Experiment 72 by DarkestDreams

A simple plan has been put into place, in order to overturn the wars and suffering of the world, the government has decided that they needed a new species of human to to reside control: A pair of human hybrids destined to create a new line of superhumans as soilders. 

A plan so extreme and sensitive, that they had to conduct the experiment in space to prevent the public from knowing! Somewhere within a lone spaceship orbiting the moon, Luna Collins is reeled into the craziest operation of her life through the operation of creating the world's superhumans.

Faliure after failure, they finally got it.

Until they realised, they specimens are related  

Meet 72 and 62, the pair of surviving hybrids bound to become the government's wildest dreams, that is, if Luna can handle them. Especially 72. 



(Edit: Though this story has been inactive for a number of years, I plan to re-write this story. So thank you to those who actually remembered that this story still exists and continued reading regardless of how inactive it has been due to life and school. Thank you guys for still reading!!!)

The best is yet to come!

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1. Chapter 1, The Experiments by DarkestDreams

2. Chapter 2, Life or Death by DarkestDreams

3. Chapter 3, Transfusion by DarkestDreams

4. Chapter 4, Alien Eyes by DarkestDreams

5. Chapter 5, Awakening by DarkestDreams

6. Chapter 6, First Words by DarkestDreams

7. Chapter 7, Silent Breath by DarkestDreams

8. Chapter 8, Sister by DarkestDreams

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Chapter 1, The Experiments by DarkestDreams
Author's Notes:

This story is my verison of Michael's music video Scream... i hope you enjoy it!! it may be a bit crappy cause i began to write this a long time ago, but i have improved! enjoooyyyyy!!! XD

"how is he?"


"the girl?"

"stable as well"

the head leader looked up at the 2 large cases that held something very important to him and his scientists

experiment 72 and 62

72 was a grown male, he was young. and so was 62, but they say that 72 is older than 62.

they both floated lifelessly in the glass cases, filled with orange liquid. but if you fill a glass with it, it is clear, just like water

wires were attached everywhere on their bodies, along with different types of gadgets attached to them, masks with a tube attached it was stuck on their mouths to breathe. 72 wore only shorts, while 62 had to wear a bra and shorts. both skin color was brown. they were monitored 24/7, and checked on every second, cameras were attached to the lab and were focused on them at different angles, scientists on night shift watched the cameras until dawn

scientists ran around the lab, getting files, checking the monitors, experimenting, you name it.

the head leader looked out the window of the lab, who knows how much stars have passed by, the moon visible under the window. large craters and small bases could be seen. the lab is on a spaceship.

the leaders assistant came up to him "cant you believe it?" he said, eyes still locked on the scenery of stars and endless darkness

"we finally did it, we finally created a human hybrid in space"

the assistant nodded, "sir, what will happen when they wake up?"

the leader ripped his gaze off the window and picked up a file and leafed through it

"well, when they wake up, if they will ever wake. we got to teach them how to be a human, they may be hybrids in a human form, but we have to teach them how to walk, eat, identify, speak, so on. our company is depending on us so this operation will be a success"

the assistant tugged at her white coat collar. "but what will happen when we hand them over to them?"

the leader turned to her " well, that's in their hands, but they say that they will have to breed, but that's all Luna, the rest is private"

Luna sighed and walked away from her boss, will they actually force them to breed?, what will happen if they do?

she walked over to the glass cases, she stood in front of 72 for a while. she knows that he have never moved a muscle other then 62 whos moving a little. shes afraid that 62 will wake and 72 wont.

the head leader is very worried about 72, he thinks that 62 is actually going to make it, but the contract is to have both male and female to be given to the company they work with, if the girl is just given and the boy is not. we are going to go bankrupt and out of business for sure.

Luna placed her fingertips on 72's glass case, she watched him float in the orange water. his head rested on his right shoulder, the tube from his mask traveled behind him to a special tank. Luna carefully watched his chest slowly rise and fall. he looked handsome, even when he never moved a limb yet

a beeping sound came from 62 that attracted the whole crew of scientists on board.

"shes moving!" one cried out

Luna went over to the small crowd of scientists, she told them to calm down, but they seemed hyped about 62's vital signs. Luna could see her fingers moving. the scientists chattered excitedly to each other about 62 while 72 just stood alone with no one knowing if he will do anything yet, or will never do anything

as the scientists went back to their duties, Luna went over to check 72's vital screen that stood beside his case.

she entered the password and checked his signs. heartbeat: stable. breathing: stable. vital signs: in process

Luna sighed and left the lab and into her small office. she sat at her desk full with gadgets and science instruments.

computers stood on beside her desk, 2 of them were shots from the cameras angled at 72 and 62. Luna was in the process of examining both 62 and 72's DNA. she held out 2 test tubes with a small amount of blood in them. both had labels saying whos blood is whos.

"well here goes nothing"

Luna placed a single drop on a glass slide and gently placed them in the machine. the machine hummed and the screen popped up with both DNA being examined.

30 minutes later a final result came up on the screen. Luna yawned and closed her novel. she turned to the screen, her eyes nearly popped out their sockets. she looked at both the DNA strands. then at the bottom screen it read. RELATED

on 72's strand at the bottom screen it read, B
on 62's strand it read S

Luna held her chest and looked at both strands again, and again, and again. until she had no choice but to give in

72 and 62 were brother and sister

End Notes:

i hope you guys were satisfied and yet even determined to know what happened next! :D i shall post moer chapters soon

Chapter 2, Life or Death by DarkestDreams

life or death

Luna didint know what to say to her boss, if he heard that 72 and 62 are brother and sister then he is going to me very mad. he wanted them to breed, but now its impossible for the to, they have the same blood

she didint want to say the results to her boss, or else there would be major trouble for her, her boss would keep asking her 'whats the results?' then he will get suspicious and do a test himself

Luna walked out of her office and began to head over to her bosses office. a million questions flooded her mind

will the boss cancel the experiment?
will he keep it going even though they cant breed?

a question that still remained in Luna's mind that scared her the most
will he kill 72 and 62?

Luna stood outside her bosses office. a large handle stood on the door. 'why does a handle have to be so big? i mean its just an office' Luna thought

she grabbed hold of the cold metal to her hands. the thought of 72 and 62's glass cases came to her mind. he took a deep breath and opened the door, clutching the results in her hands


Luna's boss looked up from his computer, he put it to sleep and signaled her to come in

Luna walked in slowly, clutching the folder containing the results to her chest. her hands shook as she clutched the fate of the 2 experiments who she witness seeing being created to what they are now. Luna cannot see them die because they cant breed, she wants them to live. the other experiments that was attempted to create the human hybrid in space went wrong many times. that's why it took 62 tries to get 62. and 72 tries to get 72.

"ah Luna, i have great news!" he boss said, but Luna had bad news, but at least its good for the 2 experiments

"you see, i just came in contact with the IHS Inc (International Hybrid Science) and i told the director about 62's progress"

Luna froze "what about 72?"

her boss shrugged " he didint ask about him, he was more interested of 62"

the memory about 72 not surviving came into Luna's mind, she shuddered at the thought

"Luna? are you ok?"

Luna looked down at the folder

"Sir... if 72 and 62 cannot breed... we wont kill them right?"

her boss thought about the question for a while

"well, if they cant breed then the company will be furious with us, they will cut us out of the contract and hire another company for the job. i mean, they did give us the right DNA to create them right? and no, we will not kill them they must be the first human hybrids to survive! dont you see how much tries failed just to create them?"

her boss saw the folder in her hands "oh, is that the results?"

he reached out for them when Luna pulled away

"uh, no sir! its just, um, a few files about the experiments"

"but it says 'RESULTS' on it" her boss added in

before Luna could say anything, her boss snatched the folder away like ifs its a contract for a million dollars. the contract they had now was 2 million

Luna turned away the moment the folder opened. her bosses smiled faded into a serious look.

"sir?" she asked looking back

she saw her boss read over the results and dropped it, the page that read the results flew out of the folder and landed right at Luna's feet.

a wave of terror came over Luna as her boss jumped out of his chair and head towards the door at a fast pace. "sir please!" she cried

she followed him into her office and he took a look at the computer display, showing the same thing Luna gave him.

"sir please listen" Luna said

he was out the door instantly, Luna kept on his tracks pleading for him to listen.

they both entered the lab were 72 and 62 were kept, scientists doing their job.

"sir you cant do this!" Luna cried, tears began to spill down her eyes and down her cheeks, she grabbed into her bosses arm but he roughly pulled away.

scientists ran out of the bosses way as he headed to 72s case. Luna beagn screaming and crying for him to stop. all the scientists in the room stared.

then he suddenly stopped

Luna looked at her boss then at 72, he stood motionless in the case. the only sign of life was the beeping of the heart monitor and his breathing in the mask

"sir dont" Luna cried

her boss stared at 72 then at 62. he then saw a lever attached to 72 case. 62 had the same attache to hers. it was to drain the liquid in the case. though, liquid will drain automatically when he wakes up, but doing so too early could kill him, the liquid was the only source of warmth for him and 62. draining it now will make him freeze to death. the lever was only installed if he died in the case too early.

Luna watched in horror as he walked up to the lever, thinking that he will end 72's life now.


her boss gave Lina a sharp stare that made her wince, she knew that she was not allowed to call out his real name

Blank looked at the lever. thoughts came in and out of his head. not knowing what to do. 72 was not moving at all while 62 is. he might be ill or worse. killing him now could be a big no no for the contract and it could cause bankruptcy to the company. but if he was to die now, why not end the pain?. its almost like putting down a dog with an incurable disease.

Blank looked at Luna then at 72. he sighed and silently walked away from the case, away from Luna and away from the lab. wanting to get some alone time to think

Luna took a sigh of relief, knowing that 72 will be safe. when a beeping came from one of the cases

thinking that it would be 72, it actually came from 62's case.

scientists crowded the case excitedly, leaving poor 72 alone again. Luna walked over to see her head was moving. she took a look at the monitor beside 62's case and saw an image of a blue body with the head and hands lit up with red. showing what part she was moving.

72's monitor? nothing

Chapter 3, Transfusion by DarkestDreams


after Blank went back to his office he video called the chief and head leader of the IHS

"hey Conor, you there?" Blank asked

"hello Blank, how is everything"

Blank sighed "sir, we have a little problem"

there was a silence between the call "what is it then? did one of them die?"

"no sir, its just that they are related"

silence "RELATED???" Conor boomed "thats brother and sister right?"

"yes sir"

there was a sigh at the end of the line "but, we are supposed to create hybrids who can breed! not related species! didnt we give you the right DNA for the experiment?"

Blank didint want to argue with the head leader, doing so would be a big problem with the deal "um yes you did, but i dont understand why they are related. Luna did a test with them and it came out related"

Luna was passing by Blanks office to her office when she heard her name being said. Luna found out that her boss is talking to the head leader of the contract. so she decided to eavesdrop on the conversation. sinc ethe head leader was specking so loud, as always

"well then, how are they?"

Blank sighed "62 is just fine, she moving a bit and there might be signs of her waking up soon"

"and 72?"

"well, you see... 72 hasn't moved yet"

"WHAT??!!?!" Blank winced at his boss yelling, getting him angry is very bad

"not even a muscle?"

"no sir"

Conor placed a hand on his head with a groan, Blank knew he had to speak up

"well, we are trying to find out why he not moving... but im not sure why 62 is moving and he is not, there was no signs of him being ill"


Luna gasped and basked away from the door. now she knows why Blank has been so serious with 72 and 62. this is their only chance to get the experiment right. if 72 doesn't wake up, they will kill 62 as well. and its all for money, just what Blank wants.

Luna ran back into her office to do another blood test, maybe they are not related, it may be the machines fault. Luna took another sample from both test tubes with shaking hands. she inserted the slides into the machine and waited impatiently. it came out as related. Luna began to do more and more tests with the blood. but every time the screen read:

suddenly Blank came into Luna's office. Luna almost dropped 62's blood when he came in.

"hey Luna" he said with no expression

"you are going to kill 62 if 72 dont survive?!?!" she spat out. she slapped a hand over her mouth.

Blank chuckled "no Luna, i will not kill her if 72 don't survive"

"but you want the money dont you?" she spat out again. she slapped her other hand over her mouth

"well, it is alot of money though. i cannot refuse this offer Luna. but if the boss wants 62 then he will get 62, each one costs a million"

'so he does want the money' Luna thought. Blank gave her a stern look "you are not supposed to be eavesdropping on our conversation Luna, i could fire you for that but-"

he held out about $100 "i can forget about that for now"

Luna looked at the money, then turned away, disgusted "i dont want the money" she hissed

Blank shrugged "suit yourself' he said, placing the money away in his lab coat. "speaking of suit... the head leader is coming to the ship today in a few minutes, he has something for 72. look presentable"

and with that he walked out of Luna's office.
everyone was lined up for the head leader to come. Luna stood beside Blank. he grinned as the head leader came in through the doors along with 2 HUGE bodyguards and a few other scientists. Luna forced herself to make a straight face, but she wanted to get away from Blank as soon as possible.

Conor was dressed in a crisp, sharp suit along with a lab coat the same as Blank's over the suit. his hair was pulled back with gel and he looked like all that and a cup of tea

"Blank!" he said with open arms as he hugged Luna's boss like if they haven't met for years. Luna tried not to scowl

"and sweet dear Luna, looking as pretty as ever" Conor grinned

Luna forced a smile "hello chief" Luna was ordered to call him chief.

Conor smiled witch disgusted Luna, 'he shouldn't be smiling when he wants to kill 72 and 62 just for money' Luna thought

"now!" Conor said clapping his hands. startling Luna a little. "lets see our specimens"

Luna didint like his behavior, thinking that everything is ok but its not for the 2 experiments

Luna followed Blank and Conor into the lab were 72 and 62 were kept. a wicked grin spread across Conors face when he saw them.

he walked up to 62 first and examined her "looks very healthy, heart rate is stronger than i expected" he said glancing at the monitor. "ah, and she has been moving i see!"

Luna groaned, Blank nudged her to be quiet

when Conor walked over to 72 a strike of terror hit Luna, thinking that he might point out a flaw or so

except he just stared at him in the glass case. 72's breathing and heart rate slowed as Conor stared at 72. "you know his vital signs are slower other than 62" he said, he shook his head "not a good sign". Luna knew that 72 could have sensed Conor, knowing that he is bad.

scientists taking care of 72 chatted to each other worriedly. talking about what might be wrong with 72.

"but!" Conor said. causing the chatter to stop between the scientists. he pulled out a huge syringe filled with navy blue liquid with some signs of purple and small specks of orange. "this will help 72 out, do a transfusion on him and he will be just fine"

Luna shuddered, she cant trust this man. she had a feeling that something would go wrong if 72 had a transfusion. other transfusions made him healthy, but one form this man, something might go wrong.

Blank took the syringe and examined it. he smiled "thank you, i hope this will help him out". Conor grinned "oh, it will help him out, indeed"

Luna frowned

"oh, i have to be at a meeting, good bye Blank" he said rushing out the door at a fast pace that made the body guards and his scientists run after him, that left Luna suspicious

he handed the syringe to Luna, she winced when she saw the liquid in it.

"here Luna, since you want 72 to survive so badly, why dont you do the transfusion?"

"umm, no no its ok. i dont want to mess up" Luna stammered

Blank raised an eyebrow "but you have done many successful transfusions, why not this one?"

Luna shook her head, making her long white hair fly all over the place "no no, im a bit shaky, see im nervous about 72's health and i dont want to mess up this"

Blank stared at her for a while and shrugged "oh well, i guess ill do it"

Luna bit her lip, Blank has done many successful transfusions, but she was still afraid of 72 dying from it

Blank waked over to 72's tank while all the scientists crowded around excitedly. Luna in the front of it. he removed a knob that opened up to a strong rubber attachment that could lead access to 72's body. sticking your finger through it, you could touch his arm

Blank carefully placed the syringe through the rubber. Luna watched as the syringe gently touched 72's arm. "needle going in" Blank said, pressing a button of the transfusion device that held the syringe. Luna felt her heart thundering against her chest when she saw 72's eyes squeeze a little from the needle.

"transfusion going in"

Luna wanted to cry out, but it was too late, she watched in horror as the liquid pushed its way into 72, until the syringe was empty.

Blank carefully pulled the syringe out of 72's arm and closed the opening of the case

Luna wanted to cry

Bank sighed and removed the syringe from the device and handed it to Luna, making her stare at it in horror. seeing some of 72's blood on the needle and to her surprise. a small amount of liquid was left. she had to examine it.

suddenly there was a beep from one of the monitors

everyone thought i came from 62, but it didint... it came from 72

everyone gasped, excited chatter filled the room. Luna's eyes widened when she saw his fingers twitch then slowly move.

Blank took out a camera and snapped a few pictures "i cant believe it" he said in awe

soon 72's arms began to move, then his legs, this his head. the excitement grew intense. Blank snapped more and more pictures while Luna... knew something bad was going to happen

she saw the look on his face that looked like he was in pain, lots of pain

a muffled moan came from him. everyone got ready for the case to drain, but nothing happened.

everyone stopped talking and stood in shock as his features began to change. his cheek bones heightened and he turned deadly pale.

the he screamed through the mask, everyone gasped as it looked like his brown skin was being eaten away into paler skin. everyone ran into their positions and typed furiously into their screens, trying to see whats wrong. Blank's camera dropped to the ground. both Blank and Luna was frozen in their places

72 began to squirm and flail in the case, screaming and moaning. the process was getting faster. his brown skin began to fade into blotches as white, paler skin took their places. 72 was now kicking and punching at the case in pain.

suddenly a beeping sound cam from 62's monitor, she was in pain too. they both had the same blood, so she must be feeling the same thing what he is feeling.

Luna saw that around her eyes began to grow darker. a scientists ran to her monitor to help her

Luna ran to his monitor and tried to calm him down desperately. no matter how much she tried he still wouldn't calm down. Luna began to cry for him, screaming his name and telling him that it was going to be ok. Blank just stood watching the whole transformation happen.

then it was all quiet.

72's arms drooped down and so did his legs and head. back to the original pose he had for a long time. 62 did the same thing.

