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Stacy woke up and realised that she was in an unfamiliar place. What had happened? What was going on? She could feel pain all over her body. She felt pain in places where she didn’t even know that pain could be. Her head was pounding violently. She let out a prolonged groan as she tried to move her arms. Tubes and wires were all that she felt. Was she in a hospital? She had to have been. Where else would she be?

Dead, she figured.

She took out a breath, and almost screamed out loudly in pain. She thought her head hurt; it was nothing compared to the pain in her chest. Where was the doctor, the nurse? Where was everybody? Why was she left alone? She managed to mentally feel over her body, trying to assess what was going on with her.

She didn’t want to open her eyes. The bright lights made her head feel so much worse than it originally did. Her leg was in a sling over the bed, and her left arm was being held captive in a cast. She heard someone walk over and begin messing around with the wires. She managed to open her eyes a tiny slit, and groaned at the brightness before opening them completely.

“Oh you’re awake, Miss Adams. How are you feeling?” a nurse asked.

That’s when she remembered. Michael. Paparazzi. The car accident.

“Michael...” she managed to croak out weakly.

Where was Michael? Was he alive? How badly was he hurt? Was it worse than what she was going through right now? She hoped not. Stacy’s heart rate began to increase, and a few more nurses accompanied the one. They all tried to slow down her heart rate; not wanting to take any risks.

“Where’s Michael? I must see him! Is he okay? Is he alive? Please tell me he isn’t dead! Please!” Stacy shouted as she looked at all of their faces, hoping to find some sort of answer there.

“You need to calm down, Miss Adams. You have major injuries. Calm down and we will explain everything to you,” a nurse explained.

“Where the fuck is my boyfriend?!” Stacy shrieked. Tears began to make their way down Stacy’s face. She just wanted Michael. She wanted her boyfriend so badly. She was praying that Michael was still alive. Stacy loved Michael more than anything she ever had before. Nothing, not even a car accident, could ever change that.

Stacy took in a small breath. She would have taken a deep breath, but the pain in her chest just wouldn’t allow it. She felt so restricted. A nurse began to wipe her tears away seeing as she couldn’t do it herself. The nurses were going to tell her what happened. She braced herself for the possible news. She got ready for those possible four words; he didn’t make it.

She didn’t want to think it, but the accident had to have been awful! Michael’s bloody face ran through her mind, and she cringed. She closed her eyes and breathed out as she tried to forget. She was in so much pain it was starting to become unbearable. She felt it more after her tears. The nurse sat her up very slowly, and she winced at the pain, but convinced herself not to start crying again.

“Alright, are you calm?” one of the nurses asked softly. Stacy nodded, although she wasn’t sure how calm she actually was, but she was about ready to do anything to hear about Michael’s condition. She then winced at the pain in her head once again.

“Where’s my boyfriend?” she asked, just above a whisper.

“You and Mr Jackson were in a terrible car accident. Fortunately, you both survived,” the nurse began. Stacy let out a relieved breath. At least he was alive. “Although, both or your injuries are very severe. Mr Jackson has memory loss. We aren’t sure how severe it is right now, but he’s getting checked out as we speak. He also suffers from two broken legs and a broken nose. You have a broken leg, a broken arm, and three of your ribs are broken as well,” she continued.

Michael had what? Memory loss? Stacy’s heart sunk. She felt at fault for this. If she hadn’t returned to LA... if she didn’t mention to Michael that they should go to the club... None of this would have happened if she had just stayed with her parents in Europe. She looked down at her hands.

Michael had memory loss. That was the only thing going through her head. Michael had such a successful life, surely he couldn’t forget that! How much did he remember anyway? Could he remember her? Stacy felt like crying again, she wanted to see Michael and apologise. She knew an apology wouldn’t bring back his memory, but it would make her feel a little better. Besides, what else could she do?

No matter how bad Michael was, she didn’t need any convincing to promise to herself that she would take care of him. She was going to try everything in her power to get his memory back. Stacy wanted to see him. She wanted to see how beat up he really was. At least Michael was alive. If he had died Stacy didn’t know how she would be able to live with herself! She looked up at all of the nurses.

“Can I see him?” Stacy managed to ask.

“He’s getting a CAT scan right now, you’ll be able to see him shortly,” a nurse replied. Stacy nodded, and winced at the pain that she felt just from that small movement. She had never been in that much pain before. The pain in her ribs was becoming more noticeable. One of the nurses took note, stuck a needle into her IV, and told her that the pain should go away shortly. Stacy only nodded slowly as most of the nurses walked off, only leaving one close by.

Stacy was able to take a closer look at herself and her surroundings. She could hear the beeping of the heart monitor, and the sound of her ragged breathing. Her mind soon wandered back to Michael. She wanted to know anything and everything.

It was so hard for her to just grasp the fact that Michael had memory loss. She wanted to know exactly how bad the accident was. What happened to the paparazzi? They probably took pictures of the accident. Bastards. It was their fault. If they hadn’t come and ruined her and Michael’s evening they wouldn’t be in this situation.

Do their friends and family know? They must have; same with Michael’s fans.  They were on top of Michael more than she was! Stacy smiled briefly, but then frowned. She was so nervous. She was going to take full responsibility for this whole thing. She was running through what she was going to say to Michael’s friends and family when they came and visited.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard someone say Michael’s name, and then the squeaking of wheels. She cringed as the sound reminded her of the screeching of the tires from the accident.

She looked up quickly, and soon regretted it. A bed turned into the hospital room. Stacy gasped, and her heart dropped to her stomach.

All of Michael’s head and the side of his face were covered in gauze. His face was practically all cuts. His legs were in casts, and there was a splint over his nose. Stacy felt like she was going to be sick. He looked so fucking broken.

Michael had his eyes closed as the doctors rolled him into the spot next to hers. Stacy wanted to reach out and hold his hand, but she couldn’t even reach her own face with all of the wires. Stacy felt herself start to cry.

“Michael,” she whispered. Michael looked up at the doctor, disregarding Stacy, and let out a small smile.

“Okay Michael, I’m going to ask you a few questions. Is that okay?” the doctor asked. Michael nodded, and the doctor brought out his clipboard. Stacy stared at Michael, and bit her lip.

“Do you know who you are?” he asked. Michael nodded. “Do you know where you are?” Michael nodded again. “Do you know what happened to you?” Michael stared at the doctor blankly, and then shook his head. The doctor looked over at Stacy, as did Michael. Michael gave Stacy an odd look. “Do you know who she is?” Michael looked Stacy over before looking back up at the doctor.


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