I Found that Girl. by Lorry

"Friendship may and often does grow into love, but love never subsides into friendship."

-       By Lord Bryon.

Can two friends see how much they care for each other?. Wanting to be more than Friends?.


Michael and Amber have been friends since the tender age of ten, spending time together but as they grew and are in High school, can Michael finally admit his feelings for his best friend and can Amber finally see it and care for him as he does for her?


Find out in..

   'I Found that Girl'

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General Warnings: Mild Violence
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2. Ch. 2 by Lorry

3. Ch.3 by Lorry

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32. The End. by Lorry

Ch. 1 by Lorry

It was a hot sunny day, I decided to come out for fresh air because the house was too hot to stay in since we didn’t any fans anywhere in the house.

Using my notebook as my shield for my face from the sunrays beaming down, and a blueberry-flavoured lollipop in my other hand.


I walked to the large oak tree next to the park where I normally stayed to sit down and relax. It only took me a few minutes to get there, the blue slippers on my feet slapping on the warm ground.

Getting to my favourite spot where most of the shade hits. Crouching down, dropping my notebook and pencil to the floor, I quickly sat down; bringing my lollipop to my lips I started to lick the sweet treat.


Not hearing the approaching footsteps until a soft boyish voice spoke “um, hello?’ startled pushing my head upwards so fast, banging my head straight into someone’s head.

Both of us groaned in the moment of the pain, my treat all but forgotten, rubbing my forehead in pain, I looked up into a pair of big brown eyes that were currently glaring at me and rubbing his forehead trying to massage the bump there.


Quickly getting up I started to ramble my apology and in haste grabbed his thin long arm, taking my notebook, he didn’t even have a chance to talk, I dragged him to my home.

My home wasn’t a big place just a small two bedroom house with mama’s room on the bottom floor and my bedroom up the stairs near the bathroom. 


Dropping my notebook onto the table, he looked nervous, I spoke gently “I’m sorry for hitting your head, I’ll get my mama to help with that bump she knows everything about wounds and stuff”.


Leaving him on his own, I went to the other side of the house to find mother who luckily was around for the day, normally she would have called the babysitter to come and stay with me till she comes back from work the next day.

Banging the door open roughly, mother startled turned around from her wardrobe dropping the folded cream top to the ground.

Seeing me at the door, her slim onyx eyes narrowed even further, she spoke irritated in a soft voice, “Amber! I have told you many times to stop banging the doors in the house, you must knock every time”. Nodding my head in agreement waving my hands around in exaggeration I exclaimed, “Mama, we got an emergency”.


Mama sighed in defeat, her stern eyes switching to wary, “you didn’t bring another stray animal home did you? You can’t keep bring any animals into the house,” dropping my hands and shaking my head “No mama, it’s bigger than this, I bumped into someone I think I caused a wound!”.


Hearing that mama chuckled lightly, she stopped folding the clothes.

She walked up to me, placing her short chubby hands on my thin shoulders and we walked back to the living room.


Where I left the brown-eyed boy still standing in the same spot I left him looking around.


When he heard our footsteps his face turned upwards to us. We stopped a few steps away from him just looking at him, mama smiled warmly to the boy and removing her hands from my shoulders walked up to him. “My, what a handsome boy you are” the brown eyed boy blushed and looked down at his feet.


“Mama!” I exclaimed in embarrassment, she smiled and chuckled in amusement. Using a single finger she gently pushed his chin up, flinching slightly his eyes stared back into hers nervously.


She stared at him in the eyes for a second and her gaze drew upwards to his injury. “Oh sweetie, that injury isn’t serious I should know I am a nurse, I’ll give you some ice to let the bump reduce”. She quickly let go of his chin, winking at him and walking away into the kitchen.


After she left I quickly walked up to him smiling nervously “I told you my mum can heal any wound”. Actually noticing him up-close he was one inch taller than me, he had big brown eyes, a medium sized Afro, a large nose and he was wearing a grey top decorated with a Mickey Mouse and grey-orange striped jeans and black shoes.


He didn’t talk, his gaze stayed downwards, shuffling my feet around, mama came back holding a ice bag and two cherry flavoured ice lollies, she handed the ice bag to him, smiling once again “here you go sweetie, just place the ice bag on your head for a few minutes it should heal up”.  He softly said “thank you ma’am”.


Mama chuckled “your welcome dear, here are the ice lollies Amber take that with you and go play with your friend next to the oak tree”.



She turned and handed the two ice-lollies to me, holding them in my two hands. I nodded my head to him, cheerfully saying a goodbye to mama and he nodded his head goodbye.



We walked from the house meeting the continuous hot sun beaming down on us, we walked to the large oak tree, I sat down cross-legged holding my lolly and handing him his lolly which he took gratefully. 


We both sat there sitting licking our sweet treats for the next few minutes, descending the remaining sticks in the trash can near by. We just sat staring at each other until I decided to break the silence “I’m sorry for hitting your head”.


He shrugged his shoulders removing; the iceberg from his forehead, the bump had disappeared. Remembering my notebook I told him I would be going to the house to get my notebook and will be back. He nodded.


A few minutes later returning breathless, my cheeks burned from running, I sat down again crossed legged. I fanned myself with my notebook then opened the book starting to scribble inside, noticing him stare at me. I looked up and asked bluntly “can I draw you?” He looked unsure for moment until he shrugged his shoulders and stayed still.


His big brown eyes pinned down on in hidden amusement ignoring that look I started to draw his face when I looked up his whole expression changed, his large eyes zoned into the centre and his mouth was arranged in pout. Bursting out in laughter at his expression, which caused him to smile and laugh along with me.


After a few short minutes, our laughter died, I smiled warmly and raised my hand asking “Hi, My name’s Amber Bailey, what’s yours?”


He replied just as warmly shaking my hand “My name is Michael Jackson, nice to met you Amber”.


 We shook hands up and down until we fell onto our backs laughing and from that moment I knew we would be friends.



End Notes:

so my second story eh?, hope you guys like it, tell me what you think :D 

Ch. 2 by Lorry



After that faithful day, Michael and I would meet up everyday by the same tree, lying down with our hands folded behind our heads and look at the sky not having one care in the world.


Sometimes we would sit in silence or chat about our favourite superheroes from comic books or anything else.


One day, while the sky was slowly glossing into pretty tones of blue to orange and red. I asked Michael which school he goes. Michael answered “Indiana Elementary School”. Sitting upwards, I exclaimed in shock “I didn’t know you went to the same school as me Michael! How comes I have not seen you around”.


Michael shrugged his shoulders “actually we are in the same class amber, we never spoke much, you always stayed with your friend, I think what was her name Sarah?”


Smiling warmly at him “well I’m glad I met you even if I hurt your fragile apple head” I teased him playfully. Michael rolled his eyes in mock annoyance and kicked my leg away from him.


“Hey, why do you always do that when I tease you about your fragile apple head?” slowly edging away knowing this would annoy him even more. Michael slowly turned his face towards me and started to slowly push his hands away from his head. Seeing that as my signal to get away I quickly rose to my feet,

I wasn’t quick enough to get away.


Finding myself being tackled to the ground, Michael’s long fingers found my ticklish spots and mercilessly tickled me, laughing and trying to wiggle away from his fingers but he wouldn’t let me go until I said I wouldn’t mention that awful name again. Finally letting air breath into my lungs I nodded I wouldn’t do it again. Letting me go I rolled away swiftly a few feet away from him.


“Come on, Mr apple head we need to get home now its getting late” sticking my tongue out at him and running away as fast I could laughing in glee, hearing his muttering “I’m going to make you stop saying that one day Amber”



Hearing that made me laugh even more, we ran around some more our laughter ringing in the cool air as we made our way home.

End Notes:

i know it's short..dont kill me lmao...

the next few chapters will stick to their younger days then jump right into their high school days for the mean time so that everyone can see their friendship grow to how it is :)


Ch.3 by Lorry



Michael and I had been friends for a good couple of months from our summer holidays to meeting in class and being friends.

I always found it weird he never invited me to his house; every time I asked him he would make excuses and more excuses. It was getting way too fishy for my liking.


The next day I decided to investigate this matter. Stomping up to his door, I knocked on the door a few times gently. Stepping away from the door when I heard the stomping of running feet towards the door.


The door opened slowly and in front of me stood a little girl with the same big eyes as Michael, she looked up at me and asked in a childish soft voice “who are you?” I replied smiling sweetly at her bending down to her height “Hi, my name’s Amber, I’m Michael’s friend!”


She smiled just as sweetly “hello amber! I’m Janet, Michael’s little sister” We spoke for a few minutes more talking about toys and her favourite cartoons. Eventually she asked, “wanna come in and play dollies with me?” she said the last line hopefully.


Nodding my head excited to finally get a chance to enter into his home, as she stepped away from the door to make room for me to enter into the home, suddenly a pair of long thin arms gently brought his arm around her shoulder, using his other hand to close the door.


I heard faint mumbling of a conversation behind the door. There was a pause then the door opened again to reveal a very angry looking Michael who walked down the steps and stepped right in front of me.


Ah crap, Michael’s angry with me, maybe this wasn’t the right time to try and be nosy.


Looking into his angered expression his mouth in a thin line. The tension between us was thick and heavy. I decided to try and talk maybe if I could calm him down which was unlikely.


Nervously biting my bottom lip, and taking a deep breathe. “Uh hey Michael­---“

Michael interrupted rudely his voice laced in anger “Why did you come here?”


“I just wanted to come and see you Michael, you never tell me about your family or your home!” I said sadly.


Michael’s arms tightened; once again rudely he said “It’s my business if I wanna tell you Amber about my family”


Feeling the sting of hurt from his rude words, I narrowed my eyes at him, I was getting angry myself and pointed a finger at him “We are best friends, we are meant to tell each other everything Michael, Friends do that for each other”.


In response Michael harshly “Best friends aren’t nosey, snooping in a friend’s life”


Narrowing my eyes and dropping my accusing finger , “Best friends also go to each other houses and have fun together”


Rolling his eyes in mock agreement, Michael finally snapped the volume of his almost going up a pitch higher “You still don’t get it Amber, if I can’t tell what you want to know because it is still none of your business and you should have never been nosey in the first place!”


Stepping one foot away from him, I felt the pool of tears start to fall down my cheeks.


Snapping at him “Fine! I’m sorry I was so nosey, if it means you can’t tell me what’s going on then, we can’t be friends”.  Rubbing my eyes with my hand to try and stop the flow of tears.


 Michael’s expression didn’t change, he snapped back “Fine by me”.


Turning away from him, I stomped away, and the sound of the door slammed behind me.


I walked all the way home, my heart hurt by Michael’s words.


Kicking the door open, Mama rushed out of the kitchen holding a cleaning cloth. As she was about to scold me, she saw my sadden expression.


Dropping the cleaning cloth on the wooden dinning table. Mama walked up to me, taking my hand, she led me to the coach. Mother asked softly “Sweetie, what’s wrong? Is it Michael, did anything happen between the two of you?”.


Instead of answering her, I began to tell her the story from my point of view.


Mama brought me into a soothing hug, “Sweetheart, you need to apologize properly to Michael, because what you did hurt him, do you understand me?”


Nodding my head, a pout expressed on my face “I understand mama”


Mama gave me one last squeeze and let me go, hoping this awful day would end, I walked up the stairs to my bedroom and walking to my bed, falling asleep.

End Notes:

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Ch.4 by Lorry



 The next couple of days I spent my days by myself in the shade of my oak tree, looking at the sky and helping mama at home with the chores and missing Michael and his goofy smile. Until one really hot Tuesday afternoon, I was lying on my back, my legs in the shade and my upper body towards the sun.


I wanted to maybe get a tan if I stayed in the sun long enough until someone’s silhouette overshadowed me, opening one eye and peeking upwards I stared into two big brown eyes, Opening my other eye, I gasped, and Michael quickly moved.


Sitting upright and staring at Michael and we both stared at each other seeing who would break first. Blinking my first eyes first in defeat, I picked up a few grass strands and took a deep breath.

Looking into his big brown eyes once again, apologetically I said, “I’m sorry for trying to find out your family business and it was none of my business, I won’t do it again” Michael sighed and his eyes warm and his smile genuine “I forgive you Amber, I really missed you”


He opened his long arms for a hug, smiling warmly and jumping into his hug, “Thanks for forgiving me, I missed you too Applehead”.


Michael snorted and let go of me, letting me fall onto the grass. “Hey!” I exclaimed complaining at Michael.



Michael giggled shortly, slowly his smile turned into a smirk. Seeing that smirk on his face meant that he was definitely up to no good. Shuffling myself away from him, Michael’s smirk grew even more and he revealed what he had hidden behind his back.


Michael held a small battered orange coloured water gun, which the aim was currently being aimed at me. Quickly getting up to my feet and glaring at him, my hands on my hips. I said “Don’t you dare do it Michael!” I only called him by his name when I was being serious and making a huge point over something, now I didn't want to be a target but knowing him, well I was in for it.


Michael raised a one eyebrow and taunted in a mocking tone “Oh? No applehead?, well you’ve just tempted me to do it”


Dropping my posture, and putting my arms in front of my face, Michael pushed the trigger and a splat of water hit my shoulder. Shrinking at the feel of cold water, Michael laughed and continued to aim the water at any part of my body.


Trying to get away from his aim was difficult enough; instead I decided to tackle him by the waist, sending us both tumbling to the ground, the water gun being kicked away by yours truly.


We ended up wrestling on the ground, limbs flying everywhere. Pushing him away from my body, I grabbed the water gun and did the same thing back at him. His Afro became drenched and some water splatted on his clothes.


In the end we were both breathing heavily and smiling brightly at each other not caring that we were both wet and our mothers would be not pleased with the state we were in.


“Ok, Michael now you’ve got your revenge, now can we be friends again, no secrets anymore?”


Michael nodded his head in agreement but I knew he had ignored the secret part, It was hard not to ask him what was going on but I left it alone. Michael picked up the now empty water gun and put in the gun in his pocket.


Afterwards we both walked back to my house to dry off, mama saw our wet clothes and scolded us for bringing excessive water into the house, handing us both each a towel, we both dried off quickly.


Michael told me he couldn’t stay for dinner today because he had to be home before his father returned, his face turned fearful for a moment but then he flashed a small smile, I thought for a moment I had imagined it the look of fear on his face.


Quickly hugging me, Michael waved at mama and me, running to the door and closing it softly behind him. Mama stared down at me, smiling “you two finally made up eh sweetie?”


I replied “Yep mama!” and continued to tell her about my day and soon enough we had dinner and we both went to bed.

End Notes:

ok i know, it's short, the next chapter we move onto the high school years~

hope y'all like it :) 

Ch.5 by Lorry

Sitting on the sandy beach of Egypt, the wind blowing in my hair, the feel of the cold soothing water flowing on my bare feet, and sound of the ocean around me. Hearing approaching footsteps, I turned my head and looked up into a pair of slim dark chocolate eyes, a lean and muscular body walking towards me. He stopped in front of me his hand stretched outwards me, a smile on his face. I grabbed his hand in response and he eagerly pulled me up to my feet. We stared at each other lovingly and as he opened his mouth the words “Wake up amber bee!” came out in a deep, croaky voice --


Opening my eyes and staring into a pair of big brown eyes that were too close to my face, gasping in shock, moving away until I felt my back hit the cold wooden floor, my legs high up in the air. I groaned in pain at my current position, hearing a familiar laugh from my bed.


Rubbing my sore butt, I looked at the alarm seeing the time, I turned my head back to him and glared at him “Apple head!, what the heck are you doing here and at this time?”


Michael rolling his eyes and chuckling mischievously he replied, “school starts in a few minutes and your still sleeping?”


I was really not in the mood for his sass this early morning, grabbing my pillow, I threw it at him and Michael being the dancer he was, he dodged flawlessly and smirked holding his hand to his chest he spoke sorrowfully “Why must you be so mean?, Here I am, being a good friend and you abuse me, I feel the love girl”


Covering my mouth as I yawned, I stood up in my baggy pyjamas and gave him a fierce glare and pointed a hand to the door. Michael seeing my glare dropped his smirk and held his hands up in surrender, walked away and winked as he closed the door quietly.


“Stupid applehead” mumbling to myself, stretching my body I heard my tired bones pop after stretching, my eyes looked down at the alarm again, I squeaked looking at the time, I rushed to the bathroom and did my usual routine.


Stomping down the stairs, walking into the kitchen I saw mama and Michael happily chatting at the table, each having a cup in their hands, sluggishly dropping down into the chair next to Michael.


Mama turned her head around when she heard my arrival and raised her eyebrows, she smirked amused “Did Michael wake you up again sweetie?”. Glaring at Michael who was sipping his drink, the cup covering his angelic smile that was aimed at me.


Shrugging my shoulders in disinterest I replied sarcastically “oh of course mama, only Applehead would wake me up this early, I am so grateful


Michael dropped his cup to the table and shrugged his shoulders and smiled “Oh I’m only doing what a friend does for another isn’t right Mrs Bailey?” he turned his answer to mama who held a hand to her mouth to control her laughter and she nodded. Sighing at my best friend and mama teaming up against me as usual.


Mama eventually stopped laughing and looked towards the old clock on the wall and gasped, “Kids, it’s almost 8.45! The school bus should be here in few minutes, you need to hurry”.


Michael hearing that quickly got up, grabbing my hand and I quickly grabbed my bag.



we rushed out the door each shouting a goodbye to mother as we made our way to the school bus which we luckily got on time which doesn’t happen often, as we jumped on the bus and found two free seats at the back where we usually sat avoiding the popular people, we sat down and chatted about our old homework all the way to school.

End Notes:

back with the first chapter to their high school days, did you think the way michael woke her up was right? (i thought it was great *cough*) tell me what you think :)

Ch. 6 by Lorry


Sitting in the overheated bus with Michael sitting next to me, while everyone on the bus chatted away loudly talking over each other to get their opinions voiced.


Michael and I talked to each other quietly amongst all the noise; I decided to bring out my Walkman out of my messy bag shuffling though my papers and other clusters in the depths of my bag.


I could feel his gaze on me as I went though my bag, when he saw the Walkman in my hands, I could hear the small squeak of excitement burst from him. I could not help but that find the sound utterly adorable and restrain myself from pinching his cheeks which he hates so much when I do so.



Deciding to play his favourite song that we hadn’t heard in awhile, seeing the Walkman empty I shuffled though my bag again finding the battered black tape labelled ‘James Brown – Get Up offa that thing’


I put the tape into the Walkman and left the headphones to rest on my lap while the funky melody of the song played, though Michael and I bopping our heads to the melody. I knew if we were standing out in the open Michael would start dancing immediately to the beat and didn’t care who was watching in that moment because he would let the music move him.


I have witnessed him doing that a few times every time I bring my Walkman along with us and play a song he likes and well he wouldn’t stop moving until the music stopped or he would drag me out to dance with him. We would do a duet dance or dance battle until the music stops and we would flush in embarrassment when we hear the cheers and claps of onlookers around us.


We listened to the tape all the way to school the bus finally arrived.

Everyone including Michael and I grabbed our bags and waited in line until we could get off the bus.


Michael got off the bus before me, held out his hand and I rolled my eyes knowing he did this every time to tease my height even further. Grabbing his hand to humour him, I jumped off the bus landing in front of him.


Instead of letting go of my hand, he continued to hold onto my hand and I didn’t mind it was a natural thing for us to do sometimes. So we walked hand in hand to school and when we got into class for our lesson Michael let go of my hand and the day started once the bell rang.


The day went faster than usual, the first lessons going in a blur until we had the last lesson before the lunch hour.


It was sadly History, which I found not to be one of my favourite lessons unfortunately. I put my head down on the desk, letting the taller person in front of me become my shade. I could hear Michael whispering to me to wake up in the seat across me, shrugging my shoulders at him, almost falling asleep until the cool, cold voice of our history teacher Mr. Smith spoke “Sleeping again in my class Miss. Bailey” He asked a hint of irritation laced in his voice.


Snapping my head upwards and seeing Mr.smith tall frame loom over me, his eyes narrowed.



I started to pull the strands of my hair nervously avoiding eye contact, Mr smith sighed slowly and then spoke his voice still irritated “since you have so much time to sleep in my class why don’t you answer the question on the board?”


Looking at the board and seeing the question, I began to stutter nervously “w-w-ell u-h-h, you se-e---“


Michael who decided to save me like the superhero he was, put his hand up and said in a timid tone, the answer to the question.


Mr. smith sighed once again nodded at Michael seeing he got the answer right, said sarcastically “you should use your friend as an example Miss. Bailey, and don’t let me catch you sleeping in my class again or next time you will get detention”


I blushed in embarrassment, breaking eye contact with Mr. smith who walked back to his desk and continued the class.


When he turned his back, I looked at Michael and mouthed the words ‘thank you’; he smiled and nodded his head turning his attention back to our teacher.


