Unexpected by LynDreams
Summary: During her work, Katy gets to meet Michael. While having a good time, there is also a dark side of it. Will she be able to change the negative part into a positive one?
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1. Chapter 1 by LynDreams

2. Chapter 2 by LynDreams

3. Chapter 3 by LynDreams

4. Chapter 4 by LynDreams

Chapter 1 by LynDreams
Author's Notes:
(new here) This is my first story written. (not too good) Lets start of and see what can be better.
My alarmclock goes off, gosh I am tired, had so many strange dreams...
After a quick breakfast I took the train to my job, a fancy hotel where I do all kind of things.
As I put my bag in the locker I hear my boss calling me.

“Katy, would you be so kind to step into my office”, he said with a strange tone in his voice.
With some concern I followed him into his office, what is this about I thought, he never ask someone to come unless its real serious.
“Sit down katy, I want to ask you if you are able to work the nightshift next week, two nights. I trust you and rely on you. There is a important person coming to stay with his entourage, its a big deal to keep people outside. There is gonna be a lot of security and I want you to manage the hotel at night.
The main thing is to make the person as comfortable and safe as possible. Do you think you are up for this?”
“I have done this before Mark, remember?”
“Yes you did, and you did a excellent job, thats why I ask you again”, Mark said with a smile on his face.
Who is the person I asked.
“ I can tell you but you have to sign some papers to be quiet about it and its forbidden to take pictures or talk to the person”.
“Mark, you talk in mysterious ways, I will sign of course, you can trust me.”
Ok, let's do this, I'll get the paperwork, and let you in on the details Mark said.

I am familiar with those kind of papers and signed it.
“So, tell me, who is the big secret?”
Mark looked at me and said; “its Michael Jackson.” He is on his tour and picked our hotel to stay in.
My jaw dropped, “You are kidding me” I whispered.
“No, its the real deal Katy, the streets are gonna explode Im telling you, you have to make sure he gets what he needs.”
“Oh, I am gonna do everything in my power to do so, this is great, I am very excited and thank you for choosing me to do this job, you wont regret it!”
Mark let me in on all the details; time schedules, do's and don't, security, job rules and so on.
He got me time off, to have a good rest, so I am fresh and focused for when the time comes when all hell is gonna break loose in town.
Michael Jackson...my goodness....I hope to get a glimpse of him.

After my days off and be well rested, I start my nightshift.
As I get off the train I see already loads of people in front of the hotel. News spread fast I thought, look at all those fans, screaming and singing his songs. Its scary and wonderful at the same time.
I wonder how it must feel to have so many people running after you, I would have been scared to death, not be able to walk the street or do anything whatsoever....
“Is he in yet?” I asked my co worker.
“Yes he is in his room, all being taking care off, if he needs anything his personal security will ask you.” All is good so far, she said.
That night was all quiet, except for his guard to came ask for some pillows cause Michael throw them outside for his fans and he needed some more bottles of water. I did my rounds, his hallway was silent, nothing to do, there was no sign that there was a celebrity in the hotel, only some singing fans outside.
The second night was more crowded out and fans stayed all night. I did my round at three at night, as I approached Michael's hallway I hear a soft sniffing, I thought of his guard, but as I turned the corner I saw Michael walking the hallway softly crying. “Oh, sorry to bother you, is everything ok sir?”I asked.
“I am ok, he said, don't worry about me, its all good.”
“Sir, maybe I can be of any help, let me know, I am here for you.”
“You are kind, he said, wiping his tears, I just can't sleep and there is no one to talk to. And please don't say sir, I am Michael, nice to meet you, what is your name?”
“My name is Katy, nice to meet you too. Do I need to call your assistant?”
“No, no, let them sleep, Im just...I am...I don't know...”, tears filling up his eyes.
“Michael, please let me help you, I walked to him, can I give you a hug, I asked.”
He embraced me and we stood there hugging each other, my shoulder wet of his tears.
“Would you please come in, he sobbed, just for a talk.”
“I can for a while,” I said, and entered his room.
“So, talk Michael, what's up, why can't you sleep?”
“I never sleep at tours, its the adrenaline, its the stress, its the rush and anxiety. There are a lot of people around me and I feel so alone you know, its hard to explane, they all want something from me. I dont know who is real and who is not, who is my friend and who plays to be a friend, I dont trust them, they play kind but are they really kind...?”
Michael talked and talked that night. We had real intens conversations, we showed interest in each other, time went by fast. “I need to go down soon to end my shift I said, are you able to sleep for a while now?” I asked.
“Probably, could you just sit with me while I lay in bed? “
“Sure thing, just lay down, relax, I am here, I leave when you are asleep. I will scratch your back, that always helps me, maybe it works for you too.”
As he lay down, I gently stroke his back. “That feels so good”, he mumbled.
He closed his eyes and was asleep fast. I looked at him, kissed him on his forehead and said softly bye dear Michael, you are a special man, I wish you all the best.
Chapter 2 by LynDreams
I went home in a haze, thinking about our talk, he said some things that bothered me and now I feel worried about him. His touring will wear him out as he said, his anxiety building up, no sleep, but I think he have good people around him who keep him safe and healthy. I should not be worried and be happy we met and had a special time, I know the other side of him and have warm feelings about him now that I know who he is.