Luna screamed when she saw the vital signs in the monitor

"hes dead"

Chapter 4, Alien Eyes by DarkestDreams

alien eyes

a dreadful silence filled the lab

now that 72 is gone.... will 62 be next?

muffled cries came from a few scientists, mostly girls. some shook their head in disbelief, some still tried to revive 72

Luna stood expressionless, still staring at 72 monitor. hoping a pulse would appear on the screen, biting her lip so she wont tart bawling her eyes out in front of everyone

Blank stared at the motionless 72 in the case. then looked at 62, who looked just fine, except for her eyes, which was now dark like if she overdid the eye shadow

he looked back the 72, his chest going up and down from the shocks he was getting from the scientists, still desperately trying to revive him.

until Blank snapped


those words struck Lunas heart deeply

everyone was suddenly silent again, the girls leaned on their friends for comfort. while the boys backed away from Blank, the ones trying to revive 72 stepped away from the panels like if it was suddenly swarmed with spiders

Blank sighed "everyone, just.... go back to your stations, nothing have happened. and dont say a word to the public"

Blank scooped up his camera and walked out of the lab like if he just did a murder and left the room like if nothing happened. unfortunately, that is what happened a nano second ago

Luna was in her office, bawling her eyes out. she didnt even want to see 72 in this state, not ever. no, she don't ever want to see him again

a small picture caught Luna's burning eyes. it was dark but she could see herself holding something. someone. 72, when he was a child, before he grew up in the glass case. she could remember Blank holding 62 as well. Luna was in charge of 72 while Blank was in charge of 62. could it be in his heart to let her survive?

it was nighttime where the ship is flying now. and everyone was asleep, monitors keeping track of 62. Luna dont know if 72's monitor is shut down.

something told Luna to go see 72 one last time, since she has been with him ever since.

Luna gave in and headed towards the lab were 72 and 62 were held. the plain white hallways were dimly lit to save energy

Luna looked away the moment the automatic doors slid open.no one was in the lab. she walked towards the glass cases, her gaze still on the ground.

Luna stopped infront of 72's case the only source of light came from the blue monitors and the cases. a light lit up the case, making it glow orange. 62's case glowed, while 72's didn't

his case was draped over with a large cloth. Luna blindly pulled it down. revealing 72, still floating in the case. wires and his mask are still on. Luna could remember whenever one of their experiments died, they would give the species a last chance over night to revive. none of them came back. and each one was draped over with a large beige cloth

Luna forced herself to look at 72. his whole body was now a pale white. like a ghost. his chin was at his chest. dead and lifeless

Luna was not stupid, but she knew speaking to a dead species is crazy.

"hey 72" she said softly so no one would hear "you know, about today. i knew how you felt"

she placed her fingertips on the cold glass

"i saw you when the head boss came up to you, you knew he was a bad man. it wasnt Blank who killed you, it was Conor"

Luna pressed on the glass

"Blank just wanted to help you, he just didnt know what to do"

"you see, he just wanted to sell you when you awaken with 62. he was going to give you to the head boss. i didn't want that to happen"

Luna pressed her head on the cold glass

"forgive me 72, i tried" Luna said, tears beginning to well up in her eyes

a tear fell from her cheek "forgive me 72, you dont know how much i love you"

Luna began to cry when a beep made her stop, it was 72's monitor

Luna gasped and checked it, a small pulse came from it. Luna felt her heart lighten

a breath came from the mask, followed by a movement.

Luna saw that his fingers were moving. her eyes widened

hes alive

suddenly someone entered into the lab, it was Blank

"i saw something happening to 72, i came as fast as i can" he said running up to the case. his jaw dropped when he saw 72's fingers

"impossible" he breathed as he checked the monitor. a strong, yet weak pulse came from 72.

"sir hes alive!!!!" Luna shrieked

"but how?" Blank said looking at 72, he could see his eyes moving under his eyelids.

Luna calmed down a little, but she couldn't keep her excitement in

"i-i dont know, i was talking to him and he somehow revived" she slapped a hand to her mouth

Blank looked at her "you spoke to him?"

Luna blushed and nodded, looking at the floor

a big grin came across Blank's face "well Luna, you have some talent" he said

as Luna went back to her room, she couldn't stop smiling. she actually revived 72 by speaking to him.

as Luna laid on her bed, she knew that 72 must have had a little bit of strength and heard her. she smiled and fell asleep at that thought

in her dream she was teaching 72 how to walk, Luna held him around the waist in full clothing, he kept looking at Luna with alien like eyes and a small smile spread across his face

Chapter 5, Awakening by DarkestDreams


Luna moaned as her alarm clock went off, she blindly slapped the stop button and got out of her bed and changed to her lab coat

"good morning ms Luna" one scientist said as she walked down the blank hallways, only thing in the hallways were windows showing the scenery of deep space and a million stars

Luna entered the lab were 72 and 62 were held, a few scientists were up though it was only the beginning of the day, time zones are different in outer space, even when you are circling the moon.

Luna silently said good morning to the 2 specimens, she grinned as she stood in front of 72's case. healthy, but back to that boring pose again

a few more scientists entered the lab followed by Blank. all of the scientists were astonished to see 72 still alive. some congratulated each other, some just went to their duties.

a sudden beeping noise filled the room, scientists went crazy to see 62 moving again. but 72 got some attention this time

"my god, 72 moved?" one girl said. people began to crowd around her, wanting a glimpse of 72's screen. they chatted eagerly as Luna broke them up.

another beeping noise came, everyone turned to see that it didint come from 62, it came from 72. Luna looked up to see his head was moving, strong vital signs came from him

"dear god hes waking up" Luna breathed

everyone crowded around his case as Luna pushed her way through the crowd. Blank was at the very back.

the case shook a little, then it began to drain. Luna watched his feet touch the bottom of the case, his eyes still closed.

"towels, towels!!" Luna commanded as she proceeded up to 72.

the case opened up with a hiss, his knees buckled and fell, but Luna caught him in time. she gasped feeling his warm body. his head moved then his eyes opened. he looked up at Luna making her eyes widen

his eyes were chocolate brown, but a white ring surrounded his pupils. Luna giggled to see his eyes were so wide and innocent.

72 watched in curiosity as she took off the wires from his body and took off his mask. "there, you must have been uncomfortable with those on for so long"

a scientist handed her some towels and Luna placed one over his shoulders and around his waist.

"bring a cot, he cant walk yet" Luna ordered.

scientists scrambled to get a cot for 72 as he looked around at the people around him. he looked scared of so much people around him.

Luna patted his shoulder "its ok, they are friendly" 72 tilted his head

when a cot came, scientists came over to help 72 on but thought that they were going to attack him and 72 clutched onto Luna. she rubbed his hand and 72 seemed to relax. a male scientist picked 72 off the ground making him panic a little. but when he was on the cot he relaxed a bit, but only of Luna was around.

Luna ran along the scientists who pushed the cot to the examination room. she scolded at them if they went too fast because of 72 laying on the cot watching the lights go by as the cot went down the hallway

when Luna, 72 and the other scientists entered the examination room. everyone rushed to attach wires to 72 making him panic again. Luna made sure she was in 72's sight as the scientists worked. he stared at Luna innocently with his brown eyes making Luna smile.

"Luna he is very healthy, though he needs a little injection" one scientist said to her

"show me the syringe" Luna barked. she knew that she dont want 72 to go through the same thing like what happened to him during the transfusion

after Luna examined the syringe a scientist held up the needle to 72, making his eyes widen in fear.

"its ok, its just a pinch then it will be over"

72 calmed down a little, he winced in pain as the needle went in. Luna placed a small bandage on his arm

"there its over" Luna said. 72 smiled a little

after 72's procedure was over Luna placed a thin blanket over 72. he touched the fabric in curiosity, rubbing it against his fingers

Luna went down to face 72. he stared at Luna.

"you will be here for a while, but ill be here if you need me" she reached over and touched his long curly hair

72 smiled "l-lu-na"

Luna smiled hearing his voice for the first time. she couldn't believe how soft and gentle it was

"yes! im Luna"

"Luna?" 72 said pointing to me

Luna pointed to herself "Luna", "im Luna"

72 pointed to himself "Luna?"

Luna giggled "no, not Luna"

Luna watched as 72 reached over and touched her white hair with his pale fingers.

"hair" Luna said

72 tilted his head in confusion.

Luna sighed and got up, "you get some rest ill come back in a couple of minutes"

72 watched Luna walk out of the room. he blinked as the automatic doors slid shut


Chapter 6, First Words by DarkestDreams
first words
"how is he?" Blank asked Luna who just entered the lab

"he's ok, he is speaking now"

Blanks eyes widened "speaking? what do you mean speaking? he just woke up"

Luna shrugged, "i guess he over heard us and learned a few things"

Luna looked over at 72's case that was now being cleaned, a scientist came over to Luna and Blank holding a small test tube of 72's blood, a blood test was part of the procedure

"sir, we did a blood test on him, we still dont know why he has transformed like that"

Blank took the tube in his hands, surprising of how warm it is

"then find out why" Blank barked

the scientist nodded and ran back to his station

"it was that transfusion"

Blank looked over at Luna, who's eyes were locked on the test tube in Blank's hands

"here take it, you are responsible of him" Blank said holding out the test tube

Luna frowned and took it from his hands

"its both our responsibility for him" Luna said holding up the tube

Blank shrugged and walked away

Luna knew that something was not right, he was dying to create both 72 and 62, and now that he has them... its not his responsibility anymore? its just like pleading for a pet and never feeding it when you get it

Luna looked at the tube filled with 72's blood, she knew that she needed to find out why he changed
Luna headed back to the room 72 was in. the moment she entered Blank was there. hovering over a resting 72, curled up in the blanket Luna gave him

Luna knew not to talk back to her boss, but how badly she wanted him away from 72


Blank tore his gaze away from 72 and onto Luna, he smirked

"fine creature isnt he?"

'hes no creature' Luna thought

Luna watched Blank reach down and touch 72's hair. 72 stirred in his sleep

Blank grinned and reached down to hold 72's face, suddenly, 72's eyes opened

they both stared at each other for a while when Blank moved away from 72, 72 locked his eyes on Luna, wanting to be with her

"some eyes he got there" Blank said gazing at the machines that were around 72

Luna felt 72's eyes on her. she waited until Blank left the room to be with 72

"hey there, had a good sleep?" Luna said

72 stared at her, she could see that he was angry

"d-dont like" 72 said, his voice almost a whisper

"what dont you like?" Luna asked

72 pointed to the door

"you dont like the door?"

72 shook his head and jerked his finger at the door again

"oh you dont like him"

72 nodded

"dont like" he repeated

"yea, i dont like him either" Luna agreed with him

Luna took out some items from a drawer and held a small flashlight up to 72's eyes

"stay still" Luna said as she flashed the light into his eyes

Luna watched his eyes as she shone the light into them, 72 stood still as he watched

"good, now follow" Luna said shining the light in a different direction, his eyes followed every direction Luna gave

"fast learner" Luna said, as she was about the put the flash light away, 72 gently picked it up from her hands

"hey give it back" Luna said

72 ignored her and fiddled with it

gently, Luna grabbed the flashlight form his hands and pulled it away

"give" she said.

"g-give' 72 repeated

Luna smiled and placed the flashlight into his hands again

"give" she said, and 72 gave her the flashlight

Luna smiled, knowing that he has learned his first command, but he has many more to learn and do.

"Luna" he whispered


"like" he said pointing at her

"like me?" Luna said

72 nodded

Luna placed the covers back on him, 72 held it in his hands

"blanket" Luna said

"b-blanket?" 72 said

Luna nodded "yes blanket"

72 smiled and closed eyes, Luna pulled the blanket closer to him

"get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow" Luna said as she watched 72 doze off in another sleep.

Luna headed back into her office and laid down on her bed. thoughts about 72 filed her head. she knew that she had to find out how 72's DNA has been altered, and the transfusion was the only answer
Chapter 7, Silent Breath by DarkestDreams
silent breath

thoughts about 72 coudnt get out of Luna's head

she knew she had to find a way to try to cure 72

though it felt like it was virtually impossible, his DNA is already altered, altering it again would seriously harm him

Luna pulled herself out of bed and took out the syringe that held a small amount of the transfusion.

she wanted to destroy it, but she had to know what was in the substance

Luna turned on a different machine, a machine that could read what was in a drug, even a transfusion

she took the smallest amount only leaving the tiniest drop in the syringe, she gasped when the syringe suddenly cracked in her hand. a fake transfusion syringe. Luna felt something suspicious was going on

she inserted the small drug sample into the machine, she watched the screen read: PROCESSING, PLEASE WAIT 23:59

a transfusion sample would take a day, though Luna wanted answers immediately

Luna felt her eyes droop, she scratched behind her head and yawned looking at the time


it was too late to do a scan on 72's blood, so Luna slipped back under the covers of her bed and fell into a nightmarish sleep

in her dream she was in the examination room, where 72 was. on the floor was covered in blood, Luna gasped as she saw a series of scalpels cover the floor and on the counters, the machines that surrounded the table where 72 laid were all smashed, some on the floor, sparking violently. one screen was on though, on the screen a fresh bloody hand print was the main thing that worried Luna. she gasped when she saw the fright of her life, 72 sat on the floor, curled up in a ball, facing to the wall, on his back were more than 12 cuts, his blood oozed out his back and beside him was a scalpel, before he could turn around the dream faded
Luna gasped as she forced herself out of the dream before 72 could look at her, she didint want to see anymore

"just a dream, just a dream" Luna repeated herself, breathing heavily.

she looked up at the machine that was scanning the transfusion


Luna got out of bed and slipped on her lab coat, she immediately ran to the examination room.

when she entered she saw a few scientists taking down 72's vital signs, Luna sighed in relief that her nightmare wasn't real

one of the scientists looked up at Luna

"oh good morning Ms Luna" she said

"morning" Luna said walking over to where 72 laid. she smiled to see him still alive.

"how is he?"

"he is just fine, vital signs are stable and healthy"

"what about 62? any signs yet?"

"yes, she might wake up today, there is many movements from her" the scientist said

after the scientists left the room, Luna dragged a stool over to 72 and waited for him to wake up.

a few moments later Luna smiled when she watched 72 stir, she watched him open his alien like eyes and he stared at her

"morning sleepyhead, had a good rest?"

72 nodded, getting up from the table

he placed a hand on his head

"strange sight" 72 said, he is learning more words

"you had a dream then" Luna said


"yes you have one when you sleep"

72 tilted his head

Luna giggled

"ok now we have to go through a few things with you"

Luna tested on 72 senses, 72 didint mind the process with a bunch of wires stuck on him

Luna sighed as she took off the wires, 72 rubbed his arm

"are you ok?"

"coming" he whispered looking down, looking disturbed

"who is?"

suddenly the door opened, Blank entered the room

72 looked away from him

Blank snickered when he saw 72

"scared of me eh?" he said

72 stood silent

Blank walked over to him and tilted his chin up, Luna could tell that 72 wanted to be away from him

72 tensed when he felt Blank touch him, though, he didint react

Blank grinned and pulled away from 72

"hows his senses?"

"they are just fine sir" Luna said

Blank snatched the results sheet from Luna's hands, he scanned through it and gave it back to her. without another word, he left

Luna turned to 72 who was now staring at her, innocence filled his eyes

"how did you know he was coming?" Luna asked

72 was silent for a moment

"i-i felt him"

before Luna could say anything her pager beeped, making 72 jump a little

"easy now, im just being called" Luna said

Luna placed a hand on 72's shoulder he looked at her hand in curiosity

"ill be back, dont move ok?"

Luna quickly left to do her duty, but when she came back into the examination room, 72 was gone

Luna began to panic "what the-"

she jumped when she heard a small clatter, checking to see what it was, Luna's eyes widened of what she saw

72 was on the floor, a drawer was open and in 72's hands was a small container of scalpels

the memory of the nightmare flashed through Luna's mind

"72! STOP!!" Luna shrieked

72 nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of Luna's voice, the container of scalpels flew out of his hands and spilled open on the floor, the metallic sound echoed the room.

72 screamed and lunged into Luna's arms, Luna held him tightly as she watched the scalpels settle on the floor

"72, what was that for?" Luna scolded at him

72 didint respond, he was breathing very fast on Luna's shoulder, his eyes wide with terror. Luna felt him shaking like a leaf in her arms

"72, answer me!" Luna said

72 rapidly shook his head, his long black curls flying all over the place. suddenly he began to gasp for air

"oh god no"

Luna quickly reached for the oxygen mask, still holding the poor specimen in her arms

72 began to flail as Luna tried to place the mask on him

"72 stop! please!! im trying to help you!!"

tears began to stream down Luna's eyes

"im begging you! PLEASE!"

finally Luna managed to place the mask over 72's face. she watched him begin to calm down as she took his pulse.

"stay with me, stay with me" Luna repeated under her breath

72 looked into Luna's eyes then his eyes slowly closed

Luna pressed the pager on her waist

"i need help, 72 needs attention" Luna called into her radio

Luna watched 72's chest as he breathed into the mask, waiting for assistance

"dont give up on me" he said to him, wiping a tear away
Chapter 8, Sister by DarkestDreams
Author's Notes:

if you ever heard or seen of the movie MAMA, you can see where i got my inspiration from 72 repeating his sister's name X3 new character! yay!

Luna waited impatiently outside the room where 72 was being treated. The other scientists claimed that he suffered a panic attack, even worse, his lungs are not working properly.

Luna looked at her watched and let out a frustrated sigh, she did not want to leave the helpless hybrid, but the other scientists ‘politely’ dragged her out of the room.

She looked at the door, being guarded by a buff looking scientist. Brendon, the one who lifted 72 onto the cot when he first woe up.

“Brendon, let me through!” Luna snapped for the tenth time. Brendon shrugged “im sorry miss Luna, but I was told to guard while 72 is being treated….” . Luna nearly flipped.

“WHAT?? IM in charge of 72’s heath! And IM supposed to be in there, helping them treat him!” Luna shrieked. Brendon just sighed, like if nothing happened.

“im sorry miss, but its my duty…. Im afraid” he said. Luna seemed to calm down a little, but was still anxious to see 72.

Finally a female scientist exited the room, Luna immediately questioned her on 72’s status.

“hes doing just fine miss Luna” The scientist soothed “we did a few checks on him, and his lungs are not stable, so we are refining him to an oxygen tank until the lungs get adjusted”

Luna let out a frustrated sigh, “let me see him” she said, her voice sharp.

The scientist moved aside for Luna to enter the room. Luna’s eyes immediately went to 72, asleep on the cot, an oxygen mask covering his mouth, almost like the same one he wore while he was still in the glass case.

“he is sleeping alot, isn’t he?” Luna claimed looking down at the specimen. Luna watched 72 breathe heavily into the mask, his chest expanding.

“everyone is dismissed” Luna said, keeping her gaze on 72. As the other scientists left the room , Luna gently stroked 72’s long, curly hair. She thought of him as a newborn baby, so gentle and learning new things.

72 began to sir a little before opening his eyes, turning his head slowly to Luna, he smiled weakly.

“Luna” he whispered. Luna couldn’t help but to beam proudly.

“hey buddy, feeling ok?” she asked. 72 didn’t respond, instead, he reached over and touched Luna’s white hair, suddenly giving it a rough tug.

Luna winced and pulled away from 72, the hybrid watching her carefully. “hair” he said softly, finally beginning to understand.

“yes hair, but no pull” Luna said as she approached he specimen, 72 tried to grab her making Luna jump back again.