Thirty minutes later when the class ended for lunch hour, Mr. Smith giving us papers to hand around the class for our next homework due next week. The bell rang shortly and everyone including Michael and I shuffled around chatting and shoving textbooks, papers into various different bags.


I stood up carrying my bag slung on my shoulder and pushing my chair back into the table. Walking away from the table seeing Michael at the door nodded his head, grabbed my hand and we made our way to the cafeteria.


We walked in silence to the cafeteria, Michael using one long arm to push the door open, he walked and I followed.


We joined the line for our meal, a couple of minutes later we held our trays filled with our food and drink. We dodged the busy tables that had all various cultures of people sitting together and managed to find a medium sized table in the middle of the room empty.


Dumping the tray lightly onto the table, we both dropped our bags near our feet and ate our food in silence.


Until a loud burp erupted from Michael who covered his mouth in embarrassment and his big eyes wider than before. I snickered and smirked at Michael “well Applehead, you must have been really hungry to produce such a loud burp”


Michael pouted in annoyance and said “it was an involuntary reaction and don’t tease me about it amber!”


Shrugging my shoulders and changing the topic to our last class “anyway Applehead thanks again for helping me get out detention with Mr Smith”


He rolled his eyes, bite into his chicken, chewed and swallowed. “Girl, I always gotta do that for you, stop sleeping in class”.


Now rolling my eyes as well, pointing a finger at him I was about to snap my reply until a soft deep voice cheerfully interrupted our conversation. “Lil bro, why you hiding away you got something to hide?”


We both turned our heads to see a tall dark skinned, light brown eyes figure walk up to our table holding his tray of food.


He walked up to our table, dropping in the seat next to Michael who sighed irritated. Looks like he knew him by the looks of it I thought to myself.


Seeing him up-close I could see the resemblance between him and Michael, he must be one of Michael’s brothers that he never told me about.


Michael snapped rudely “I’m not hiding Marlon, why you gotta come here?”


Marlon smirked in amusement ignoring his brother’s reply, turned his head towards me, his light brown eyes pinned on me. He smiled charmingly and spoke “who’s this pretty young thing here mike? She your girl?”


Michael’s cheeks turning a rosy shade of red, spluttered a resounding “N-o-o! Why you gotta think like that Marlon, she’s my friend!” he exclaimed at the end, his voice raising up a pitch higher.


My cheeks turned pink as well and I swiftly shook my head as my answer. Marlon laughed in merriment over hearing our replies, putting his arm over Michael’s shoulder and playfully ruffled his huge afro.


Michael protesting in detest “agh, get off Marlon” trying to get his brother off him. Eventually Marlon let go and Michael patted his Afro, glaring at his brother whose attention now was focused on me.


I giggled over the brotherly affection Marlon showed his brother and now he’s attention was back me. He spoke sweetly “Marlon Jackson at your service, what’s your name sugar?”


I giggled over the pet name and brought out my hand and said smiling shyly “Amber Bailey, nice to meet you Marlon I never did hear about you until today”.

Marlon smiled back taking my hand in his, placed a soft kiss on my palm. He replied,

“Well it is my pleasure sugar to meet ya and my adorable brother over there never likes to talk about our family, like he’s embarrassed or something” he rolled his eyes and pointed his head to his brother.


Letting him continue to hold my hand while using my other hand to cover my giggles. Michael snorted in disagreement and continued to chew on his chicken.


 Marlon got up holding his tray, and said in farewell “well it was nice meeting you sugar I hope I’ll see you again, look after my brother, I’ll see you later at home bro” he winked at me, ruffled his brother’s hair again, snapped annoyed “Marlon!” walked away giggling to his table and sat with his friends.


Now that Marlon had left, Michael looked back at me embarrassed and ashamed, his eyes not meeting mine down on his food. “I hope my brother didn’t annoy you, he gets on my nerves so much”


I raised a single eyebrow and counted two fingers on my hand “hmm well Applehead, that’s two other siblings I’ve seen, what other siblings could you be hiding from me? Maybe another six perhaps?” I ended on a sarcastic tone.


Michael snorted and folded his arms against his broad chest, quickly changing the topic like he always does when it comes to his family, which frankly annoys me every time something new pops, my itch to know about his family grows even more.


“How about the way you were giggling like a little school girl over my brother Amber?” Michael had his chin on his hand as he looked me in curiosity and..... was that Jealousy in his eyes?


I could feel the warmth sip into my cheeks as he asked, snorting and crossing my arms against my chest, I answered “none of your business Applehead and what I can’t giggle like a girl now?”



He shrugged his shoulders and as he was about to open his mouth. The bell rang ending the lunch break. I stood holding my tray smirking at him, throwing the wasted food in the trashcan. Michael picked up my bag handing it to me, then grabbing his bag and taking my hand we walked back to our class for our last classes until it was time to go home.

End Notes:

So Marlon's been introduced!, I hope i got his character down, we will still see more of him~

and why is michael hiding his family from Amber? what's his problem? i don't know lol


and what did you think? any errors? tell me i would love to know :D

Ch.7 by Lorry


The next day, I woke up stretching my body out and seeing I had overslept, I jumped up from my bed, throwing the covers back and rushing to my bathroom to get dressed.


Stumbling down the stairs seeing mama in the kitchen eating a slice of toast, I quickly asked her hurriedly “Mama, where’s Michael didn’t he come to wake me up today?”


Mama shook her head in confusion before smirking lightly “so you finally admit Michael is your alarm clock now Hun?” ignoring her question I shrugged my shoulders not overthinking it, he did this once in awhile when he didn’t have time which was perfectly acceptable.


 Grabbing a few pieces of bread from mama’s pile, stuffing them into my mouth, I waved and ran out the door hoping to catch the school bus on time.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the bus on time which made me twenty minutes late for class and luckily it wasn’t history but geography which was my favourite class but I was Miss. Martin’s favourite student which she secretly never said but in her words and actions shined though.   


Sitting down for lunch after the hectic half-day so far and being given homework as well Michael’s homework as well at the same time. I sat down to eat my meal in silence mulling over what could have possibly got Michael be absent today. Biting into my beef burger, I pushed my thoughts of Michael away as I ate.


Twenty minutes after finishing my meal, I packed my food on my tray and threw the uneaten food away. Grabbing my bag, I walked to my next set of classes to finish the day.



The next few days I began to grow worried about not seeing Michael waking me up early or coming to school at all in general. It was getting pretty suspicious at this point he never misses this much school even if he was sick or visiting a relative or for other some other reason. Until on the second day out of the blue Marlon kept me company making my worry vanish with his quirky humour.




I sat down on my own for second day in a row worrying over Michael in my mind trying to find out the reason that could make him stay away so long.  My food left untouched until a pair of hands fell on my shoulders startling me out of my thoughts.

I heard a throaty laugh continue to laugh until he sat in front of me, grinning broadly. I narrowed my eyes at the pair of light brown eyes staring into mine, amusement shining in his eyes.


Marlon stretching his hand out swiped a French fry from my plate. “hey!” I exclaimed annoyed seeing him steal a fry. He ignored me and continued to eat more fries. I smacked his hand away from my plate, he playfully groaned rubbing his hand gently and said “sugar, you got some strong hands, I’ll stay away from your food from now on”


Rolling my eyes at his silliness, I decided to get straight to the point crossing my arms and staring into his eyes I asked bluntly “where is he Marlon?”


Marlon in that moment looked confused his eyebrows scrunched together, he asked, “where is who?”


I wanted to smack my forehead in annoyance, does the dense genetic run in the Jackson family or something?


Sighing in irritation throwing my hands in the air “Michael who else would I ask about?”


Marlon confusion turned to astonishment at who I was talking about, his mouth forming a perfect “O”.


In that moment I just face palmed and sighed in defeat. Lifting my head from my hands to see Marlon answer my question by shrugging his shoulders and said, “Don’t worry about him, he’s fine sugar”


The tone he implied when he spoke felt the discussion was already over and I couldn’t ask any more questions. It made me worry even more about Michael, it’s like his own brother didn’t care about him.


Instead Marlon changed the topic quickly saying, “I’m not a great substitute for my lil bro eh sugar?” he pouted and sulked looking like a little kid whose toy was snatched away.


I giggled covering my mouth with my hand at his declaration; I said sweetly “sorry Marlon but no one can replace your big headed brother”


Marlon then held his hand over his eyes in a true dramatic performance worth of an Oscar said, “Sugar, you hurt my heart I don’t think I can recover over your hurtful words”


My giggling turned into a full-blown laughter, letting my head falls onto the table.


My laughter slowly died down and I felt my worry for Michael subsided for a while with Marlon keeping me company it felt wonderful.

End of Flashback.




After that day, Marlon always came to spend lunch with me, stealing food as usual away from my plate and my usual smacking his hand away from my food, it was a nice distraction from thinking about Michael but when he left my mind still lingered on him, I didn’t know



Until the fifth day when I and Marlon were sitting in our usual spot joking and bickering about a funny story about him and his brothers until Michael came to the table, his expression wary and annoyed.


Marlon smirked at him; seeing that it was his time to leave, bent down to my side, giving me a warm hug and a soft kiss on my cheek. I grinned bashfully in embarrassment; he pulled away from the hug a little too fast for my liking.


He waved at us in farewell and as he walked away Michael glared at his back.


I said “Michael” to bring his attention on me, hearing his name; Michael turned his head back to me, his eyes full of pain and sorrow.



I leaned my body forward, my face close to his face I asked him angrily,

Where have you been?”

End Notes:

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Ch.8 by Lorry


Mj’s Pov:


Opening my eyes to look around my room seeing Randy, snoring loudly enough to wake the neighbours next-door’s dog. Covering my mouth with my hand to fight the involuntarily yawn. I stretched my tired body and got up quickly to have a quick bath, having several siblings can make mornings tough to get ready for school.


Walking quietly into the bathroom, I spread toothpaste over my toothbrush and started brushing looking at my reflection, quickly spitting out the paste. I pinched my nose and looked at the acne spread over my face. Sighing in irritation I moved away from the mirror and went onwards to do my daily usual routine.


30 minutes later…


Staring into the small mirror I brushed my huge Afro for a couple of minutes.

One of these days I’m going to cut this Afro down, but Amber will surely complain if I cut it. I thought to myself chuckling quietly at the mention of her.


Placing the mirror and brush down on the small table, grabbing my bag to check for everything I needed for the day. Walking down the stairs my hands in my pockets.


My mind drifted to amber once again, I wonder how I’m going to wake her up today, maybe throw a water balloon at her?


Entering into the kitchen, I saw mother cooking something on the stove when she saw me. She greeted me good morning, gave me a kiss on the cheek and went back to the stove.


I grabbed an apple off the table, munching into the apple as I made my way to the living room and I stopped dead in my tracks on which I saw.


It was my brothers all together sitting down on the small coach, joking and bickering about some topic. Then I saw the person I hoped I would avoid at all cost was Joseph.


When he saw me enter the room, all chatter in the room ceased, in a few seconds he stood in front of me, I could feel the cold sweat trickle down my neck and I swallowed nervously staring into his hazel eyes.



Joseph’s intermediating figure stood over me; we continued to stare at each other neither of us breaking eye contact.


The room was silent as my brothers waited for who would break first; Joseph broke eye contact and smirked.


His gruff southern accent clear in his voice “Boy!, it is good to see ya, your brothers and I think it’s time for you join the family business” at that last part he patted my shoulder lightly.


My brothers all smirked in sick humour at joseph’s words, I could feel the dread sink into my stomach at hearing those words.


I shook my head in disagreement and spoke softly determined staring into Joseph’s eyes. “I won’t do it Joseph”


Joseph’s eyes narrowed in annoyance and the hold on my shoulder began to tighten unexpectedly.


I held back the sudden sensation of pain, tightening my lips to with hold the sound of pain I wanted to let out.


Joseph stared into my eyes and asked curtly “don’t you want to protect your little girlfriend boy?”


My eyes widened in shock at what he said, I didn’t expect him to know about Amber.


Joseph smirked and chuckled humourlessly answering his question “Boy, you didn’t think I didn’t know about her?, I have your brother Marlon keeping on eye on you in school, not to give our secret away isn’t that right Marlon?” hearing his name, Marlon turned his head and nodded avoiding my eyes.



Since all my brothers decided to join the business at this age and not deciding to do something about it by refusing to join, they all were willing enough to do so because of the money involved.


My trust in my brothers was already strained, I didn’t trust any of them apart from Marlon, now knowing he was with them all along made my heart clench tightly in betrayal.


It seems I can’t trust anyone apart from Amber and her mother even my own family betrayed me, but I refuse to let Randy or Janet join this horrifying business even with the last drop of innocence they have left.


I lowed my head in defeat and sighed slowly, I was only going along with this for now I already had my on-going plans to escape this dreadful nightmare.


Joseph removed his large hand from my slim shoulders and spoke to Marlon sternly saying “Marlon, make sure no-one asks any questions about Michael and look out for any suspicious behaviour in the school”


Hearing that Marlon nodded his head, grabbed his bag and left to go to school. My gaze followed him as he walked to the front door opening and closing the door quietly behind him.


I didn’t want to avoid school or amber either, she was going to worry herself sick over me and I didn’t even get a chance to tell her about this business, this is one of the reasons I have avoided telling her to protect her from the gruesome reality behind it all.


Joseph now seeing Marlon had left decided to talk once again,  our combined gazes fell on him as he crossed his arms tightly.


Now frowning Joseph spoke emotionlessly, his eyes falling on me “now boys, since it is time for your little brother to join the ranks of class whether he likes it or not, we will show him what we do to bring in business, this will take a couple of weeks to do and prepare him for it, if he is lucky he might get a pretty thang in exchange for his good behaviour” at that last note he chuckled.


My brothers all snickered quietly amongst themselves at his joke, while I could feel my stomach churn anxiously.


Everyone got up all talking at once, I knew I wouldn’t need anything in my bag, walking away to my bedroom, I went upstairs and dropped everything I didn’t need in my cupboard.


Seeing the framed image of Amber and me, our arms wrapped around each other smiling at the camera happily.


 Stroking the image for a few seconds smiling my mind drifting back to that memory until Jackie knocked on the door softly poking his afro covered head into my room and said “come on lil bro, we gotta go”


Nodding my head at him, he left the room and I briskly walked down the stairs to the living room where my brothers and joseph were ready to leave.


Joseph was the first to walk out, we all followed in line. Joseph went to the black covered van parked in front of the house. He started the engine and we all piled up into the small van our legs touching, as the van drove down the street.


I didn’t talk to any of my brothers as they chatted amongst themselves; I rested my head on my hand and watched the scenery outside the window as the van moved.


Eventually I closed my eyes and let my mind wonder back to Amber, I knew I will be gone for a few days, I dread what she would say to me.


We spent the morning driving around doing different errands, which I thought was not too bad, but then when the sky turned a dark shade of orange and red; I knew it was dawning to the light evening.


Joseph parked near an alleyway where a small blue house was near by. I knew something bad was going to happen. Jermaine being the closest to me in the van told me to stay and watch the van while he and the others did something.


I sat in the van twiddling my hands together waiting until I heard the screams of a woman crying near the van, I poked my head out of the van seeing my brothers holding down a pale skinned man to the floor and beating him up without any remorse on their faces.


I could see joseph holding the brunette haired woman against him who struggled to break his hold on as she watched, tears flowing freely down her face.


I felt the pain she expressed freely in her eyes as she watched my family beat her husband down. Eventually they stopped and Joseph let her go and she rushed to her husband holding his blooded head against her chest.


They all stood over him watching her hold him protectively, Joseph said lowly in a threating tone “that’s a taste of what your husband is getting unless he pays the money he owes or next time it will be worse” 


Joseph shouted for me to open the back door, using my long sleeve to dry the tears from my eyes and opened the door for my brothers who all smiled deviously and we made our way home.


I didn’t want any part of this business, I had to escape at all cost even if it meant I had to bring my younger siblings along, what we did right now was wrong, how many lives had to be hurt in this kind of business?


We parked the van in front of the house and opened the door quietly to see mother waiting for us at the door. Her expression tight lipped and her angered eyes focused only on Joseph, we all shuffled into the house and went to our separate rooms.


Dropping my bag carelessly near my bed, I let the tears flow down my face, as I changed into my usual nightwear and crawled into bed. I bit my lip as I let the tears flow for the woman, my future and what it could hold. I eventually slept off hearing the woman’s screams haunt my dreams.


The next four days it all ended in the same manner, people being hurt in greed, power and pain. Finally on the fifth day after Joseph allowed it that I could go to school.


I knew it was too late to go wake Amber before school started, so this time I took my time to get ready and went to school luckily not missing the second bus.


I went to my usual classes knowing Amber helped collect all my missing homework, a few teachers asked here and there where I had been, I made excuses as usual which raised a few eyebrows in confusion.


When lunch finally came around, I saw from the distance of the door Marlon and Amber talking and joking about something.


I didn’t like it at all, why can’t I have her to myself? I thought to myself angrily as I walked towards them.


Marlon hearing my approach seeing that it was his cue to leave hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. Seeing the smirk on his face as he did so and amber’s expression made it even worse. I wanted to hit him so bad for doing that when he knew I liked her more than a friend!


As he walked away I glared at his back until amber’s crystal voice broke my attention from Marlon. I turned my head towards her and when she saw I had my full attention on her, she suddenly leaned forward so close to my face. My eyes fell on her lips for a few seconds as she spoke and I drew my gaze back to her face.

End Notes:


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Ch.9 by Lorry

I withdrew myself back from the closure I had with Michael and stared at him as he stared back at me. I folded my arms and tapped my feet on the marble covered floor.


“well I’m waiting for my answer Michael” I said to him, he sighed tiredly and looked around him nervously before stuttering answering “I-I can’t say It here amber, please can it wait till after school?”


I nodded in agreement and stood up with my bag since lunch break was almost over, Michael stood up as well. Grabbing my hand I loosely pulled my hand away and walked away from him missing the heartbroken expression he held.


Walking along to the next class, I could hear Michael’s footsteps follow behind me. The day continued slowly until the school bell rung for end of the day.


Michael and I strolled down to the bus stop where we usually waited for the school bus at certain times. As we waited I ignored Michael completely instead looked around the area seeing kids being picked up, friends chatting near the school and so forth. I could feel Michael’s gaze on me as I looked around but I didn’t dare look back.


Finally the bus came and we all walked into the bus, I sat at the back of the bus and Michael followed sitting next to me. Neither of us spoke and the bus moved on forwards.


Eventually the bus stopped at our stop and we got off, walking down to my house.

I opened the door with my key and we both walked into the house, I walked into the kitchen grabbing a can of cola and juice for Michael. Holding our drinks in my hands I gave Michael his drink and held mine as we walked up the stairs to my bedroom.


Kicking the door open, luckily mama wasn’t in at the moment that gave us plenty of peace and quiet for Michael to talk.


Throwing my bag to the other side of the bed, I laid down on my back holding my can as I waited for Michael to talk.


He sat down on my chair, holding the juice in his hands before taking a slow slip to calm his nerves before he spoke.


Michael turned around dropping the glass of juice on my table and sat down there holding his hands tightly and closing his eyes for a few seconds until he opened his eyes and stared at me a look of seriousness in his eyes.


I stared back and waited for him to talk when he didn’t talk, gobbing down my cola, I got up and threw the drink in my bin.


Walking up to Michael I bent down to his legs, I held his large hands in mine massaging them softly and said reassuringly “come on applehead, It can’t be that bad c’mon what do you want to tell me?”



Michael’s eyes still bearing that serious gaze held onto my hands tightly and said lowly “Amber…my family are involved in the mafia”


I froze for a second and went over his words in my mind; I thought he was playing a practical joke when he said those words but his eyes were still serious.


I gasped and moved away from him, Michael’s serious gaze turned to sadness when he saw my reaction.


I couldn’t believe this was what he had hidden from me for years! The secret my curious mind had been wondering and itching to know… had finally come to bite me in the butt. I thought to myself.



I could feel the rubberband on my emotions that I had kept coiled together all these years about this mystery finally snap.


I looked up at him in the eye hissing angrily “This is the secret you never told me! This is the reason why you went away for so many freaking days you dufus! All this time I was worried sick over the reason why you would have been gone, and you tell me NOW AFTER HOW MANY YEARS MICHAEL?!?” my voice rose a pitch higher in tune with my anger.


Michael placing his arms on my shoulders began to stutter calmly “I-I’m sorry Amber for keeping this secret from you, please understand I didn’t have a choice not to tell you!” he exclaimed at the end.


I pushed his arms off me roughly and I said heatedly “Don’t touch me Michael!”


Michael’s eyes began to flow with his tears as they began to run down his cheeks, “I’m sorry for not telling you please understand I was trying to protect you! What if someone came after you all those years ago when we became friends?!?”