The next day I got a call. A onknown number...should I answer?
“Hi, is this katy?”
“Yes, who is calling?
“This is Ben, Mr Jackson's assistant, Mr Jackson is asking if you want to meet him tonight before he goes to Italy.”
“Well, I would like to say goodbye, so yes. Where do we meet up?”
“We will pick you up if you give your address, we booked a private section at a hotel, be ready at 1900.”

I still have a few hours, good! I have time to get myself dressed up.
Its nice to have a change to say goodbye and see if he is feeling better.
With my black dress, light make-up and my long black curly hair tight up I am ready to go.
Ben is taking me to a small hotel nearby, he leads me up to a corner where I see Michael.
He greets me with joy, give me a big hug and help me sit down, what a gentleman!

“Michael, how are you? Its nice to have some time to say goodbye.”
“Im fine katy, I just wanted to see you to thank you for last night. I was happy to get things of my chest, I felt safe with you. And I want to thank you for staying by my side untill I fell asleep. But, my God you look good! Do you want to have some wine? I will join you.”
“Sure, I will have a drink with you before you have to take off.”

Again we had deep talks, what a wonderful man I thought, he can talk about anything, he is just so smart, kind, humble, take interest, if only man can be like him...As the evening goes, I notice I begin to feel butterflies, his face is beyond beautiful, I drown in his eyes.
I have a feeling he likes me too, by flirting and touch my arm and he blushes too.
His assistant came to our table and said that it is time to leave.
“Katy, I don't want to leave, I really enjoy our talks and your company. But I have to. Is it ok to have your phone number, so we can stay in touch?”
“Yes, ofcourse, I love to talk to you and stay connected.”
We stood up, he gives me a hug, I kissed him on the cheeck.He looked at me and said; “I really really like you katy.” He took my face and kissed me on the lips. What soft lips...
We kissed, his tongue touches mine, that was the best kiss ever, so gentle, warm, we made out for a while, touching eachother, his hand went under my dress, touching my ass. We were almost not able to let go.
“Michael, we really need to go” his assistant said.
He walked with him, turned around and blew me a hand kiss.

I went home and tought, forget about him, it was one time only. I got back to work, life goes on, I worked hard and be busy just to forget about him. That worked. It was a week already that we said goodbye, he is busy, I am busy, its ok.
But, a few days later, my phone ring. It was Michael.
“I miss you so much, all I can think about is you. My tour will be over soon, I would like you to come to neverland for a holiday. I can show you around town, we can go out, have a great time, what do you say katy...?”
As soon as I heard his voice my heart makes a jump..its not over!
“I miss you too Michael, and yes I would love to come over. I would like to get to know you better.”
“Lets arrange a date so I can pick you up from the airport, I am so looking forward to it, we will have a good time, I can't wait my dear katy! I have my assistant make the arrangements, he will call you soon.”

After a small talk we hang up and my heart was filled with joy. Is this really the man for me? After many man who are cheating, abusing, just being bad, did I really find Mr right? The biggest star in the world, is my man? Its hard to believe. I have to take it easy, dont fall in love.
Chapter 3 by LynDreams
A few months later all arrangements were done.
I took off from work for 10 days, and I was ready to take a flight to Los Angeles.
Michael had told me a bodyguard would pick me up to take me to neverland and he would meet me there. I opened the backdoor of the black SUV with tinted windows, and got in.
“There is my sweet lady!”
“Michael, I yelled, you came to pick me up!”
We hugged and kissed and snuggled up in the backseat.
The whole way we hugged, give some kisses, talked, hugged some more, before I fell asleep, tired from the whole long trip.
Michael gently woke me up to say we have arrived.
I looked around and there was a huge gate, as we drove through a beautiful landship appeared.
“Oh, Michael what a gorgious place...”
“Wait to get to the other gate, its even more stunning”, he said.
We drove up to his house, I couldn't believe my eyes. Rides, animals, nature, a lake, swimming pool, it was all there. I got a tour through the house and he showed me my room.
The place was huge, filled with energy and love. I could feel his love for this place, it had everything he needed.

