everything inanimate such an amusement for him?

Luna cupped her fingers under his chin, directing his attention back to her. “open” she demanded holding out the spoon to his face. 72’s lips slowly parted as Luna directed to food to his mouth, only missing his mouth when 72 decided to lean over to the side, making Brendon burst out laughing.

“you’re not helping me here Brendon!!” Luna growled throwing the spoon back into the container as Brendon tried to suppress his laughter. 72 seemed somewhat appeased of his actions.

Luna’s eyes swerved off to his toys which Brendon laid out his favorites on the cot. She picked up a fluffy looking giraffe and waved it in his face like what Blank did to him with the robot 72 later gave to Levi. 72’s face turned dark and serious, looing away once more with a grunt.

“if you don’t eat 72, you wont get back your toys” Luna warned, nodding to Brendon who silently began to remove the toys from the specimen’s cot. 72 watched in horror as his beloved toys were slowly being placed back into the box. Luna held him back when he attempted to get off the cot again. He gave her an innocent look.

Luna held up the spoon again. “lets try again” she sighed, directing it once again to 72’s lips. Surprisingly, his lips parted and took in the spoon whole. The thing is when Luna tried to retrieve it back from him, he wouldn’t let go.

“are you freaking serious?” Luna grumbled, trying to pull the spoon out of 72’s mouth. A smile stretched from his thin lips as he finally let go of the utensil, Luna almost hitting herself.

72 looked to be in deep thought as he carefully chewed the food. Taking a slight pause, he swallowed, licking his lips.

“well what is this?” Luna exclaimed as 72 leaned closer to her, wanting more. The last couple of minutes was spent feeding the specimen, he seemed curious of every food he tried, cutting out the broccoli.

72 let out a small burp, making Luna burst out in a fit of giggles as 72 ‘s face turned red in embarrassment. Feeling satisfied with himself, he pushed his head back into Luna’s coat once more as Luna signaled Brendon to place his toys back.

After Luna dismissed Brendon, Luna set 72 up with another testing session in another room. He seemed to like the wheelchair ride better than the test itself which required him to wear a blindfold, another fit of struggling, and testing his hearing to certain amplitudes while wearing a pair of chunky headphones.

Luna was astonished with the results, even at the smallest amplitude which was nearly impossible to even catch, 72 was able to pick it up. Some of the scientists clapped from his results, but the specimen himself looked bored out of his mind. Lonely also.

When Luna wheeled 72 back to his room, be began to act strange when Luna tried to play with him. Which included throwing and turning away to some of the toys presented to him, ignoring Luna’s commands and making a fit. Luna couldn’t take it anymore.

“look 72, what is it? what do you want so you can be happy?” she snapped, throwing a toy down in frustration. 72’s answer? Sister.

Luna let out a long breath. “fine” she sighed “ill get you your sister”

After summoning Brendon into the room to hoist the hybrid back onto his cot, Luna stomped down the hallways, passing by scientists who gave her a concerned look as she stormed by. If Luna could control the weather, she would have the biggest storm cloud over her head by now.

Entering 62’s room, she was taken back to see Blank there, and interacting with her. Maybe he wasn’t lying when he said he would teach her like any other blind person would when Blank was literally teaching her phrases on special cards with holes punched into them in the form of letters. 62 sat upright on her cot, her new clothes fitted perfectly on her. She actually looked calm, but stiff.

“sir” Luna confirmed, claiming her presence. Blank turned to his assistant and beamed so wide that it scared her. “Luna!” he cried, getting off of the stool in front of 62. Luna took a small step back, as if Blank were to hug her by surprise.

“you cant believe it! She is actually learning from the cards!” he smiled, but it didn’t last long. “but then, she wont say much and she is very stiff when the scientists or myself would try to make contact with her”

Ha, no joking.

Blank turned back to 62, who was rubbing her arms stiffly, looking disturbed. Luna brushed past her boss and sat in the stool infront of her. 62 calmed a little, reaching out to see who was there. Luna took her hand in hers. Her sensitive fingers feeling her hands as they trailed up her arms. Suddenly, 62 leaned close and whispered;


This was the first time 62 ever muttered a word, even to Blank’s ears he was taken back, mumbling to himself on why she never bothered to utter a word to him after teaching her the alphabet to sentences.