“c-coming” he said, his eyes widening. Luna looked into his chocolate brown eyes, innocence was all she can see.

“who is? Blank?” Luna asked, looking to the door as if expecting him to barge in any second. 72 shook his head.
“sister” 72 whispered, suddenly getting up. Luna stared at him , bewildered. “sister” 72 repeated swinging his legs off the cot. Luna knew what he was going to do and tried to stop him, 72 pushed her away like if he never knew her.

“sister” he said again, pushing himself off the cot. Luna cried out when he fell to his knees, the oxygen mask tearing off his face.

“sis-sis-sisstterr” 72 croaked, trying to gasp for air. Luna quickly grabbed the mask, tilted his head up and strapped it on him again. 72 took in a large breath of air from the mask, and looked into Luna’s eyes.

“please…” he said softly. Luna shook her head. “no 72, not now, sister is not ready yet” she said, panic in her voice. 72’s eyes squeezed shut “sister!” he cried trying to get out of Luna’s arms. Luna didn’t know what to do, why was he calling for his sister now? 62 is not awake yet. Suddenly Luna’s radio buzzed on, silencing the pleading specimen.

“miss Luna!” a voice said from the other line “its 62! She is waking up!”

Luna could hear the alarm from the monitor’s from the other line. It was true, 62 is waking up.

Luna looked at 72, knowing he must have sensed her waking up. “sister” he whispered to her, his eyes screaming to see his sister.

“alright, sister is ready” Luna said. Brendon suddenly came in the room.

“miss! 62 is-“ before Brendon can say the rest he spotted Luna and 72 on the ground. “oh my! What happened? Is he ok?” he cried kneeling down to them. 72 flinched and hid his face in Luna’s lab coat.

“hes ok, he tried to get off the cot to see his sister” Luna said looking at 72, resting in her arms. She looked at Brendon. “Brendon, this is an order, I want you to try and strap that oxygen tank to you and carry 72 to the lab” she said. Brendon did just what he was told. He strapped the tank to his back and reached down to pick up 72. 72 tensed and moved away from Brendon, fearing he might hurt him.

“don’t worry pal, I wont hurt ya” he soothed. 72 looked at Luna, then at Brendon. Finally relaxing, Brendon scooped the specimen into his large arms. 72 unbelievably light.

“sister” 72 said to Brendon. Luna sighed and headed towards the door “we better hurry, or he wont stop saying sister until the end of time”

Luna and Brendon ran down the white hallways, passing starry windows and rooms, until they finally reached the lab. A group of scientists were gathered around 62’s case, just like what they did to 72 when he woke up. 62 was moving all right.

“not again” Luna sighed, approaching the crowd of excited scientists. One of the turned around and spotted 72 being held in Brendon’s arms. He said something to the crowd and they began to move away, making a clear entrance for Luna to pass through. Everyone looked at 72, who was not interested in the scientists stares, his eyes were glued to the glass case where his sister was being held.

“sister” 72 whispered as Brendon made his way through the crowd. Luna stood in front of the case as it slowly drained.

With a sharp hiss, the case opened. 62 stood there for a moment , her eyes still closed. Until her knees buckled and fell into Luna’s arms, some of the wires ripping off her body as she fell. Luna carefully removed the oxygen mask and wrapped a few towels around her.

72 began to smile, he leaned closer, seeing his sister for the first time. “sister….” He said, all the scientists stared at him in awe, some of them began to chatter to one another.

Luna held 62 in her arms as another group of scientists ran over with a cot, the specimen shaking a little in her arms.

“there there” Luna soothed to the hybrid. “its going to be ok…”. 62 moved her head a little, but she wont open her eyes. Another scientist, looking like Brendon, scooped 62 into his arms and placed her on the cot. The group of scientists ran off with 62 in a flash.

Luna got off the floor as she looked up, seeing Blank at the top level, lowering his camera. He sneered, and disappeared into the lab.

Luna looked away, a sense of dread washing over her. Now that 62 has awakened…. What will Blank do now? He will obviously inform Conor about her. Luna was worried about 72’s health, now she has to worry about 62’s safety… ever since overhearing the conversation with Blank and the chief about 72’s survival and 62’s safety. She now has to worry even more.

Luna looked back at Brendon, 72 still in his arms. The group of scientists descended and began their task of cleaning 62’s case. Luna smiled, seeing 72 beginning to doze off in Brendon’s arms.

Walking up to him, she placed a kiss on his forehead before his eyes closed. “sister” he said softly, dozing off into another slumber.
Chapter 9, Problem$ by DarkestDreams
Luna couldn’t help but to worry about the specimens. 62 have just woken up, 72 is stuck to an oxygen tank, and her boss is going to spread the news to the man who almost killed 72. Ice shot up her spine, what will Conor do when he learns about 62?

Stuffing her hands in her pockets, Luna began to roam the halls of the spaceship; the only thing she saw was white. White everywhere. How blank, like her boss himself.

‘Shouldn’t I be celebrating?’ Luna thought to herself. Knowing that the experiments were a success , It must be a huge accomplishment to create human hybrids, even in space, But Luna felt cold inside, her head crammed full of questions needing answers, it ached so badly she wanted to tear her head off.

Luna ended up walking into Blank’s office. The huge doors and the oddly large door handle stood infront of her. ‘why am I here? Should I be with 62 by now?’ she thought, staring at the metal door handle. Luna wanted answers, no wonder she ended up in her boss office.

Luna took a deep breath and gripped the handle. Her palms already sweating. She gave it a yank, but it was locked shut. So much for luck.

A sudden beeping sound came from her radio. “ Luna! Were are you? 62 needs her checkup!” a familiar female voice sounded. Luna sighed and began to walk to where the newly awakened hybrid was held.

Luna quietly entered the room where 62 was in. Laid down on a metal table, just like 72, while scientists scrambled doing tests and taking her vital signs.

“out of the way! MOVE!” Luna shrieked as she squeezed her way through the crowd of scientists. The scientists moved out of the way, knowing Luna’s temper when she don’t get things her way.

Luna smiled weakly seeing the freshly awakened hybrid infront of her, laid on her side and curled up into a ball. Her eyes still darkened, but they weren’t open. A new set of wires and an oxygen mask were attached to her body. She looked so…fragile.

“miss Luna” a familiar female scientist walked up to her, the one who treated 72 when his lungs failed.

“ 62 is perfectly healthy, she has strong vital signs but then-“ she said, pausing to leaf through a clipboard in her hands.

“Something happened to her eyes, as you can see” she said pointing out the darkness around her eyes. “To what we believe, that when 72 transformed it could be the strong bloodline between them that caused both changes in their bodies”

Luna tugged at her white hair anxiously “what’s the changes then in their bodies?”

The scientist sighed as her eyes became glued to a freshly printed analysis of 62.

“to our hypothesis, 62’s bloodline with her brother may have helped endured some of 72’s pain. For what happened to him that day could have killed him, but then its unknown to us how their bond allowed 62 to take in his pain, preventing him from dying”

Luna gave her hair a good hard yank. More questions filled her head, joining the ones about the fate of the two newly awakened experiments… and what Blank or the head chief would do to them.

Luna looked back at 62, she looked healthy yes. Beautiful as well, the darkness around her eyes almost looked like an overuse of black eye shadow.

Her hair looked perfect, a mix of light and dark brown, almost looking like faded highlights. It was not curly like her brother’s, but long enough that only reached her neck.

Luna reached over and touched 62 hair, it felt so soft, yet wet from the liquid in the case she was in. Luna watched her stir a little as a loose wire fell off her back. She stuck it back on.

“will she open her eyes soon?” Luna asked.

“im not sure miss, but if she does we will need a good check on them”. Before Luna could flood the scientist with questions, she was called out of the room, leaving Luna and the rest of the scientists.

Luna almost felt alone in the crowded room of scientists, some bumped into her, muttering apologies while she stared at 62 blankly. She stirred once more making the scientists go wild.

Feeling claustrophobic in the room, Luna decided to check on the awakened specimen later. She knew 62 was most scientists favorite, the reason? She had better vital signs than her brother. Most scientists on board knew or what they called ‘predicted’ that 62 will survive and 72 wont. Luna never believe that, she knew both specimens will survive.

So be it, BOTH of them survived, but as the many failed experiments back then, there was and will be problems.

Luna walked back into her office, when she saw a red light on one of her many machines in her room. The results for the transfusion! How could she forget something THIS important?!

Luna ran over and read the results on the screen. Silence. Slowly she slid into her chair as she read the results to herself, over and over again until it was engraved in her mind.

The chemicals in the transfusion were meant to kill 72.

Or that’s what Luna thought. Most of the chemicals were to change 72’s DNA, Luna knew they were very harmful to someone like 72. A human hybrid.

Visions of the failed experiments flashed in Luna’s mind. Remembering when Blank pulled the lever to the case more times that Luna lost count, she can remember the painful wails of the experiments as they froze to death. Many of them were mutated beasts; some had gills, scales, even feathers. None of them survived or got out of the case.

Luna curled up into a ball and wept in her hands. Why would Conor want to hurt 72 in such a bad way?

Then it hit her. The contract was to allow both hybrids to breed, but since 72 and 62 have the same blood, its impossible to breed. DNA changes could have allowed 72 to breed with her… but why break such a strong bond? Even when it saved 72’s life.

Luna pulled herself together and ripped the printed results out of the machine. She made numerous photocopies of the results and tucked them away, keeping a fresh one for Blank to see. So he will know what Conor is doing to the experiments.

Luna’s pager beeped, seeing that its from 72’s room, Luna rushed out of her office and into the room he was in. Brendon was there waiting for her.

Luna saw 72 on his cot, the oxygen mask still on. She smiled when she saw 72 playing with a keychain of rocket ship. She has always seen Brendon with it on his key ring. 72 must have gotten curious.

“rocket” 72 said holding out the miniature ship, his voice sounding muffed from the mask. Brendon smiled.

“he learns fast” he said, watching the hybrid toy with it. Suddenly it fell through his fingers and bounced off his cot, falling to the floor. 72 stared at it for a moment before attempting to climb off the cot.

Brendon immediately stopped him “hold on there” he exclaimed to the hybrid who’s eyes were drilling right through him.

“Here let me get that for you” Brendon said, reaching to grab the toy and place it in 72’s hands. He shoved it into his mouth.

Luna gasped and tore it out of 72’s mouth. He swiped for it but Luna backed away.

“give” 72 said, eyeing the rocket ship

“no 72, no give” Luna said giving him a look. She wiped the rocket on her lab coat before handing it to Brendon. 72 glared at him.

“give rocket” he whispered to Brendon, holding out his hand. Brendon shook his head.

“sorry, no give” he said with a shrug. 72 stood silent before trying to get off the cot again, Luna stopped him.

“no 72, no” Luna ordered. 72 looked at her innocently, “rocket” he said.

Luna groaned and turned to Brendon, who unfortunately left the room for Luna to fend for herself.

“You have got to be kidding me” Luna said under her breath as she turned back to 72.

“sister?” he said, finally changing the subject. Luna sighed.

“yes, sister is fine” Luna said, forcing out a smile. They both stared at each other in silence before 72 reached out to her, and grabbed her hand. His grip was so light.

Luna grabbed a stool and sat by her beloved hybrid. 72 was busy touching her jacket, then her arms, then her hair. He seemed so curious of Luna, she smiled when 72 grazed his fingers across her face.

Suddenly Blank barged in, scaring 72, he pulled his hands back in embarrassment.

“hello Luna” he said before turning to the hybrid, who is trying to avoid eye contact with him. He sneered.

“hello 72, how are you doing?” Blank asked with a grin plastered over his face, 72 looked down, wishing he would go away.

72 flinched when Blank tried to touch him, he looked at Luna, his eyes pleading for her to help him.

“um, he is just a little shaky from what happened today” Luna said, trying to find an excuse for Blank to get away from not only 72, but from her.

“Shaky?” Blank questioned “how is he shaky?! His sister just woke up!”. 72’s eyes brightened a little.

“sister?” he whispered lightly, Blank smiled, hearing him speak for the first time.

“ah, what a nice voice you got there” Blank said leaning close to the hybrid. 72 looked away.

“Luna, we have work to do” Blank said straightening. He turned to the door, waiting for Luna to join him.

Luna looked at her boss, then at 72, he tilted his head. Knowing that Luna had to go, she gave 72 a small hug. “ill come back ok?” she whispered as 3 scientists entered the room. 72 clutched into her lab coat.

“don’t” he said as Luna pulled away from him. Luna had no choice; she pecked 72 on the head and left him with the scientists. Luna feeling guilty for leaving him, she felt him staring at her as she left.

Luna ended up walking with her boss down the dull white hallways. Millions of stars slowly passed by as Luna looked out the windows into deep space. Blank cleared his throat.

“so Luna” he began “I see our experiments are a success aren’t they?” he beamed.

Luna sighed, “yeah…” she said, looking down at her shoes. Remembering the results of the transfusion, how badly she wanted to tell Blank how the chief nearly killed 72

Blank didn’t notice her “now Luna, since they are fully awakened, its now our job to raise them like humans, teach them everything we know, nothing off limits”

He lead Luna into the lab were the hybrids were held during growth. The glass cases were being hosed down by some workers on board. Blank was handed a clipboard from one of the scientists.

“sir, the status of 62” the scientist exclaimed.

Blank gave the documents a good hard look, leafing through them one at a time before handing it back. He turned and left, pulling Luna with him.

Blank moved so fast that Luna had no time to claim were they were going. It was soon obvious that they were going to see 62.

Luna was afraid of Blank knowing about 62, how she cant open her eyes yet. Even worse… what if she cant open them at all? Can she become blind just like that?

Luna shook her head. Impossible. It takes time for them to fully awaken, they have been in their cases for years. Born unlike an ordinary human would.

Blank smiled seeing 62, she was still curled up into a ball but looked more relaxed now. Luna stepped forward and pulled the covers closer to her body.

Blank leaned close to 62, taking a good look at her eyes. Luna hoped he wouldn’t say anything bad about her condition.

“she looks fine” Blank breathed, gingerly touching her long hair. “shivering and unable to open her eyes, I thought she was healthier than her brother”. Luna froze.

“she could just have chills” Luna protested “and she might not be ready to open her eyes just yet…”

Blank frowned and checked the monitors around her, similar to 72’s room.

“chills? She has been in the case for years! The liquid is to keep them warm for long periods of time, and your saying she has chills?!” Blank barked. 62 stirred a little, making him fix his attention back to her.

“there there” Blank soothed to the hybrid, patting her shoulder. “take your time to wake up fully, we will be expecting more from you two” and with that, he left.

Luna was finally left alone with 62. A soft moan came from her as she pulled herself into a tight ball again, making the wires attached to her stretch.

Luna gently rubbed her back as she slept. Telling her not to worry and to ignore her boss. 62 relaxed.
Luna kissed 62 on the head before heading off to Blank’s office. The large door was already open a crack. Luna could hear a conversation going on inside.

“I cant believe it” a familiar voice said “they BOTH survived?!”

“of course!” Blank hooted. “62 is recovering now, 72 is still in process”

A long pause, then a sigh between the line.

“Blank, I never knew we would get this far into creating the very first human hybrids, and thanks to you and your crew, I have made a little upgrade to the contract”

Luna froze. An upgrade to the contract? Even if both 72 and 62 cant breed… why would the head chief want an upgrade?

Then it hit her. Conor wanted to mutate 72’s DNA so that they can breed together… but failing to do so, only scarring the poor hybrid with heath problems.

Luna slowly slid down the wall to the floor, her expression blank as she didn’t bother to hear the rest of the conversation.

Suddenly the door to Blanks office slid open, scaring Luna. She scrambled to her feet as Blank looked at her confused.

“Luna” her boss began “what were you doing on the floor?”

Luna fiddled with her lab coat “uh just a bit tired that’s all”

Blank ignored her and pulled her up to her feet. He dragged Luna into his office.

“um, what is it sir?” Luna asked sitting down. Blank sat down at his desk, looking content.

“Luna we have amazing news, our contract has now been bumped up! “ He hooted.

“and what does that mean?”

Blank grinned “since I have told the chief that both hybrids survived, he was delighted. He gave us a full raise to about 2 billion!”

Luna stared at him bug eyed. 2 billion? How the heck did 2 million go into 2 BILLION?!

Blank clapped his hands happily. “oh Luna, I cant believe this! If we raise the experiments well we can finally get the money we deserve!”

Luna sighed and limped in her seat. So everything IS all for money… but all this, just to raise two hybrids?

Blank kept going on and on. “this can go down in history! We can prove to scientists that we CAN create hybrids!”

Luna ignored her boss as he went on and on about breaking records and this and that. Luna was most interested, or worried about the hybrids.

Finally Blank settled down. He gave Luna a hard look.

“Luna, im depending on you” he said, eyes drilling into her “you and the scientists must raise the hybrids, make them learn and think like a human would. If this wont work out. Nothing would”

“boss” Luna piped up. “both 72 and 62 are OUR responsibilities” she recalled after 72 awakened.

Luna continued “it has been your and our dreams to create human hybrids, but I just can’t do all the work myself!”

Blank looked at her like if she was dumb. Luna pulled out the results to the transfusion and slapped it on his desk.

“the results to the transfusion sir” she said “this will prove why 72 changed”

Blank eyeballed the paper before shaking his head. He slid it away and shooed Luna off.

“sir, you must read it!” Luna begged as Blank escorted her out of the office.

Blank just smiled and went on about how 72 will be just fine. Luna knew that the only thing in his mind right now was the money.

“Luna you can handle this” Blank said as Luna was finally out. He gave her a hard look again.

“but the chief is depending on 72 the most”

And he slammed the door shut, right in Luna’s face.
Chapter 10, Frustration by DarkestDreams

Luna froze outside her boss’s office. The chief expects more from 72? But why?

Shaking her head, Luna made her way down the brightly lit hallways. Pausing to stare out a window leading to deep space, a faint side of the moon could be seen so perfectly, Luna could just reach out and grab it.

Luna gazed out at the billions of stars, far away she can see a faint pop. Could be the end of a star’s life, a small supernova. Where a new nebula could be formed and create new stars, but Luna knew that this star is much too small to create a birthplace for a new generation of stars.

Closing her eyes for a moment, her pager beeped. It came from 72’s room. Just what Luna wanted, to see her beloved hybrid.

Luna strolled down the long hallways until she reached 72’s room. Monitored by a male scientist, he nodded at Luna telling her 72 wanted to be with her, constantly repeating ‘Luna Luna’

After the male scientist left, Luna looked down at 72, who laid on the cot facing her, his eyes half open. His stare drilled right through Luna, as if looking into her soul.

“hey bud” Luna said stroking his hair. 72 looked at her and smiled weakly, his light breathing could be heard through his mask. Luna helped 72 to sit up as she checked a clipboard on his status. 72 leaned in for a look.