At this point I was beyond reasoning consumed with my anger as I shouted angrily in reply “I wouldn’t have CARED Michael for goodness sake, we are friends!, you promised me all these years ago you wouldn’t keep any more secrets and yet you broke your promise, what kind of friend does that!”


I could feel the tears as well fall down my face as we both stood and looked at each other, feeling each others emotions bleed though our eyes.


There was silence until I decided I couldn’t handle this anymore, I felt emotionally exhausted with my emotions. I swallowed dryly and said “It’s time for you to go Michael”



Michael’s tear stained eyes grew wider for a second and he started to plead in distress “Please amber let me explain!, I-I didn’t mean to keep this secret from you! Don’t do this to me gurl!”


Ignoring his plea of forgiveness, I screamed emotionlessly “GET OUT MICHAEL, GET OUT NOW”.


I grabbed his bag, throwing it at him and I began pushing him out of my door that he struggled to stop but at this moment I was high on adrenaline.


Finally pushing him out of my door, I slammed the door in his face and locking the key just in case.


My body slide down my door and I began to hiccup and let the tears gush down my face once again. I could hear the muffled tears of Michael behind the door begging me to open the door. After a few minutes I heard his footsteps down the stairs and the door slam behind him.

End Notes:

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Ch.10 by Lorry

Mj’s pov:


It was a few hours after Amber kicked me out of her room and her life. I couldn’t have know her reaction would be so terrible, I wanted to tell her my secret all these years and she even didn’t give me a chance to explain!


Now It feels she will never let me explain, every time I think of our encounter my heart aches in pain and heartbreak, her words echoing in my mind over and over again like a broken record.


When I slammed the door behind me, the rain pouring down, matched my mood perfectly. And it could cover the tears I didn’t want any of my family to see especially mother particularly.


Opening the door to the house quietly, I walked in sniffing and trying not to let more tears flow freely.


Mother saw me enter into the living room and seeing my state fussed worriedly over me and I let her to have some piece of mind eventually she let me go upstairs carrying a cup of steaming hot coco. As I made my way upstairs mother’s soft voice spoke “Baby, are you alright?” I stopped and looked down to see her brown eyes filled with worry, I smiled weakly and replied, “I’m perfectly fine mother”


After that she didn’t bother to ask any more questions letting me continue up the stairs to my shared room with Randy.


Who currently was at a friend’s house for the moment meaning I could cry and think of amber in my own space.


I lay down on my soft bed holding my mug, taking a sip once the coco cooled down.


I let my thoughts wonder again back to our argument, my heart still ached but I let the fury consume me.


Holding my cup in my hand tightly letting my anger consume my thoughts it’s not fair! She didn’t even let me explain anything at all, I wanted to but she never does, for how long I’ve know amber she never does. I’m better off without her!


My angry thoughts then turned to sorrow, dropping the cold coco onto my table near my bed, I curled close to my pillow and started to whimper silently and lamented sadly in my thoughts I just wish she had given me a chance to explain…I miss you already girl..


I fell asleep soon afterwards, letting my mind take me to a world of my dreams peacefully.






It’s been a two days since I and amber fought, I spent these two days by myself, seating two seats away from her and my thoughts fighting over her but I push those thoughts to the back of my mind for now until classes are ended.


The music class was cancelled today so we were set some research on a famous person we admire to do for this class. I already had a great man in mind for this research ‘James Brown’.


Grabbing my bag and leaving the class to go the library on other side of the school, until a high-pitched voice shouted my name from a short distance “Michael! Michael! is that you?!?”


I turned my body around to see a tall dark skinned fella with round eyes come towards me smiling happily.


I wasn’t sure who this fella was and took a step back, he saw my movement and stopped a foot away from me. He grinned happily and said “heya Michael, don’t ya remember me man shit!, it’s me Chris” he patted himself to identity himself.


I squinted looking over at him until a forgotten memory resurfaced in my mind.




I was standing with a boy with round eyes staring at the great oak tree, and he was smirked crossing his skinny arms against his chest and said in a smug arrogant tone of voice “I bet ya Michael, you can’t climb up that tree it’s way too difficult for ya!”



I snorted in disagreement, shrugging my shoulders and going to the tree, I placed one foot on the body of tree and started to climb up from there, I didn’t stop climbing until I made it up to the top.


I sat down on one of the tree branches and folded my arms looking down at Chris from my great view.


I shouted cheekily as he looked up in shock “this tree was way too easy to climb Chris, think of something better and are ya coming up here, the view is great from up here!”


Chris began to mumble nonsense as he climbed up the tree, in a few minutes he was sitting next to me pouting.


I chuckled at his expression and started to singly softly to The Temptations ‘My Girl’ as we both sat there enjoying the breeze cooling our heated skins.


Chris hearing my voice said in amazement “Damn Michael you can sing! When you gonna be a singer and be making money for me?” he said the last line teasing.



I snorted mockingly in response “when you become a comedian and then maybe perhaps you can be my manager”


Chris rolled his eyes and we both cracked up in laughter…


End of flashback.



Shaking my head from the suddenly flashback and looking closely at his face I began to piece the missing parts and it suddenly clicked.


I smiled nodding my head and said “Chris it’s you! What are ya doing here!”

Chris smirked and exclaimed loudly ignoring the looks of onlookers around us saying “hell yea it’s me Michael, it’s been so long man damn, I’m back for good and shit, I just transferred you can show me around and I already seen some fine girls Michael” he patted my shoulder lightly.


Still smiling I replied rolling my eyes at him “sure Chris, but I got a free class right now I can show you around and Chris you crazy”


What a small world it truly was I never thought in a long time I would be reunited with my old childhood friend Chris. I never knew how much I missed his quirky and funny humour.



As we walked away into the depths of the school, Chris cracking jokes about his time at his other schools and other random stuff, making me laugh at the stupid stuff he got himself involved with. It felt good to have him back and letting my thoughts of Amber drift away from me.

End Notes:

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Ch.11 by Lorry

Mj’s Pov:


Soon after showing Chris around the school, I found out he was in one or two of my classes, which I thought was great. I spent most of the class telling him to be quiet but in true Chris’s style he cracked up jokes in our class making everyone laugh and even earning a chuckle from our teacher once in awhile.


The bell rang for our lunch break, I took Chris to our cafeteria and we waited in line, as usual Chris being his loud self.


Eventually we sat down for our lunch and before I could bite into my sandwich, Chris smirked in amusement “so Michael when I am getting that million you promised me when you are a big time singer!”


Rolling my eyes at him, biting into my sandwich and swallowing I told him grinning cheekily “like I said all those years ago when you are a big time comedian we can talk Chris and I gotta ask too what made ya come to this school hm?” I bit into my sandwich again and waited for his response.


Chris shrugged his shoulders carelessly and replied unbothered “ah heck I was bored and mama said it was time to move back she thinking I was moving with the wrong crowd, so she dragged both of our asses back here and here I am today brother”


I nodded my head and Chris opening his lunch began to eat as well. We ate in silence until we both finished our meals.


Until Chris reaching over to pull at my Afro, hollered in laughter “damn mike, I remember you having this afro all these years ago and you let it grow man when you gonna cut it?”


Pushing his hand away from my afro, I shook my head and told him annoyed “I ain’t ever cutting it Chris, amber will not be happy if I did” I chuckled. Chris raising his eyebrows in surprise “well I be damn, Michael you got yourself a girl, where she at?”


I could feel my happy mood turn sour instantly when I mentioned her name and I said sadly “she wasn’t my girlfriend Chris… She was my friend”


Chris’s expression turned worried and he asked concerned “what happened Michael?”


Sighing sadly, I retold the whole story to Chris excluding the part of the mafia in the story.

Chris was angry by the expression he had on his face, calmly stated “you are telling me that she didn’t even give you a chance to explain at all?! And she kicked you out? That girl Michael is a bitch and I have seen some bitches, she is a classified A+ Bitch”


I couldn’t help but raise my voice and defend her when Chris called her a bitch and Chris saw how annoyed I was getting quickly changed the topic and placing his arm around my shoulder saying “forget that girl, Michael I can introduce ya to some girls I meet today, one for you and me what ya say?”


I raised a single eyebrow and asked him curious “when did you become a matchmaker?”


Chris chuckled loudly removing his arm around my shoulder and said “Look at me Michael, I am a tall fine glass of chocolate milk, these girls dig that man” he emphasised this by getting up and spinning around.


I felt the laughter burst from my lips, holding my chest and said “brother come to the drama club you will fit in fine in there with me”



Chris shoved me aside, we sat there cracking up for a good while until break ended and we went to our usual classes.

End Notes:

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Ch.12 by Lorry

I slowly stood up from my position near the door, turning around I opened the door and went into the bathroom.


Breathing in heavily I looked into the mirror seeing my blood-shot eyes and I splashed water to clean my tear strained face once more, when I looked into the mirror to see my face dry of any tears. I walked back to my room, sat down holding my face in my hands as I took another hoarse breath in.


I felt my emotions were still swimming all over the place now that I knew Michael’s secret.


the secret I wanted to know all these years, he promised me he would never keep secrets and he did just that, I don’t care what he said it was still wrong for him to keep such a HUGE secret from me, he knew I would have stayed even if he pushed me away!. I thought angrily to myself.


Removing my hands from my face, I eventually got up, pushing the thought of Michael from my mind and got everything ready for school the next day.


Twenty minutes after cleaning my room and getting my school bag packed, I had changed into my baggy mickey house decorated nightwear.


Climbing into bed, I wrapped my covers around me, closing my eyes letting sleep take me to the world of dreams.


I woke up to sound of cheerful chirping from the blue bird near my window. I got up from my bed yawning, closing the curtains and got ready for school.


I took my usual routine without Michael waking me up made my heart clench in sadness but I shook my head to clear my thoughts of him. I walked into the kitchen and made a quick peanut butter sandwich for school.


I saw the time on the old clock on the wall and ran to get the school bus again and got on before it left the bus stop.


Finally coming to school, I made my way down the halls and entered the classroom seeing Michael sit away from our usual spot two seats away and completely ignoring my presence.


Well if he can sit two seats away from me so be it, I can do that too. I spat irritated at the back of my mind and with that thought in mind, I sat near the front row of seats and class began as usual.


The day went on as usual until lunch time, I got up from my seat and walked to the door not expecting to see Marlon standing near the door his arms crossed and his foot tapping on the floor.


Coming out of the class seeing him made my eyebrow rise in surprise and I asked “Marlon? What are you doing here? Are you stalking me now?”


Marlon seeing me and pushing himself from the wall walked up to me and said smirking “now sugar why would I do that? Can’t I see you or my adorable little brother anymore before lunch? By the way where is he?”

He asked the last line, looking around to see if Michael would magically pop up behind me.


I shrugged my shoulders smiling stiffly and said “He’s been busy” when Marlon heard that his smile fell into a frown and he spoke saying concerned “Michael’s too busy to walk with you? I can talk---“


I interrupted him swiftly saying “He has his stuff to deal with and I do too so it doesn’t matter Marlon, can we go for lunch please? I am starving!” I hoped he could see my urgency to change the subject about Michael immediately.



Marlon shrugged his shoulders letting the topic decease and grabbed my hand in his. He started walking away with me hand in hand to the cafeteria, I could not help but feel the butterflies flutter in my stomach seeing his larger hand in my mine as we made our way there, but I didn’t notice a pair of brown eyes watching my back as I walked with Marlon.


A little too soon for my taste we walked into the cafeteria, Marlon opening the door in gentlemen manner and bowing a little low which made the whole look comical, I entered into the hall chuckling at his behaviour.


Over the past three weeks we had our lunch as usual but this time hanging out with Marlon’s set of friends who were rowdy bunch of people especially the girls who always had a look of disdain or an air of distrust towards me which I felt was unnecessary.


It was becoming slowly becoming a routine sitting with Marlon and ignoring the jealous looks of the girls in the group. I was listening to Marlon’s story about a dance he invented until I heard that familiar laugh two seats away from me.



Turning my head around I saw Michael sitting with another guy who was busy making him laugh and giggle over whatever.


I felt the knife of jealousy stab into my heart seeing him with another friend,

How can he be chilling with someone else so quickly?, how unfair can Michael be? What are they talking about that could get them to laugh so hard? I thought enviously to myself.


I continued to watch them laughter among themselves, until I felt the warmth of someone’s shoulder press on my slim shoulders. Turning my head once again around to see Marlon’s light brown eyes staring into mine and he asked “what you staring at sugar? Are you that bored of my story?” he pouted at the last line.


Rolling my eyes at him I smiled shortly “I was staring at something and no I wasn’t bored of your story continue you didn’t have to stop because of me”


Marlon smiled at my answer and pulling me a little closer to him, he continued his story and I continued listening also keeping my eye out for Michael and his new friend.


Being so close to Marlon felt heavenly, his smell intoxicated my senses and I could not help but sigh quietly. I could feel the other girls’ stares of jealousy seeing his arm around me and I just ignored them.



The bell rang again and we all got up to get ready for our next remaining classes. I looked around seeing if Michael and his new friend were still around but they had left before I could even do something about it.

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Ch.13 by Lorry


Three weeks later~


Mj’s Pov:


I sighed for the fourth time today, I was miserable without Amber. A week without her was too fine but three weeks was too much to handle, not having her near me was devastating even with Chris keeping my spirits up I couldn’t take it.


Today we were both at the library trying to do our group project together but that was not working.


I sighed again and Chris who was reading his book on our chosen topic dropped the book down irritated and said clearly agitated “Mike, if you sigh one more time, I will whoop your ass man damn that is getting on my nerves!”


I folded my arms on the table and resting my head, looking up at Chris who was clearly annoyed with me. I pouted sadly and said sorrowfully “Chris I’m sorry I can’t get her out of my mind, I miss her too damn much”


Chris still annoyed shouted loudly not caring where we were said “Then don’t you go to talk to her man? and stop giving yourself this flipping misery”


I shushed him quickly I didn’t want us to get kicked out of the library before we even finished our work.


I responded bitterly “why bother Chris? She’s already hanging out with my brother and she clearly doesn’t care for me at all”


Chris slapped his hand down his face, breathed deeply and then said a little more calmly “well if you ain’t going to say anything brother then I will have to confront this chick myself” with that been said Chris got up noisily throwing his book clumsily into his bag and walking out of the library.


When I heard that I packed my things and went after him, I hissed quietly as I walked beside him “what you mean your going to confront her Chris? Don’t ya dare do it, this is between me and her Chris don’t get involved!”


Eventually we walked out of the library, Chris suddenly stopped, spun around facing me a look of anger present on his dark skinned face. I stepped back seeing his angered expression.


Chris’s eyes narrowed and he bellowed in anger “Are you kidding me man?!? This chick kicked you out of her house!, have you forgotten she didn’t even let you explain, No mike this damn argument has gone on too long and I can’t take it seeing you miserable all because of one damn bitch! I am getting involved brother and you can’t stop me” he glared at me and walked away not even talking.


I was speechless by Chris’s speech… I didn’t know he was that annoyed about it at all, It touched me after all these years he still cared but I was more worried about what he was going to say to Amber. I had a feeling this confrontation would not go down well I may still feel bitter and annoyed with her but I didn’t want him to get into it he doesn’t know the real reason why! I thought to myself sadly.


I ran after him hoping to catch up with him but stuck in my thoughts I hadn’t seen which corner he had walked into. So taking a leap of faith I walked down the left corner hoping to see him.



Amber’s pov:


It was around after two ‘clock in the afternoon; I was putting back my books and swapping them for my books for the next classes.

Slamming my locker shut, I was surprised to see Michael’s new friend in front of me, his arms crossed.


He opened his mouth and said sarcastically “well you must be the Bitch Michael has been talking about all this time, you ain’t much of a looker are ya?”


I recoiled from him in shock holding my books tightly to my chest and I uttered angered “Excuse me?! What gives you the right to call me that!—“ before I even got a chance to talk further he spoke in a low and irritated voice “I don’t care if I have no darn authority bitch!, for once in that thick skull of yours think for someone other than yourself!, don’t you see what you are doing to Michael at all?”


I glared at him and snapped in annoyance at this idiot to think I was jealous of this fool? “ok, whoever the hell you are!, you have no damn right to interfere in my business with Michael!”


He pushed himself off the locker he was previously resting on and slammed his arm against and looking like he was fighting the urge to slap me.I could hear the mumbling of onlookers around us as they watched us.


“Bitch, I am getting myself involved whether you like it or not!” then he sighed and took in slow breath then began to talk in a voice filled with sadness “even though I have only been here for awhile reuniting with Michael after so many years, I can see his hurting over his betrayal with you and you didn’t even give the brother a chance to explain, don’t you have any feelings in your heart? Think about it”


After his speech he walked away, the crowd spreading like the red sea.

When he left, I clutched my books tightly in my hands and walked to class.


After my encounter with Michael’s new friend, I couldn’t concrete in my classes at all with my mind replaying back to the argument over and over again.


I realised I hadn’t let him explain why he was involved in the mafia, I felt foolish and stupid for not letting him have the time to talk also kicking him out and letting my quick temper get the best of me. I sighed snapping out of my thoughts when the bell rang.


It was time to go home, taking time to walk out of the school building until I saw a huge afro a few feet away from the school standing waiting for the bus.

I took a deep breath in and summoned the courage to talk to him. Walking up to him and saying his name softly “Michael”


Michael’s body stiffed and he slowly turned around, his eyes filled with anger and pain. I stepped back at his imitating posture towards me, I knew I had not given him a chance to explain but this was not like Michael to be so hostile towards me. I mused worriedly to myself.


Michael instead took a step closer and I stepped back until my back was against the brick wall. He spat in a low voice filled with fury “What do you want Amber?”


I straightened my posture and said apologetically “Michael, I want to apologize for my behaviour that day we argued and would you please explain more about your family?”


Michael replied coldly “No” I gasped and questioned “No? why?”

Then Michael drawing even closer towards me, my back digging into the cold brick wall as his big brown eyes pinned on me and he said coldly “since the time I have known you Amber you have never let me explain myself once, I am not going to bother this time” he swiftly moved away from me and walked away until he stopped turning around and giving me a look of bitterness expressed on his face, he said furiously “also I don’t need your apology Amber, you can take it somewhere else I don’t care” with that being said he walked away from me.

I felt my heart fill with guilt and I walked away defeated walking back to the bus stop and going home.




End Notes:

ooh chris got involved! I am not surpised lol and yikes michael rejected her apology..Do you think amber's apology was sincere or not?


Ch.14 by Lorry



Another week has passed since I tried to apologize to Michael, I still feel guilty about it but if he does not want to talk then so be it.  On the other hand I’ve been hanging out more with Marlon and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach grow day by day with him.


I discussed my feelings with my mama towards Marlon she agreed and squealed happily “my baby has a crush” however advised wisely I should confront him about my feelings and be ready to receive heartbreak just in case he does not like me back.


So on a cool Friday afternoon, I asked Marlon to meet me at the back of the school entrance. I waited for a few minutes getting there early and trying to calm the fluttering butterflies in my stomach by nervously pulling my hair.


Marlon finally arrived holding his bag and smiling sweetly when he saw me waiting “Hey sugar, I hope I didn’t make you wait too long and why did you want me to meet at you here?” his voice filled with curiosity.


Laughing nervously at his questioning I answered hesitantly “um well you see ah..” I ended up trailing off on what I wanted to tell him. Marlon seeing how nervous I was, walked up to me and started to rub my shoulders assuring and said warmly “come on sugar, it’s only me what’s got you so nervous that you can’t tell me?”


Staring into his light brown eyes smiling shyly I breathed in a small breath of air and finally blurted out my feelings “I like you Marlon!”


Marlon when he heard my confession stopped rubbing my shoulders stepped back and folded his arms.


We stared at each other neither of us speaking and then he broke the silence, his voice serious “Sugar I’m flattered you have feelings for me but I am not right for you with the situation at home with Michael and our family secret…I know he told your secret don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you or my lil bro.. Let’s just stay friends hm?”



Nodding my head stiffly after hearing him out, I felt crushed my feelings were not returned, mama was truly right.


I could feel the tears brim a little at my eyelids and I rubbed my eyes quickly trying to stop the flow. When Marlon saw my reaction he swiftly came up to me and holding me close, said sadly “aw sugar, I’m sorry I feel so bad please don’t cry I hate it, when I see girls cry especially you lemme get you an ice cream my treat please?” he kissed my forehead softly and looked in my eyes pleading sorrowfully at my reaction.



I sniffed and smiled tearfully at him letting him drag me away to the nearest ice cream shop near the school and I felt sad that we could not be together but at least I know now we were not meant to be….

End Notes:

well our dear Amber confessed her feelings to marlon...ok don't kill me i didn't want marlon to be a jerk and of course he had to be nice (he does know his bro has feelings for her). what you think of the chapter?