“B-brother, want, brother…” she continued on, her voice was sweet yet shaky. Then she began to shudder, Luna pulled her into her arms. 62’s fingers grazing over her coat, as she continued to repeat the word Brother over and over again. She was beginning to act like her brother now for what Luna supposed.

Luna turned to her boss. “its time”


72 and 62 were now both in the same stages. They were both healthy and strong enough to move about, only taking it easy with the walking stages. The scientists onboard were thrilled to know that 62 and 72 were going to meet for the very first time. Most of the scientists were literally jumping and squealing to their friend’s and themselves. It was almost like an event to meet your favorite die hard celebrity.

Luna smiled to herself as she got 72 ready in his room. 72 glanced around curiously as Luna gingerly pulled a comb through his hair, wincing whenever she caught a knot.

Luna leaned close to her beloved specimen, holding his cheeks in her hands as 72 looked into her eyes. “You’re finally ready” Luna said, resisting squealing. “im soo proud of you 72, you went through so much”. 72’s gaze was locked into Luna’s eyes, his fingers creeped up to hers, his head tilting.

Luna kissed the hybrid’s forehead. “You’re finally going to see sister”

72’s eyes widened as Luna pulled away from him. Only to be pulled back when 72 threw his arms around her, whimpering. Luna pulled her fingers down 72’s curly hair. He smiled.

Brendon soon arrived at their door, claiming that everyone was ready. Luna strapped a small device to 72’s chest as he helped Brendon sit 72 down into his wheelchair, she strode along side the hybrid as they were taken into the Observation room.

The Observation room was basically a room that was constructed for the surviving experiments. It was later shut down due to the fact that the company lost fate in us. There are 3 observation rooms on board. The first one is the one we were going to now, it is a large, classroom sized room fit for the specimens when they begin to walk and so on. All the equipment was removed from the room just so the hybrids could have some space.
The second observation room is a room half the size of the first one, mainly for the observation of a single person and how they would react. It was originally built in with a stool, sinks lining the walls and a toilet, kind of like a futuristic prison cell bleached pure white. Just how Blank likes it. It can also be transformed into a torture chamber with a push of a button.
The third room is the largest observation room. It consists of Blank’s style of futuristic chairs and those poles you could normally see in ballerina studios. Blank had later one confirmed to Luna that when 72 and 62 begins to perfect walking, they shall be tested in that room with agility and performance.

72 began to shift uncomfortably in his seat as they neared the Observation room. Luna calmed him down, patting his pale hand gently as they finally entered the room. 72’s eyes immediately darted around, only to see a wide open space just for him. A white screen separated both specimens areas.
72 took a glance at Luna then at the screen. His lips moved but no words came out as he helped himself out of the wheelchair and to the ground with little assistance from Brendon. 72 took a glance at the cool floor that slightly chilled his bare feet. He gingerly smoothed his pale fingers over the plain surface.

The curious specimen followed his gaze to Luna who was busily chatting with Brendon before he darted out of the room, Luna looked over to him and pushed some of his curls out of his face before pulling on a portable oxygen mask to him, so he wouldn’t have to worry about a tank. A turn of the knob at the front and 72 let in a deep breath of air. The latest invention that was provided specially from the company itself.

Luna looked over her beloved specimen. So healthy and strong, she was so proud of him and finally seeing his sister for the first time was a special treat. Luna hoped Blank would allow a proper connection between the two after they meet… unless 62 can take a glance at her brother for once.

Luna stroked 72’s cheek with her thumb. Pulling his fleshy skin back made him smile, Luna traced his finger along his heightened cheekbones that made his chin look a little bit jutted out. He tilted his head as Luna’s pager went off. Giving a quick peck at to his cheek, she left the room. Leaving 72 alone in the blank room. “Luna” he squeaked as the automatic door slid shut.