“ah, it looks like your ready 72” Luna exclaimed. 72 cocked his head to one side, obviously confused.

Luna giggled, 72 tried to do the same, but what came out was a strangled noise from his throat. Luna wrapped her arm around 72’s shoulder as he rested his head on her, Nuzzling close.

“it appears that you are ready to head to the next stage” Luna said, scanning the pages. “very soon, you will meet your sister”

Hearing the name ‘sister’ made 72’s eyes brightened like the moon. “sister?” he chirped.

“yes 72, sister” . 72 smiled.

Luna wrapped a blanket around 72 and called in a few scientists to help her carry him into another room.

72 was transferred onto another cot as Luna ran down the hallways with the other scientists pushing the hybrid on the cot, his eyes half open, only staring at Luna the whole run.

Finally they reached the first examination room. The scientists shielded the window. In the middle of the room was a huge metal table, restraints can be seen from each side. Seeing them, 72 cried out and clutched onto Luna.

“its ok” Luna soothed to him who was shaking like a leaf. “ they are just going to examine you, I promise they wont hurt you”

72 looked up at her, Luna didn’t know if he trusted her or hated her for this test. A few scientists pried the wailing hybrid off her and onto the table. The cold metal startling him, he struggled hard against the scientists grasp who were trying to keep him down.

Luna couldn’t take it anymore, seeing 72 in this state, screaming and crying. Luna pushed her way through and gently held the struggling hybrid down onto the table. 72 screamed hard through his mask, now struggling in her grasp like if he never knew her. Luna spoke to him gently to calm down, when she noticed a scientist holding a sedation needle in his hand.
“no! don’t inject him! I got this!” Luna cried as she kept 72 down. 72 howled again. Luna snapped.


72 finally looked at her, his eyes widened innocently before relaxing. It looked like he wanted to cry as the scientists quickly restrained him. Luna looked back into his eyes, feeling guilt as the needle went into his arm.

72 yelped but continued to stare into Luna’s eyes. Luna kissed his forehead and stroked his hair.

“im sorry, im so sorry” she whispered as 72 gave into the medicine, his eyes closed and his head dropped like a stone. The scientists removed his blanket and his shorts, Leaving him nude. They hooked up familiar wires on him, and started the examination.

Luna stood by 72 the whole examination. 72 was passed out the entire time, once in a while he would twitch a little. Mainly his hands or legs. Luna checked his condition on the monitors around him, his heartbeat was slow. At least he was stable. She made sure no one in the room did anything bad to the hybrid, if so, Luna would immediately report them to Blank, or she would give them a good slap across the face.

Finally, one of the scientists wrapped a towel around his waist and laid a small blanket on his body. They took off the restraints and everyone filed out of the room, everyone but Luna.

Luna stood there staring at 72, lifeless and twitching. She wished he can speak to her more, to say what was on his mind, but she knew it would take time for that to happen, all he is asking is questions, greedy for answers just like her.

Luna kissed his head one last time before leaving the room. A female scientist who was guarding the door nodded at Luna. She nodded back.
“keep watch on him Mary” Luna instructed. Mary nodded again and held up a device that looked like a smartphone, on it was 72’s status, heartbeat, brain waves, everything. Luna had the same device as well.

“all in here, ill call you if anything happens Miss” she said.

Luna smiled and headed down the hallways. Now eager to see 62. Luna was sure very soon she was going to reunite the siblings, but first things first, Luna had to make sure 62 was okay.

As Luna reached 62’s room she noticed the door was open, a scientist kept guard though.

“why is her door open?” Luna questioned the scientist. The scientist jerked a thumb inside.

“The boss is looking after her” he said glumly. Luna narrowed her eyes at the scientist, he looked bored at his post, as if not caring of his surroundings.

“sir, this is serious” Luna boasted. “ if you don’t give a serious attitude to your post, you will be replaced”. The scientist looked it her like if she was stupid.

“im doing well at my post miss!” he said “even the boss said so”

Speaking of the boss, Luna peeked into 62’s room, Blank stood over 62 examining her like what he did to her brother.

Without a word she walked in, Blank tore his gaze off the hybrid at smiled at Luna.

“ah Luna, there you are! How was the examination?” he beamed.

Luna sighed “the examination was fine-”. A pause. Blank tilted his head, as if expecting more from her.

“and?” Blank said looking back to 62, who seemed to be shivering a little. Luna stepped forward but Blank moved her aside and pulled the covers close to her.

“she is shivering a lot lately” Blank said, his eyes lost. Luna looked over the young hybrid, yes she was shivering yet the room was at perfect temperature for her to warm up.

“maybe I should get a better blanket for her” Luna said turning away to leave when Blank clasped a hand on her shoulder.

“no” he said sharply. “she needs to breathe properly, she will get over it soon”. The grip became a little tighter.

“so about 72…” he trailed off. Luna broke out in a sweat, what about 72? What happened in the examination room was nothing, he could have just gotten scared of the restraints or the table was too cold.

“I have received news that 72 resisted and he was sedated” he said sharply. Luna froze, looking out at the doorway where the male scientist stood, she never knew that he was in the examination room as well.

Blank turned Luna around to face him, she looked at him, scared just like how 72 would look at her.

“this is not a good start for him, is it Luna?” Luna looked down, ashamed. He gently shook her shoulder.

“he deserves more” Blank said, finally releasing her. “the chief is expecting more from him Luna, if we don’t teach him any better the chief won treat us any better either” he snaps.

“sir, he is still learning!” Luna pleads. She sighs “sir, we cant allow him to know everything by now-“

“and that’s why you have to teach him!” Blank interrupted.

“no! WE have to teach him! WE have to take care and love both him and 62! I cant do everything by myself!” Luna snaps back.

Blank’s eyes narrow “are you saying that you cannot take a responsibility of them?”

Luna groaned in frustration “ yes I can take care of them sir! But you are not listening to what im saying! We-“

“don’t give me that attitude Luna” Blank snarls pointing a finger at her chest, as if treating to stab her with it. “don’t yell at me, Im your boss you hear?”

Luna stammered for a moment, wanting to scream at the top of her lungs at Blank, but she resisted.
“y-yes sir” she sighed.

“good” Blank snaps lowering his finger. “I tell you what to do and you must do what I say, you have to take care of the hybrids and make sure they mature up like an adult would, if not the head chief will get on our nerves again and we will be out of business” he begins towards the door.

“but I cant do this alone!”

Too late, Blank is already out the door, the male scientist nods to him, looks at Luna and sneers.

Luna grabbed her short white hair and gave it a good hard yank. Groaning loudly, loud enough to wake up 62.
Luna looked over at 62, whimpering softly, stirring in her sleep. Shivering.

Luna sighed and knelt down to her, stroking her hair gently.

“hey there” Luna whispered “sorry I woke you up”. 62 whined, looking uncomfortable. Luna pulled her covers closer to her.

“don’t worry its ok now” she said “ill take good care of you, trust me”

62’s eyes began to move, as if trying to open them. Luna gasped, watching carefully. 62 whimpered, her fingers grasping the thin blanket for the first time. She reminded Luna of 72, how curious he was when he first woke up.

Luna touched her hands, they felt soft, just like her brother’s. They suddenly wrapped around Luna’s hand, squeezing gently. Luna kissed them, smiling.

“your just like your brother 62, I promise you two will see each other, if only you can open your eyes”
Chapter 11, Curiosity by DarkestDreams
Luna walked back to the examination room where 72 was being held, hands stuffed in her pockets, Luna trudged down the hallways, her thoughts flooding her mind. So many questions to be answered, so little time.

Luna’s device beeped, showing 72’s stats and vital signs, showing that he was going to wake up soon. Luna wanted to make sure she was there before Blank was, if not, she was sure 72 wont speak to her for a while.

Luna finally made it to the examination room. The scientist that was keeping guard was alert and ready, unlike the other one who was keeping guard of 72. Luna nodded at her and smiled.

“good work Mary” she piped up as Mary allowed her in. Mary smiled and nodded at Luna.

Luna grinned as she entered the room, only seeing 72 sprawled out on the metal table, his limbs and hair everywhere. What a nice life, even when he struggled to even get on the table in the first place.

Luna decided to play with him a little, tickling his toes and hands. 72 moaned softly as Luna pushed his hair away from his face. She knelt close to him and watched him slowly open his eyes, it reminded her of when he first awakened. How he stared at her so innocently.

“hey hun” she whispered, stroking his cheek. 72 stared at her blankly, he looked lost.

“72?” Luna asked looking into his eyes, 72 continued to stare at her, his eyes drilling into her head.

Luna pulled out a small flashlight and shone it into his eyes, 72 blinked and looked away from the light. Luna continued to shine it into his eyes.

“hey, look at me, look at the light 72” Luna said waving the light around to get his attention. 72 didn’t seem to bother, he just turned the other way, like if Luna never existed. She sighed, she knew he must be angry at what happened during the examination.

72 continued to stare off into space. Luna snapped her fingers near his ears, waved a hand across his face and even faked trying to poke his eyes. 72 couldn’t care less. Suddenly a few scientist entered the room.

“Miss Luna, is he ready for stage 2?” one of them asked

“yes” Luna said. 72 brought himself back into existence and clung onto Luna’s shirt as the scientists rolled in a cot into the room. 72 glared at the scientists for a moment and stuffed his head into Luna’s lab coat. As if he suddenly loved her again.

Luna patted 72’s head, still burrowed in her lab coat. He peeked out shyly, giving Luna his usual innocent stare.

The scientists helped 72 onto the cot as he was rolled onto his next stage. A bath.

Luna walked up to the scientists who were preparing the water for him. This may not be such a big test for 72, but being stuck in a glass case filled with orange like liquid for years may actually be a big deal. Imagine being stuck in a case filled with water and stuck in it for years, must be very uncomfortable.

Yet the liquid 72 and his sister was in, as well as other failed experiments from the past didn’t give the effects a normal human would experience when underwater for a long time. Their skin was much more complex and able to withstand such effects.

Luna knelt near the tub and reached to touch the water. A scientist politely stopped her.

“miss, its best not to touch the water until ready” the female scientist said pulling a thermometer out of the tub.

72 was later brought in, knowing that he cannot walk yet, the scientists settled him down onto the floor as one of them removed his oxygen mask, 72 gasped a little as the mask was replaced with a portable one. Luna has never seen the mask before on the ship.

Sighing, she nodded to the other scientists. Two of them lifted him up and over the tub, 72 looked down into the water, unafraid, even when another scientist tore the towel off his waist, leaving him nude…again.

72 was slowly lowered into the water. Luna held her breath, afraid he might flail when he makes contact with water for the first time, surprisingly he didn’t even bother. He looked… curious.

The specimen stood still in the water for a while, curious of his new surroundings. Lifting a pale hand out of the water, admiring the invisible liquid that fell from his fingers. Luna let out a sigh of relief, only to shoo away the other scientists just to be alone with the curious hybrid.

One scientist though decided to pull Luna away, he gave her a stern look that peered over his tiny glasses that rested at the very bridge of his nose.

“what are you doing Miss? He needs to be monitored-“ he exclaimed as he began to brag on about this and that about water hazards and so on about safety, Luna just rolled her eyes.

“is that so?” she interrupted him in the middle of 72 being an experiment with heath difficulties ever since he woke up. Yet he was so healthy while in the case, but ever since that transfusion… has given both him and Luna a nightmare.

“with me in charge I know what im doing” Luna continued “ he trusts me better than anyone on this ship, do you remember what happened in the examination room?”

She waited for the scientist to give her an answer, knowing he don’t have any Luna shooed him away as well as the other remaining scientists in the room. If that scientist had a tail it would be between his legs.

Turning back to the specimen who was staring right back at her, sat patiently in the tub.

‘what are you waiting for?’ his eyes read, ‘are you going to stand there or what?’

And she did, after giving the somewhat calm specimen his bath. Luna quickly yet carefully dried him off and wrapped a towel around him. The whole time not a single peep came from 72, even when Luna tried to begin a conversation with him he would just watch the toy rubber ducky float around his long legs that stuck out of the water.

“how talkative you were back there hm?” Luna said as a few scientists hoisted him onto a fold out wheelchair, she offered to roll him back to the room he was in when he first woke up, afraid 72 will flip again if taken to the examination room.

Luna tried once again to speak with 72, so far after what happened after the strip search, he don’t give a damn about anyone at the moment. For a second he is the most talkative person- or hybrid in the world, now he had just sealed himself up in his shell.

The moment 72 reached his wing, his gaze turned towards the blank hallway. “I know what your thinking 72” Luna giggled as she wheeled him into the room. Luna knew he was too eager to see his sister, but he was going to have to wait.

In the meanwhile, Luna and a few other scientists did a quick procedure with the hybrid. 72 never spoke throughout the procedure of wires being placed here and there on his body, when he was quickly switched back to the oxygen tank due to the mask not working as properly. Only when a needle was held in front of his face, his eyes widened as big as moons and latched onto Luna’s body.

For the rest of the procedure 72 continued to latch onto Luna, she could hear him whimper when the scientists placed a few needles on his back. After all of that, 72 appeared to be weak since he has had his blood drawn again as well as the needles. Laying him down to rest Luna walked out of the room to bring in a little surprise for him.

After a short walk to her office, Luna pulled a large cardboard box out from under her bed and opened it. She has been waiting for this day for a long time.

In the box was filled with numerous toys and books, some of them were from when Luna was a child and others were donated to the company. Knowing that one of the surviving experiments would one day use the toys in the box, Luna almost threw them away into the depths of space knowing that every experiment was a complete failure. She knew there was no point on keeping the box.

Proving herself wrong, she can finally introduce 72 with the goodies, but he can’t keep everything to himself. He has to share with his sister or he won’t get any of the toys at all.

Picking up a soft teddy bear that limped in her hands, she knew that the experiments cannot be expected to be acting like adults for now, she wanted them to gain a little sense of childhood in them before going onto higher expectations.

The box was far heavier than expected as Luna struggled to lift it, years ago the box was only filled with a few books from what children learn to novels and hardcovers in every level. The toys were only a few stuffed animals and plastics that had the company’s logo stuck onto it.

Failure after failure, the corpses of the dead mutated experiments were shipped to the head chiefs ship before being sent down to earth for examination or disintegration. As a boost to continue going with the contract, we have been earning blood money after blood money as well as donations for continuation as well as brand new toys and books for any surviving experiments.

After 54 and 44 died the company was getting restless for their hybrids, the blood money was cut from average and less donations were sent onboard, but they didn’t stop giving donations. Luna was happy with the amount of toys in the box as she lugged it down the hallway; it filled the very peak that the box was soon going to give in.

Bumping into Brendon along the way, he grabbed the load into his hands before Luna could break her back. Luna was dumbfounded by him having no difficulty at all with the box, of course, carrying the lightweight 72 and an oxygen tank strapped to his back can prove such strength. She always thought of Brendon not only as a bodyguard, but a true friend.
Entering 72’s wing, Luna noticed him toying with the IV in his arm, his crimson red blood beginning to seep out of it and onto his pale arm. She quickly grabbed a cloth to take in the blood, scolding him. 72 couldn’t even look at her.

After adjusting his IV back in place. Brendon set down the box onto the floor with a soft thud, a small plastic toy robot toppling out of the heap and clattering onto the ground brought 72’s attention to it.

The company’s logo was the main eye catcher, a picture of a pixilated moon with the exact space ship we are on hovering by, but that wasn’t the specimen’s eye candy. He was most interested in the robot itself, since he has never seen one before.

Luna picked up the small toy, holding it out to 72 who examined it wide eyed. She watched him gingerly feel the toy, the metal painted eyes, the tiny retro style claw hands and its tiny chest covered in mechanics. Taking the toy in his hands, he experimented with the arms, moving them as well as the legs and head. He enjoyed every second of it.

“robot” he suddenly said, making Luna and Brendon jump. Luna stared at him bug eyed. How did he learn such a word?? He dont even know what he is holding for crying out loud! Brendon let out a laugh when he saw the word ROBOT scrawled on the logo in large lettering.

72 peeked around Luna to spot the box overflowing with toys, his eyes brightened like the stars. Brendon held him back before pulling himself off cot and onto the floor since he still don’t know how to walk as yet, but Luna knew it wouldn’t be long until he begins to take his very first steps.

Setting him down on the ground by Brendon, Luna allowed him to search though the overflowing box of toys and books for ones he can have for his own, but not everything for himself. 72 examined every single toy and book, touching and feeling every detail for himself as he tried to figure out what the heck he was holding in his hands.

“book, this is a book” Luna said, sitting cross legged beside him watching him trying to open a children’s book about a chicken. Taking it into her hands, she softly read a few words from it, showing him how to flip pages and pointing out the cartoon drawings to him. 72 might not know what a book or a chicken is, but the look in his eyes showed he wanted to learn more and more.
“book” he whispered as he held it in his hands. He repeated the word as he placed the book beside him, the toy robot resting on his lap as he searched through the box for more goods.

Soon 72 had a grand pile of toys beside him, everything was an interest for him in the box. Whatever he pulled out he would gently touch every limb and detail of it, the books were a big interest for him, only forgetting how to open a book again as he placed aside a small pile of them whose covers caught his eye.

Another pile was set with toys, most of them blaring the company’s logo as they were ranged from small plastic figures to teddy bears and other small stuffed animals. Luna’s eyes swept by every toy he set down beside him, satisfied with his choices but it seemed that he was going a bit overboard with his choices.

Before the specimen could set down a small, silky red teddy bear with the white embroidered space ship on its tiny chest into his pile, Luna gently pulled the bear away from his grasp. 72 tried to grab for the bear again, hurt was written all over his pale face.

“no” Luna said, holding the bear away from his reach. “you must know that all these cannot be yours, you must share with your sister as well”

72 stared into the scientist’s eyes blankly, having no clue what she just said but only recognizing the word ‘sister’ he glanced over at his pile of toys. Guilt washed over his face as he moved his fingers across the toy robot on his lap.

Luna looked up at Brendon for a moment, he just gave off a mere shrug before looking back at the specimen in shock. Luna snapped back at 72 seeing that he has just dumped the whole box filled with the toys onto the floor, the sound of the toys and books all flowing out of the box frightened the hybrid, making his eyes widen in fear as he tightly clutched his little robot in his hands. Tight enough to make his knuckles go white

The monitors in the room all began to beep at a fast rate, showing his heart rate had increased as well as his brain waves. Looking back into his eyes to show that they were clearly dilated. The strange white ring around his pupil expanding as well.
Luna reached over and gently hugged him, feeling his thin frail body in her arms made her worry more about him. Yet he was strong with a healthy build, she spoke to him in a gentle tone to ease his nerves. Soon the noises in the room began to return to their normal state as 72 released himself from Luna’s grasp.