Ch.15 by Lorry

Chris’s Pov:


I was resting on a locker with my arms folded to figure out a way to get Michael and ‘the bitch’ (I refuse to call her by her name for now) get back together as friends. Michael’s misery is beginning to destroy my groove even introducing him to other girls does not get him over this chick.


I continued to mumble and crack my brain over these two until a soft voice spoke up next to me questioning, “you know my lil bro Michael?”


I jumped in fright and turned to the brother in front of me who reminded me eerily of Michael and clutching my heart I said breathlessly “Damn! Warn a brother before you scare me and shit”


He smirked and shrugged his shoulders not caring over my damn health. I responded to his question, “Yeah man I know mike and you his bro? I see the similarity”


Marlon then spoke seriously picking my interest “well since you know my lil bro, you know the fight between him and amber, I need help to get them being friends again”


I nodded my head in agreement to his statement and said lightly “yeah brother I get what you mean I don’t like seeing mike all miserable it ain’t rght at all! Maybe we can get the bitch and him together at last”


Marlon frowned irritated at hearing my word I used for her which he didn’t like I could tell. I shrugged my shoulders carelessly “she is a bitch to me for now maybe when she gets in Michael’s good graces again then I might change her name who knows?”


Marlon ignored what I said and smirking holding out a hand to shake said  “well you can keep that word to yourself but now let’s shake on it for our mission to get these two stubborn people friends again and by the way what’s your name brother? I never asked, Marlon Jackson at your service”


I smirked back and shaking his hand firmly said boastfully “Chris tucker nice to meet ya brother!, the way you pronouncing your name makes you sound like your James bond man…any who this mission is on lets start to plan”


After shaking hands we walked down the halls chatting about our plans discussing what we would do.



Two days later…


Amber’s Pov:


It was another day I got used to doing without Michael and hanging out with Marlon at lunch. My small crush on him slowly died a few days after my confession to him. It hurt but I did not let it get to me since my grades were slowly dropping at the moment without Michael’s guidance so I had to work extra hard which helped me take my mind off both of the Jacksons in my life.


Currently at the moment I was walking down the empty side of the school that had a empty classroom which Marlon mentioned I should come to have a study break since he wanted to help me in Biology which was one of my classes I was failing.


Opening the door and walking into the quiet classroom only to see Michael sitting at one of the tables reading and writing notes by the looks of it.


When he heard my entrance he gasped and we both said at the same time in surpise “what are you doing here?!?”

I exclaimed putting my hands on my hips “I was just about to ask you the same thing! And why the heck are you in my room?”


Michael hearing that got up and stepping in front of me said a little annoyed “Your room!? This is not your room, I was told by Chris to come here and study for our group project”


“I was told by Marlon to come here to help me study for a test, how would you..oh No!” I trailed off panicking and running to the door trying to pull at the door handle to open the door, at the moment was failing. I panicked wailing to Michael “Michael! Come help me open this door it’s not opening at all”


Michael calmly walking up to me, pushing me away softly from the door, grabbed the handle with his hand and when the door didn’t open he put more force into the door and it still would not open.


We looked at each other panic stricken expressed in our faces until a loud boisterous voice rang outside the door. “oooh I got you both good y’all, if you both don’t settle your differences then you both will be stuck in that room all day” another voice piped in “sorry we gotta do this to you both but a talk is way overdue for the both of you and ignore this fool don’t worry you won’t be in their too long we still got classes”


The other voice exclaimed irked “who you calling fool man? Don’t make me whoop your ass!” and soon the voices continued bickering until their voices faded away into the halls.



I groaned loudly, I knew the voices that talked were Michael’s friend and Marlon.


I knew he would plot this idiotic plan but Marlon being involved was what really surprised me. I was getting to kick their asses for this when we got out of here! I mused to myself hotly.


Michael coughed to get my attention and turning my head to see him looking at me. I saw he had moved from the door and was sitting down on the red, tattered looking sofa. He patted the seat next to him, I walking to the sofa and sat down moving away from him.


We sat in silence, until the silence become too strong for me I decided to try and apologise again.


 I said sadly “Michael I know it’s going to take a lot for me to get you to trust me again but I have seen now how much my anger stopped me from hearing your side of the story about your family being involved in the mafia, I am truly sorry will you forgive me at least please explain fully the situation in your family I am ready to listen” I stopped my speech and let my words linger in the air as I waited for his reply.


Michael rubbed his face with his hands then looked at me a small smile present on his lips. He said sadly “I can tell how sorry you are Amber but your temper needs to be worked on and I know I have said things I didn’t mean as well for that I am sorry and I will explain my family situation to you but you must never repeat it outside this room to anyone ok?”


I nodded my head in agreement, said smiling bashfully “Yea I agree on my temper it needs to be worked on a lot, I will start slowly to do so and I promise Michael nothing you say will leave this room”


Michael sensing my honesty exhaled then began to talk about his family in a serious voice “well it all began when I was five when my mother discovered my singing talent Joseph my father seeing my gift wanted to make money out of it with my brothers and I by trying to get us into the music industry but that failed unfortunately in his desperation to make quick money Joseph got involved into the mafia though a mutual friend and somehow persuaded my brothers to get involved, now he wants me to get involved in the family business” he spat in anger at the end of his speech, his large hands forming into fists as he tried to contain his anger and taking a deep breath to calm down he continued “I will not join this crazy world of bloodshed and tears it’s just not me amber! I rather do good in my music career to help others instead of going into that shady business, you understand right amber?”


He pinned his large emotion filled eyes on me as he finished his speech and moving closer towards him I unclenched his hands softly and said solemnly “I know I shut you out that day Michael but now I have heard your side of the story, I will stick by you no matter what! And this time I will not run away even if I get injured in the process being your friend”


Michael was about to protest and I wanted to distract him, I jumped from my on the sofa and clung myself to him not letting him have any choice but to hold onto me which led him to tilt unbalanced on the sofa, both of us on the ground and I landed on top.


I was laying down on top of him as Michael cradled me in his arms as he moaned in pain and said annoyed “why you always gotta jump on me gurl I ain’t no teddy bear”


I rolled my eyes, crossed my arms on his chest and said sarcastically “what on earth has your new friend been teaching you? To talk like him?”


Now it was Michael’s turn to roll his eyes and said sarcastically “his name is Chris” I snorted not caring about his name and we sat in silence just staring at each other drinking in each other faces after such a long time being apart.


Until the combined voices of Marlon and Chris rang out snapping us both out of our gazes which got us both to look up to seeing them smirking smugly their hands in their pockets.


We scrambled up from our position on the floor and coughing lightly, a light dust of blush on our cheeks.


Chris spoke first “well I didn’t expect to see you both on the floor like that! You two were going at it weren’t ya? Ya nasties”


Marlon still smirking said humoured “well I’m glad you both are friends again please just lets not catch you doing any funny business, let’s go we still got classes”


We ended up both protesting in our defence as we walked away with them to our separate classes. I felt the guilt in my chest had lifted and I was glad to be friends with Michael again after so long.




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Ch.16 by Lorry

Six months have passed since Michael and I become friends again, the trust that was broken now has been slowly repairing it self now that I know his secret about his family. I still talk to Marlon but he keeps his distance now that he is not needed but he comes once in awhile to hang out with Michael and me.


Its not only ‘us’ in the group anymore now that Helium has joined our little group, I’m talking about Chris tucker the pain in my backside when I’m trying to hang out with Michael.




It was a peaceful afternoon hanging out with Michael talking about our favourite musicals and his music, which was going great by the sounds of how passionate he was on about it. Until a certain person popped out of the blue pressing his arms on both of our shoulders and greeting rather loudly if you ask me “Michael! How ya been?” he looked down, smirking said “hey shrimp” another new nickname at least it’s better then being called ‘Bitch’ like he did in the past before we settled on common ground.


Shrugging his arm off my shoulder I calmly stated, “Hello Helium, you just intercepted a conversation between myself and Michael could you go disappear?”


Michael groaned knowing what was going to happen, Helium ignored him saying angrily referring back to the old name “Bitch I have the right to stay if I want to, I don’t need your permission I am staying right here”


I rose a single eyebrow mockingly “who said you were wanted here?” which lead towards us both bickering back and forth while Michael was in the background trying to be the peacemaker, the end result being pulled away by Michael to avoid a physical fight with Helium (Chris)


End of Flashback.


Shaking that memory from my mind, I focused on Michael who at the moment was staring at me with mixed emotions in his eyes. I patted my face and asked him curiously “is there something on my face Applehead?”


Michael chuckled amused, crooned sweetly “there is nothing on your face Amber you look so pretty to me” I blushed involuntary at his words and chuckled nervously.


We continued to stare at each other until I noticed the acne he had on his face had cleared up. I grabbed his face and bringing it down to my level making him bend to reach my height and said happily “Applehead your acnes gone!” as I said that we stared at each other faces until a loud voice broke our focus.


I quickly let go of his face turning my attention down the hall seeing Chris walk towards us and a smaller girl walking beside him.


As they approached us, I questioned puzzled “uh Helium is that your girlfriend you been bragging about for awhile now?”


His face scrunched up in disgust then exclaimed “da flip? Hell nah! this is my lil cousin I don’t roll that way that is nasty”


He placed his arm over her shoulder introducing her to us “ now guys this is my lil cousin I’ve meaning to introduce y’all, Angelia Wright but I like to call her lil brat” afterwards he pinched her cheek and she slapped his hand away from her cheek.


She shrugged his arm off and spoke in a delicate voice “hello! Since my wonderful cousin has introduced me already, what are your names might I ask?”


Michael being the closest to her brought his hand, shaking her hand awkwardly said shyly “Michael Jackson nice to meet you Angelia”


She shook his hand with a look of interest and she continued to stare at him with no shame. I decided to not to make this conversation more awkward, I elbowed Michael out of the way, he mumbled quietly “why you gotta do that” I ignored him and sharply said introducing myself “Amber Bailey, I’m his best friend, nice to meet you” emphasising on the best friend part I didn’t want this chick to get any ideas.


She shook my hand lightly nodding to my introduction, politely said “how charming, nice to meet you as well”


Chris watched the interaction smugly with glee on his face then grabbing Angelia’s arm, shouted goodbye and walked away with her to do whatever so.


As their backs turned, I saw her eyes shift to Michael then back at me. A look of brewing attentiveness flashed in her eyes. She turned her head back and continued to walk along with her cousin.


I felt a cold shiver run down my spine at the look I saw in her eyes. This was not a good sign at all. I turned my head to Michael and said worriedly “Applehead there is something not right with her..I can feel it”


Michael shrugged his shoulders clearly not agreeing with my words said unconcerned “Chris’s cousin? I think she’s harmless Amber, don’t start worrying over it please?” he begged using the puppy dog effect on me. I groaned in defeat “ok Applehead, I won’t over think it, let’s just go to class”


That being said Michael grinned then grabbed my arm pulled me to his side and we walked side by side to class.


Angelia’s Pov:


Meeting cousin’s friends was quite ‘interesting’ especially his handsome afro-carrying friend, the feel of his hand in mine felt magnificent. I could already feel the electricity between our fingertips.


I didn’t care if I was looking at him for too long, he was something to look at until his ‘best’ friend elbowed her presence blocking my view of him. When she emphasised her point on the best friend part I chuckled inwardly at her words.



Hm, it hasn’t stopped me getting what I want even I have to push my way into their little group on my terms. I thought amused to myself.



I shook her hand lightly to be polite, she wasn’t my main interest at the moment until Chris grabbed me and started rambling about basketball down the hall before walking too far away I let my eyes drift to Michael and to her then turned my back continuing to walk on.


I smirked to myself thinking well I want him and I will do it at all cost to have him all to myself even if it means breaking a few hearts in the process… including you Miss. Amber.


End Notes:

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Ch.17 by Lorry

Mj’s Pov:


I started to notice Chris’s cousin began to appear everywhere I was with Amber.


One of the days when she appeared while her head was turned I whispered to Amber in her ear “gurl why is she everywhere we go?” Amber shivered at the feel of my breath near her ear she replied whispering “see? I told ya to tell her to leave us politely but noo you had to be a gentlemen now she won’t go Applehead”

Even I knew she was right I didn’t care for Angelina, my attention was only on my beautiful friend who I hoped would see my feelings soon.


Even when on the days her class and my classes that didn’t involve Amber she would still stare at me when she had the chance. It made me feel uncomfortable with those stares; it was like she was looking into my soul and lusting for my body.


Even when I moved seats to get away from her, her gaze followed me I could not do anything to shake her off my back.


After a couple of days she stopped staring and little square cards decorated with multiple hearts started to appear in my locker declaring I was ‘this person’s sweetheart’ forever and random other words, I squinted looking at the hand writing it was definitely not Amber’s writing, the writing was more curly and feminine.


When amber tiptoed to look over my shoulder seeing the notes she sneered venomously “wow you’ve got a secret admirer Applehead, I wonder who it could be”


My heart skipped a beat when I heard the hint of jealousy in her voice,


Could this mean Amber might have feelings for me underneath that hidden jealousy in her words? I will think more about this later. I thought excitedly to myself. I turned around and she stepped back.


Holding the notes in my hands I shoved them in my bag, shrugging my shoulders and said nicely “I think the notes are sweet Amber and it says no name” afterwards I crooned sweetly to her “no other girl has my attention but you girl, I only have eyes for youuu” I sang that last part and she blushed looking away.


Smirking inwardly, I love making her blush it’s one of my favourite pass times and maybe she will notice my feelings. I thought amused to myself.


As usual I grabbed her hand and we walked down the hall to get the bus to take us home. I didn’t notice a pair of eyes watching us from a distance clutching a bottle of water in her hands tightly in anger.


Amber’s Pov:


Ok this chick was getting on my nerves, popping up out of nowhere like a ghost and taking my best friend’s attention away from me. I don’t like it at all I knew she was trouble from the day Chris introduced her and Michael not listening to me as usual encouraged her to be near us and now she won’t leave us alone.


It is going beyond creepy now especially now that I know she looks at Michael in his classes by what he has told me.


Days later Michael suddenly receiving love notes when I was able to see them over his shoulder and said my option about them venomously.


Seeing those notes my suspicion rose to new levels of irritation and worry.


This girl thinks she’s smart!, I already know it’s her behind those creepy ass love notes, I’m going to confront her about this once and for all. I thought furiously to myself. 


I was walking down the deserted hall on a Friday afternoon to confront Miss. Crazy (Angelina) and Michael was at music/drama club since we both had a free period I decided to go get this done and let Michael go to his drama club.


I decided to confront Angelina about her crush on my best friend and I decided to do it when she is alone. She is more harmless without her crew around.


Looked like the Lord was answering my prayers today she was on her own cleaning out her locker.


I walked up to her and slammed her locker lightly to get her attention when she heard the slam of the locker she looked up in slight surprise.


I glared and hissed angrily “I know you’ve been sending Michael those love letters these past few days by your so called friends, from today I want them to stop”


She didn’t talk for moment and continued to drop her books into her bag. I followed her body movements until she stopped and looked me in the eye, her body language and voice screamed disinterest. “How would you know it was me that brought those love letters into dear Michael’s Locker? It could have been any other girl in this school that has an interest in him? He has become quite popular in his music and drama club wouldn’t you agree?”


I took a calm breath to calm down my anger that was boiling underneath the surface talking to this chick.


I replied sarcastically “I agree with you Angelina on dear Michael becoming popular but if you truly believe there are other girls who have had the courage to give my best friend those love letters then they would have come up to him eventually to confess but I know your handwriting by now with all the time you have spent with Michael and I”


She rose an eyebrow and said her voice now filled with curiosity “oh how would you know that Amber, have you been stalking me?”


I chuckled humourlessly and bent down to ruffle though my bag looking for one of her love letters in my bag. One second later I found a crumbled piece of her love letter and read it out loud rudely in a impression of her voice “oh darling Michael, would you be mine? We could have so much fun together my love! We could have---“ before I could continue on the rest of the love letter.


Before I could continue on the rest of the love letter, Angelia snatched the paper out of my hand, I could see her face going red in embarrassment and she ripped the paper into tiny pieces. I smirked arrogantly and pointed out smugly “I knew it was you from the start because every time you’d come around whining about your work, I could see the traces of your damn handwriting, and quickly connecting the dots with your handwriting hinted to the love letters handwriting and voilà it is not rocket science even a five year old can figure that out”


She continued to turn red in the face until suddenly her expression changed and she had a look of calmness. I had a feeling something was not right at the moment when I saw she tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear.


She suddenly looked at me and bent down swiftly bringing out one leg swiping it underneath my feet.


I was caught off unguarded by the move and I found myself crashing down to the floor. My head banging onto the cold floor a loud thump echoing though the empty hallway.


I was shocked by the sudden attack I didn’t expect her to play such a dirty move on me; I could feel the throbbing pain drum in my skull.


I grunted at the pain and held my head lightly as I tried to sit up until a small arm pushed me back onto the floor roughly. I gasped and fell onto the ground once again, feeling the pain become more intense.


A girlish giggle snapped me out of my painful thoughts looking up to see Angelina bent down, her arms on her lap as she cruelly sneered down at me

“I don’t care if Michael is your best friend, he is mine.. I get what I want most of the time and if that means…. breaking you in two to get Michael then so be it…sweet dreams getting up from your place on the floor is exactly where you belong”



She got up quickly grabbing her bag and walked away leaving me on the floor in misery.

End Notes:

damn....Angelina is nuts y'all! someone has to be done about this chick..my goodness! lol what do you think? XD

Ch. 18 by Lorry

I just sat on the floor looking up at the cream coloured tiles on the ceiling until the pain cooled down enough for me to try and get up. Slowly pushing my arms forward I pushed my body upwards to a standing position until the feeling of dizziness took hold of me. I leaned on the wall taking in deep breaths and closing my eyes to ignore the ache in my head.


Opening my eyes gradually to see the world was not spinning I grabbed my bag, overlooking the pain and went to my locker.


Finally getting there and seeing him at the locker, I smiled tightly when he turned around and saw me smiling sweetly slowly his smile slowly began to drop into a frown when I came close enough to him.


Michael quickly walking up towards me grabbing my head in his large hands exclaimed worriedly “Amber? What happened to you? Why is your head bleeding?!?”


I could feel the world spinning again, I pulled my head out of his arms and said my words slurring slightly “I’m fine Michael, it’s just a small cut let’s go to lunch”


Unfortunately I didn’t make it to class, my world fell into darkness and I could only faintly hearing Michael’s panicked screaming calling my name.


Opening my eyes to the see the cream flavoured from the ceiling. I covered my arm over my eyes quickly forgetting who was in the room with me.


I heard the presence of someone come closer and removing my arm to see Michael sitting at the side of the bed, his facial expression worried.


I moved my body into a sitting position, Michael seeing me move, got up and helped me sit up, fluffing my pillow more to make me comfortable.


I sighed in content and looked around to see I was in my bedroom.


Michael spoke worriedly “Amber, what happened to you? I have never seen you faint so suddenly and bleed so heavily! Gurl tell me what happened? Did you get in a fight? Or someone hurt you?”


I couldn’t look at him and a lie tumbled out of my mouth in reply “um I was playing basketball and I banged my head when I slipped throwing the ball into the hoop and no serious injury right Applehead? I smiled tightly to emphasise my point and now rubbing the banged part of my head feeling the soft material.


Michael clearly seeing though my lie pushed my hand away from the bandage and said firmly “Amber! Why are you lying to me?, I know you better than anyone apart from mama and didn’t we promise each other no more secrets? So please cut the bullshit and tell me”


I gasped in surprise never hearing Michael swear which was sort of attractive to hear him swear.


I looked away and didn’t say anything letting the silence engulf the room. Until Michael brought himself closer towards me and grabbed my aching head softly to his forehead and he pleaded “please tell me Amber? Who would want to hurt you so badly?” and he started to panic rambling “is it my family what if they found the chance to come hurt you?---“


Before my pounding headache could become any worse, I pressed one finger on his lips and said patiently “ok Applehead, you don’t have to ramble on like that your making my headache worse, I will explain everything to you just stay calm ok until I finish”


Looking into my eyes I saw his agreement and I could vaguely smell his fragrance a mix of lemon and his natural essence. I took a deep breath inhaling his alluring scent and closed my eyes.

Opening my eyes to look into Michael’s eyes a flutter of mixed emotions brewing.


I pulled his long fingered hands from my head and laid down again feeling the ache return.


Michael seeing I had sat down again, pushed me a little further away to make room for himself. He laid down next to me, bought me closer to his chest and let my head lay on his chest.


Now feeling more comfortable I began to tell him about the whole incident and Michael was well scolding me for a good couple of minutes because I went by myself to confront her and then got anger about it.


I tried calming him soothingly “Applehead it’s fine, I admit what I did was stupid but it’s over I’m not that injured am i? so please calm down”


He sighed and held me closer to him feeling his firm chest beneath his thin long sleeved blue top.