Luna hurried over to the room Blank, and a crowd of scientists that were literally jammed into, to see the viewing. No kidding when it came to the scientists wanting to have a glimpse of their very first successful experiments meeting for the first time. Some of them were literally clawing over each other to get a glimpse. Heck, there were even tv screens set up to those who were not able to make it over each other. This was serious business to get the whole ship hyped up.

One thing Luna absolutely hated was when the scientists on board got too excited and would crowd around each other like a flock of birds. This happened many times before when recent experiments from a long time ago would actually come out successful. Our very first success was Experiment 14, a male hybrid who looked more fish like than human. He later died after a transfusion to boost up his immune system, he didn’t even make it to childhood. This was the only time everyone on board got excited out of their wits, but not like today.

After letting out furious barks and shoves to the hysterical scientists, Luna finally made it to the very front of the room where Blank stood, looking content and emotionless as ever. If Luna had the artistic ability, she would have carved a bust of Blank out of stone. If you know what I mean.

Luna straightened her lab coat as he looked out the wide window that was actually like a trick mirror. Inside 72 and 62 couldn’t see Luna, Blank or the squealing scientists clustered and plastering their faces on the window, but on the other side everyone can see them perfectly clear. Luna smiled as Brendon squeezed his way through the crowd, though he was a bodyguard on the ship, she knew he has missed out on so many opportunities but this one.

The thin white screen split both hybrids apart, Luna could see 62 on the other side of the screen. She was laid back against the wall , her eyes still closed as she looked around, as if taking in her surroundings. 72 was doing the same, pulling on his toes.

Blank’s stone faced expression turned into a hearty grin. “are they ready?” he asked in a holler over the scientist’s bolstering chatter. Luna raised an eyebrow, unable to make out what her boss had said. Suddenly someone leaned close to her ear and almost shrieked what Blank had said. Cranky ol Levi. Luna was about to say something until Blank stomped his foot, the sound echoed throughout the room silencing everyone.

Blank pulled out a small device with a red button on it as he flipped out his camcorder. “care to do the honors?” he asked to a flushed Luna. She took the device in shaky hands and looked over to her boss who was eagerly awaiting for the screen to lift. “well? What are you waiting for?” Levi hissed in her ear. Taking in a deep breath, she pressed the button.

You could only hear a pin drop at the silence that flooded over the room in an instant. It scared Luna a little, never experiencing such the muted atmosphere before. The only noise that broke the silence was a sharp beeping sound that made the white screen shudder before them. Both hybrids focused their attention to the screen that ever so slowly lifted like a curtain before a show. Luna could sense the boiling excitement rise in the room.

72 cocked his head to one side as he cautiously watched the white screen slowly pull up into the ceiling. That’s when he shuddered, goose bumps rose on his arms as he sensed her for the first time, awake, alive. Not trapped in the glass cases they nearly spent their whole lives in, not even having a peek of humanity and the world itself. Luna clung onto the nearest scientist nearby, which was Levi, who froze at her tight clutch. She forced back tears when she saw 72 priceless reaction as he laid eyes on his sister for the very first time, in forever. An excited murmur soundlessly spread through the crowd.

This time, 72’s eyes were much larger than the moon itself but probably the whole galaxy if possible. A shuddered sigh came from his mask as he pulled himself on his hands and knees, whispering “sister”

A yelp was heard from the crowd as 72 spoke those words, Luna resisted the urge to do the same. Taking a glance at her boss, he was busily recording the whole thing on tape.

72 silently moved his way towards his sister, his eyes shimmered like the ocean, like if a pirate laid eyes on the contents of a treasure chest when opened to reveal it riches. He froze when 62 began to stir a little, she pushed herself off of the wall by her elbows and limped there, before whispering “brother”

Everyone in the room could not believe their eyes when 62 began to move, like literally began to move. Her thin fingers danced on the smooth floor as she began to crawl for the first time. Taking her time with each step that came out awkwardly yet assuredly.

72 felt something in his heart grow, it felt strange at first, confused until it blossomed. His face flushed with red as he watched his sister slowly approach him, but inside, he knew something was wrong.

