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Author's Chapter Notes:

i wrote this in highschool just got back in and remembered i had this account omg do people even read this anymore anyway ill be writing to comfort myslef 

my sister was grabbing grocery bags from the backseat as i went out to grab some myself "now did your head get bigger since i last seen you or?" " if my head is big and were siblings then guess what" i said stooping down to her level my six year old sister knew how to push my buttons " nah it skipped me and went straight to you, you were born first duh" she said brushing past me "will yall hurry up i wanna cook before your father gets home" i grabbed the remainder of the bags from the trunk. then it hit me darryl is still in my closet. omg just please let this go smoothly. "dani this stove is spotless what did you do differntly honey" " i uh i used the powder cleaner you told me instead of the spray let it soak and wiped it off" "thats my girl! uh its a shame i gotta cook tonight, otherwise i wouldn't touch it, its so clean" "thank you momma" i took credit for darryls work continuing to unpack the groceries until i heard a thud from upstairs and my heart sank " what was that" my mother asked and kacey came down the steps " something fell in dani's room" " don't worry ill get it, its probably my back pack" " dani i told you make sure you take those heavy books out before you throw them on that bed" " yes momma im sorry ill go get it now " i walked past kacey who was suspicious but i paid her no mind, i locked my door, obviously my books werent in my book bag my mother nagged me enough to remember not to do it, it was darryl falling like a cluts in the closet. i swung the door open whispering and yelling at the same time " what the heck are you doing making all that noise up here your gonna get me killed" "im sorry my feet were starting to hurt so i laid down and one of your stupid shoe boxes fell" Knock Knock " momma said come down stairs "ill be there in a minute" " listen i gotta get you out of here now!" i pulled him out of my closet and opened my window " im not jumping out of your window dani" " what other choice do you have darrly!" you dont have anything i can break my fall on dude ill die " "stop being a big baby, you won't even get a scratch" " thats easy for you to say!" Knock Knock " momma wants to know whats taking so long" " tell her its that time of the month its gonna be a minute" i yelled back and darrly made a gross face "eww" kacey said as i heard her foot steps go down the steps " listen im gonna take you across the hall to the main bathroom you can break your fall with my moms garden " i mean i guess im still gonna fall! " i shooed him toward the door closing my window and locking it i opened my door and looked around hearing my mom and my sister singing along to the radio while she cooked i scurred him across the hall into the bathroom locking it. i slid the bathroom window open he leaned out of it " this is much better than you trying to throw me out of the window onto the drive way" " it wasn't the drive way!" " dani i gotta use the bathroom" " go use the one in your room" " no i wanna use this one its closer!" i rolled my eyes little sibblings i swear, i turned the water on as michael jumped out of the window i leaned out making sure he was good he landed on his feet and stumbled back on to his butt he dusted hisself off and thumbsed me up i shot one back as he scurred off into the night, i clenched my chest in releaf as i heard a knock i turned the water off and opened the door " all that time you were waiting all you had to do was go to your room " why aren't you in your room using the bathroom too?" " because i can go where i please" she stuck her tongue out at me closing the door. at that moment i remembered the bathroom window was open but whatever. 

Chapter End Notes:

its 2021 and im back.. i plan on finishing this story since its my favorite sorry the chapter is short but im typing more as we speak this will be finished this year so expect alllot of chapters deuces 

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