I flushed involuntary and felt my heart skip a beat feeling his warmth. When did Applehead get so attractive and when did this skinny friend of mine get muscles? Why am I noticing it all now? Oh don’t tell me I had these feelings buried inside all these years.  It suddenly dawned on me I’ve had these feelings for my best friend all this time and I never knew.


Michael’s soft lips press on my forehead and his voice filled in determination “something has to be done before it gets worse Amber I don’t want you to get hurt even more. Tomorrow I’m going to talk to Chris about his cousin, leave it to me, I will make sure everything is alright”


I knew in my heart that this was not going to get better but worse with this crazy chick on my back wanting Michael all to herself. I mused distressed to myself.


Instead of letting those thoughts consume me I snuggled further into Michael’s chest for a moment until for a good while, until I slept off for awhile letting my mind drift off and off hearing Michael hum to himself.


Until my fogged mind heard his quiet mumblings “I love you so much Amber, why can’t you see it?”


Snapping my eyes open and looking at him seriously “repeat what you said Michael”


He nervously looked away chuckling timidly “repeat what Amber? I was just mumbling to myself”


Pushing myself up from his arms, ignoring the dull ache, I glared at him “don’t even try to lie to me Michael, I heard what you said… you said you loved me! Isn’t that true?”


There was a sudden silence that flooded the atmosphere, I continued to glare at him until he pressed his lips together until he spoke his voice filled with emotion “I’ve loved for you for so long Amber… even when you fell for my brother and when you left me to stay with him, I still wanted you”


I felt my mouth hang open at the confession Michael had just said to me, the emotions, it felt like a dam had broken conveying all the feelings he had hidden from me all these years.


Admiration, Love, lust, possessiveness it was freely expressed in his eyes and it was aimed at me.


I stuttered “I-I don’t know what to say Applehead..”


Hurt flashed in his eyes as he stood up “you didn’t have to say anything Amber…you’ve made it clear you don’t feel the same way for me”


As he stood up to leave my bed, I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly “I don’t mean it like that Applehead, it’s just your confession…it surprised me I never knew you even had feelings for me well I feel the same way too I never realised how much until Angelina tried getting in between us”


He turned around and sat down pulling me into his lap, I sat in his lap staring at him. His smiled joyfully and said “I know what you mean Amber, you have made me so happy hearing you feel the same for me… now that we have both acknowledged our feelings would you be my gurl?” he asked shyly at the end.


We stared at each other not breaking any contact; his face moved closer towards mine, our eyes closed until his lips softly touched mine.


I thought it would be awkward to kiss your best friend but for some reason, It felt right (I know cliché) we weren’t in a romantic movie but it felt magical.


We both opened our eyes slowly to look at each other. Michael giggled nervously expecting my answer. I smiled sweetly “yes I will be your gurl applehead but I think for now let’s keep our relationship a secret until miss crazy is off both our backs”


He nodded but protested sadly “but I don’t to keep it a secret Amber, I want the world to know you are mine but if that is how you feel then let’s go with it for now” their was a tinge of possessive determination stated in his voice.


I cuddled into his warm chest and mumbled softly “thanks Applehead for understanding”


We sat in silence enjoying the blissful silence however now that we both loved each more we thought was possible.





End Notes:


celebrate everyone we got the confession at last!..  halliua! it took only 18 chapters but we managed to get there lmao...i was not too pleased with it but i would love to hear what you think :D


Ch.19 - Christmas Parti by Lorry


It was a week to Christmas, the whole school was buzzing with gossip over Christmas treats, the holidays, food and everything associated in the Christmas spirit.


At the moment Michael and I were walking down the hallway where as I sang “Jingle Jingle bells, Michael’s afro smells, as we go down the way” my personalised Christmas song just for Applehead just for the Christmas spirit I’ve been singing since the first time I knew he couldn’t spend Christmas at mine, because of his father wanting that time to be ‘strict family’ time which everyone had to come for.


I continued to sing my song as we walked down the hallway, Michael pulling my arm, pulled me into his arms while his hands rested on my waist. I couldn’t help but giggle into his chest while he sighed and glared down at me.


He said annoyed “that song Amber love…every year…just why? Let’s be glad Chris has not heard you or he would do the same thing even worse remix it” he shuddered at the thought of it.



I laughed into his chest at the sheer thought of Chris singing my song, after laughing I looked up to see Michael pouting adorably, I tip toed using my hands to bring his head down to mine, and placed my lips on his soft lips.


We began to lock lips slowly the heat beginning to build slowly between us while Michael’s arms began to tighten around my waist pulling me closer until a loud voice interrupted us “Yo! Lovebirds! Y’all stop making a baby for a moment, we gotta talk”


We removed our lips from each other to see a smirking Chris with his hands in his pockets walking up towards us.


I sighed and pulling myself away from Michael’s warm embrace, I glared at Chris snapping rudely “what do you want?”


The smirk on Chris’s face dropped as he stopped in front of us. “Damn Bitch! You don’t have any manners; A brother can’t see his good friend? Geez”


I didn’t bother to reply back, I didn’t have the energy to bicker with Chris today.

After speaking he coughed lightly, he looked directly at Michael who looked back at him steady waiting for him to speak.


Chris scratched his arm nervously and said steadily “uh Mike, is it possible I could burrow Bi…I mean Amber for today I uh need help with maths since she’s good at it” when he was about to say my usual nickname it looked he had been ready to choke to say my name.


Michael and I’s mouths were hanging open at the first time hearing Chris use my real name, getting over the shock a two seconds later  “well.. uh sure.. Chris I can help with your math” I can’t deny I was suspicious about his fishy behaviour but I would find out eventually what he was talking about.


Chris smiled sweetly, suddenly grabbing my arm and pulling me down the hall leaving Michael standing the hallway confused about what was going on.


Chris kept on pulling on my arm until we were further away from Michael; I jerked my hand away from his hand. I placed my hands on my hips and asked him seriously “ok seriously Helium, what’s up? You never call me by my name, what has got you so bothered and secretive?”


Chris answered seriously “well Bitch, you and I know mike can’t celebrate Christmas either way so I was thinking we throw him a party this weekend since we finish early this week, what do ya say?”


I was baffled at how much he cared for Michael, I hadn’t thought of a party but this was a good idea since he could enjoy it with us before he had to stick with the family for the rest of the week to get everything ready.


I nodded my head smiling at his great idea until it dawned on me; “hold up Chris, if we are doing this party for Applehead, where are we going to do this party then?”


Chris began to look at his nails as if they were the most interesting things he had ever seen as he said “well I thought we could do it at your place shrimp”


I shook my head in disagreement “ah hell nah Helium, I can’t do it at my house this year, mama will kill me all over again the last party you got me host at my place got me grounded I ain’t going through that again, think again”


Chris grumbled in defeat “alright, alright then it’s my turn to host the party at my house”


I rolled my eyes at his childish behaviour then rung my hand though his long bony arm “alright we have a lot of planning to do this weekend Helium, now who’s going to dj and such…”


We both walked down the hallway for once focusing (not bickering) on the Christmas party for the next several days.


The day of the Christmas Party (Saturday evening):


It was the night of applehead’s surprise Christmas party, it had taken several days but we had managed to gather enough people from his drama/club or other people who knew him from his classes. We were quite surprised at the amount of people who knew him and were willing to the party. It was the mention of party that must have gotten people to say yes immediately.


So getting the last part of make up done on my face then checking my outfit which consisted of a thick Christmas themed jumper and leggings wearing black studded boots.


Hearing the knock on the door downstairs, I checked the mirror one last time grabbed my purse and keys. I ran down the stairs opening the door to see Michael standing outside in a plain turtle necked Jumper, jeans and shoes.


When he saw me, his eyes drank my figure in from the top of my head to tip of my toes. He sputtered, “y-y-o-u look beautiful Amber not like you don’t beautiful all the time!”


I chuckled at his words and kissed him sweetly on the cheek to silence his rambling.


What Michael didn’t know was at the moment we weren’t going on a date but to the Christmas party luckily he had never been to Chris’s house so this made this a little easier to trick him.


We hopped on the local bus since Chris lived on other side of town that was 45 minutes drive on bus.


We sat down in the bus holding hands watching the houses go by and seeing different people from all works of life going home.


The bus got to the street we wanted, soon after we got off the bus walking down to Chris’s house.


Michael throwing his arm over my shoulder and holding me close as we walked down the street “Amber? Where are we? I don’t recognise this street”


I answered sweetly “you don’t trust me Mike?” he looked down rolling his eyes and chuckled “since that day when we were kids… I have decided not trust you when it comes to taking us to a destination” I rolled my eyes “are you always going to hold me for that? That was one time” he replied sassily “one time can turn to another day exactly like it so I rather take caution love”


We continued to talk about that day, at the corner of my eye I saw Chris’s black car parked at the front of the house. I dragged Michael along who tried pulling back but I kept on strong.


I knocked three times on the door, stepping down at the steps where as Michael was looking worried and curious at what was going on. The door opened revealing Chris in a bright red Christmas shirt with blue jeans on his legs and slippers on his feet.


Chris grinned cheerfully when he saw us “Yo Mike and Amber glad y’all could make it”


Michael rose his eyebrows suspiciously looking at me and Chris. “Well you going to let us in Chris?” I said sarcastically.


Chris snorted amused “whatever, come in y’all” he opened the door widely to let us both enter he turned his back and walked in.


We walked into the living room, suddenly everyone jumped up from his or her hidden places as we all chorused “Surprise! Merry Christmas Michael”


Michael’s expression was clearly shocked at the surprise we held for him then his expression turned thoughtful as his smiled happily. “wow…guys you did this for me? I don’t know what to say”


Chris walking up to him, clapped him on the back “you don’t need to say anything Mike, it was planned by yours truly and Amber we got you good tho! now let all this mushy stuff be gone Let’s party y’all! Dj play some tracks!”


Chris’s cousin (the dj) did this thing and began playing the electric groove of Kool and the Gang’s hit single ‘Celebration’.


Which got everyone up dancing together while Michael pulled me to his chest and began spinning me along with the song while he did his thing.


After an hour or so my feet began to hurt from dancing also trying to keep up with Michael’s crazy bundles of energy.


I let him continue dancing with everyone who were all chanting as he danced “go Michael, go Michael”


I went to in the kitchen grabbing a drink then went up the stairs to Chris’s room that was actually clean when I opened the door to enter.


I sat down on his bed sipping my drink until the glass was empty. I felt like having a small nap, sliding the drink gently onto Chris’s table.


I rolled on my back, closing my eyes I slept off.


Until the door was opened roughly, I opened my eyes quickly jumping to see a slightly off guarded Michael making his way to me.


Michael wobbled his way over until he was in front of me, the look in his eyes were hazy. He didn’t talk just bent down bringing his lips to mine began to kiss me roughly pushing his tongue against mine. I clutched some of his shirt for my balance, until he stumbled pushing us both onto the bed and he began to kiss my neck leaving sloppy wet kisses on my neck.


Before I could get too distracted by his mouth on my neck, I asked “eh Applehead how much eggnog have you had?” he mumbled “4” I sighed and pushing him away from my neck, I looked at him stating “your drunk doofus, who gave you the spiked eggnog in the first place?”


His words slurred as he replied, “I think it was Andy or Chris…I dunno knowa”

With that he pulled away from my hold and began again to kiss me passionately his mouth moving with mine, until the door banged open, who walked in? Chris.


“y’all better get out of my room, I don’t want any…” when he looked up to when he recognized us, a smug smirk was on his lips “well if you ya’ll wanted to get nasty you should have just went to the guest room”


Pulling my lips away from Michael and pushing him away while he tried to bring his lips to mine, I rolled my eyes at Chris “we don’t have time to joke, Helium, Applehead here is drunk and we both need to go home”


Chris laughed heartily “Gurl, I don’t even who gave him that eggnog it sure wasn’t me, I was busy making sure my house was still in good condition”


Chris continued to laugh while he walked up to Michael and said soothingly “buddy it’s time to go home now” and placed his arm around his shoulder hosting a drunken Michael up. “I don’t wanna go without Amber” he whined.


I kissed him softly to get him to be quiet, while he giggled like the big kid he was. So Chris holding him we made our way down the stairs. When we got near the door Chris shouted at his cousin “Oi! Jamal! I leave you in charge while I leave the house, I’ll be back in awhile make sure no one touches Mama’s prized vases or she will kick both our asses! Ya hear me man?” his cousin who had heard him nodded in agreement.


Afterwards we walked outside while Chris dropped Michael at the back of the car, and then went back inside to grab his keys, while I hopped in and waited. Michael dozed off immediately, Chris walked out of the door holding his keys.


He jumped in starting the engine and we were on our way home, I decided to break the small silence “well the party went alright thankfully, just wanted to say… you ain’t half bad Helium Merry Christmas”


Chris continued to smirk while keeping his eyes on the road “well same to you Bitch…. Merry Christmas”


We kept on driving in silence until we got to my house, while Chris brought the sleeping Michael while I opened the door. We all entered into the house and Chris following me to my room dropped Michael onto the bed.


He waved a quiet ‘goodbye’ and went back to the Christmas party that still was going on. I looked at the clock on the wall, the time read ‘1.30am’.


I stretched my tired body, grabbing my nightwear and having a quick shower.


I walked out of the shower feeling fresh to see Michael had somehow gotten under the covers clutching my pillow tightly to his chest. I chuckled at the sight and pulling the covers away from him, and dragging the pillow away from him. I cuddled up tightly towards him, In his drunken state he tightened his hold on me.



We slept off into dreamland not caring for what the next day would bring for us.

End Notes:


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas stuffed in turkey and eggnog! (not like our druken michael *cough*)

Ch.20 - Christmas Parti II by Lorry

The Next Day...
Waking up the next day to see Michael staring at me. I smiled sweetly "morning applehead" he mumbled in reply "morning love..my head hurts" I stated confidently "you have a hangover that's why you should have never drank that much eggnog" he removed his arms around me and groaned "shut up.. no pity for a brother"

I rolled my eyes "you drank that all so no pity for you applehead" he continued to groan and pulled my body towards his and we cuddled in silence. 

The silence was destroyed when the door was opened and Chris announced "morrrninng yall! Get your asses up! We have alot to today, get up don't let me come over and drag you both"

Michael moaned in pain at the loudness of Chris's voice and snapped "Chris! Reduce your voice, I have a headache"
I just laughed at Michael who tried kissing me while Chris was in the room, I pushed him away "ew no applehead you ain't kissing me until you brush your teeth"
Chris walked into my room and sat down on the chair while looking at my stuff on my table. 
He grabbed my hour glass shaped perfume and sprayed a small amount smelling the apricot fragence. "Ooh bitch who knew you had a decent perfume" however began to spray himself with my perfume.

I stretched my arm snatching my perfume out of his hand. "Why are u even touching my perfume you idiot!" Dropping it back on my table while Chris smirked.
"I don't care bitch, now listen the both of you my cousin Reggie is having a boxing party in the next town and you are both coming no matter what"
Michael and I groaned in union at the thought of having to get up. Michael whined "nooo".

Chris not caring for our protest said cheerfully "well y'all can moan all you want you are still coming i'm giving you both till the evening to get ready and you better be ready cause we are gonna party!!" He stood up from my seat and walked out.

I sighed and cuddled up to Michael who was just quiet with the noiseless atmosphere that Chris had left.
"Either way applehead we are going to have to go even if we don't want to, I'll just get you some aspirin for your headache"
I untangled myself from his warmth and went to the kitchen to get him aspirin.

Meanwhile at the Jackson home..

Katherine Jackson who was in the kitchen at the moment with her oldest daughters getting ready for the family feast they celebrated instead of Chrstmas. It was only her, the girls, Marlon and Randy who were at home at this time of the morning.

Katherine called out softly for Marlon to come into the kitchen, he walked into the kitchen to see what his mother wanted.

She stopped chopping the carrots and asked him "Marlon do you where your brother Michael is? He isn't returned home since last night"

Marlon chuckled replying "mother don't worry Michael is at Amber's hous, he must have spent the night there and forget to come home"
You sly dog Mike! I'll be waiting to hear what you did last night with Amber.  He thought slyly to himself.
He focused his attention back to his Mother,her expression turning relived at the news. 
Latoya stopped cleaning the cabbage at the sink asked curiously "oh? Who is this Amber? What did I miss?"

Rebbie answered a hint of laughter in her voice "oh Latoya didn't you know that our weird little brother has a girlfriend"

Latoya gasped in surprise "he does? Ooh tell me more I want to know more" instead of doing their assigned tasks they began to gossip about Amber and Michael's relationship.

When Katherine didn't hear any work being done she turned around to see her daughters gossiping. She scolded softly "Girls! this is not the time to be gossiping about your brother you can do that once we have finished the cooking"
They sulked and said in union "Yes mother"

The Girls afterwards continuing their chores while this was happening Marlon had already walked out of the kitchen to do some preparation for Joseph who was returning from his one week away from home which no one was looking forward to.

End Notes:

someone suggested (not mentioning any names) that I should continue what happened the next day..so here it is and i hope everyone is still having a great christmas and happy boxing day in advance :)

and eh Michael is recovering from that hangover, poor thing lol~

Ch. 21 by Lorry

It was two weeks after our Christmas holidays and the two Christmas parties including Michael’s.


The second party was wilder than Chris’s and this time it wasn’t Michael who had gotten drunk…it was me.




As promised in the evening Chris opened the door to kick us both out of my warm bed with my boo and we had to get dressed luckily we had a bath (not shared) only Chris gave us only twenty minutes to get ready.


Twenty minutes later we had left the house and hopping into Chris’s car to take the long hour drive to his cousin Reggie’s place. After an hour we arrived at his place, while we parked near the house.


Jumping out from the car we walked to his house, the sound of music blaring out for the whole street to hear assaulted our ears as we moved closer to the house.


Luckily Reggie was outside the house talking to a friend until Chris shouted “Reggie! Brother how you doing!”


He turned around and we all got to see a round faced light skinned brother rocking a small Afro smiling at his cousin. “Chris brother is that you? Look at you all skinny and shit where ya been you high-pitched fool?” they exchanged the usual brotherly love.


Chris introduced us and Reggie smiling charmingly clapped Michael on the back and his eyes zoned in on me while he took my hand and kissing my palm softly “and who might be this pretty young thang?” I chuckled anxiously “sorry Reggie I’m taken” and I quickly removed my hand from his hand.


He raised an eyebrow “oh? By who?” and I replied “by this fellow next to me” in which Michael responded by wrapping his arm around my waist and letting the full force of his glare descend on poor Reggie.


Reggie chuckled nervously and shrugged his shoulders avoiding eye contact with Michael. He waved his arm and told us to follow him inside his house.


As we all walked to see a swan of people dancing together or kissing in the corner…


Chris seeing a pretty young girl smirking towards him told us “well guys I’ve already seen a fine thang for me, find me later! Have fun” after that he left walking up to the girl in the crowd of people leaving us both clueless on what to do.


Michael grabbing my hand and we both shoved our way though the crowd of sweaty bodies to see a kitchen in the distance.


We quickly trotted into the kitchen seeing the display of drinks and food piled on the table.


“so…. What do we gurl? I don’t think this is our kind of party” Michael asked as I shrugged my shoulders “oh well Applehead, lets eat then we can dance for awhile then see if we can leave early with Chris”


We both piled up our plastic plates with different types of food in front of us and began to eat sitting on the seats provided.


After eating I decided on the apple juice box and I grabbed a red plastic cup to fill it up while Michael suggested worriedly I should smell it before I consume the drink. I scoffed “oh Applehead why must you worry? It’s only apple juice”


I drank the juice slowly and mumbling “hm that tastes great” until I kept pouring the more of the juice into my cup by the end of it, my head felt lightheaded and fuzzy.


I slurred “you have pretty eyes Mi-chael so prettyishhh like a pupppy”, he grabbed the apple juice and smelt the juice to only exclaim “the apple juice was spiked gurl, I told you to smell it before you consumed it now your drunk…great just great”


I giggled too drunk to care “it was deliciiooous…. Ooh the world is swirling applehead” and I laid my head on the table to reduce my headache.


Michael got up from his seat while he gently took me in his arms and we set off to look for Chris who unfortunately by the time we found him, he was drunk too drive us home.


The memory was hazy but I call Chris and I being put in the car while Michael sat in the front seat and took charge to driving us (safely) home.


Chris and I did our drunken duo of Roberta and Donny’s song ‘The Closer I get you’ and properly giving poor Michael a headache as we drove home.


End Of Flashback.









At the moment our little group was standing near our lockers talking about the party and anything we did during the break.


It was apleasant atmosphere until Angelina dropped into our conversation by suddenly wrapping her arms around Michael “Michael~ how was your Christmas holidays? Did you miss me?” she cooed grinning.


Michael chuckling casually ignoring my glare as he removed her arms around his waist.



“Uh hey Angelina…my Christmas holidays were fine…um I was too busy to think of you” he said slightly nervous.