We spend a few days at neverland, having a great time. We loved to go on the rides. We got on the ferris wheel and on top he asked the worker to stop the ride. The view was incredible.
Michael took my face in his hands and kissed me. He whispered in my ear; “I am so crazy about you, the minute I saw you I felt you are the one for me.”
His lips went all over my neck, face and mouth, his tongue twirling around mine, he stroke my back, hair and then my breasts. I couldn't breath.
“Michael, stop, stop, please, I can't take it anymore, not here, not now..”
He laughed. “I know you want me,” he said with a grin. “I will have patience...for now.”

Michael had a few meetings at his house, but after those talks he was off, he went silent, mombeling in himself like; they don't care, what do they want, they want to take over, I don't want to go. He got angry at times, grumpy, and nothing I could say would lift him up.
This evening he was in a good mood. He arranged a romantic dinner for us.
Later he put some music on and asked me to dance. He softly sing in my ear, and kissed my neck.
I felt so special, I got goosebumps, I wrapt my arms around him and hold him tight.
He began to kiss me, gentle, but got wilder and wilder. He rubbed himself at me and I could feel he was getting aroused. He lifted me up and he walked to his bedroom where it was dark with candles litted. Michael took off my dress en stroked my whole body, I trembled. I took his shirt off and kissed his chest and nipples, he was gasping for air.
I sat down on the bed and unbottun his pants and took it down along with his underwear.
I touched him and stroked him. Michael was moaning. He helped me stand up and took off my underwear after that he lay me down on the bed.
He got on top of me and came in me, thrusting and twirl his pelvis, he looked me deep in my eyes with his big brown eyes flickering, his face in sweat and his long curls tickeled my face. I thought I was gonna loose it. It was magic. Suddenly he turned us around, I went on top of him, stroking his whole body, as we were thrusting together fireworks exploded. We held eachother tight and tears were running down our faces. “I love you,”we said at the same time.
Chapter 4 by LynDreams
Days were filled with love making, fun, lot of talking, but also we started to argue.
The fights were always about the people around him who wanted to take over his life.
He was more and more silent, angry, sad and when he was around, he was not really there. Only when he needed my love making he took a move.
The last day he got so angry at me he took my shoulders, shook them en yelled;
“Now you have to shut up, don't get involved, you don't know shit!”
With my eyes tearing up I said; “Listen to me Michael, I only want to help, cause I don't want to loose you, you don't see clear what people are doing to you, but I do see it. I don't want you to yell at me, or shake me up, I am fed up with this, I am not just a toy girl or someone who is only good for one thing when you need it. We need a time-out, I will leave and leave you alone for now.”
“Go then, he screamed, go and leave, like everybody else! It's over between us!”
Michael run off and slammed the door.
I cried for a while, my heart was broken. I packed up my stuff and make my way to the airport.

At home I was crying so much, how could he just brake up, we had a good thing going on.
But I knew the fights were killing us, I shouldn't get involved, that is true, but I saw him dragging into things he didn't wanna drag into. It was a big of a dream to come true, I didn't wanna be a toygirl, and say yes to all he wants. I just need time to heal and find my life again.

A few days went by. My phone was ringing, I didn't reconize the number, I let it ring.
There was a voicemail.
Michael was crying. “Katy, please, I am so sorry. I know now you are right, I fired all those people, please can you talk to me? I miss you so much. I love you. I need you. Can you forgive me for yelling at you? I am gonna change my life and do what I want, and I want you in my life. Can you please call me back my dear sweatheart? I wanna make it up to you...please...”

I thought, well I don't know...is it true, is it a phase, does he really miss ME or just a woman around? I didn't know what to do. Of course I missed him too. I was so in love, but the fights broke me.
I have to think about it, what I should do or say.
I let it be for now.
Michael did not call back that day.

The next evening there was all noise outside. I hear people in front of my house, talking, I looked out of my window, there were a bunch of people and a big car in front of my garden.
My doorbell ring. What is this all about I thought...
I opened my door and Michael was standing on my doorstep with a huge bouquet of flowers.
“Michael...o my god, what are you doing here??”
“Dear katy, he started, I am sorry for all the things I have done. I miss you, I want you in my life, I love you. “ Michael put the flowers down and went on one knee.
Nooo..nooo I thought....michael....
He got a box out of his jacket. “My sweet Katy, will you marry me?”
He opened the box, there was a ring with a big diamond in it.
I started crying, YES, YES, I yelled, O god yes. He stood up and we fell in eachothers arms.
We both cried so hard. People outside were applauding and screaming, Yeahhh yeaahhhh!!!

We moved to neverland. Michael did indeed fire the crazy people, and do what he likes, making music, videoclips, making a movie, it is great.
We still live a happy life together, our fourth baby is on its way. We want a big big family.
We will stay together, till death du us part, when we are old and grey, with a bunch of grandchildren who we can take care of.
We are the happiest people on earth.

End Notes:
A short story. My next one is better in my opinion. :-)
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