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One word. Two letters. That’s all it took. That’s all it took to break Stacy’s heart in two. Michael didn’t remember her. She looked away from him, and down at nothing. She could hear the doctor talking to Michael, but Stacy wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying. She was too heartbroken to focus.

During their hospital stay, however long that may be, she was going to make Michael remember. She felt a sudden rush of determination. She had to make him remember. She wasn’t exactly sure how much Michael did remember, but she was going to try everything and anything in her power to make Michael’s memories of her come back, and whatever else he may have forgotten.

Stacy was sure that the doctors were going to tell Michael’s family how bad his memory loss was when they were all together. As far as Stacy knew, no one had visited. In fact, she didn’t even know what day it was! She looked up from the floor and at the doctor and noticed that he was writing things on his clipboard.

“Doctor, what day is it?” Stacy asked curiously. The doctor looked at Stacy, and then at his watch.

“Thursday,” he responded, and then smiled brightly.

Thursday... The accident was... ugh! She didn’t even know! There were so many Thursdays... How long had she been out for?

“When was the accident?” Stacy asked.

“The accident took place on Monday. Don’t worry about it though, you weren’t asleep for very long,” the doctor explained calmly.

Stacy hated how calm doctors and nurses could be explaining things. They could be giving the most terrible news, and say it as calm as anything. Stacy nodded, and sighed.

“What type of accident were you in?”

That voice... that familiar voice... Michael’s voice. It would typically make Stacy beam with delight, but this time was different. How was she supposed to beam in delight when Michael didn’t even remember who she was at all? He must not even remember the accident. Stacy looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“A car accident,” she answered as she tried to keep the tears back.

You were there...

She saw Michael frown.

“Oh, wow. I’m so sorry.”

Stacy just wanted to roll up in a ball and cry. She probably would if she could.

Every time she looked into Michael’s beautiful brown eyes she could see it. Michael had no idea what had happened to him, or who she was. He was so lost. Stacy flashed Michael a quick smile, and then turned away.

She blinked as the tears began to slide down her cheeks. She wanted to sob, but if she did her ribs would be in even more pain than they already were, so she tried her hardest to suck it up. She then heard the doctor leave, and it went quiet. The only sounds were coming from the machines that were whirring and beeping, and noises in the hallway. Michael looked at Stacy, and Stacy soon noticed Michael’s gaze. Stacy looked back at him and she felt as though she were going to faint, or vomit. She still couldn’t stomach how beat up Michael was. He didn’t look like Michael anymore.

“What’s your name?” Michael asked her.

“Stacy,” she answered. Michael tilted his head.

“Really? I like it, it’s nice. Where are you from?”

“I’m actually from Europe. I live in Norway,” Stacy answered as she gave Michael a fake smile.

Used to live in Norway until I met you and moved in...

“Wow! That’s far away! What are you doing here in California?” he asked her. Stacy bit her lip.

“I’m visiting—“ you, “a friend.” Michael nodded, and then began to look around. He was obviously looking for the person; the friend that was really himself.

“Where is he?” Michael asked.

I’m looking at him.

“I’m not too sure,” Stacy replied, party meaning it. Sure, Michael was right in front of her, but this wasn’t really Michael. This wasn’t the Michael she knew. This wasn’t the Michael that anyone knew! Michael nodded again.

“Was he in the car accident as well?” he questioned. Stacy nodded, and Michael frowned.

“Did he... you know... make it?” Michael asked a bit slowly.

“Yeah, he’s still alive.”

This conversation was breaking Stacy more and more. Stacy was having a conversation with someone that she loved more than anything. Michael was having a conversation with someone he had just met. Although, he didn’t realise that he was really talking to someone that he loved just as equally. Unfortunately, his brain was wiped out too much to remember that part. Technically, Stacy was just like a stranger to him.

“Do you know what happened to you?” Stacy asked him. Stacy watched as Michael bit his lip and thought.

“No, actually, I don’t. Do you?”


“No, I don’t.”

She felt so fucking horrible for lying to Michael. Michael and Stacy had promised each other that they would never lie to each other. Well, clearly that promise was out the window. The doctors haven’t told Michael what happened to him yet, so they were probably going to tell him sometime soon. They weren’t just going to leave him clueless were they?

Michael frowned and looked away from Stacy. Stacy turned away as well. Stacy started to silently cry. This was the only thing she could do at this point. She couldn’t tell Michael that she was sorry; she couldn’t tell Michael that she loved him. She couldn’t tell Michael anything. Not now.

It was probably going to drive her absolutely crazy by the time they got out of the hospital. Michael didn’t even know why he was in the hospital. Stacy let out a sniffle, and Michael looked at her.

“Hey,” Michael called, “Why are you crying?” Stacy looked at him and held in a loud sob.

“Because I—“ I want you to come back to me, Michael. I want you to come back to me so badly. Remember who I am, remember what happened. I want you to remember everything that you’ve forgotten. “Nothing. I-It’s nothing.”

Chapter End Notes:

:) Thanks to all the readers adn reviewers!

And BTW, I just wanted to say that the updates won't be as fast as they have come Monday. I've only been doing these 24 hour intervals because I wanted to get this story off of the ground annnnnnd because it's a weekend. So once school starts up, the wait will be a bit longer.

Sorry! :/

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