She pouted trying to be cute “aw that’s a shame, I was thinking about you all break but now you’re here---“


Before this conversation gets even more awkward for Michael and I as she subtly tries to flirt with my boyfriend.


I interrupted her ignoring her dark glare “well Angelina, have you forgotten about your dear cousin? Helium why don’t you tell her about the party she missed”


Chris who had been watching the interaction between us then spoke cheerfully “well now you remember me lil brat!, Come give your cuz a hug” he spread out his long thin arms for an embrace and she walked into his hug briefly having contact with him before he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.


You missed a great party cuz!, It was the party of the year and it was all done for Michael, I help planned it of course” I coughed to get him to include me as well (not letting him have all the attention)


Chris reluctantly said, “and amber helped as well”


When my name was mentioned I saw the flicker of vexation in her expression until she replaced it smiling sadly “what a shame, I missed his party If I had know this party was going on, I would have cancelled my trip seeing my family”


Well I’m glad she wasn’t informed if she had been there, she would have found out that I and Michael are together … and I knew it would get even ugly then what is doing at the moment” I mused silently to myself.


Michael pinched my nose, I snapped out of my thoughts slapping his hand away “why do you always do that Applehead!”


He smiled innocently “because you’re always stuck in your thoughts But—Amber” I hoped Angelina didn’t notice his slip up luckily she was talking to her cousin at the moment while we talked.


She suddenly announced “well it was lovely seeing you all, I have an appointment with a friend, I’ll catch you all later…especially you Michael” afterwards walking up to Michael, she tiptoed and pressed her lips softly to his cheek.


She giggled then practically hopped away to her appointment. Michael stood still paralyzed.

I had the urge to run after her and kick her ass for touching my man!, until Chris whistled lowly and said “well damn Mike!, my lil cuz is into you damn”


I hissed furiously at him “have you forgotten dimwit? I’m dating Michael!”


Chris had the decency to look ashamed “ah shit, I forget the both of you were dating”


“How much did you drink at the party that made you forget dimwit” I replied annoyed.


His ashamed expression turned bashful “more than one or two drinks I can’t remember I’m surprised I was sober enough to get y’all home that day”


“If you call your crazy driving a safety hazard on the road” I replied sarcastically.


Chris rolled his eyes shaking his fist in my face “one more trash talk about my driving bitch your face will meet my fist!” I knew Chris wouldn’t hurt me with Michael being his friend and it was just part of his personality.


I shrugged my shoulders walking up to Michael before looking around to see if Miss. crazy was around. I pecked him on the lips and Michael blinked looking down at me smiling meekly.


Afterwards I turned to Chris while Michael wrapped his arms around my waist holding me to his chest. “Your cuz better not touch my man, I will hit her”


Michael mumbled quietly into my ear reminding me of my accident three weeks ago with her.


Chris rolled his eyes while placed his arms on the side of his head “why don’t you just tell her you two are dating and she will be back off”

Michael and I eyed each other cautiously for a few seconds until we answered together “uh we are just testing the waters for now Chris that’s why its so hush hush”


Chris shrugged his shoulders happy with our answer and walked on before hollering loudly “I gotta go do something y’all talk to you lovebirds later”



Michael and I held hands as we walked to his art and drama club that was having extra sessions this evening for the upcoming play.

End Notes:

so it's the aftermath of our wonderful eh christmas holidays and now it's the new year for our darlings XD.

and Angelina needs to back off, several seats away lol.

Happy New Year Everyone!! <3

Ch. 22 by Lorry

Mj’s Pov:


I decided to talk to Chris today about his cousin at the moment, I didn’t like the way she threatened Amber at all with body harm she needed to be stopped before something even more harmful happened to her I feared for her safety.


On a Tuesday evening around three weeks after Amber’s injury to I managed to catch Chris with his friends without running him off for something he did or forget to do as well as making sure Amber had left safely just to be careful.


I managed to call out to Chris amongst his basketball friends, when he saw me, he left his friends and walked up to me smiling happily and slapped my back “Michael man! I ain’t seen you in ages how you doing brother? And the bitch I mean …Shrimp how she doing too”


I rolled my eyes at his usual nicknames for Amber even I couldn’t get him to stop calling her that awful name but this was Chris he only listened to himself, his mama and his cousin. If he truly cares so persuading him about his cousin was going to be a hard task.


So we walked out of the school building catching up on several topics until I decided to get to the point of topic.


I chose for us to seat on the side rocks next to the school gates and Chris watched me sitting causally with his arms behind his head.


I decided to be blunt and honesty about the situation “Chris your cousin…Angelina she’s been stalking me around lately I don’t like it and only three weeks ago she had injured amber leaving her with a bleeding head that led me to take her straight to the nurse’s office”


Chris’s round eyes grew bigger in disbelief, dropping his arms to his lap. He shook his head and said in disbelief “Michael, I don’t believe my cousin would do that to the bitch, Angelina is the sweetest kid I know, the bitch must have tripped and banged her head pretty hard” he shrugged his shoulders.


I stared at him; I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply to then exhale opening my eyes to glare at him, trying to get my point across to him.

“Chris why would I lie about this? This is the honest truth! She did those things and her stalking ways are starting to creepy me out brother please understand me”


Chris crossed his arms and said a tone of vexation in his voice “oh? How do you know she did those things Michael? Were you there? No! like I said the bitch musta banged her head and be hallucinating besides my lil cousin’s crush on you is harmless”


I rolled my eyes said calmly but displeased with him disagreeing “so? I believe Amber’s words I could tell she was telling the truth when she told me what happened to her and no head injury can be that serious unless someone kicked or pushed her Chris! And your cousin’s crush on me is going on a border of obsession” I expanded my arms to exaggerate my point to him but it seems none of my words were getting through to him.


Chris was becoming furious as he stood up standing over me as I looked up at him; we stared at each other neither of us breaking eye contact until he shouted infuriated “Will you stop accusing my lil cousin Michael? It’s not doing you any good at this minute, she is family brother and if she comes to me saying something I will believe her over you! Please cut this shit out”


I pressed my lips together and held the anger I felt simmering underneath.

Well I knew he and Amber are still not on good terms but he should at least give my explanation a chance but it is just like Chris not to listen to anyone…his mama and Angelina are the only family he has around. I thought to myself.


Rubbing my hands over my Afro to keep calm, after a few minutes I felt my anger slowly burn down and I changed the topic to something lighter to ease the thickened tension between us.


The next day during Lunchtime I explained the discussion I had with Chris to Amber, she was not surprised about the whole situation. She voiced her opinion that she knew Chris wouldn’t agree because Angelina was family and also Chris was too damn blind to see his cousin was crazy.


Over the reminder of the week, strange things began to happen for example Amber and I were walking to her locker when we looked up from our conversation to see her locker had been broken into and everything she owned in the locker was piled on the floor.


We rushed to investigate to see all her school notes and books had different painted messages all over them like ‘HE’S MINE’ ‘STAY AWAY’ ‘LOSER’ and all other nasty words I didn’t want to read.


I could feel Amber’s anger as she slowly picked up her tattered and ruined pieces of books off the ground, stuffing them into her bag, she stood up ignored everyone and we walked back to class, she acted like it was normal but I knew she was shocked about the locker break in.


After that day I shared my locker along with her and reported the broken locker to the principle who nodded that something would be done about it but we knew at this point nothing would be done.


I could see the wariness in her eyes grow each day, every time I left her side for an activity or a separate class I would see new scratches appear on her body, anger boiling in my veins at the sheer ridiculous at what was happening to Amber.

Even when we were together she would get shoved, tripped and her hair pulled.


As the days went on, I could see the wariness and the strength Amber tried to hold on slipped away, when she opened our locker to find a note written with the words in black marker ‘KILL YOURSELF HOE’ after reading the letter Amber grabbed her bag and ran down the hall.


Ignoring the hateful words, I pulled her by her waist and dragged her wiggling body into a empty hallway.


I pulled her down into my lap and sliding my body down the wall, holding her tightly in my arms as she began to visibly shake, I could feel her tears strain my shirt as she sobbed her pain and heartache on my thin shirt. My heart clenched in pain for her, I just wish I could take her pain away but even now that we were together, for her safety we had to keep our relationship a secret.


Holding her closely even more, I sang strongly part of a song I had written down for her ‘No matter how hard times seem, don’t give up our plans, our dreams, no broken bridges can turn this around’ I continued singing rocking us both to the invisible beat until I felt the shakes in her body slowly die down.


She sniffed loudly and spoke her voice hiccupping along with her words “where did that come from Applehead?” I answered smiling softly “I composed the song and lyrics in my head, it’s been in my head, I wrote it for you” I blushed at my words and used my hand to scratch my chin bashfully.


She wrapped her arms around me and looking up at me she said warmly “I would have given up in this crazy situation but you have kept me strong Michael…thank you”


She kissed me tenderly leaving me stunned and grinning stupidly at the feel of her lips against my mine. I sighed inwardly at the sensation.


She giggled happily the sound of her giggle made my heart sing freely, I was glad she was feeling better and not depressed. I stood up holding her in one hand while she wrapped her arms around my neck and then she jumped down afterwards we walked hand in hand, the bond between us was stronger than ever.


After escorting Amber on the early bus ride home, I lied sweetly and told her I had to go to another one of my rehearsals she agreed and went home.


But I was not going to a rehearsal, I was going to meet Marlon… it was finally time to swallow my pride with all my nightmares making my imagination paranoid also to get more help with this chick who was hurting my Amber and I could not stand it any longer.


Finding Marlon was easy, he was leaning against the apple tree smoking a cigarette and watching the birds fly, his mind must be somewhere else.


When he heard the approach of my feet, he snapped out of his thoughts and smirked. I stood two feet away from him and said deadpanned “If mother saw you smoking she wouldn’t be happy Marlon”


Marlon continued to smirk and blew in a puff of smoke before releasing it in front of me, feeling the smoke in my lungs, I coughed lightly.


“What mother won’t know won’t hurt her lil bro… now what could get you so interested that you wanted to talk to me?” he asked curiously.


I spoke in a serious tone “Marlon…It’s amber and I..” I trailed off and began to explain everything that had happened to us both.





Marlon’s Pov:


I lit my cigarette underneath the shade of the apple tree, looking up at the birds in the air and thinking of what Joseph’s assignment, my homework and other stuff that was currently buzzing in my mind.


The approach of feet coming forward snapped me out of my thoughts; it was my lil bro Michael. I smirked and he deadpanned about mother knowing about my smoking.


I continued to smirk and puffed an air of smoke towards him seeing him cough lightly. I replied to his comment however I was a little curious Michael, he usually avoided my presence even around his girl I mean ‘best friend’ those two still have not confessed like the boneheaded clueless idiots or they could be together since I have been so busy getting Joseph off Michael’s back for some time now.



When he mentioned Amber I straightened my back, listening attentively to his story. At the end of the whole story I was pissed off.


 How could I have not seen this crazy mess? Was I too busy these days to check on Amber and see the damage, well I was going to sort out this shit before it gets even worse. I mused angrily.


Taking a deep breath to calm my fury, I patted Michael on the shoulder gently. I replied darkly “well this Angelina chick has played with fire and everyone knows you will get burned, I don’t care if she is related to Chris she is going to be taught a lesson and no one wants hurts Amber under my watch, besides she’s my friend too Michael even you can’t deny that”


Michael nodded his in agreement, I was a little proud that he agreed so fast and just for a moment accepted our family’s role in the mafia, anything goes when it comes to his love for Amber and I could tell he wanted this madness on his girl to be over for good and I was happy enough to be the man to do it.


I waved cheekily at Michael, dropping my cigarette to the ground, patting out the flame and I walked away. Michael called my name out and he warned “Don’t hurt her too much we don’t want to get caught Marlon and I am coming along this time ”


I turned and played the innocent card to hide my shock at his declaration of coming along and pointed to myself “me? When have I ever got caught lil bro? I’m an expert besides…. I won’t hurt her too much even with you there”


I shrugged my shoulders afterwards and continued walking placing my hands in my pockets.


My mind already buzzing with ideas on how to get this chick to corporate and teach Angelina a lesson she won’t forget.







I decided to watch and see this chick in action around the school watching her style, moves, friends she had, body language. I was observing her from every angle to see her weaknesses just like Joseph taught us to do for potential clients or customers who were over due for payment etc.


At least I can be thankful for only that part of Joseph apart from my good looks that I could already see her true colours.


I noticed that she tended to hide her psychotic ego underneath her polite and charming personality that draws any poor individual who falls under her trap. Even watching from a few feet away where Michael and Amber were standing I saw her standing not too far from a distance with her crew, she pointed her finger at Amber. The slave she calls ‘friend’ protested but she just hissed angrily at the poor soul. I may not be able to read lips but I could see from my distance she had threatened the girl to do what she said.


The blue haired girl swallowed, nodded her head and Angelina smirked patting her head as if she was as a small puppy and pushed her towards Amber.


The blue haired girl walked up to the obvious amber and bumped into her so hard she almost fell to the ground and Michael quickly catching her before she fell to the ground.


Michael looked around to see the culprit but didn’t see her, the look of sheer anger expressed in his eyes until his eyes found mine, our eyes locked for a second and then focused on Amber in his arms who looked ready to burst into tears.



Grinding my teeth I felt the hard lollipop in my mouth crumble to pieces. I narrowed my eyes at crazy bitch, the plan I had been forming in my head for days finally came together now witnessing a taste of the abuse Amber had endured.


Smirking darkly to myself, I walked away to class and to get my plan in action.


After two days I decided to make my plan come to life, bringing along two of my most loyal lackeys who I knew were happy enough to come along and giving Michael small hints on what was going to proceed on the day.


I walked down the hall flacking behind me. I saw Mrs. Fake from her locker collecting her books. I called out her name feigning cheerfulness “Angelina baby! I was just looking for you”


She turned her head when she heard her name, she gave me a look that said ‘who is this fool and how does he know my name?’ I tightened my smile and told her “you don’t remember me? Marlon Jackson? Michael’s bro”


Her expression brightened up when she heard my brother’s name, I put an arm around her shoulder and held her close “well my brother told me to find you, because he wants to show you something in a class” I wanted to remove my arm from this fake bitch’s arm and have a hot shower that is how much she disgusted me.


She nodded her head gullibly; pulling her along I kept the smirk on my lips until we continued walking with my lackeys behind me.


We came to one of the empty classes I had reserved at the end of the school so that no one could hear what was going to happen.


We entered into the classroom and I began to pick up the pile of pictures stacked in a pile all over the room. I picked a few of the ground, flipping though the pictures, calling out each name and what had happened to the person.


I threw the remaining pictures in the air, watching her face get paler and paler and chuckling gleefully.


She stuttered when she asked “w-h-how? D-d-did you ge-t-t thi-s in-for-mm-ation?”


I laughed humourlessly while wagging a finger at her like a small child “ah, ah, you can’t expect me to tell you my secrets Angelina”


Her face was still pale but I signalled for the guys to hold her down, instantly they held her down while she protested hotly demanding them to let her go. I strutted towards her and pinching her cheeks painfully in my hand I brought her face close to mine, and spat venomously “well Angelia didn’t no one ever teach you to play with fire? You have over stepped your line attacking a special friend of mine and potential girlfriend to my brother, does the name Amber ring a bell to you?”


I let go of her cheeks and let her talk she spat hotly “I don’t care for her, Michael is mine and no one else’s I was even planning to hurt her even more” she stated smugly towards the end of her speech.


This girl is truly stupid and she will learn today you don’t mess with A Jackson’s property. I thought coldly to myself.


I smirked “well here is a surprise for you, I hope you heard all what she said lil bro” and behold Michael walked into the room a little shocked at what he saw.


I walked up to him and patted his shoulder causally “well bro, this is the lesson you expected eh?”


He replied stuttering  “-n-n-ot like this Marlon I thought it would be different”

I shook my head at his naive mind-set “lil bro, hasn’t Joseph taught you and I this is how we handle the business in the family? You should know better”


The girl still had the audacity to try and talk “Michael! Please get me out of this mess, we can still be together all I need to do is to get amber of the picture one chance is all I need” she started to sound a little crazy with her arm stretching towards Michael who stepped back in horror at her words. The lackeys slapped her hand back and pushed her further into the ground.


Well seeing we had wasted enough time talking, I was about to step up to her and get it going but Michael placed his long arm against my chest and said he would handle it. I could feel the pride in my chest swell at how Michael was going to handle it just like a man should.


Even Joseph would be proud in this moment if was he to be present here at the moment. I mused to myself.



As I watched Michael walk up to her and ask the lackeys to bring her to his level, they obeyed immediately.


Angelina stared at him smiling sweetly and Michael shocked expression turned stony. They stared at each other not breaking contact until Michael suddenly smirked and held her heart-shaped face in his large slim hand and said quietly in a husky voice much deeper than his usual softer voice, “Angelina you crossed the line the day you started to hurt my Amber for that, I’m going to let the boys teach you a lesson that you will never forget, besides you should learn never to touch a Jackson’s property and also if you ever try t come near either of us, I will make sure this lesson is even worse” with that statement finished he let go of her chin and stepped back.


This turn of personality that I had never seen in Michael was a true eye opener, it just showed how much he was angered and annoyed by this crazy chick and what he would do if he was pushed to edge for his loved ones (mainly Amber)


I decided to let this lesson go on at last, throwing my arm around Michael’s shoulder tightly, I made us both walk away from what I knew would happen I rather not let him see any more violence.


Before we walked away too far, I called out “Boys don’t hurt her too much, make sure you don’t go overboard, I don’t want the school on our backs”



As I walked out of the classroom with Michael beside me, we could both hear the shrill crying of Angelina that was sweet music to my ears and I knew with her lesson being learnt she would never bother Amber again.

End Notes:

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- Do you think will be last time we hear of our angelina?

- can anyone guess the snips from the song I used from his J5 era songs?

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Ch. 23 by Lorry
Author's Notes:

just a short aftermath of angelina's lesson between marlon and mj also just a lil brother interaction lol.

Mj’s Pov:


The next day I found Marlon during my free period while Amber was safe in her Math class. This time my brother was sitting down holding his beer in his hand while absently looking around him.


I sat down next to him and poked him in the ribs that snapped him out of his thoughts “I’m glad it’s over bro even if she was hurt in the process she learned that no one touches my girl”


Marlon raised an eyebrow “My girl?” he questioned.

“Amber and I have been together for about two weeks, just after her head injury”


Marlon smirked turned into a genuine smile “well bro, finally! I’ve been wondering when the two of y’all get together, you two are too darn shy to get it over with and get it on I did suspect something was going on, such a shame I didn’t get to see it” after taking a gulp from his beer, his eyes expressing his amusement.


I rolled my eyes “well bro we keep it a secret for a reason because of Angelina… now that she’s out of the picture I can finally express my love to my gurl properly”


Marlon gulping down on his drink began to chock, handing me his drink and banging his chest to let the drink go down properly. He coughed however looked at me and began to laugh hysterically.


I glared at him and snapped irritated “Marlon! Why you laughing at what I’m saying how does that sound so funny?”  I swiftly kicked his knee in the process.


He clutched his knee while he continued to laugh until he began to hiccup “well bro, how you going to say stuff like that? We ain’t in the old school days of drinking shit tea and posh snob folks, you can seduce your girl much better let me teach ya bro” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.


I scrunched my nose in disgust “no thanks bro, what you might give me I don’t want to scar her for life… I’ll find some other way”


“Aw bro, you don’t trust my advice? I’m your favourite bro come on! I gave plenty of good advice” he pouted then paused for dramatic effect before asking, “when’s the wedding then bro?”


I deadpanned “there are many reasons why I tolerate you .... How do you ask these questions?!”



I quickly got up and started to walk until I heard the footsteps of Marlon following behind me while we bickered on back and forth about his dating advice and this wedding crap and sadly the advice I knew he would still give even if I didn’t want to hear it.

End Notes:

well i hope you enjoyed it..next chapter will be in amber's pov to finish off this saga for our loveable couple :)

thanks again for reading and commenting means alot to me <3 

Ch.24 by Lorry

Amber’s Pov:

It was another day feeling paranoid that Angelina and her set of goons would harm me but my sweet boyfriend reassured me that it was finally over, he wouldn’t tell me how he made her go away but we didn’t see or her from her since then even Chris was tight-lipped about his cousin, to be honest I didn’t care.

We had finally finished our junior year so much has happened; seems drama will never leave Michael and I no matter how we try to get away .
But I have learnt that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and what Michael and I have gone though has only made us stronger to push forward in our relationship beyond being friends I have crazy Angelina to thank for on that.

We spent most of our time studying till midnight for two weeks for the junior end of year exams to get into senior year, but it all paid off since Michael passed his classes with As and one B- in Maths.
As for me I managed to gain one or two As in two of my classes while the rest was Bs and history I somehow passed with a C-.