“sister” he squeaked, his voice sounding hoarse. His eyes swept over all the books and toys scattered out in the room. With a trembling hand, he gently pulled a book out from under the pile of toys. Then another, then another.

Soon he was busying himself by creating two piles of toys and books, the recent pile that had his chosen toys and books were in one of the piles. Luna coudnt help but to laugh, seeing him create a pile for his sister and himself. Choosing every toy carefully for his dear sister. Topping it off with the red teddy bear.

“how did he do all that?” Brendon finally choked out. “he don’t even know any of this! You didn’t teach him how to make piles did you?!”

Luna shook her head in disbelief, yet a smile spread across her face as she examined the piles. “we have never taught him any of this, he must be very intelligent then by the way he is acting”

Luna loved seeing 72’s sudden intelligence bloom at the very beginning, not knowing how he learned all this by now and only days ago he was locked in his tank, limp and lifeless with no chance of hope for him ever getting out.

After ordering Brendon to haul in another box for 62’s newly chosen toys by the one and only. Luna began to load the toy carefully into the boxes as 72 watched her every move, soon he began to pitch in with her, placing a few in the box. Only freezing when the door suddenly opened, Blank entered.

Brendon saluted to the head of the ship before being dismissed from the room. His expression turning from joyful (which was somewhat common on the ship) to dark when he saw the hybrid sitting on the floor. Wearing only nothing but a robe from his bath.

72 looked up at a grim Blank, who was shooting his scientist friend a death glare. A book held over the pile of toys for his sister was frozen in his hands , the book slipping from his grip and into the box.

“what is he doing on the floor?” Blank finally snapped, tearing his gaze off Luna and onto the now terrified specimen.

Blank’s cold hard gaze soon swept over the boxes, his expression becoming harder. Marking beginning to show at his forehead, the lights bounced off his bald completion that now busted with throbbing veins, a sign to show that he is clearly pissed off to the max.

“And what the hell is THAT doing here?!” he boasted angrily, the veins throbbing at his head ”You know by now Miss Luna that these experiments are in no need of that years old crap”

Blank rarely called Luna ‘Miss’ he always refers only by her name. Luna knew the way he was acting, and speaking, was clearly unacceptable since 72 is in the room, and he can pick up words fast.

Luna knew apologizing to her boss was BS, she would just get a hard lecture of this and that. Messing with the heads of the ship is a big No No, getting in major trouble or just acting foolish can cost your job on the ship. Luna has seen many scientists get hauled back to earth, one of them was banned permanently after fiddling with one of the past experiments controls, and killed it in the process. One mess up with the experiment’s stats, they could die almost like that.

“he needs to learn the basics somehow” Luna sighed looking back at 72 who was busy clutching his toy robot tightly in his grasp. Blank noticing the toy in the hybrid’s hand, he bent down and swiped it away from him, making 72 cry out angrily, swiping back for it.

“Give” he snapped, holding out a wired hand. Blank seemed pleased by 72 command, but he just waved the toy in his face.

“you will get this back whenever” Blank teased happily. 72’s face went red with anger as Blank used the robot’s arm to wave goodbye to him. The machines in the room began to beep again, now at a much rapid rate. The monitor that showed the specimen’s brain waves were amazingly high.

Blank looked around the room in wonder, seeing him distracted, 72 lunged for him only making it for the legs as he grabbed onto Blank’s long white lab coat. “GIVVEEE!!!!” he wailed, sounding like a wounded animal. Luna shrieked in terror.

Blank, now realizing what was going on, lightly kicked the crying hybrid away from him. 72 skidded onto the floor like if it was a massive blow. Some of the wires on him snapping off his body making him wince in pain. The specimen wasn’t done his tantrum, only continuing to wail GIVE! In a hurt tone. Luna wrapped her arms around the crying hybrid, tears now beginning to form to his eyes.

72 began to panic even more, not knowing what was happening to him as the tears rolled down his cheeks. Blank watched 72’s tantrum, amused to the core without any life. A slick smile stretched across his face as he watched the hybrid wail and struggle in his assistant’s arms.

Seeing his very first tears, Blank pulled out a small test tube and caught one of them in it. A keepsake for him.

“sedate him” Blank ordered, sealing the tube. Luna shot him a look.

“no!” she pleaded “he just wants his toy back that’s all!”

Blank shook his head, pushing his sharp rimmed glassed back up the bridge of his nose.

“experiments like him with high expectations from the chief does not deserve a chance at toys, he must learn like an adult and how to act like one, these childish toys and books are simply worthless”

Blank reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a syringe, filled with sedation medicine. Seeing the needle made 72 panic even more, wailing at the top of his lungs as he buried his head into Luna’s coat.

Luna stroked the hybrid’s curly black hair as Blank thought about it for a moment. Shrugging, he stuffed the robot into his coat pocket and left the room.

“he should not be acting like this Luna” Blank said grimly, turning back “such behavior can affect his status, find a way to control himself or I will”

The doors closing behind him made a wave of relief pass over both Luna and 72. The readings on the monitors returning to normal as she rocked her beloved specimen in her arms.

72 clutched onto her lab coat, already drenched with his tears, his very first tears. Luna could feel his frail body warm up increasingly as he calmed down from his little tantrum. She kissed him passionately on the forehead, feeling like a mother soothing her child.

“relax sweetie” Luna crooned. “he’s gone now, its alright”

72 looked up at his friend, his beautiful yet unusual eyes looking straight into her soul. Using her lab coat, Luna wiped away the hybrid’s tears and pulled him closer to her body.

“ill protect you 72” she whispered into his ear “ill keep you away from that man no matter what it takes me, even if I do lose my job on this ship”
Chapter 12, Robot Remains by DarkestDreams
Author's Notes:

new character! WHEEEE. If any of you peeps watch Attack on Titan you will know where i got the dude from ^^ enjoy!! 

Robot Remains
Days have passed and 62’s health was beginning to improve. There is close monitoring towards her brother who is now beginning to learn at a rapid state. Not to mention his itching urge to see his sister for the very first time, unless the sister herself can even open her eyes.

Luna has helped herself to monitoring 62’s progress and vitals. She is supposed to keep a proper monitor on both specimens after all, since the chief expects more from them and Luna’s careless boss is placing the entire load on her shoulders.

Luna sighed as she jotted down the results coming from 62’s monitor, knowing how much work she has ahead of her as the siblings continue to grow and progress.

Flipping through the numerous pages on her transparent clipboard, 62 have passed all tests with (somewhat) outstanding results. Almost like her brother other than the sudden symptoms he has been experiencing. Including being stuck to an oxygen tank for who knows how long.

Luna was impressed that 62, other than her brother, didn’t even struggle when the scientists strapped her down to the metal table and stripped her. She went through the whole examination conscious, Luna believed she didn’t move a muscle due to the fact she cannot see what was going on.

The bath was the complete opposite of what happened to 72. The moment she took contact with water for the first time she began to shriek to the very top of her lungs as she flailed like a wild animal. It was harder to calm her down because water was spilling everywhere, the moment Luna was finished with 62, she was completely drenched with water. Thank goodness they didn’t have to sedate her.

Even though 62 was showing outstanding results, 72 was as well. Knowing 72 was beginning to act and respond to certain things already, Luna took this advantage to teach him more. She would hold up simple flash cards of everyday objects to the curious specimen and test him on what he saw. Only having trouble pronouncing most of them.

After he mastered the simple flash cards, Luna would lay them out on the floor and have a small box of the items shown on the flash cards. Giving him a chance to actually match them with the picture. He did wonderful.

Though, something unusual did happen during 62’s bath. Rumors spread like a virus when Brendon, who was watching 72 silently play with his new toys during that time, suddenly began to clutch his head shrieking ‘sister! sister!’. Luna wished she could have been two places at the same time, but this showed well enough that these experiments were more than siblings.

Luna glanced up from her paperwork as she watched 62 resting on her cot, already taken a blood test and looking healthy as ever. Smiling to herself, she leafed through a few more documents about her status. A fresh note jotted down with crimson red ink, from the one and only Blank written beside 62’s senses test made Luna break out in a cold sweat.

The note stated that they have already given up on hoping the hybrid would open her eyes, no matter how hard they tried to pry open her eyes, now caked over with coal black almost like an extreme overuse of eye shadow. He now states that 62 is now blind until further notice.

Blind?! How could this be? What would the head chief say about this is he finds out about 72 being glued to an oxygen tank and 62 having the risk of being blind? Even worse, will she even see her brother for the first time at all?

Luna’s heart sank, 72 will be extremely upset. After spending about his whole life sealed away in a glass chamber and finally waking up to see that his own flesh and blood cant even recognize him? Luna wiped a tear away from her eye as she continued her work.

After her shift was done with 62, Luna allowed a few other scientists to take place as Luna quietly wandered the blank halls. She took time to admire the structure of the ship, Conor wanted the ship to have a futuristic feel to it. Even the ship itself is extremely sleek and white, the letter J with a ring warped around it placed at the very front.

Luna smiled as she watched the moon spin right before her eyes, being this close to the moon gave her goosebumps, but not everyone on board liked when the ship was being played around with as it does it’s daily flips, turns and rolls around the orbit of the moon. Most complained that it made them dizzy every time they watched the moon spiral out before them.

Image what the people in NASA must be thinking if they see a sleek white- futuristic spaceship doing a barrel roll right past them, they might think its aliens gone mad, but only the government has this project covered under safe hands.

Luna chuckled at the silly thought as she began to head her way down the winding halls to check up on 72, until she bumped into Blank.

“oh, good evening sir!” Luna piped up, giving a stiff salute to her boss as he walked by. He gestured her to follow as they both avoided carts and scientists strolling by. Blank babbled on and on about this and that, keeping his keen eyes onto a transparent clipboard just like Luna’s as she strolled behind. Soon they entered his office.

Luna always thought his office was bizarre, it was blank just like the man himself. And seriously? The door handle?

Luna sat down on one of the shiny looking chairs as Blank quietly sorted out the files on his perfectly organized desk. Not a paperclip out of place. Her eyes widened when she saw him slap 62’s file onto the desk.

Swallowing back the lump in her throat, Luna gingerly slid the file closer to her and opened it, seeing the exact copy of the documents she had right in her hands minutes ago.

Before Blank could say anything, Luna quickly piped up “why did you declare her blind?”


Blank shifted uncomfortably in his cushioned swerve chair. He tried to ignore the question by staring at the ceiling; Luna frowned, beginning to get impatient.

“sir” Luna said once more “why is experiment 62 confirmed blind?”

Blank sighed and quietly fiddled with a silver pen “because, the girl cant open her eyes, so what’s the point? We tried everything, we even spoke for surgery but we cant do so at such a stage that she can die out on us”

Luna sighed, adjusting her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Being the head’s assistant meant that Blank was allowed to speak confidential information about the experiments to her, never to the others onboard, unless one of them eavesdrops. Which will leave them to the so called ‘punishment chamber’

“but what about 72? Wont she get to see her brother when the time comes?!” Luna cried out, feeling her heart hammering against her chest.

Blank grabbed a makeshift slingshot made from rubber bands and a few old pens, loaded in a razor sharp pencil, and fired it towards the ceiling where the point stuck on the ceiling perfectly. You can clearly see small dots on the ceiling from recent launches.

“they are ready to meet each other already, even if 62 cant see her brother, then we shall teach her what the blind learns. She will use her other senses to communicate and allow her to use them like any other person.”

A smile blossomed on Luna’s face, for once Blank didn’t refer the hybrids as specimens or creatures, it made Luna’s heart happy.

“also 72 is going to have to deal with it if his sister cant see him anyways, the poor guy is getting too worked up about his sister”

The smile immediately faded from Luna, she hoped Blank wouldn’t mention of that. Blank pushed his chair back and began to head for the door until he turned around, ushering Luna out.

Before Luna was escorted out she noticed a small, red robot standing right beside the creamy white pencil holder on the desk, she quickly swiped it into her pocket and followed her boss.

Luna was later dismissed as she immediately headed towards 72’s room. She missed the curious fellow, he was also pretty entertaining as well. Nodding Brendon off, she sat down beside him on the floor where she kindly laid out a mat where he can play on.

72’s wires were attached back to his body as he tried to make a small tower of cards that seemed to always topple over. He smiled when he saw her.

“Luna!” he cried though the oxygen mask, Luna pulled him into her arms due to the fact that she don’t want him to crawl over. They may be learning the basics, but walking is a different matter. Both hybrids cant move around properly as yet.

Luna noticed a bent flash card blaring a bright red fire truck in his hand. Pulling it out of his grip, she noticed that most of the cards where either crumpled or bent. For a moment there was a nice set of flash cards a few minutes ago and now there is this.

“72? Why are all the cards like this?” Luna asked, 72 just stared at her.



Luna sighed and pushed the distorted cards away, turning back to see 72 gently playing with her white hair. She smiled.

“what is this 72?” Luna asked holding out a strand. 72 carefully took it in hand and whispered “hair”

“what a quick learner you are” Luna said cheerfully. She reached into her coat and pulled out a small black, cloth bag. 72 stared at it eagerly.

“now lets try something a little harder” Luna said, dumping out a ton of Scrabble pieces onto the mat “ you really have to concentrate this time”

Luna arranged her name with the letters. 72 examined it blankly, eyes wide. He has never seen letters before, Luna only taught him verbally.

“Luna, this is Luna” she said pointing to herself, 72 made a face, obvious by now that he knows her name, but is now clearly confused why there is letters scattered all over his feet.

Luna sighed, scrambling the letters up again. Now this will be like kindergarden, teaching the sibling’s their ABC’s and 123’s, Luna knows by now that she is not so good with children stuff.

72 quietly picked up a letter, and set it down. Soon he was beginning to arrange a word all by himself.


Luna bursted out laughing, startling the poor hybrid thinking he has done something wrong. But Luna was thrilled actually, seeing him learn so fast, even though her name isn’t spelled ‘Luan’ is always a good start.

Later on, Luna began to teach 72 the alphabet. She watched as he arranged the entire sequence himself after numerous attempts of him arranging every letter backwards or out of place. He was close enough, only by substituting A for Z and Z for A, most letters were placed upsidedown.

72 giggled seeing Luna’s distraught look. Luna loved seeing him smile, he has the biggest, most beautiful smile imagined. His giggle was so soft, yet a little high pitched. Everything about him was beautiful, He is perfect.

Suddenly a scientist entered the room, he was holding a package wrapped in clear plastic. “from the boss” he said handing it over to Luna, taking a glance over to 72 who stared at him curiously, he took a sharp turn of his heels and rushed out of the room.

Luna unwrapped the package as 72 craned his neck over her shoulder, eager to know what was inside. Luna pulled out a white, crisp looking t-shirt along with a pair of shaggy black, athletes shorts, underwear included. Luna winked at the hybrid.

“your new clothes have arrived”

Luna was actually itching to know when 72’s clothes were coming, since of course, he is still nude and cant go about the ship undressed. The moment Luna pulled off his towel he immediately wrapped himself into a ball and whimpered, after threatening him to strap him down on the table; he finally began to loosen up.

72 covered his face innocently as Luna pulled on his underwear, then his shorts and finally his white t-shirt. Reattaching the wires back on his boy, Luna took a few steps back to admire 72, he looked much better with clothes on, other than wearing a towel every day.

Luna watched as 72 toyed around with his new clothing, pulling and stretching the fabric as he rubbed his fingers against it. He looked over to Luna and whispered “sister”

“sister isn’t ready yet 72” Luna confirmed, picking the lint off her scientist coat as if to pass off the question, maybe Blank was right, maybe 72 was getting too hyped up about his sister.

72 shook his head in disgust. Luna knew he must be hearing that phrase every day, its true though, his sister isn’t ready until she is finally at the stage he is at. Seeing him in distress, Luna reached out to him, but he swiped her hand away. “sister ready” he said in a firm voice.

“72, sister is NOT ready yet, please be a bit patient for once”

The hybrid angrily swiped the Scrabble pieces off the mat, making them scatter everywhere on the metal floor. “sister ready” he said in an much harsh tone.

Luna’s eyes widened “stop 72” she said pointing a finger at him. 72 wailed and knocked the stack of flash cards off of the mat making them fly everywhere.

“I said STOP!” Luna shrieked slamming her fist down on the mat. The hybrid stared at her wide eyed, Luna felt her heart drop when he gave her that look, it was filled with innocence and warmth, guilt too. 72 began to whine softly, inching away from his beloved scientist thinking that she would yell at him again.

Luna sighed, lifting her fist from the ground. “im sorry” she said. 72 didn’t budge at all, he simply turned his back on her.

Luna felt as empty as space. She knew he wouldn’t do anything unless he gets to see his beloved sister. She pulled out the small red robot from her coat pocket and placed it close to him.

“if you want, we can start over” she whispered, pushing the toy closer. The hybrid slowly turned around to see his favorite robot. He took a quick glance to Luna then the robot, he reached out and carefully picked it up.

“ok” 72 said, facing Luna. He watched Luna pick up the scattered flash cards and Scrabble pieces off of the floor. Luna would give a quick smile to him who was busy playing with his robot. 72 was trying to twist the robots stubby little arms when it slipped out of his grasp and flew to Luna’s feet.

Luna reached down to pick up the miniature toy when her hand caught onto the specimens. Luna yelped, jerking away from 72 who was on his hands and knees.

They both stared at each other, not knowing what to say. Until 72 wrapped his hand around the small toy with care and sat right infront of the still shocked Luna, playing with the toy.

72 can crawl? When was this?

“you know Miss Luna, just because he is a grown adult with no sense, doesn’t mean that he can’t crawl like any learning child would”

Luna’s eyes darted towards the door, expecting her boss to be standing there. Instead there was that stern, know-it-all scientist with his tiny glasses resting at the very bridge of his nose who helped himself by lecturing Luna while 72 took his bath.

Luna frowned. “thanks for the advice” she snorted, squinting to take a look at the man’s name tag. “Levi”

Levi was a slender looking scientist. She has only seen him barging about the ship barking complaints or yelling at a scientist for messing up. He was pretty arrogant to Luna’s eyes, hard to please as well as one hell of a temper. One little mistake could make his head blow off in steam and rage. Lets not mention he enjoys boasting himself as the best scientist. Not to leave out that HE was supposed to be Blank’s assistant before Luna came in.

Levi pushed his glasses up to his nose with a huff. “excuse me Miss Luna, but my name is pronounced LE- VIE not LEV-E” he said with supreme annoyance in his voice. Luna simply rolled her eyes.

“what are you doing here?” Luna shot at him, standing straight and tall, showing whose boss around here.

Levi flinched a little, but regained his posture quickly. “uh, I was just watching in the control room and I decided to take a little walk!” he said peering down his sharply rimmed glasses. “also Miss Luna, I am also in charge of you, as if I were to be Blank’s best assistant!”

Luna bit her lip, trying not to yell at the dude. She has heard that man boast about how he was to be in Luna’s place whenever she made a mistake.