Then their hands touched. They both let out a soft gasp as both specimens experienced a strange tingling sensation that shot up their arms and make their arms covered in goosebumps. Blank stared appalled at the miniature monitor that held both the information recorded from the devices attached to both of the specimen’s chests. “amazing” Blank breathed staring deeply into the screen with wonder “ their readings are off the charts! Both of them are experiencing the same senses”

Both specimens held onto that pose for a while until 72’s hand slowly wrapped around hers, feeling how small her hand was compared to Luna’s. 62 moved her sensitive fingers over her brother’s thigh then slowly feeling her way up to his arm still covered in goosebumps. That tingling feeling rushed back to 72 in an instant as he did the same to her. 72 smiled, her skin felt so soft and silky. Something he has never experienced before, it was fascinating.
Some of the female scientists in the room were literally squealing in excitement at the actions of both hybrids. Some were clinging onto each other and jumping like rabbits, others were excitedly whispering to each other. The male scientists just remained silent, but inside they were literally bursting with the same excitement the girls showed.

72 tilted his head to see that his sister has not opened her eyes as yet. He touched them gently, making soft eager noises as if trying to tempt her to open her eyes for him. 62 mimicked the same noises in a sad tone, holding her brother’s hands before 72 leaned in close to her, and gently kissed both of her eyes that struck the scientists into a rising of chatter, especially Luna and Blank, who looked on speechless of 72’s actions.

72 held his sister’s cheeks cradled into his hands, waiting. Suddenly 62’s eyes began to move underneath her eyelids before fluttering open like a butterfly’s. A gasp erupted from the crowd as Luna slapped her hand over her mouth, realizing that she was the one who started the gasp and was followed by others. Everyone remained silent as 62 focused her gaze onto her brother who beamed as bright as the sun when their eyes finally met.

Her eyes were beautiful and elegant looking, they were the same dark brown color as her brother’s with the white ring around her pupil. She blinked rapidly, she carefully slid her shaking hands to her brother’s face, feeling his fine features to his heightened cheek bones to his eyes.

Her hands met the portable oxygen mask strapped around 72’s face. He didn’t bother to resist when 62 carefully pulled it off of his face. 72 took in a shaky breath followed by sudden gasps for air. 62’s eyes widened, not knowing what she has done to her brother who was choking for air. Blank quickly ordered a few scientists to split them as 62 blindly wrapped her arms around her brothers who dug his fingers into her back, continuing to gasp for air until he stopped. Everyone watched in silence as 72 took in a shaky breath, then another, then another. Miraculously, he began to breathe, normally.

Luna’s jumped as her thoughts were snapped into reality when Blank slammed his camcorder shut. His eyebrows furred in anger as he clutched the device until his knuckled turned white.

“split them!” he roared to the scientists who were now beginning to file out of the room in horror “split them now!! Gas the room!”
“NO! what are you doing?!” Luna cried as the scientists at the control panel looked at each other with frightened expressions, resisting the order. Blank’s face turned hot red has veins began to emerge from his head, now he was really pissed. “ I said GAS THEM!!” he screamed.

Seeing that the scientist’s were not doing as told, Blank pushed himself through the crowd to the panels where he got hold of the controls. Luna leapt on him before he could reach the gassing button.

“Sir! You cant do this!!!” she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. “you are going to hurt them! 72! His lungs are going to be affected by the-“

Luna was cut off my Blank elbowing her in the jaw. She fell back into Levi’s arms in dizzying pain as he watched in horror as her boss slammed his fist against the gassing button. The room the hybrid’s were in began to spew out a clear gas, but they already knew something was wrong when 72 clutched into his sister to protect her.

72 reached for his oxygen mask so he could strap it onto his sister before he fell over with her still in his arms as the gas creeped its way into his lungs. 62 clutched onto her brother’s chest as she watched him fall into unconsciousness, howling for him to wake up. 62 tried to hold her breath but couldn’t before she fell into unconsciousness with her brother, still holding her in his protective arms.

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