Apart from that Michael and I have been together for well over a month now and so far it's been great.

I was thinking this over until I felt his lean muscled arms wrap around my waist “what are you thinking about button” he crooned softly placing his hard jaw on my head.

“Really Applehead? Out of all the nicknames you call me that?” I was a little embarrassed.

He chuckled amused “that is one of the many sweet names I have for you my button”

I turned around to face him fully while wrapping my arms around him “oh Applehead, you are so cheesy maybe you should have taken on Marlon’s advice”

His brown eyes expressed his distaste “Button, you would not even want to know what he was telling me” he shuddered at the sudden flashback in his mind.

I couldn’t help but giggle at his look of disgust and asking seriously “Apart from your brother, how’s the family business going on? Has Joseph tried pulling you along for more of the family outings?”

His voice expressed his depressed thoughts as he replied “It’s still going on but now I’m off from school for this summer, Joseph wants me to be more active and all Marlon’s effort trying to shift his attention on him or one of my brothers has run out and now he won’t take no as an answer” his clenched jaw and gloomy expression as he finished his speech.

I felt the pit of guilt flutter in my stomach for bringing it up but I wanted to cheer him up, as I always loved to do and see his beautiful smile.

I changed the topic back to Marlon to get the gloomy atmosphere between us more light hearted, “oh come on Applehead, it couldn’t have been that bad, Marlon isn’t that crazy too----“ he cut off my speech kissing me roughly and my trail of thought was abruptly forgotten.

End Notes:

Well Amber's pov this is going to be the last chapter for this story for awhile....lately I haven't had much inspiration for this story ..I won't abandon it! I'll come back to write when I feel inspired and thanks once again for the love 😍.

Ch.25 by Lorry

It was another mild hot afternoon on our summer break whereas Michael, Chris and I were walking home together from the corner shop down the street.

So we walked down the road to my house, I saw one of our old summer chairs seated in front of the porch, while someone sunbathed wearing a pair of ray ban sunglasses, a crop top and shorts.

When we got closer, the person that turned out to be female pushing her sunglasses into her plaited hair. When she saw me her expression brightened up immediately.

She jumped from her seat and said smiling cheerfully “Amber boo! Is that you? damn look at you all grown up! Come give me a hug gurl!” 

I ran to into her stretched arms while she spun us around in a circle. We squealed excitedly in each other arms.  After hugging for a few minutes I detangled myself from her arms, giving her a look of approval “well damn Danni, don’t mind me what happened to my short little cousin? You all grown up too!” 

She giggled heartily at my words “that little girl you knew then has moved on I am grown now cuz, don’t even start you are still short too amberbee! Still need to get you to eat more, what would mama think if she saw you?” she snickered  and rolled my eyes at her answer pushing her lightly.

Michael coughed lightly to get my attention, I blushed involuntarily “well cuz this is my boyfriend Michael, and his friend---“

Chris interrupted “What da fuck are you doing here?”
Michael and I both stared at them while they talked, puzzled at how they knew each other.

Danni snorted as she rolled her eyes “yes I’m back baby did you miss me? And why would I move here to see you stupid, now let’s go inside its too hot out here to talk and we don’t want the neighbours to hear our chat” 

When she said that we entered into the house going into the living room, we all sat down on the sofa.

“Danni how on earth do you know Chris?” and she replied “well before I answer that question, let me introduce myself to your handsome boyfriend who I didn’t let get to talk to before blabbermouth over there had interrupted you, nice to meet you Michael I’m glad someone is taking care of my cousin” she teased at the end.

“Hey!” I complained while Michael laughed softly at her reply and introduced himself.

“now to explain how I know blabbermouth, well I and him were dating in the previous town and he had decided to not tell me he was moving away how thoughtful”

Chris hearing that looking ashamed said apologetically “Yea I moved….sorry I didn’t tell you”

Michael and I sat there shocked that Chris could even apologize, I made that point clear in my words “Helium, you can apologise? Miracles do happen”

Chris switching to anger “Bitch I was not talking to you!” Danni standing up and walking over to Chris  “Don’t call her bitch, you over grown walking teddy bear”

After that Michael and I just sat there watching them argue back and forth for a few minutes. 
I nudged his shoulder “wanna go chill in my room Applehead?” 

He replied happily “yes let’s go… seeing these two can go on for hours” we grabbed our bags, going into the kitchen we grabbed a few snacks and walked up the stairs to my room. 

we walked up the stairs to my bedroom where we consumed our snacks and chilled.

After leaving the reunited couple together after arguing for some quite some time, Chris noticed and exclaimed "where did they go?"


Daniella rolled her eyes and sat down on the coach as she laid down "it's obvious idiot they left because they couldn't stay because of our bickering and on the other hand..why did you leave without a word ?"


Chris seeing how serious the conversation had become sat next to her and he grimaced as he said "I'm not a fan of saying goodbyes by the time we left...even though this is going to sound cheesy and shit..you never left my mind"


Daniella seeing how thoughtful he had become at the end sighed and sat up right as she held onto his large hand "well if you had just given me a clear hint we could have had a long distance relationship but I don't know since we've been apart if you stayed single"
"I left thinking gurl we were over and I have had flings in our distant" Chris admitted.


Daniella hearing that removed her hand from his as she spat bitterly "and here I thought we were still together but I guess I was wrong"
Chris glared at her "don't tell me you didn't even try to have a fling yourself gurl"

Daniella glared right back at him as she fought the urge  to slap this idiot "of course I didn't because I'm still in love with you ya big idiot"


Chris round eyes popped out in his surprise as Daniella shrugged and said causally "don't be surprised idiot"

Chris could only scratch his head as he carefully pulled Daniella towards him as she looked into his eyes. 

He smiled apologetic "I know I messed up with you...for that gurl I'm sorry can we do start over?" 

Daniella thought deeply for a moment until she said carefully "we can with the relationship as long as you don't cheat or I will cut off your baby maker!" The last part was said cold and threatening.


Chris gulped loudly as he stammered "ye-s-s I prom-mise"
They finished the conversation an

d relaxed together getting to know each once more.

Amber's Pov:
So Michael and I spent the first couple of weeks in the summer together, while Daniella disappeared only appearing in the early morning from a party or what not.
On a particularly hot morning I quietly went down the stairs to run the tap and drink a glass of water.

So mama wasn't home but on her usual part time night shifts as Daniella closed the door after sharing a small kiss with Chris that I had spotted.

Crossing my hands firmly, she turned around to see me waiting for her in the hall way looking like a child whose hand had been stuck in the cookie jar.


"So I thought you and Chris were not together with all the complaining you've been showering on me these past few weeks" I said while raising an eyebrow.


She chuckled lightly "well you see Chris and I have

been spending more time together as of late"


she walked into the kitchen and I followed dropping the glass into the sink and faced her "your back together?"

"Yea we are and it's going nicely so far" she responded happily.

"What happens when you leave ?" I asked sceptical.

"We will discuss it when the time comes" as she shrugged her shoulders.
the conversation was over by the looks of it but I still wanted to say something "if he hurts you again Danni I won't be afraid to step in and hit him"

Danni laughed at my threat and cooed "Aww don't worry ambee I already told him if he cheats his baby maker is gone"


I raised my hand in for a high five and she did it in return as we laughed evilly over it and went upstairs to my room to sleep.

End Notes:


I'm baccccck (sort of) my loyal fans~


we've met chris ex amber's cousin lol if your interested on their relationship do say and its summer for our loveable couple that will be a few chapters then off to senior year we go...also anyone interested in a sequel? do say :)

Ch26 by Lorry

So after talking to Danni and telling Michael the news of Chris and Daniella getting back together once more, he snorted and said he had already saw it in the way they had argued with but was glad to see his best friend happy.

But the movie was boring me I slide my leg over his lap and comfortable sat on his lap. Michael sensing my mood fixed his big brown eyes on me as his hands rested on my butt.

We continued to stare at each other until I bent down capturing his lips with mine as we kissed slowly soon turned to us battling for dominance in a tug of war where as my hand went underneath his shirt stroking his hard chest as his hands pushed me closer to him.

I began to feel something poke underneath me as Michael pulled away breathless a look of desire in his dark eyes. He took a deep breath to calm his raging emotions, I couldn't help smirk teasingly "you are sure packing a flashlight under there"

Michael blushed a deep red as he looked away before pulling me away from his lap.

He crossed his legs and faced me as he spoke seriously "you know who I am..the thought of doing the deed with you would be magical, but I want us to wait till possibly marriage if that's fine with you"
I pondered over his words and concluded he was right even if the topic was a little awkward.

"Uh Yea I don't mind waiting Michael we can still make up..just maybe get rid of um what's down there before you leave"

Michael looked down to see what I was talking about and ran to the bathroom upstairs. The conversation over I grabbed the remote to change the channels as I sat waiting for him to return.

so the next day I went to Michael's home to see if he wanted to meet up but when the door opened to reveal young Randy that told me he wasn't home and was on the boys trip with Joseph before he could start to whine about I asked him which direction.

He pointed down the alley way, I handed him a lollipop to thank him but in true kid fashion forget his manners as he tore off the wrapper and licking the treat and closed the door.

I stepped off and went straight to the alleyway, I walked around down the bizarre root until I heard the cries of a male from the small corner. I meshed my body into the wall as I looked on to see the whole Jackson clan looking down at a young man.

Only Marlon and Michael from what I could see in their emotionless expressions flickering at the task in front of them, I strained my ears to hear their conservation.

"Marlon what is wrong with you? Has school made ya lost your mind bro?"Jackie exclaimed annoyed to Marlon.

Marlon shrugged his shoulders "the feeling to do it wasn't really there to do what we do...I only followed Joseph's orders"

"Well your going have to step up even more after you graduate son and that goes for you as well boy also that you can handle what will happen today boy" Joseph firmly stated.

Michael from what I could see bit his lip as Marlon nodded in confirmation.

My hairbrush fell to the ground from my sling bag, the sound alerting them.

"What was that sound ?" Marlon asked confused.

"The sound came from this alleyway.. I'll go check" replied Jermaine.

My heart was pounding frantically as he drew closer and closer until his hazel eyes spotted my presence and he smirked slyly as he grabbed my arm and pushed me forward to their spot.

"Look what I found! A pretty little spy" Jermaine stated as he pushed me forward into the lime light.

The combined shocked expressions of Marlon and Michael were only two I looked as the whole Jackson clan smirked.

Joseph walked up to me as he held my chin in his hand and forced me to look into his hazel coloured eyes "well you certainly are a pretty thing who might you belong to amongst my boys? Oh I know Michael's property"

I spat into his face "I don't belong to anyone" and he continued to smirk no hint of emotion on his aging face as he roughly let go of my face.

I rubbed my cheeks as I watched them all eye me discretely. Marlon piped in "leave her be she just decided to be a bit too adventurous she'll leave now isn't that right, go with her Michael?"

Afterwards Michael grabbing my shoulder forced me to work away but before Joseph called out seriously "tell a soul about you saw today girl and something could happen to you or..your mother"

I was just about to turn in my anger to slap his father for threatening my family! But Michael continued to pull me away, when we were further off, he suddenly around and said furiously "Amber! What were you thinking when you came to find us !"

I stepped back and I relied in my anger since I've been working on it and the anger classes have helped.
"I wanted to see you Michael that's all! Is that so much to ask?" I replied hotly to him.

"No! Amber you could have waited till the evening and I would have come over but now your stupidity has gotten you involved more than needed now Joseph sees you as a threat" he snapped still furious.

"Stupidity?!? And your the one who called me your property I am no one's property Michael!" I snapped calmly.
"I only did it to protect you don't you understand Amber ... I never wanted you to see what I go through" his voice now sad replacing his anger towards me.

"As your friend and girlfriend Michael didn't I say I would be with you thought it all"
"I'm beginning to see we might need a few days away from each other" he reasoned even though my heart was hurting at the thought of being away from him for a long period of time like in the beginning of the year when I found about the mafia.

"I agree Michael" I agreed swallowing to push down my clogged throat as we strolled side by side home.

When we got to my door Michael turned around, kissing my cheek as he stepped away and left.
I could feel the tears began to run down my cheeks as I opened the door to the house, mama was at her one of her friend's place so the chance she wouldn't see my tears was a relief.

I went to my bedroom and cuddled my pillow to my side, my thoughts taking over.
I hope this doesn't drift us apart, Michael knows I'll be there for him no matter what! Why is he pushing me away? Feels like the time when I kicked him out when I found about his secret ..this must have what he felt like when we were part for so long..I hope this doesn't last..

Wiping my tears before going underneath my pillow to grab my sketchbook as I sat down holding it in my hands, flicking though the pages of various things.
I had the sudden inspiration to draw a beautiful image of how I viewed Michael and I relationship.

I sat there for the next several hours moving to the floor sketching and painting in watercolour to the image I wanted.

End Notes:

Ooih mj is pissed 😰...can anyone blame him or do you all agree? 😉...there ya go folks can't wait to hear what you think 😄





Ch. 27 by Lorry

Two days later...
It's been two days since I and Michael had our fight...I had hoped he hadn't been serious about the distant between us. But since it's been days and mama has noticed my depressed mode and asked what was wrong in which I explained it to her (excluding the mafia) and Daniella was out with Chris as usual.

Mama advised to give Michael some space like he said and when he is ready he will come to me. I didn't want to admit she might be right so I nodded and went to my room.

I fell asleep to the cool breeze blowing in from my window, awhile later there was a soft knock on my window. I woke up startled from my nap to see a pair of big brown eyes staring at me from the window.

I hoped this wasn't a scary film moment and I asked "Michael?" And the voice whispered back back,
"it's me Amber,can I come in?"
I didn't say anything but that let him know he was allowed in, he bent down and slide his long body into the room. Afterwards he had his arm rubbing his shoulder as we both stared at each other.
To break the silence "so Michael what do you want?" He stopped rubbing his shoulder to reply sadly "I wanted to see my girlfriend and I don't know even your still mine..I couldn't get away from Joseph any further"
I rolled my eyes at his words "with the way you treated me Michael...I don't know where we stand how can be your girlfriend if you can't trust me?"

"I do trust you Amber...I've been protecting you since the day I told you about my family's deal in the mafia I don't want to see you hurt don't you see?" He exclaimed irritated.

"That is absolute bull crap Michael! How would you be protecting me when I promised from the start I would understand..stop pushing me away if you can't see it then just leave"

Feeling some of the tears drip I turned my back on him and a second later I felt the bed move and Michael laid down next to me, "I'm sorry Amber for doing this to you...I won't push you away anymore..I love you too much to let you go"

I turned around to face him and stare into his big brown expressive eyes, Michael never did express his love by words it was always by more of his actions.

"You love me Michael?" I mumbled and he answered "I always have Amber you know I'm more an action man..please take me back"

He looked so lost and miserable that my heart forgive him on the spot "alright applehead your forgiven and don't you dare push me away again or we are though"

Michael smiled happily when he heard that and pulled me closer towards him as we laid, our legs intertwined.

We cuddled up together in the silence but Michael broke the ice by seriously stating "I have something to tell you button"
I turned my body around to look up at him "oh?" I was curious about what he wanted to say.

He breathed and began "well I've been thinking about moving away from here for a long time button I can't take it with the mafia and all the innocent people who are being hurt it's too much to watch and see ...to become one of them I rather not do it."

"You mean move away for college applehead? We can---"
He interrupted "no I mean run away not to college to start a new life in LA"
I pulled away from his arms and exclaimed in shock "are you kidding me applehead?! Run away? With no finances to survive on? Are you crazy?"

Michael answered "I am dead serious button, why wouldn't I be? I already have some money saved that should least keep us going for awhile...think about it please?"
I shook my head at his crazy scheme and placed myself in his arms as we cuddled together and we both fell asleep.

End Notes:

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Ch. 28 by Lorry

Summer is sadly over and now senior year has started and we already have homework set on the first day which is completely ridiculous but my boyfriend and bestfriend as always never agrees because he wants us both to pass and do well.

I already see alot of days of sleepless nights but it's only the first week so far, we are coping, after summer holidays had ended Danni returned home but she still keeps in contact with Chris and has made me her spy in case Chris gets tempted and I should tell her of any attempt and what nots.

I took on this new badge because if it meant seeing Chris in trouble with Danni, it was worth it.

So the first week passed and several weeks continued to drag along and we were still favoured in having more sunny days till winter started to kick in.
But there was more of a frantic buzz for the seniors before us, it was time for graduation and that had been planned for weeks before we had been shuffled into being newest seniors.

After a long and tiring painful planning, It was the day of Marlon's Graduation and the whole family were here seeing all Michael's siblings in their suits looking sharp and collected.

I wasn't meant to come along but both Marlon and Michael begged me to come to the day so here I was standing around waiting for the senior class to start the ceremony.

Michael walking up to me in a grey suit and his large Afro combed to perfection.

He smiled tenderly as he grabbed my hands in his long broad hands.
"What's wrong button? Your not glad to be here?' He asked concerned.

I smiled shrugging my shoulders "nothing's wrong just a little bored"
"Ok as long as your sure...do you want to say hi my parents and siblings?"
I nodded feeling a little put off at the thought but that soon evaporated when we walked right up to them.

"Um mother and....father this is Amber" he introduced softly to them.
His mother blinked in surprise and his father only smirked we had met and I clearly remember it being not too pleasant.

His mother greeted us both with a smile and said jokingly "so your the girl my baby talks about I thought you were fiction of his imagination"
I laughed at her words and replied "well sometimes it can be like that with his imagination"

Michael rolled his eyes and squeezing my hand as Joseph suddenly spoke up "it is nice to meet you once again...Amber" his mother stared at him questioning his weird choice of words.

Michael seeing we had perhaps stayed too long went to his other siblings and we stayed with them talking politely.

The microphone was tapped a few minutes by a tall brown haired tanned student who stated the ceremony was about to start and we should take our seats.
So Michael dragging me to the seats where his large family were sitting as we sat next to Randy and Janet.

The ceremony began and we sat all waiting for Marlon's turn and when it was his turn to step up 'celebration' by kool and the gang started to play as he danced to collect his certificate.

"This is not what you was expecting to see applehead" I whispered in his ear quietly. Micheal rolled his eyes and whispered "only Marlon would make such a dramatic entrance"

Our whispering somehow caught the attention of Joseph who glared at us indicating we should shut up and listen.

After Marlon collected his certificate, the music turned off and he held the microphone as he said his speech.

"Well I didn't have a speech prepared to say but y'all did enjoy the music didn't ya?" As he paused hearing the chuckles from the crowd while Michael and I rolled our eyes.

Marlon continued his speech "I'm not going to be one of those people who say they've learned so much from their teachers cause I won't!--" he was cut off by a high pitched voice that could only be said by Chris "preach it brother!" As he was hushed by someone next to him.

Michael and I sighed at his foolishness but Marlon laughed into the microphone and concluded his speech "I'll only miss my lil bro and his cute girlfriend and I've spent more than enough time up here...peace" he dropped the microphone and walked down the steps as we all stood up clapping.

An hour later Michael and I were standing outside enjoying the sunshine as Michael continuously tried to steal a kiss, as we chatted to ourselves.
Marlon strolled up to us breathing heavily in excitement.

"Aww look at you lovebirds aren't y'all sweet standing here" he teased.

"Aww I'm going to miss your crazy fun Marlon love" I sniffed dramatically.

Marlon playing along laying his southern accent thicker sadly replied "ooh yes my elegant princess I will miss you as well where would I be without you?"

Michael rolled his eyes at our playful display and said irritated "the both of you.. I have no words and it's not like Marlon is leaving forever he'll be still at home bugging me as always"

Marlon pulling me into his arms as we pretended to sob and lament our love for each other in the rush of the excitement Marlon planted a light kiss on my lips shocking me as I stared into his hazel eyes and we both turned around to see Michael cracking his knuckles as he stared down on Marlon.

Marlon immediately let me go and tried soothing him "uh lil bro that was an accident.." with that turned around and ran off into the direction of the school as Michael ran after him silently planning his death.

I laughed heartily as I walked and wiped off his saliva and followed them and I wondered how applehead was going to kill his Marlon.

End Notes:

Oh Marlon *facepalm*.one day Michael is going to kill him. This chapter is more of a filler lol. 😂tell me what you think y'all 😄


Ch. 29 by Lorry

Michael's pov:

It was a normal long and tiring day for button and I with the amount of homework that had pilled up after Marlon's graduation and also kicking his ass for kissing Amber (it was a valid reason).

I was returning home after having spent dinner at Amber's place and also sharing a heated kiss between us but that was a normal thing for us before we both got carried away I left.

Walking down the road enjoying the evening breeze pass though me and seeing the moon peeking out of the darkened sky.

Opening the door quietly to enter into the house, I stepped in and closed the door softly. I went straight to the kitchen to see if mother was still awake.

Strolling into the kitchen, I felt my heart stop for a split second when I saw she wasn't alone in the kitchen..it was Joseph talking pleasantly to her as she cleaned near the sink.