Luna gave him a blank look while Levi took a glance over at 72 who was curiously staring back at him sucking on the toy robot in his mouth. Levi took a step back.

“his eyes freak me out” he stammered, pulling his collar nervously.

“why would you say that?” Luna said kneeling down to 72 and tried to pull out the toy he was sucking on. “aren’t they gorgeous?” she smiled, getting her hand covered in the specimen’s saliva.

Levi took a glance at the cot with the many machines surrounding it. “ehhh yeah, whatever” he sighed, trying to avoid 72’s sight.

Suddenly 72 pulled himself out of Luna’s grasp. The robot still in his mouth. Both scientists watched as he crawled over to Levi and plopped himself right infront of him. Levi watched wide eyed as the hybrid pulled the saliva drenched robot out of his mouth and held it out to him.

“Levi” 72 said, pronouncing it the right way.

Levi was struck speechless. Both men stared at one another with 72 still holding out his robot to him. A small puddle of spit dripped from the robot to the floor. Levi knelt down to him and took the robot in his hand. Trying his hardest not to make the ugliest face when his fingers touched the wet toy.

“uh, Thanks…. 72” he said, eye twitching.

72 smiled at him and curled up at his feet like a puppy. Levi stared at Luna eyes wide as the moon itself. “uh… what the heck do I do now?!” he squeaked, trying not to scream his head off.

Luna and Levi hoisted the napping hybrid back onto his cot as Luna tucked the sweet thing in with a blanket.

Luna nodded Levi off, but before Levi was to toss the toy away with disgust. He took a long, hard look at it. Luna smiled as he quietly slipped it into his coat pocket and left the room without another word.
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Chapter 13, The first encounter by DarkestDreams
Author's Notes:

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The First Encounter
After further examinations for 72’s ‘blind’ sister, Luna still could not believe her boss actually confirmed her blind. Now rumors were beginning to spread around the ship about her.

Luna was getting sick of this stupid rumor, she already knew by now that ever since 62 was in her chamber with her brother that she was the only one who might make it out alive and functioning properly, unlike the other experiments gone wrong. She shuddered at the thought of the recent experiments.

Luna furiously scribbled notes on her pad in her office. Taking quick sips of her coffee, trying not to spill it while she switched from scribbling to coffee time as she clicked on files on one of her many computers. Blank knew Luna as a multitasking freak, she tried to take that as a compliment.

Taking in a tiring sigh, Luna drained half her coffee and slapped the cup down on the desk. Some of the dark, caffeinated liquid leaping from the top. Doing work made Luna get her mind off things, especially 72 and his sister, Blank too.

Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she pushed away her work and took a glance over to the device that tested DNA samples. The machine still read: RELATED. Luna somehow felt afraid to turn off the machine for some reason.

Pulling out a pad of paper, she began to draw a little. She had no idea what she was doing until she finally came to her senses. Doodled all over the paper was 72.

Maybe she couldn’t keep him out of her mind.

Suddenly her pager began to go off. Clasping it with a sigh as she grabbed her lab coat and strolled down to his room where she saw Brendon waving a rag doll toy infront of 72’s face, cooing happy noises for him to pay attention. 72 was clutching his stomach with a sour look on his face.

Brendon couldn’t be happier when he saw Luna approach. “thank goodness you’re here, 72 has been complaining how his stomach is killing him all day!” he cried, stepping back for her to examine the hybrid.

Luna held his chin and tilted it up to face her. 72 pulled away from her, grimacing. “hurt, it hurts” he whined, toppling over like a statue to his pillow.

“aw, someone has a tummy ache?” Luna asked, gesturing for Brendon to hand her a stethoscope. She pressed the metal piece to his heart then to his stomach, she heard a loud growl.

“what do ya know, the poor thing is hungry” Luna smirked tossing the stethoscope to Brendon. “get me the scientists managing the kitchen, we have to feed him”

A few minutes later, 3 scientists strolled in. One of them was pushing the cart of an arrangement of containers while the others held nothing but papers on clipboards. The food was kept in sealed containers, cards were laid on the top of each container claiming what was contained inside. One of the scientists jumped when he saw 72 staring right back at them, Luna giggled, maybe they were freaked out by his eyes.

“miss Luna, we have the specimens food ready for him, though, we are going to limit his diet on mashed foods for now because of the chiefs orders of soft solid foods to be introduced to him, since he already has fully grown teeth” one of the scientists with bleached, spiky hair confirmed reading off the clipboard.

Solid foods eh? Seems reasonable to Luna’s POV. Luna thanked the scientists, watching them silently file out of the room as 72 playfully pushed his head into her lab coat as she sat on the cot beside him. She brushed her fingers across his soft curly hair, he was so sweet and playful, yet at some times he would become a pain in the ass.

Brendon picked up one of the containers and squinted at the card. “eh broccoli?” he said, making a face at the contents inside. He opened up the container and took a whiff at it, and grimaced.

“ugh, lets try another…” Brendon squeaked. Before he could re-seal it, Luna snatched it from his hands. “let me see” she said taking a whiff at it, and gagged, re-sealing it in horror.

“yeah new one” Luna moaned rubbing her nose.

Brendon set down the rancid smelling broccoli container and picked up another. “potatoes?” he asked, holding it out to her. Luna opened the container, a lovely smell wafted from the food that made both Luna and Brendon sigh. 72 peeked out of Luna’s coat, curious.

“I think he want to try this one” Luna said, holding the container out of 72’s grasp when he tried to snatch it from her. Brendon grinned, handing her a plastic spoon after she pulled the oxygen mask off of 72’s face, it took a few gasps before Luna plugged in another set into his nose.

Luna held out a spoonful of the potatoes to 72, he stared at it blankly, not knowing what to do with the spoon shoved in his face. “here, like this 72” Luna said, motioning the spoon to her mouth. 72 cocked his head to one side as she took in the food herself. Luna chewed with an unsatisfied look. The food smelled amazing yet it tasted dry and rough. 72 carefully examined her jaws moving, even placing his hands against the sides of her face to feel her jaw move. He smiled.

Luna swallowed hard on the dry potatoes and tried not to grimace. She scooped up a healthy spoonful of the potatoes and held it out to 72. He took a while to understand what was going on until Luna directed the spoon to his mouth, but he didn’t bother to open it. Luna poked his mouth repeatedly with the spoon, begging him to open his mouth. He turned away.

Luna looked like if steam were to come blowing out of her ears just like in the cartoons while Brendon watched with content. “its like trying to feed a baby” he mocked. Luna gave him a look before turning back to 72 who was examining the walls. Why was everything inanimate such an amusement for him?

Luna cupped her fingers under his chin, directing his attention back to her. “open” she demanded holding out the spoon to his face. 72’s lips slowly parted as Luna directed to food to his mouth, only missing his mouth when 72 decided to lean over to the side, making Brendon burst out laughing.

“you’re not helping me here Brendon!!” Luna growled throwing the spoon back into the container as Brendon tried to suppress his laughter. 72 seemed somewhat appeased of his actions.

Luna’s eyes swerved off to his toys which Brendon laid out his favorites on the cot. She picked up a fluffy looking giraffe and waved it in his face like what Blank did to him with the robot 72 later gave to Levi. 72’s face turned dark and serious, looing away once more with a grunt.

“if you don’t eat 72, you wont get back your toys” Luna warned, nodding to Brendon who silently began to remove the toys from the specimen’s cot. 72 watched in horror as his beloved toys were slowly being placed back into the box. Luna held him back when he attempted to get off the cot again. He gave her an innocent look.

Luna held up the spoon again. “lets try again” she sighed, directing it once again to 72’s lips. Surprisingly, his lips parted and took in the spoon whole. The thing is when Luna tried to retrieve it back from him, he wouldn’t let go.

“are you freaking serious?” Luna grumbled, trying to pull the spoon out of 72’s mouth. A smile stretched from his thin lips as he finally let go of the utensil, Luna almost hitting herself.

72 looked to be in deep thought as he carefully chewed the food. Taking a slight pause, he swallowed, licking his lips.

“well what is this?” Luna exclaimed as 72 leaned closer to her, wanting more. The last couple of minutes was spent feeding the specimen, he seemed curious of every food he tried, cutting out the broccoli.

72 let out a small burp, making Luna burst out in a fit of giggles as 72 ‘s face turned red in embarrassment. Feeling satisfied with himself, he pushed his head back into Luna’s coat once more as Luna signaled Brendon to place his toys back.

After Luna dismissed Brendon, Luna set 72 up with another testing session in another room. He seemed to like the wheelchair ride better than the test itself which required him to wear a blindfold, another fit of struggling, and testing his hearing to certain amplitudes while wearing a pair of chunky headphones.

Luna was astonished with the results, even at the smallest amplitude which was nearly impossible to even catch, 72 was able to pick it up. Some of the scientists clapped from his results, but the specimen himself looked bored out of his mind. Lonely also.

When Luna wheeled 72 back to his room, be began to act strange when Luna tried to play with him. Which included throwing and turning away to some of the toys presented to him, ignoring Luna’s commands and making a fit. Luna couldn’t take it anymore.

“look 72, what is it? what do you want so you can be happy?” she snapped, throwing a toy down in frustration. 72’s answer? Sister.

Luna let out a long breath. “fine” she sighed “ill get you your sister”

After summoning Brendon into the room to hoist the hybrid back onto his cot, Luna stomped down the hallways, passing by scientists who gave her a concerned look as she stormed by. If Luna could control the weather, she would have the biggest storm cloud over her head by now.

Entering 62’s room, she was taken back to see Blank there, and interacting with her. Maybe he wasn’t lying when he said he would teach her like any other blind person would when Blank was literally teaching her phrases on special cards with holes punched into them in the form of letters. 62 sat upright on her cot, her new clothes fitted perfectly on her. She actually looked calm, but stiff.

“sir” Luna confirmed, claiming her presence. Blank turned to his assistant and beamed so wide that it scared her. “Luna!” he cried, getting off of the stool in front of 62. Luna took a small step back, as if Blank were to hug her by surprise.

“you cant believe it! She is actually learning from the cards!” he smiled, but it didn’t last long. “but then, she wont say much and she is very stiff when the scientists or myself would try to make contact with her”

Ha, no joking.

Blank turned back to 62, who was rubbing her arms stiffly, looking disturbed. Luna brushed past her boss and sat in the stool infront of her. 62 calmed a little, reaching out to see who was there. Luna took her hand in hers. Her sensitive fingers feeling her hands as they trailed up her arms. Suddenly, 62 leaned close and whispered;


This was the first time 62 ever muttered a word, even to Blank’s ears he was taken back, mumbling to himself on why she never bothered to utter a word to him after teaching her the alphabet to sentences.

“B-brother, want, brother…” she continued on, her voice was sweet yet shaky. Then she began to shudder, Luna pulled her into her arms. 62’s fingers grazing over her coat, as she continued to repeat the word Brother over and over again. She was beginning to act like her brother now for what Luna supposed.

Luna turned to her boss. “its time”


72 and 62 were now both in the same stages. They were both healthy and strong enough to move about, only taking it easy with the walking stages. The scientists onboard were thrilled to know that 62 and 72 were going to meet for the very first time. Most of the scientists were literally jumping and squealing to their friend’s and themselves. It was almost like an event to meet your favorite die hard celebrity.

Luna smiled to herself as she got 72 ready in his room. 72 glanced around curiously as Luna gingerly pulled a comb through his hair, wincing whenever she caught a knot.

Luna leaned close to her beloved specimen, holding his cheeks in her hands as 72 looked into her eyes. “You’re finally ready” Luna said, resisting squealing. “im soo proud of you 72, you went through so much”. 72’s gaze was locked into Luna’s eyes, his fingers creeped up to hers, his head tilting.

Luna kissed the hybrid’s forehead. “You’re finally going to see sister”

72’s eyes widened as Luna pulled away from him. Only to be pulled back when 72 threw his arms around her, whimpering. Luna pulled her fingers down 72’s curly hair. He smiled.

Brendon soon arrived at their door, claiming that everyone was ready. Luna strapped a small device to 72’s chest as he helped Brendon sit 72 down into his wheelchair, she strode along side the hybrid as they were taken into the Observation room.

The Observation room was basically a room that was constructed for the surviving experiments. It was later shut down due to the fact that the company lost fate in us. There are 3 observation rooms on board. The first one is the one we were going to now, it is a large, classroom sized room fit for the specimens when they begin to walk and so on. All the equipment was removed from the room just so the hybrids could have some space.
The second observation room is a room half the size of the first one, mainly for the observation of a single person and how they would react. It was originally built in with a stool, sinks lining the walls and a toilet, kind of like a futuristic prison cell bleached pure white. Just how Blank likes it. It can also be transformed into a torture chamber with a push of a button.
The third room is the largest observation room. It consists of Blank’s style of futuristic chairs and those poles you could normally see in ballerina studios. Blank had later one confirmed to Luna that when 72 and 62 begins to perfect walking, they shall be tested in that room with agility and performance.

72 began to shift uncomfortably in his seat as they neared the Observation room. Luna calmed him down, patting his pale hand gently as they finally entered the room. 72’s eyes immediately darted around, only to see a wide open space just for him. A white screen separated both specimens areas.
72 took a glance at Luna then at the screen. His lips moved but no words came out as he helped himself out of the wheelchair and to the ground with little assistance from Brendon. 72 took a glance at the cool floor that slightly chilled his bare feet. He gingerly smoothed his pale fingers over the plain surface.

The curious specimen followed his gaze to Luna who was busily chatting with Brendon before he darted out of the room, Luna looked over to him and pushed some of his curls out of his face before pulling on a portable oxygen mask to him, so he wouldn’t have to worry about a tank. A turn of the knob at the front and 72 let in a deep breath of air. The latest invention that was provided specially from the company itself.

Luna looked over her beloved specimen. So healthy and strong, she was so proud of him and finally seeing his sister for the first time was a special treat. Luna hoped Blank would allow a proper connection between the two after they meet… unless 62 can take a glance at her brother for once.

Luna stroked 72’s cheek with her thumb. Pulling his fleshy skin back made him smile, Luna traced his finger along his heightened cheekbones that made his chin look a little bit jutted out. He tilted his head as Luna’s pager went off. Giving a quick peck at to his cheek, she left the room. Leaving 72 alone in the blank room. “Luna” he squeaked as the automatic door slid shut.

Luna hurried over to the room Blank, and a crowd of scientists that were literally jammed into, to see the viewing. No kidding when it came to the scientists wanting to have a glimpse of their very first successful experiments meeting for the first time. Some of them were literally clawing over each other to get a glimpse. Heck, there were even tv screens set up to those who were not able to make it over each other. This was serious business to get the whole ship hyped up.

One thing Luna absolutely hated was when the scientists on board got too excited and would crowd around each other like a flock of birds. This happened many times before when recent experiments from a long time ago would actually come out successful. Our very first success was Experiment 14, a male hybrid who looked more fish like than human. He later died after a transfusion to boost up his immune system, he didn’t even make it to childhood. This was the only time everyone on board got excited out of their wits, but not like today.

After letting out furious barks and shoves to the hysterical scientists, Luna finally made it to the very front of the room where Blank stood, looking content and emotionless as ever. If Luna had the artistic ability, she would have carved a bust of Blank out of stone. If you know what I mean.

Luna straightened her lab coat as he looked out the wide window that was actually like a trick mirror. Inside 72 and 62 couldn’t see Luna, Blank or the squealing scientists clustered and plastering their faces on the window, but on the other side everyone can see them perfectly clear. Luna smiled as Brendon squeezed his way through the crowd, though he was a bodyguard on the ship, she knew he has missed out on so many opportunities but this one.

The thin white screen split both hybrids apart, Luna could see 62 on the other side of the screen. She was laid back against the wall , her eyes still closed as she looked around, as if taking in her surroundings. 72 was doing the same, pulling on his toes.

Blank’s stone faced expression turned into a hearty grin. “are they ready?” he asked in a holler over the scientist’s bolstering chatter. Luna raised an eyebrow, unable to make out what her boss had said. Suddenly someone leaned close to her ear and almost shrieked what Blank had said. Cranky ol Levi. Luna was about to say something until Blank stomped his foot, the sound echoed throughout the room silencing everyone.

Blank pulled out a small device with a red button on it as he flipped out his camcorder. “care to do the honors?” he asked to a flushed Luna. She took the device in shaky hands and looked over to her boss who was eagerly awaiting for the screen to lift. “well? What are you waiting for?” Levi hissed in her ear. Taking in a deep breath, she pressed the button.

You could only hear a pin drop at the silence that flooded over the room in an instant. It scared Luna a little, never experiencing such the muted atmosphere before. The only noise that broke the silence was a sharp beeping sound that made the white screen shudder before them. Both hybrids focused their attention to the screen that ever so slowly lifted like a curtain before a show. Luna could sense the boiling excitement rise in the room.

72 cocked his head to one side as he cautiously watched the white screen slowly pull up into the ceiling. That’s when he shuddered, goose bumps rose on his arms as he sensed her for the first time, awake, alive. Not trapped in the glass cases they nearly spent their whole lives in, not even having a peek of humanity and the world itself. Luna clung onto the nearest scientist nearby, which was Levi, who froze at her tight clutch. She forced back tears when she saw 72 priceless reaction as he laid eyes on his sister for the very first time, in forever. An excited murmur soundlessly spread through the crowd.

This time, 72’s eyes were much larger than the moon itself but probably the whole galaxy if possible. A shuddered sigh came from his mask as he pulled himself on his hands and knees, whispering “sister”

A yelp was heard from the crowd as 72 spoke those words, Luna resisted the urge to do the same. Taking a glance at her boss, he was busily recording the whole thing on tape.

72 silently moved his way towards his sister, his eyes shimmered like the ocean, like if a pirate laid eyes on the contents of a treasure chest when opened to reveal it riches. He froze when 62 began to stir a little, she pushed herself off of the wall by her elbows and limped there, before whispering “brother”

Everyone in the room could not believe their eyes when 62 began to move, like literally began to move. Her thin fingers danced on the smooth floor as she began to crawl for the first time. Taking her time with each step that came out awkwardly yet assuredly.

72 felt something in his heart grow, it felt strange at first, confused until it blossomed. His face flushed with red as he watched his sister slowly approach him, but inside, he knew something was wrong.

Then their hands touched. They both let out a soft gasp as both specimens experienced a strange tingling sensation that shot up their arms and make their arms covered in goosebumps. Blank stared appalled at the miniature monitor that held both the information recorded from the devices attached to both of the specimen’s chests. “amazing” Blank breathed staring deeply into the screen with wonder “ their readings are off the charts! Both of them are experiencing the same senses”

Both specimens held onto that pose for a while until 72’s hand slowly wrapped around hers, feeling how small her hand was compared to Luna’s. 62 moved her sensitive fingers over her brother’s thigh then slowly feeling her way up to his arm still covered in goosebumps. That tingling feeling rushed back to 72 in an instant as he did the same to her. 72 smiled, her skin felt so soft and silky. Something he has never experienced before, it was fascinating.
Some of the female scientists in the room were literally squealing in excitement at the actions of both hybrids. Some were clinging onto each other and jumping like rabbits, others were excitedly whispering to each other. The male scientists just remained silent, but inside they were literally bursting with the same excitement the girls showed.

