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Author's Chapter Notes:


I didn't wanna answer them but Michelle Continued to stre me down. Looking away i saw him walking twards me what does he want?

"Hey " he said nudging me "i see you didn't eat your lunch" he started to reach on my tray and i slapped his hand.


"Well if you would give me a chance to eat i will" 


"Greedy share with the man" Sabrina said smiling 


"Thats not a man it's a greedy boy "I said while blocking his hands yet again.


"You can have some of mine Michael" Michelle said sliding her tray over


"Thank you" He  started to eat all her pizza and french fries till it was all gone Then started to look at Sabrina's tray she laughed sliding it closer to her

"Oh no i want mine" 

He got up from our table "yall ain't got nothing for me over here" 


We all looked crazy for a min then started laughing 

"That boy is crazy" I started to eat again till i felt that eyes were on me again, What? I said never looking up. 


"you know what we want do you like him or not" Michelle stated 

"Mhmm" Sabrina chimmed in


I sighed deeply "I still feel something but i don't just love him"


"Ohhhhhhh"they yelled in unison making everyone stare at our table I ducked down covering my head.


"can you guys just stop it" 


They heard no words that came out of my mouth and started to plan out my life literally 

"We have to get you two together"


*Gasp*"what if they got married"


I couldn't stop laughing at these gestures and now it was starting to get annoying.


"look you guys i gotta go" They didn't even pay attention to me leaving..I got my stuff and made it out the door without them even noticing .

I decided to go outside before 6th blick began and just breath everything that has been going on is too much for me to handle i want things to go back to how they use to be. 


End of the day


Making my locker rounds walking Michelle and sabrina to there cars i decided to walk home today not because i needed the exersise Just to get away from those to if i would've stayed those girls were gonna talk my head off!


"Danille!" a familiar voice yelled from behind. I didn't really feel like dealing with people right now.


"I know you hear me girl!" I turned around finally and saw Marcus running twards me i cracked a smile.


"Oh, hey i didn't know it was you" i said hugging him.

"you sho'll didn't bother to stop"

'My bad just been a long day"

"what's wrong now? Michelle spray too much perfume? Sabrina sing in your ear again?"

"haha No" i laughed while playfully nudging them. "there trying to play match maker and i ain't having it"

"Match maker?"


"with who" he said curiosly 


"it's gotta be somebody if they wanna match you two up, just remember i was here first!"

"Boy stop it"

"Im serious" he said stopping infront of me " I always liked you and as we became more of freinds i didn't wanna ruin that"

"and now you tell me, after all these years..i gotta go"

"it was never the perfect time!" he yelled after me. I kept on walking i had to get on the bus on time anyway


At the train station


I made it to the train and the bus ride helped clear my head. i still couldn't believe after all this time he likes me. if i get one more of these i always liked you things i'll swear its a set up.

Paying my ticket i sat in the back of the train this time no room in the front for me the train is usually packed on fridays anyway glad its not dark yet. i kept getting this feeling like someone was watching me i turned in my seat holding my purse closer to me and watched my sorroundings ugh why didn't i just ride with sabrina!! 

When the ride was over i quickly got off the train and headed home, Still i couldn't shake it. i was just two blocks away from my house if i could just get in and lock up ill be fine. there was still some light out when i got to my door do i didn't have to scramble for my keys But then i heard footsteps approaching from behind......


Chapter End Notes:

till next time : ) 

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