They both looked up and I saw a mix of emotions on their faces. Mothers face was full of warmth and Joseph's face he didn't show any emotion that was just his usual expression.

I swallowed nervously and smiled tightly to them both, lightly having a conversation with them both about school, my school clubs and all.

Mother yawned sleepily and said she was going to bed, she kissed us both on the cheeks and went to bed.

The light hearted atmosphere toned down to a thick and burdened tension between Joseph and I.

We stared into each others eyes neither of us breaking contact and Joseph broke the silence speaking strongly as his large hand fiddled with the fruit bowl in front of him. "boy I told you like I said in the summer now that your in the last year..you will be joining your brothers and I in the mafia properly these past months have prepared you and you are ready"
His smile wasn't warmth but full of sick and twisted joy that he thought about me being ready to join.
Clenching my hands I boldly stared him down and said firmly "I am not joining and I never will! I was never made for it, I've told you several times Joseph"

Joseph only blinked at my speech and suddenly his arm wrapped around my neck and he squeezed my neck pulling me to look into his cold eyes,
I struggled to breath and tried pulling his arm away from my neck, the world falling filling into darkness but before I could go unconscious Joseph spat out infuriated "now listen to me boy you have no right to talk in such a manner and whether you hate it or not you will be joining because you have no choice!..Now you don't want your little girlfriend to be hurt Hm? I can make it happen..just one snap to her pretty little neck and she's gone"

I tried once again pulling his arm away but every time I tried his hold became tighter and tighter.

Just to please him I nodded and he dropped me, I fell the ground coughing and rubbing my neck, he didn't say anymore but walked away and I glared after him.

Now the reason to leave was stronger more than ever now that Amber was still involved. I got up from the wooden floor and went to get changed and went to bed but I didn't sleep till early morning my mind pondering on how I was going to be able to leave this hell.

The next morning I did my usual routine and looking into the mirror to see dark pools of bags under my eyes.

Coming out of the bathroom and going back to my room, out of the blue there was a staff meeting this Friday so that gave us a chance to relax at home.

I'd go see button later on tonight to spend time with her, I wasn't hungry for breakfast so piling up my books onto my bed I sat down and started my work.

The door was opened and I looked up into the hazel eyes of Marlon and he stated without any shame "lil bro you look like shit"

"Thanks bro" I mumbled annoyed but Marlon didn't want to go somewhere else, he entered the room closed the door and sat on my textbooks.

"Get off my stuff Marlon" I snapped at him and he did so mumbling how cranky I was in the morning.
"So lil bro what made you psm like a gurl this fine morning?" Marlon bluntly said without any thought to mind.

I stilled my writing and winced as always Marlon always had something stupid or odd to say at times.

It made me wonder if we were really related at times but this just part of his charm.

Dropping my pencil into the spine of my textbook and crossing my arms.
I looked deeply Into his eyes and said seriously "Marlon I have an issue"
"Oh? Apart from psming like a female? What could it be?" He said raising his eyebrows in disbelief.

I snarled annoyed "why must you always be such a pest Marlon"

Marlon put his arms up in surrender and said calmly "ease up little brother I don't mean any harm to get you mad..what's got you so aggravated"

Taking a deep breath to calm down I began to talk this time now seeing Marlon was taking me seriously.
"Marlon I have the plan at the end of the year but it involves at least 2 grand do you have that kind of cash to help me?"
Marlon scratched his head and said worriedly "why would you need such a large amount of money for this plan..don't tell me you killed someone?" and he went back into playfulness self by placing his hands on his mouth and expanding his eyes in fake horror.

He was always annoying and I rolled my eyes.
"Really Marlon? Killing someone? Sometimes I wonder if you have a brain in that thick head of yours"
Marlon complained and grumbled how mean I was as a brother to him before I continued telling him my whole plan and interrupting me to suggest
"if you take the plane to L.A Joseph will somehow track you and be able to know where you landed..take the road route by horse back so that he will lead him off your trail for a good couple of months Hm I do know someone that can help I'll try and call him today or tomorrow don't worry bro I got your back.."
"Thanks Marlon I appreciate just don't let it get to your head..only problem is how to get Amber to agree and come along" I mused thoughtfully.

Marlon snorted and shrugged his shoulders "well lil bro I certainly can't help you Amber is one stubborn girl and you have a lot on your shoulders to move her away from goal of going to collage"

I groaned and put my head on my hands on how I was going to persuade her and how useless Marlon was, all he did was pat my shoulder in sympathy and we continued to chat a little more before he stood up and went to his room to call his girls or whatever he does now he's graduated.

End Notes:

Oh Marlon 😂 ooob mj was serious about him and I running off..but can he get Amber to agree? 😱

Ch.30 by Lorry
The months have drifted by for I and Michael our classes hectic as always but I have noticed him always distancing himself and that worries me what could he be possible thinking about?

I have asked but he won't say anything for now I hope he opens up to me about it eventually.

It's half way into our senior year and everything has flown by so fast but on a normal day we received some unexpected news from Mr.Smith.

Our tutor has mentioned that a few lucky students have been selected to sit for the final exams to finish our senior year and he clarified that this is something that the school doesn't do often but they were pleased with the amount of scores in the last exams that the school board decided that it should be brought back this year.

Everyone in the class including Michael and I were excited at the chance to finish school early and finish it once and all for good this time
The day came for who would be the selected few to get a chance at doing the exams. Mr.Smith came into the class holding his usual papers and sat on his chair.

We all looked at him waiting for him to talk after a few agonising minutes he brought out the paper and began to read the few names.

Michael and I's names were called out and I was so happy I did a small victory cheer but Michael quickly hushed me but the smile on his face indicated something else entirely.

After the class ended Michael and I walked out the class holding hands and we spoke about the exams on our way to Lunch.

"This is so exciting Michael! If we pass this exams we can leave this dump and perhaps get our plans ready for college! " I exclaimed excited about the idea of leaving this place behind.

Michael chuckled and brought my hand to his lips and said lovingly "I won't care where we go love as long as I'm with you" his chocolate eyes drinking me in.

I blushed bashfully and giggled sweetly "Aww that's so sweet Michael, your too goofy"

Michael rolled his eyes and dropping his arm down along with mine, bent his tall frame down to kiss me tenderly and pulled away a little early for my liking.
We continued our walk to Lunch and the rest of the day went by..

Another month passed by and now it was time to put our studious effort into practice and hopefully pass with flying colours.

Only equipped with coffee and a light breakfast for us both and Michael nervously shuffling his feet waiting outside the door.

we were called in with the other lucky students who were just as nervous as we were.
The modulators scattered us all over the room and they gave us a few seconds to bring out our pencils and other equipment needed.

Prayering silently in my mind to calm my jitterish thoughts I gave Michael the thumbs up for good luck and he did the same.

The exam papers were handed out with extra sheets of paper and that was when the exam started.

Two hours later after writing and rubbing out mistakes for any of my anwers, the modulator announced that the exam was over and we should flip over our papers.

I quickly checked my paper and I was actually pleased for the moment but when I saw a mistake it was too late to try and go back to correct it, the paper was already taken away and we were told after all the papers were retrieved and allowed to leave.

The only noise that was allowed in the room was the shuffling of bags and chairs being pushed back. We all went out the door and when I got outside waiting for Michael to walk out.

He had the expression of relief and worry mingled together.

"So how do you think you did Michael?" I asked and we walked away from the room.

"I think I did alright love..there were some questions I just wish I could have answered properly" he replied biting his lip anxiously.

I reassured him "don't worry about applehead as long as you did your best!...now to celebrate why don't you buy me a hot dog Hm?"

Michael chuckled and rolled his eyes while we walked "gurl you and your food...makes wonder if you have a baby in there with the way you eat" he teased while poking my flat stomach.

I stopped in his path and glared at him placing my arms on my hips "are you calling me fat applehead!" I retorted jokingly.

He grinned cheekily and pulling me into his arms said innocently "no ma'am" and pecking my lips.

I narrowed my eyes up at him and poked his nose "you better not be applehead" and we went down the hall way to Lunch feeling grateful and relived that this exam was over yet hopeful we could pass.

After Lunch we went back to classes and the final bell for the end of the day rang and now Michael and I were licking our strawberry flavoured lollipops underneath the cool breeze under the oak tree three metres or so from the school.

Our lollipops finished Michael and I sat crossed legged from each other.
"Does this remind of you of a certain memory applehead?" I hinted sweetly while scratching my chin.

"Yes it does love..involves my poor head being banged into I think I still have the mark from so long ago" he said rubbing his forehead and grinning cheekily.

I snorted and pushed his shoulder roughly laughing at his subtle hints but he pulled my arm along with him and in our usual fashion we toppled onto the soft grass and I landed on top of him.

"So Amber have you thought about what I said?" He asked.
"About what?" I asked confused about what he was talking about.

"I'm talking about the time I told you my plans for leaving this place and I told you to think about it since then...I'm ready for my answer"

He looked at me waiting for my answer, to be honest I had been thinking on and off about whether I wanted to go with him but it always lead to the issue of college.

"Applehead can't we just move away instead? Go to the furthest college away from Joseph and Gary it would be a new adventure for us" I suggested.

Michael sighed and groaning in frustration "have you forgotten all the threats Joseph has implied from the start Amber? He will do anything to get me to join the business...even if it means hurting you to get to me he will do it I never want to see you hurt love..so please come along with me I need you by my side"

When he mentioned the threats my mind flashed back to all the threats Joseph had said on several occasions and my stomach tightened in fear, he was right.

He had tried to help me stay away but my stubborn and nosey self had already dug a hole I couldn't climb out, my mind was made up.

"When are we leaving?" I said smiling at him and his lips bloomed into a happy smile and he sat into a sitting position where as I slided into his lap.

"I'm so happy your coming with me button" he crooned lovingly and pulling my face to his, he kissed me deeply for a moment and we cuddled each other alittle longer before we made our way
End Notes:

The story is coming to an end 😭 but don't worry the sequel is in the works! 😄... Mj has persuaded Amber .any thoughts ?




Ch.31 by Lorry

Mj pov:

It's been two days since my Amber said yes to our escape plan and we have been planning it together and it has been great but I haven't seen Marlon at all, he's never home and when I do finally try to catch him he's already gone.

It was now the weekend and I had seen Marlon at home in the living room, I made my way to the living room and I eagerly hollered to him entering the room "she said yes bro!"

"Who said yes boy?" A familiar voice answered in response and my smile was immeadlity wiped off my face looking into the emotionless hazel eyes of Joseph.

I mumbled "nothing" and Joseph not liking my response commanded "speak up boy I can't hear you!"

I repeated the same line clearer and louder to his satisfy him, and Marlon who had been watching at the corner of his eye kept quiet and continued to watch the TV.

I went to sit next to him and there was a silent elephant in the room, neither of us spoke letting the sound of the TV be the only sound in the room.

Joseph suddenly spoke up "well look at that fool on the TV chasing after a woman he needs to show who's boss "

Marlon and I didn't even speak knowing he was trying to strike a conversation and he obviously was trying to push my buttons.

This went on for several moments till my temper was at breaking point but Marlon stood up and said rudely "Joseph we know who you're talking about! Stop it for goodness sake!"

My mouth was hanging low in shock and fear knowing Joseph wouldn't tolerate any of his children chatting back at at him and especially telling him what to do.

The only hit of anger in his eyes were the slight darkening in his light hazel eyes and he stood up three feet taller or more over Marlon's average height.

I watched in fear knowing what was about to happen, they both stood there for several seconds staring at each other until Joseph sucker punched Marlon in the stomach and he crumbled to the ground in front of him.

Joseph hissing at Marlon on the floor said "you don't have any authority son to order me around..try that again and you will get more than that understood?" He kicked Marlon again with the heel of his foot for emphasis and Marlon only groaned in response.

He turned to face me and said in a sickly sweet tone "boy I'm surprised you didn't come charging in to defend your slut...your smarter than I realised..now I heard from my very faithful friends that you were going to graduate early isn't that right?"

I knew he'd would find out the graduation but if he were to find out about my plan Amber and I would never make it out alive.

Choosing my words carefully I replied "yes your right Joseph..why?"

He smirked slyly "isn't it obvious boy, your status and upkeep for the mafia will began a little early"

I felt sick to my stomach at the thought and I made that clear when I refused once again at joining the mafia.

The smirk on his face dropped to a deadly glare and he said emotionless "your refusals are beginning to tick me off boy, your last lesson didn't teach you anything ? This slut of yours is clouding your mind..I think it's time I pay her and her mother a visit perhaps send them both to the hospital over an accident"

I stood up from my chair and exclaimed furiously "you can't do that Joseph I won't let you!"

"Oh my boy you can try but it won't work , watch me" he replied darkly, his expression clouded expressionless.

I hung my head in defeat, now I knew more than ever it was time to leave and we had to do it fast.

Joseph patting my shoulder and forgetting the conversation that just taken place and told me to pick up Marlon and take him to his room.

Obeying him I helped Marlon up and we went to my room and discussed further plans especially about the horses.

End Notes:

Ooooh Joseph got pissed...was it a stupid move for Marlon to have stepped up?...or was it a smart move? You decide..!


Two chapters left till the Sequel 😙






The End. by Lorry

The day for our results arrived and we all were worried sick over our results, so at the end of the day Mr.Smith called us all to in the class to tell the results.
Michael and I were holding our breath waiting to know if we passed. After several tense minutes our names were called and hearing we had passed.

We let out the air of relief and gladness that we had done it. Now the results had been said by Mr.Smith and he mentioned that we would be having a small ceremony next week among us and the staff to receive our certificate.

Walking out of the classroom Michael and I walked down to one of the empty hall ways and Michael leaning on the wall pulling me into his warm embrace.
"Now we have the results we leave immediately the day after the ceremony button and it will be in the afternoon because Joseph isn't going to be home for that day and that will give us enough time to go" he stated determined looking down at me.

"That's a good idea but we need to tell mama this week, we've hidden it for too long away from her Michael" I replied worried.

"Yes love your right we have to, we will do it tomorrow let's go home now" he answered grimacing at the thought.

We didn't talk and went to the bus stop to catch the next bus.

The next day after another grueling day of classes before the ceremony, we went straight to my place and seeing mama with her friend aunty Ruth gossiping over a something.
When we walked in into the living room, mama turned around smirking to aunty Ruth and placing her palm out "you owe me 30 bucks, I knew they would get together pay up"

Aunty Ruth grumbling in dismay went into her purse and brought out the money giving it to mama who tucked it away in her front pocket

"Mama!" I declared displeased she made a bet about Michael and I.
"What?" She played off being innocent widening her onyx eyes.
Aunty Ruth laughed and said her goodbyes leaving mama, Michael and I alone.

Michael and I sat on the seat next to her, her eyes eyeing us with crystal clear amusement.

"Ooh look how much you've grown Michael every time I see you you grow more handsome" she said to Michael making him giggle and blush at her words.
"Mama why did you make a bet that isn't very nice to do" I said sarcastically.
"I don't see you guys too often while I'm always at work so I never knew what's going on!" She pointed out smartly.

We continued to chat more about school and other related topics but that wasn't the reason we were here.
"Mama we have something to tell you" I said smiling to her meekly.
Mama raised her eyebrows in skeptical shock "are you pregnant Amber? I thought they taught you in schools about protection"
"N-no!" Michael stuttered back to her.
Her features calmed to gratitude and she said "oh thank goodness I thought I was going to be a grandmother, I am too young to become a grandmother".

"Well we have come to you tell you something Mrs.Bailey and this is it..." Michael spoke seriously and began to tell her about some part of his life and the mafia only giving out small details here and there.

After speaking we waited in silence, what she gave us was laughter, I was expecting more of an angry reaction.

She laughed for several minutes and when she noticed our serious faces, she sobered up.

Mama ran a hand though her slicked black hair and sighed momentarily and said "give me a few days to process this all...it is alot to take in kids"

I was generally pleased with her response and nudging Michael to follow me, we got up from the seats and went out the door to go up the stairs to my room.
"Now don't be making children up there! Alright?" Mama shouted from the living room.
"MA!" I cried out in shame at her words and Michael giggled at her words and we went to my room.
Going into my room and dropping our bags we sat down on the bed.
"Mama can be just as bad as helium sometimes" I complained to Michael.

Michael rolled his eyes and replied lovingly "she's only teasing you baby"
"Don't baby me Michael your only saying that because you love her cookies" I pointed at him dramatically.

He bit down on my hand lightly and letting his big brown eyes linger on me and he crooned huskily "its not polite to point baby"

I was lost in his hypoentic eyes feeling breathless but I snapped out of it by coughing and removing my hand.
I asked about Chris, it has been awhile since we had last heard from him.
Michael responded agreeing along with me "your right it has been awhile since we last heard from him, we've been so busy with our classes we forget about him..last I heard from one of his basketball friends he had skipped a few days to go see Daniela"

I scoffed knowingly "I knew that idiot would do something so darn stupid he couldn't wait till we finish to go see her..how will he pass?"

Michael responded solemn "well love gets you to do crazy things"
I nodded in response and we spent the rest of the evening chatting before mama called us down for dinner.
The week rushed by and before I knew it was ceremony day and our escape day..I could feel dread swim in my stomach back and forth like a wrecking ball.

My nerves were on the edge and in my frustration I snapped at poor Michael a few times but he took it knowing how scared and frightened I felt now the the day we had been planning along with Marlon was here.

The ceremony day came and we both collected our certificates and the rush of emotions I knew that it was over and all my years of hard work was over and to top it off mama had agreed two days ago to allow me to go with Michael on our adventure.
The next day I felt the butterflies flip in my stomach over and over again while Michael and I were packing our remaining bags in my room.

What if Joseph catches us before we leave? What if we can't make it? What if I'm not ready to do this? These thoughts running through my mind.

"I can't do this Michael" I said to him and he turned around a look of concern in his eyes. He dropped the shirt in his hand and cupping my face in his large hands.
He responded soothingly "button you can do it"
"But what if Joseph---"

He kissed me briefly not letting me finish my sentence and said "don't worry button ok? Everything will be alright"
I nodded and he let go of my face and continued packing.
We packed everything we needed and we took the short cut beside the large oak tree and I couldn't help but pat the old withering tree that held so many memories for I and Michael.
When he didn't hear my footsteps Michael glanced back to see me standing by the tree and he called out my name and I stepped away from the tree to stand by his side.

He smiled warmly and giving my hand a squeeze we set off to the back of the park to avenue into the deep alley way.

Coming out of the alleyway we met with the dealer, he watched us from his position next to the horses inspecting us, it was down tight creepy and I definitely told Michael who agreed but we were only there for the horses nothing else.

Michael was brave enough to stand next to him and shake his cold and sweaty hand...I was glad he didn't want to shake my hand he wasn't exactly a friendly one.

His voice deeply effected in the influence of cigarettes "you look after them , these babies aren't cheap"

We both nodded and Michael talking to him for a few more minutes made an agreement. The dealer left and we were on our own.

Michael sensing how nervous I felt, grabbed my hand and pulling me towards the large animal after soothing the horse and he lifted me up to hop on. Now on the horse he gave me instructions and seconds later he was on his own horse.

Marlon's pov:
I was sitting in Joseph's car just listening to the music play from the radio, I hoped Michael and Amber had ran away in time because Joseph suddenly wanting to return home and have his lunch wasn't a good idea no matter how many times I tried to persuade him take us to a restaurant he wouldn't budge.

We were driving near the alley way when I spotted from the distance Michael and Amber on their horses.

Shit I can't let Joseph see them or he will have all our heads as his play toy! I thought panicking inwardly.

"What's up Son? Your fidgeting" Joseph suddenly asked and looking at me from the corner of his eye.

I had to think fast and all I could think of was a toilet break.

"I need to take a quick leak, I can't hold it I'll go down that alleyway I won't be long" I reasoned confidently and praying he would take the bait in.

He shrugged his shoulders and stopped the car near the alleyway and I hopped out making sure he wasn't watching I ran down the alleyway as far I could and waved frantically to them to leave.

They saw my signal and took it as an act of warning and they did on the horses riding into the deep forest, I watched till they were out of sight.

I bent down on my knees briefly and chuckled humoured and relieved to know that they were gone from here and would be safe from here and out.

I jogged back to the car and retaking my seat in the back of the car.

"I heard the sound of horses, I must be hearing things" he mumbled to himself and we drove on.

I agreed silently that yes he was losing his marbles but I wasn't ready to get a beat down and kept my mouth shut.

I looked back out the window one more time to the alleyway, an inner peace washing over me they had escaped and no longer attached to this dreadful shady business, my turn will soon come.

End Notes:

The final chapter instead of splitting it into two! Well this saga for our loveable couple is over but there is more to be seen in the sequel!...I want to thank everyone who commented and read silently (you know who you are) you kept me motivated to keep writing..



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