72 tilted his head to see that his sister has not opened her eyes as yet. He touched them gently, making soft eager noises as if trying to tempt her to open her eyes for him. 62 mimicked the same noises in a sad tone, holding her brother’s hands before 72 leaned in close to her, and gently kissed both of her eyes that struck the scientists into a rising of chatter, especially Luna and Blank, who looked on speechless of 72’s actions.

72 held his sister’s cheeks cradled into his hands, waiting. Suddenly 62’s eyes began to move underneath her eyelids before fluttering open like a butterfly’s. A gasp erupted from the crowd as Luna slapped her hand over her mouth, realizing that she was the one who started the gasp and was followed by others. Everyone remained silent as 62 focused her gaze onto her brother who beamed as bright as the sun when their eyes finally met.

Her eyes were beautiful and elegant looking, they were the same dark brown color as her brother’s with the white ring around her pupil. She blinked rapidly, she carefully slid her shaking hands to her brother’s face, feeling his fine features to his heightened cheek bones to his eyes.

Her hands met the portable oxygen mask strapped around 72’s face. He didn’t bother to resist when 62 carefully pulled it off of his face. 72 took in a shaky breath followed by sudden gasps for air. 62’s eyes widened, not knowing what she has done to her brother who was choking for air. Blank quickly ordered a few scientists to split them as 62 blindly wrapped her arms around her brothers who dug his fingers into her back, continuing to gasp for air until he stopped. Everyone watched in silence as 72 took in a shaky breath, then another, then another. Miraculously, he began to breathe, normally.

Luna’s jumped as her thoughts were snapped into reality when Blank slammed his camcorder shut. His eyebrows furred in anger as he clutched the device until his knuckled turned white.

“split them!” he roared to the scientists who were now beginning to file out of the room in horror “split them now!! Gas the room!”
“NO! what are you doing?!” Luna cried as the scientists at the control panel looked at each other with frightened expressions, resisting the order. Blank’s face turned hot red has veins began to emerge from his head, now he was really pissed. “ I said GAS THEM!!” he screamed.

Seeing that the scientist’s were not doing as told, Blank pushed himself through the crowd to the panels where he got hold of the controls. Luna leapt on him before he could reach the gassing button.

“Sir! You cant do this!!!” she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. “you are going to hurt them! 72! His lungs are going to be affected by the-“

Luna was cut off my Blank elbowing her in the jaw. She fell back into Levi’s arms in dizzying pain as he watched in horror as her boss slammed his fist against the gassing button. The room the hybrid’s were in began to spew out a clear gas, but they already knew something was wrong when 72 clutched into his sister to protect her.

72 reached for his oxygen mask so he could strap it onto his sister before he fell over with her still in his arms as the gas creeped its way into his lungs. 62 clutched onto her brother’s chest as she watched him fall into unconsciousness, howling for him to wake up. 62 tried to hold her breath but couldn’t before she fell into unconsciousness with her brother, still holding her in his protective arms.

Chapter 14: Unconditionally by DarkestDreams

72 shivered in his sleep, his body twitched like an animal would when tranquilized. In his mind he couldn’t stop thinking about his sister, how beautiful she looked, and when her eyes opened he knew they had something between each other, but he still couldn’t understand what it was. He felt something bad was going to happen, and splitting himself with his sister was just the beginning of it.

Luna caressed 72’s hair as he rested back in his room. Just a while ago her boss elbowed her badly in the jaw just so he can gas the hybrids. Their lifeless bodies being pulled away from one another tore Luna’s soul into pieces, knowing that the company’s very first surviving experiments meeting each other ended in a nightmare. She shifted the ice pack Brendon gave her in her free hand on her jaw. It was swollen badly and could have been worse if she had bitten her tongue.

She was worried badly about both specimens, how their future might be like. But hey! Their just stupid experiments to be used as tools for breeding just like how any animal locked in a kennel would for their lifetime undergoing painful tests and never seeing the light of day until they die.

Could it be different? Luna knew the whole process, blending human DNA with those of specific animals to create a powerful being. She knew it was highly illegal to do so, she knew it must have taken half of Bill Gates budget to literally perform the whole operation, especially in space.

72’s body twitched, Luna pulled the covers close to his body and rubbed his back in gentle circles. His cot had recently been upgraded to a comfortable hospital bed; it even included a small buzzer so 72 can summon Luna whenever he pleases if no one is around watching over him. Other than being monitored by camera 24/7. Wires and he usual oxygen mask was back in place after his sister tore it off.

Levi, the dude who caught Luna after her boss whacked her dizzy in his arms was assigned to be at 62’s aid for now since Blank is getting caught up in his work. Luna was relieved to hear the news, knowing that Blank would stay out of 62’s development was perfect. She knew 72 would hate to have the man’s scent on his own sister.

Luna’s gaze fixed on 72’s long skinny legs. By the looks of his body length he almost looks about a few cm higher than an average human being. Of course, she expected changes from a man with animal DNA grafted into his own.

She scrutinized his large feet, looks bigger than Brendon’s that’s for sure. Luna would realize that he would curl in his toes whenever he rested, then they would flex for a few seconds then curl in again. What surprised Luna was that his toes were a little longer than an adult’s would. They look good enough for clinging for balance, just like how a gymnast would do on a balance beam.

The hybrid twitched once more before curling into a ball. His arms wrapped tightly around his knees. He looked so vulnerable, so innocent. He just looks like some lost grown man trying to piece together his life. Oh wait, isn’t that occurring right now?

Luna watched as he began to slowly open his eyes. She resisted to gasp when she noticed something highly unusual about his eyes when they opened, he had another eyelid, also known as the nictitating membrane which is a transparent eyelid shown in some animals eyes such as alligators. 72 blinked, adjusting his gaze on Luna as a thin smile appeared on his lips.

“Luna?” he whispered, pulling himself up from his bedding as Luna gently pushed him back down. His long fingers pulled at the new mattress, feeling the soft new plush underneath him.

“hey sweetie, how do you feel?” Luna asked, adjusting her ice pack. 72 suddenly looked around frantically, terror in his eyes. “Sister?” he squeaked.

Luna bit her lip to avoid welling up in tears “she’s okay hon, don’t worry”. 72 shook his head, beginning to pull the covers off of his shivering body. “no, not okay” he said, wanting to get off his bed before Luna stopped him.

“no 72, stop” she ordered in a serious tone. 72 narrowed his eyes at her before plopping back into the pillows, his eyes followed to her ice pack.

“Luna hurt?” he asked, reaching up to touch Luna’s hand gripping the pack when he jerked his hand away. He examined it with a concerned look. “was it cold?” Luna asked. 72 just tilted his head in confusion.

Luna removed the pack from her face, exposing her swollen red cheek which began to alarm 72. He pressed his hand against her chilled skin, looking scared and concerned for his fellow scientist. “Luna hurt?” he repeated. Luna sighed, gripping the pack against her shaking hands. “yes, Luna is hurt”

Luna already began to hate seeing 72 like this, in such a scared state, but for her? No one on the ship never really cared about one another but only to get their hourly wage which could soon add up to a bolstering amount of cash at the end of the month. They were forced to care about the experiments over time when they realized that their wages were being cut short every time an experiment failed.

As for Luna, people were forced to be kind to her. Their true emotions were only driven by fear and nervousness when they approached her since she was the head’s assistant. Luna hated being treated like if she was fake and by only going for her status. There were only a few members on board who actually treats her like a normal being. 72 was going on that list at the very top.

72 pulled Luna close to him which startled her. Thinking that he might kiss her, when he actually did on her swollen cheek. Her face flushed red with embarrassment, how soft and tender his lips were. It almost felt like a butterfly just landed on her cheek. He pulled away, blushing. Gently touching his cheek curiously from the strange emotion. Luna was glad that Blank at least hardwired them with emotions.

Luna held the icepack back to her cheek while 72 began to play with her hair. She had to sit beside him this time so she wouldn’t have to lean forward. The specimen rested his chin on her shoulder as he carefully examined each strand of Luna’s white hair, cut right at the shoulders. Luna rubbed his back with her free hand, making him doze off right at her side. Whenever she stopped rubbing, 72 would awaken until she began to rub his back again.

Luna was too caught up with 72 that she didn’t notice Blank enter the room. If 72 was not in her arms she would have jumped high enough to bear a hole in the ceiling. Blank gave her a death stare, wondering why this experiment is nestled up against his assistant like that when he should be undergoing tests.

He nodded at Luna’s ice pack “sorry about that, I got a bit too excited in there” he said in a flat tone, Luna just shrugged, no point of arguing with the boss. His gaze turned to 72 who was beginning to stir in his sleep, Luna held him closer hushing him.

“no no, let him wake up” Blank said, his expressionless face turning wicked as a grin played on his thin lips. The lights above him reflected brightly off of his bald head make Luna squint a little. 72 opened his eyes and frowned, seeing his traitor infront of him. He pulled his head underneath Luna’s lab coat.

“how childish” Blank snorted at 72’s act. He raised his eyebrows in amusement when 72 peeked out of Luna’s coat, shooting the head of the ship an evil glare which made Blank burst out laughing.

“would you look at that! He really does hate me!” he whooped, Luna gasped when 72 began to clutch onto her, hard.
Blank turned back to Luna where she was quietly hushing the poor specimen under her coat. With a disgusted grunt, he grabbed her coat and tore it off of 72, exposing him. A strange wail erupted from 72 as he pulled the coat back down on his head.

“you have to stop treating him like this Luna” Blank snorted, his smile fading away as he spoke “In fact both specimens have to stop being treated like children, I have already issued this command to Levi and im expecting for you to follow” he said, pulling a wrinkled white handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed his shining forehead with it.

“You do know that their very close into testing Luna, sweet remarks won’t be necessary when they’re in that process. They will eventually become smarter and stronger, they will grow away from you and closer to each other, that’s when the going becomes good” Blank remarked before 72 pulled the coat away from his head and gave Blank another death stare. He grinned.

“don’t be happy for long buddy, you have so much to do” he snickered as 72 stuck out his unusually long tongue out at Blank making him roar with laughter.

The moment the doors shut 72 peeked out of Luna’s coat, staring into her eyes. She brushed her hand over his hair making him let off a soft noise that sounded like a purr.

“you’re getting pretty vocal aren’t you?” Luna smiled as 72 returned the smile back.

72’s sunny mood didn’t last for long when he fell back asleep on his friend’s lap. Twitching and moaning until he remained still from Luna’s back rubs. When 72 was finally rested, Luna took the chance to finally slip out of the room. Knowing that minutes later 72 might end up wailing for her again, almost like a lost puppy.

Back at Luna’s office, she hungrily drained the last of her coffee and slapped the large metal cup back down on the desk. The shiny dark green exterior of the mug was plastered over with visible fingerprints as she tightened her grip around it. Luna was back into the usual multi-tasking scheme once again, flipping over her notepad as she scribbled furiously on a document with a blue pen that would constantly bleed or stop working on her. Why does Conor use up his budget on a fancy ship when he can’t even afford a better pen to write with? Luna glanced over her piles of paperwork scattered over her desk to the coffee machine mounted unexplainably close to her. The machine surprisingly was actually a gift from Blank himself on Luna’s birthday. Luna has been so caught up with her work that she has even forgotten when her birthday was anymore, at least the coffee kept her going and sane at least.

Luna didn’t realize that she was scribbling so hard on the document that the pen bled on her, ink seeped through the paper, tearing it as she wrote frantically as if writing an important scripture. Her sweaty fingers slipped the paper into the awaiting pile of finished work as she reached for another one. Her other hand grabbing the coffee pot and frowned, scrutinizing the little remains of the caffeinated drink sloshing around in the pot.

She pushed the pot back into the machine and tore open a bag with her teeth as she continued to write. Emptied it into the machine and pressed the ON button. Discarding the bag into the trash with a perfect shot without even looking at where she was throwing it. It surprised her that 72 didn’t even notice the smell of coffee on her breath, even when-

The pen slipped through her pale fingers and clattered onto the document, slightly marking it with blue. She drove her fingers through her white hair and groaned. The only sounds in the room were the soft hums of the machines surrounding her workspace and the coffee machine whirring and shuddering. 72 has been on Luna’s mind almost every day. It was extremely difficult to take him off of your mind when you cannot resist that sweet face of his, his eyes, his smile, his-

Ugh, here we go again. Luna thought as she braced her weary head against the rest of her chair. No matter what she thinks about, it could either be work, calculations, ponies, whatever, 72 always popped up in her mind somewhere and she could not get rid of it. Like a song stuck in your head, and when you finally get rid of it, you hear it once again and there goes that cycle.

Strange that Luna was only concerned about 72, but not his sister in crime, 62, who is indeed all part of this operation. She sighed, what if 72 actually does grow apart from her? And when the going gets good? It’s hard to imagine.

Luna bit her lip when she thought of 72 tearing away from her. How he might stop giving her those sweet, innocent looks of his and might replace it with a look of hate like how he would see Blank? Luna knew by heart that she would never betray or harm 72 in anyway, the only thing she is afraid of it the test’s, and how 72 might react to the scientists around him now.

This isn’t all fun and games anymore. No more ABC’s and 123’s, connect the dots and coloring pages for homework. Both specimens are fully grown adults, not children… but they do act like them. How 72 would play with those little toys like any curious toddler would, and how he would always smile whenever he got something right. He wasn’t just the average adult who is almost drained of emotion, struggling though life. Luna found this hard to believe, but that 72 is beginning to open up her inner child.

Luna’s pager brought her back into reality, seeing that it came from 72’s room. Why thank you Captain Obvious. Luna peeled herself off of her comfortable chair and made her way down the halls to 72’s room. The moment the door slid open Luna was hit hard with a reeking smell that almost made her double over. The room was empty.

The source of the smell almost made Luna shriek. Right near 72’s new bed was a retched pile of fresh vomit that made Luna gag just at the sight of it. The fresh new pillows and blankets were thrown everywhere, a blanket close by the throw up as if trying to cover it. Some machines were thrown down as well. Probably the work of 72, but how?

A soft yet strange sound suddenly filled the room, sounding like whimpering. Luna took a cautious step into the room. Her legs were shaking so hard that it felt like if they would give up on her any second.

“72?” Luna croaked as she continued her agitated walk into 72’s chambers. She knew he was in the room, by the sounds that came from the large vents nearby, he had to be there.

“72?” she repeated, a little more confidence in her voice. “where are you hon?” she asked hesitantly as the whimpering continued, now beginning to get a little louder. Sucking in a deep breath, she approached the vents protruding from the ground that formed the shape of a tube reaching a short distance from floor to wall. There curled up tightly in a pale shivering ball, laid 72. Crammed within the narrowness of the vents that looked too small for an average person to squeeze into.
Luna didn’t know whether to laugh or to yell at the poor hybrid whose hands were covering his face. Ashamed. Instead, she smiled. “There you are” she chirped in a tone as sweet as honey, but inside she just wanted to strangle the life out of someone right now.

72 didn’t even flinch at the sound of Luna’s voice, not even a single sound or movement came from him as Luna knelt down to his height. “what are you doing back there?” she asked. Silence.

Luna didn’t know if 72 didn’t want to talk to her or is afraid of something. Last time she left him, he was just fine. Other than that incident with Blank that is. “don’t you want to tell Luna what’s wrong?” she asked. 72 didn’t respond, but he slightly turned his head around to face her. His hand were still covering half of his face between his fingers, but the melancholic look on his sweet innocent face streaked with dried tears almost made Luna choke up.

She held out her hands “come here love, come to Luna”

72 whined again, the noise sounded like if there was a bubbling in his throat, he tried to move but the tightness of the vents kept him down, he whined even louder, his face twisting up like if he was about to cry. He was stuck alright. Luna laughed to herself and pressed the button on her pager. “bring Brendon in for me please”

The look on Brendon’s face was priceless when he first discovered that 72 has left a present for him on the floor and when he found out that the sweet thing was stuck between the vents. It took some time to reach the wailing specimen who flailed at Brendon’s touch to get out of the vents. The moment Brendon placed the hybrid into Luna’s arms, he was already howling. Smeared on the outside of his mouth were the remains of the vomit mixed with tears. He was pretty strong against Luna’s grip as she tried to soothe the crying specimen. Caring less of the retched fluid being rubbed onto her coat. His long legs kicking gently against her and his arms bound tight against Luna’s grip made it harder for him to stop crying.

Luna couldn’t help but to smile at herself as she continued to settle 72 down. It was actually pretty humorous to find the poor thing ashamed of his acts and hide away like a child would whenever they did something wrong. She sang him random songs with made up lyrics and smoothed his now tangled hair back. The more Luna spoke to him, the more he began to calm down.

He listened closely to her singing, his head pressed against her chest as he let out shuddered breaths followed by tears that dried his eyes. His large protective hands were clenched tightly against her lab coat. He looked more of a child in the arms of his mother, even though Luna isn’t his mother. 72’s genes came from donors, so god knows who his real biological parents are.

Soon the hybrid was fast asleep in her arms. He let off soft gurgling sounds from his throat that sounded like purring. His hands twitched in Luna’s protective grip as he napped. Luna brushed her cheek against his soft hair. The smell of the vomit now smeared on both 72 and herself stunk up the whole room as Brendon rushed out to grab the janitors.

Luna stayed close to 72 as Brendon carried him out of the room as the janitors worked. 72’s arms were wrapped around Brendon’s neck and his face pressed to his broad shoulder. Luna giggled at his position, Brendon couldn’t care less until he dumped him into another spare room when Luna stopped him.

“wait, take him to my room. Ill take care of him there” She said, a smile forming on her lips. Brendon lifted a thick eyebrow. “are you sure Ms Luna? What would the boss say?”

Luna shook her head and straightened out 72’s shorts. “forget about him, ill deal with the consequences later”
Brendon didn’t bother to argue any further and carried out her command. Luna made sure no scientists were snooping around when she ushered Brendon in and to her personal lab where Brendon settled 72 on a clean white examination table.

Thanking him as she ushered him out. Luna removed his filthy shirt and cleaned his body and face. 72 didn’t stir at all as Luna worked around his nude body, other than the occasional twitching as she pulled on a new pair of shorts on him.

Luna carefully hooked him up to some of the machines around the room filled with tables set with numerous vials and test tubes in a variety of sizes. Smooth black countertops set off a glare from the overhead lights that illuminated the room’s white interior. Shelves were packed neatly with perfectly labeled substances, chemicals and liquids lined in precise order. Some peeked through glass cabinets containing other containers and vials corked with liquids.

