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Luna moaned as her alarm clock went off, she blindly slapped the stop button and got out of her bed and changed to her lab coat

"good morning ms Luna" one scientist said as she walked down the blank hallways, only thing in the hallways were windows showing the scenery of deep space and a million stars

Luna entered the lab were 72 and 62 were held, a few scientists were up though it was only the beginning of the day, time zones are different in outer space, even when you are circling the moon.

Luna silently said good morning to the 2 specimens, she grinned as she stood in front of 72's case. healthy, but back to that boring pose again

a few more scientists entered the lab followed by Blank. all of the scientists were astonished to see 72 still alive. some congratulated each other, some just went to their duties.

a sudden beeping noise filled the room, scientists went crazy to see 62 moving again. but 72 got some attention this time

"my god, 72 moved?" one girl said. people began to crowd around her, wanting a glimpse of 72's screen. they chatted eagerly as Luna broke them up.

another beeping noise came, everyone turned to see that it didint come from 62, it came from 72. Luna looked up to see his head was moving, strong vital signs came from him

"dear god hes waking up" Luna breathed

everyone crowded around his case as Luna pushed her way through the crowd. Blank was at the very back.

the case shook a little, then it began to drain. Luna watched his feet touch the bottom of the case, his eyes still closed.

"towels, towels!!" Luna commanded as she proceeded up to 72.

the case opened up with a hiss, his knees buckled and fell, but Luna caught him in time. she gasped feeling his warm body. his head moved then his eyes opened. he looked up at Luna making her eyes widen

his eyes were chocolate brown, but a white ring surrounded his pupils. Luna giggled to see his eyes were so wide and innocent.

72 watched in curiosity as she took off the wires from his body and took off his mask. "there, you must have been uncomfortable with those on for so long"

a scientist handed her some towels and Luna placed one over his shoulders and around his waist.

"bring a cot, he cant walk yet" Luna ordered.

scientists scrambled to get a cot for 72 as he looked around at the people around him. he looked scared of so much people around him.

Luna patted his shoulder "its ok, they are friendly" 72 tilted his head

when a cot came, scientists came over to help 72 on but thought that they were going to attack him and 72 clutched onto Luna. she rubbed his hand and 72 seemed to relax. a male scientist picked 72 off the ground making him panic a little. but when he was on the cot he relaxed a bit, but only of Luna was around.

Luna ran along the scientists who pushed the cot to the examination room. she scolded at them if they went too fast because of 72 laying on the cot watching the lights go by as the cot went down the hallway

when Luna, 72 and the other scientists entered the examination room. everyone rushed to attach wires to 72 making him panic again. Luna made sure she was in 72's sight as the scientists worked. he stared at Luna innocently with his brown eyes making Luna smile.

"Luna he is very healthy, though he needs a little injection" one scientist said to her

"show me the syringe" Luna barked. she knew that she dont want 72 to go through the same thing like what happened to him during the transfusion

after Luna examined the syringe a scientist held up the needle to 72, making his eyes widen in fear.

"its ok, its just a pinch then it will be over"

72 calmed down a little, he winced in pain as the needle went in. Luna placed a small bandage on his arm

"there its over" Luna said. 72 smiled a little

after 72's procedure was over Luna placed a thin blanket over 72. he touched the fabric in curiosity, rubbing it against his fingers

Luna went down to face 72. he stared at Luna.

"you will be here for a while, but ill be here if you need me" she reached over and touched his long curly hair

72 smiled "l-lu-na"

Luna smiled hearing his voice for the first time. she couldn't believe how soft and gentle it was

"yes! im Luna"

"Luna?" 72 said pointing to me

Luna pointed to herself "Luna", "im Luna"

72 pointed to himself "Luna?"

Luna giggled "no, not Luna"

Luna watched as 72 reached over and touched her white hair with his pale fingers.

"hair" Luna said

72 tilted his head in confusion.

Luna sighed and got up, "you get some rest ill come back in a couple of minutes"

72 watched Luna walk out of the room. he blinked as the automatic doors slid shut


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