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Author's Chapter Notes:



I walked into the school Building leaving Michael Behind and ran into another problem Michelle.


"look who diecided to show up" lookin down at her watch" late ."


I walked past her and she got back in the way.


"what now michelle" 


"Im just trying to look out for you, you asked me to do this !" 


"yeah but not everyday damn give me a break!" 




" Can you atleast come down from mom mode i need to talk to you." 


"about what?"


"well i kinda ran into someone on the subway"


"un huh"


" And i didn't know who he was until...." "Michelle!!!!!!"


"HUH??" she said snapping out of her stare


"what are you looking at?" 


she pointed looking like she was about to drool i turned into the direction and saw michael on the other end of her stare, he was walking into the principal's office.


I knocked her hand down and shook her " SNAP OUT OF IT HE'S NOT THAT CUTE!"


"your right..."


I sighed


"he's damn fine!!"


she started to make her way twards the office 



"let me see if he need's any help i am the senior class president"


"You don't even know what grade he's in"


"it doesn't matter" She stopped to look at me " i can date a junior" and she proceeded to walk.


"But i have to tell you---"


He came out of the office and it felt like time stopped. Michelle walked up to him reaching out her hand.


"Hi, My name is michelle ; senior class president,


I rolled my eyes at this attempt


"I see you went into the office, what seems to be the probleam?


He took her hand shaking it then laughing. "well i have yet to get my schedule and i was hoping to, but the principal isn't in his office where is he?


"Oh, making his daily rounds but i can surely help you with this." 


She took his hand leading him to the guidance office.


"Mrs Woodridge, can you assist this student he seems to not have his schedule."


"will do ms. woods" 


she rubbed Darryl's back and started to walk out of the door. 


"thanks he called out"


"no probleam." she flipped her hair "it what i was elected for" 


she walked out the door and i followed behind laughing. 


We walked into Mr Bradshaw (the english teacher) Class, where i saw sabrina held our seats in the front. "Bout time you guy's made it'


"well i was helping someone, this one was just watching me and taking notes" 


"Excuse you that wasn't flirting that was an attempt."


She turned around in her seat. "stop hating i bet he won't forget me" 


"Ladies would you like to teach the class or can i proceed with my job?"


we aplogised for the disruption and as soon as class was quiet there was a knock on the door.


"Please Finish your worksheets and copying notes" 


In walked the principal Mr. Watts he looked angry as usual he whispered in Bradshaw's ear. 


"students it seems that we have a new student" and in walked trouble Darryl. soon as Michelle seen this she quickly applied her lip gloss and eye shadow and girls around the room took notice of him Vultures!


He put his arm around darrly" Please welcome darryl with open arms and help him catch up.


Darryl started to walk down one isle then he saw me and doubled back passing Michelle and sitting behind me all the attention was on our side of the room now.


he hit my back. "Oh look who's in my second period" 





We were in the usual Meat loaf and Mac&cheese. not as good when you had it for 2weeks in a row. i punched in my number and waited on Michelle and Sabrina to come out. they came and we sat at our usal spot by the window to watch the boys in JROTC work out. But it seems Michelle had her attention on something else.


"what's up with her?" sabrina asked


"she's got her sights set on something more important then the boys outside the window" i said laughing


"whats more important than them" she said staring at michelle.


Just as she said that Michelle got up anw started to walk and i think i have a clue where she might be going.


I saw darrly sitting with some jock's and cheerleaders and soon Michelle was in the picture. they were talking for a min then a hug?!? a very long one i might add. Psshh what do i care we were never together anyway.


"Danille....DANILLE!!!"   "Yeah"    "you've been staring at them for the longest, what's wrong with you"


"I wasn't staring at them"


she gave me a look but i wasn't gonna admit it!


"I wasn't looking at them i swear"


"alright spill it what's up with you and this guy i saw him sit behind you in class earlier." 


"well, he's sorta my ex." 




"okay he is but, he never had time for me so i cut him loose....and when i did my mother got me away from my old school so we fell out of touch." 


she sat back taking it all in.


"you know what that means right?"




"he's off limits to friends...so you want me to go snatch her up" she eagerly got up out of her seat,



"No girl im not worried about them let him have his fun she's not his type anyway.


"how would you know"


Michelle came back to the table sitting down and proceeding to eat. it was quiet for a moment and she finally spoke.


"I know everything" 

I lifted my head up looking at her 


"what you mean?" 




"I DIDN'T MAKE YOU DO A DAMN THING IT WAS----" "hold up what did you say?"


"He likes you Danille,and if he doesn't want all of this. he must really care about you."


I rolled my eyes again and faked throwing up


"is that what he told you?" 


"he didn't have to i can tell by the way he was talking about you and his old school."


he talkes about me?


"so Danille the question is, Do you like him."  Michelle and Sabrina starred at me waiting for my answer.




when it was actually time for me to speak my true feelings i was left speechless i thought i had to answer to myself but now i have to answer to them to....i knew him coming here would be trouble.


Chapter End Notes:

Did you like it :) updating soon 

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