The machines hummed to life as Luna pulled out a file from one of her many drawers, packed so tightly with documents that Luna thought she might need another filing cabinet… again. Her lab was filled with all the crazy kick-knacks and gadgets you expect from a laboratory from genetic engineers. Charts ranging from human anatomy, animals, cells and DNA strands hung from the dim white walls to avoid the look of Blank’s sense of style. If you know what I mean.

Luna’s personal lab might just be the tidiest room of the whole ship, whenever Blank does not suspect it, she would run secret experiments and observations in her lab. The very lab where she spliced and fused together DNA strands in order to find a perfect match between animal DNA with human DNA. This is not vinegar and baking soda volcano science; this is like rocket science X10.

Pulling out a clipboard, she silently recorded 72’s stats. Watching his every breath, his every stir. The way his fingers and toes flexed every few minutes and the slow beat of his heart on the monitor. “you’re so beautiful” she whispered to him, hugging the board close to her chest as she finished up the results.

Then, an idea hit. She slid off of her stool and towards a desk where she booted up a computer. She pulled off her glasses and another special pair that was attached to the computer that has a tiny video camera right at the lenses. She typed in a few codes before the screen flashed to life of herself in the screen. A live stream of what was going on, and wherever Luna moved, so will the camera catching everything.

“perfect” she smiled into the laptop. Her view on 72 now. “Experiment 72” she spoke outloud as the camera picked up everything. “awakened and alive as ever” she smiled as she approached the sleeping hybrid.

Luna was used to video diaries on the ship the moment she arrived on her first day. It helped keep her sane throughout the whole orbit around the moon, and after the numerous failures of the experiments, Blank too.

“beautiful body structure, big broad shoulders, long arms, long legs. Somewhat a few inches longer than the average adult…” Luna continued, circling around the bed “twitches every few minutes or so, about 2.5 minutes perhaps, Could be his developing muscles. His fingers and toes also flex in his sleep, you can see how tightly curled in they are… some big feet he got too hahaha. Anyways, everything about him is just fine, heart rate is as stable and strong as usual, vitals are nice, brain waves though…”

Luna paused, hooking up a few electrodes to his head. The monitor flashed to life with waves jumping up and down at a gentle, yet fast pace. “very strong brain waves, even when asleep” Luna breathed, stroking his hair. 72 moaned in his sleep, beginning to stir as the waves jumped frantically on the monitor. “amazing results!” Luna whispered as 72 turned to his side, whimpering.

“poor baby, he just want to see his sister again” she cooed, kissing his forehead as the waves returned back to normal. “what else…. Oh yes, reason why I ‘kidnapped’ him in here is because he regurgitated his first meal, consisting of solid foods such as potatoes, carrots, strawberries ect etc. Basically we gave him everything on the cart other than the broccoli. Since he is an already grown adult with strong teeth-“ she paused moving his lips apart to show off his pearly whites “look at those bad boys hahaha, he still somehow refused to take in the foods presented to his body, probably because we could’ve over fed him that time. We might need to take it slow now and feed him small portions unless he’s really hungry. Might need an increase of calories due to his animal genes, but that will take time when they begin to react with the DNA”

Luna sighed, leaning back in her chair. “Still trying to find out why he changed in the first place, found some results from the last transfusion he received from the chief, it was obviously suspicious. The syringe was a fake, and the substances were harmful enough to corrupt his DNA, yet only physical changes has occurred so far, nothing mentally as yet, well, other than his usual childish tantrums”

Luna rubbed his arm, suddenly she noticed something. Gently turning the back his arm to the light, her eyes widened. Dark splotches of his original skin color was dotted from big to small dots were scattered around near his armpit. Luna knew too well of what 72 had, vitiligo. A skin disease that destroys the skin pigmentation.

Her heart skipped a beat, it was just a clue but it was suddenly coming together. She raced for her board, scribbling down so furiously on the paper that she nearly tore it. “signs of the skin disease Vitiligo located upper of his armpit of his native skin color, splotches range from small to large leading to the armpit, could be more signs of the disease elsewhere on his body.”

Luna set the board down and hurried over to a counter where she pulled out a small sedation needle for a quick knockout. She only used it to medicate her subject for a few minutes to study before they awakened again. She took a ten minute dose and injected it into 72’s arm, he whined at the pain.

“hush baby, Luna just wants to check you out for a moment, just relax and it will all be over soon”

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Chapter 15, Sweetheart by DarkestDreams
Author's Notes:

Im terribly sorry for my long absence due to school, but I bring you a brand new chapter of Experiment 72!!! :D Im hoping this will repay for my absence

Luna carefully took off 72’s shorts a second time and quickly restrained him to the table in case she took too long with the examination and he woke up, being gentle with his wrists and ankles. She typed a few commands to the computer and adjusted her eyeglasses with the camera still attached.

“okay, looking for more signs of vitiligo….” She breathed as she carefully checked his nude body. It felt really strange feeling him all over for the disease, especially checking a grown man for a woman like her. She bit her lip and paused, try not to get too excited Luna she thought. She jumped when 72’s whole body twitched.

Shaking her head, she continued her search on him. She paused at his arm, grazing her fingers across it and even taking off the restraint to lift his hand which slowly closed onto hers. She smiled “you remind me of my baby back home”.

As in ‘baby’ Luna meant her fiancée who she left behind years ago on earth so she could become part of this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ project. At first, she was a bit hesitant about the whole idea about creating a new being out of nothing. It was literally impossible to create a human without the proper requirements, everything was artificial but the cells. The womb they grew up in, the chambers they developed from child to adolescent to adult. Everything was artificial.

It appeared as a huge hype before when she realized that she was being sent into space. Sure it seemed like a whole joke creating a new type of DNA strand for creating a human hybrid with mixed animal DNA, and how illegal it sounded too. Luna thought it was like it would be more of a mad scientist thing, the contract almost looked like you just won the lottery, which her fiancée talked her into accepting for their wedding after she returns back. Until she found out more about the whole project as she spent her time on the ship, and how sickening it is to forcefully create some cross breed of a human and watching every single one of them die a painful death or freezing when Blank pulled the lever of their cases.

Luna felt that she fell for the money too, this whole project is just for money, and she fell right into their trap. But there was no going back now, they are already here.

72’s hand dropped to the table. The lab was filled with an eerie silence as Luna stared blankly at 72’s body. Watching his chest rise and fall, how his ribcage would slightly show as he breathed. Somehow Luna felt as if she were back with her fiancée just looking at 72 for some reason, they were almost alike, they were both sweet and stubborn. Whenever Luna would have 72 sleeping in her arms she would remember him holding her in his arms when she was upset. Luna swallowed and wiped her eyes quickly with her sleeve to avoid tearing up as she continued her search.

“signs of splotches located behind the left ear, upper thigh, specks on right ankle, both very faded on wrists, behind his upper neck, lower left hip, somewhat a large splotch around his right stomach area” she smoothed her fingers across his ribcage peeking out from his chest. Pressing gently, feeling the slow pound of his heart.

Luna sighed and pulled his wrist back into the restraint. She pulled out a small needle and pricked his finger, bright red blood quickly welled up from the wound as Luna slid a card across it, staining it. Quickly she wrote on the card and grabbed a glass slide, she slid a glass slide underneath his finger, catching a drop of his blood on it and went to work.

Luna set up her camera on her special microscope acquired from the company itself. She slid the glass under the projector and looked through the lenses. Carefully focusing on the slide, her eyes widened at the sight of his blood. The tiny red cells were slowly yet constantly multiplying right before her eyes. How could this be? Uncertain, she went back to 72 with a scalpel in hand. Ever so carefully, she pressed the blade on his hand. That’s when she noticed her hand was shaking hesitantly. She took a breath and gave a quick yet slight cut. She couldn’t believe her eyes when the cut suddenly vanished right before blood can be seen. Dumbstruck, the scalpel fell from her hands and the blade grazed his skin. The cut disappeared instantly as it was formed.

“amazing regenerative abilities” she breathed as 72’s eyes shot open, just as the scalpel settled on the metal table. Luna tore away from the table as he began to pull against the restraints, his whole body going rigid.

Luna grabbed the scalpel and pulled it away from the table. 72 immediately stopped struggling and relaxed, now staring at her. His eyes drilling deep into her as she knew that he was beginning to detest the restraints.
Silently, she slowly held up the scalpel when 72 snapped viciously at her, his eyes wide and his hands clenched tightly into fists. A low gurgling sound came from him, as if he was growling at her. The scalpel dropped to the floor and clattered to a halt when the restraint holding his wrist down snapped off the table. The wires attached to his arm tore off painfully as he swung his free arm against the table.

The moment Luna screamed she slapped her hands over her mouth, knowing if anyone outside her office could’ve heard her, they would know something was up. 72 cried desperately, pulling hard against the restraints, his free arm flailing. The machines in the room began to act up, beeping noises quickened and monitors flashed increased vital rates. Luna screamed his name to stop, but her voice was easily drowned out by his crying.

She quickly dug into her pocket with trembling hands and pulled out an emergency tranquilizizer. 72 continued to struggle against the binds as Luna, who could’ve set him asleep by now, stood rigid against her desk, horrified.

Her whole body and mind was screaming at her; do it!, do it! put him down! but her heart said No. He was no animal, he’s only human (sort of) being scared out of his wits and frightened of the things around him.
Without thinking she lunged towards him “72 STOP!” she screeched, reaching for his flailing arm when the back of his hand struck her cheek, right near the place where Blank hit her jaw. The pain was revolting, half her face went numb when she finally grabbed his hand and slammed it against the table. 72 finally snapped out of it and stared down at his friend’s battered face, streaked with tears and sweat. Her thick eyeglasses half tilted at the bridge of her nose gave her a goofy appearance as she lingered awkwardly positioned ontop of his half nude body. The needle was positioned ready at his neck without even realizing it.
Her finger’s quivered at the plunger as they both stared at each other. Luna laid the needle down on the table, her free hand brushed against his soft warm skin. “hey” she whispered softly “hey, it’s okay”. 72 searched her eyes as she continued to talk to him. She felt his wrist begin relax in her grip as she spoke to him calmly. He moaned and turned away from her, pulling his free hand out of her grip and brushed her cheek lightly. It looked like as he’s had enough.
Luna carefully pulled herself away from him, feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Or was she really blushing?
“I-Im so sorry, 72” She murmured.
After leaving the specimen alone with all his restraints free, Luna carefully cradled her injured jaw with a fresh ice pack back in her original office/room. It was difficult to multitask now that one hand was occupied at her swollen jaw. The ballpoint pen dropped against the paper, leaving a slight ink blotch. At first she thought about the foolish incident back in the examination room where Black gassed both hybrids and got elbowed in the jaw. Now the pain was even worse when 72 knocked her silly in the same spot.

Digging through her clustered drawers, she pulled out a painkiller and downed it with coffee. Shoving aside the work Blank gave her, she pulled out 72’s folder and leafed through it. Documents leading back when he was just… well…. Nothing really. At first he was just some strands of DNA being grafted into each other, then he was just cells, then a fetus, and finally a baby. Then the memory of the big ol chief of this wack operation nearly killing our only surviving experiment. For a moment Luna thought that this was just a scheme to get money flushing down the toilet. The whole’ create a new race’ was just a lust for new life, and more power.

“either he goes down, or you go down with him” Blank would always tell us whenever an experiment is at its half stage, before it goes into the chamber where 72 and 62 both grew up. The scientists would carefully examine each experiment, and determine if they need to go back into the chamber or can grow without it. Each experiment were either mutilated beasts or just messed up beyond repair, and yes, most of them were aggressive. Luna felt like she had gotten into the habit of tranquilizing them whenever they flipped out every few seconds. Most were put down or frozen and re-used for DNA splicing for future experiments.

After spending his whole life in an artificial chamber, he can really be a handful, especially when it comes who whacking you in the jaw with such force. Luna typed in his analysis on her computer, clutching the file close. Luna was beginning to have the feeling that how he reacted back there with the scalpel may just be because of his hearing. Or his ears are sensitive to metallic sounds?

Getting back to work, Luna suddenly had the feeling that she was being watched. Her hand went ridged for a moment, her pen hovering above the paper before it pressed against it once again. Forgetting the feeling, only when she heard something drop.

Luna whipped around to see a plastic Star Trek cup rolling around to a stop. It was a birthday present from her brother years before he died in a car accident. She was about to excuse it when she saw a pale hand coming from behind a white modern bookshelf stuffed with buldging books and kick-nacks, it grabbed the cup, and disappeared.

Her voice shook “72?” This better not be a hallucination because she can already feel herself being tipped over the brink.

There was a slight pause before she could hear something rustling behind the furniture. Another cup fell from the shelf and rolled away under her bed. Finally 72’s pale face appeared behind the polished wood, draped in curls as he quietly approached the bed until he caught Luna’s glance. His wide innocent eyes bore into Luna’s like daggers as he quietly began to retreat behind the bookshelf once again.

At first, Luna wanted to yell at the poor thing. Asking why he is in her office/room and, how the hell did he get there in the first place?! But all she could do was giggle at him, feeling her anger wash away looking into his beautiful brown eyes. Feeling a strange connection, Luna slipped off her chair, went down on her knees and silently crawled towards the bookshelf. She took a deep breath and peeked to see him packed against the corner of the bookshelf, as if he is trying to squeeze himself into the small corner. His wide eyes stared back at her through his curls. The Star Trek cup was clenched tightly in his hand.

Luna held out her hand to him. It didn’t take long for 72 to process this when he quietly pulled himself away from the corner and moved cautiously towards her outstretched hand. Luna could notice his left leg was at an alarming angle as he came close enough for the tip of his nose to brush against her fingertips. Feeling his steady breath against her skin, and his warm eyes that looked like melted chocolate sparkled. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The moment was broken.

Luna’s head whipped around in surprise towards the door, retracting her hand.

“Hey, Luna? You in here?” Blank.

Luna immediately straightened “Y-yes sir, what may I do for you? “ She said before turning to 72. “stay here” she whispered before opening the door for Blank, trying not to give away that their beloved experiment was hiding behind the bookshelf in the assistant’s room.

Blank raised an eyebrow at her and smiled, closing the door an inch behind him. “well just checking up on you” the smile faded immediately as it was made “I heard about the incident today Luna, what is the big commotion?”

Luna tried not to flinch as she swallowed nervously, her gaze darting between him and the bookshelf, horrified if 72 moved she would be in massive trouble “ uh-umm….. well you see, I think 72 just had a bad reaction with the food… or we could’ve overfed him…” she blabbered on. Blank, who seemed to be ignoring this, sat down at the side of her bed. Luna’s eyes widened, worried if he might catch 72 hiding.

Blank shook his head wryly “Luna, Luna, Luna” he sighed “you must know better now that our experiments cant eat too much now. They just woke up!” yeah, like 2 weeks ago “they are developing fast now, especially our main man” he paused “They will begin grow and learn faster than regular humans at, oh let’s say, triple the pace. Its like learning everything from preschool to grade 4 in a month or two!” He smiled “how amazing is that? Just how we wanted them”

Luna could feel the pain returning back to her chest, feeling it squeeze against her heart like barbed wire. She was already sick of hearing ‘oh they can learn twice as fast as we can, maybe they can predict the mass of the earth or something’ or ‘maybe they can pick up on a new language too, they would start speaking fluently in 2 months’. Blank only referred and labeled them as the so called ‘new race’ that everyone signed up for to create history. Then, he would plan to stick needles and probe them with this and that and see if the ‘new race’ can withstand radiation or something crazy. It was all yakity- smackity all over the place.

She tried not to shudder seeing the same darkness overcome him that was visible in his eyes. She didn’t know what side she was really on. Good, or bad?

“so that means you cant just go on and feed him like a pig” Blank continued, pulling off his sharply rimmed glasses and wiping them against a silk cloth before pushing them back on his nose. It looks like he is just making Levi jealous of how strict he can be. “I can see he needs some weight anyways, but don’t over feed him Luna, you’re just making things worse if you prick and prod on him” He said, pushing himself off the bed and toward the door.

“besides, you know that he wont cling to you forever Luna. Sooner or later he might not even remember who you are anymore”


Luna didn’t know how long she took staring at the door. Wishing it could explode or something. Wishing that Blank’s shiny bald head can explode, wishing that he can just get lost, wishing that he can get out of her life, wishing that she was off this ship and with her fiancée, not tangled in this mess of the Government and experiments of what is to become a ‘new race’ . She just wanted- to be with 72.


Luna turned around to see him now peeking from behind the bed, his big pale hands clutching the bedsheets lovingly. His eyes longed for her to pick him up and hug her problems away.

“hey there sweetie” she crooned “what are you doing back there?”

72 smiled and pulled the covers over his head playfully. He suddenly realized what he was doing and began to panic, pulling his head out and falling backwards. Luna gasped and rushed behind the bed where 72 was looking up at her. Luna raised an eyebrow, he’s naked again…

“Luna” he purred as she helped him up. She braced him against the bed and rummaged through one of her dresser drawers, pulling out an oversized T-shirt. He clung to her as she slipped the shirt on him, his eyes sparkled.

“Blank, bad” he said as she brushed his hair away. “I know sweetie, I know” she rubbed his cheeks again making him whine delightfully. He grabbed her hair and yanked at it playfully, making her wince in pain. “hey! quit that!” she giggled, brushing his hand away. That’s when he grabbed it, startling Luna. 72 held her hand close and opened it carefully like if he was opening a flower, he examined it carefully, his fingers pressing and proding against her palm was a bit painful at the way he was holding it, like if he were about to bend it in half. He pulled and bent her fingers this way and that way. He slid his hand over hers, compared to her tiny hand, his were almost the size of Brendon’s. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, purring sweetly. Luna rubbed his broad back taking in his blazing warmth, thinking about what Blank said. Wondering if 72 would really forget her after he goes back with his sister, and after the experimentation that awaits him. Would he really forgive her? Or-

“L-Love Y-You”

Luna gasped lightly, already feeling tears beginning to well up in her eyes. “love you” he repeated, pulling away from her, his hands resting against her shoulders. Luna couldn’t remember teaching him that phrase yet when he nodded behind her. “Love you” he said. Luna turned around and noticed what he was looking at. It was a small bear with a ‘Love you’ heart attached to its hands.

She reached for it and handed it to him “Love you” she said, placing the bear in his hands. 72 stared at the strange item for a moment “L-love you?” he said, looking back at her. “Yes, Love you. I love you” Luna said smiling.

72 looked back at the bear and smiled weakly. “Love you….” He threw his arms around her once again “love you, love you, I love you!”. Tears began to stream down her cheeks, she pulled him closer and wept in his shoulder.

“I love you Luna, love you forever”
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