Experiment 72 by DarkestDreams

A simple plan has been put into place, in order to overturn the wars and suffering of the world, the government has decided that they needed a new species of human to to reside control: A pair of human hybrids destined to create a new line of superhumans as soilders. 

A plan so extreme and sensitive, that they had to conduct the experiment in space to prevent the public from knowing! Somewhere within a lone spaceship orbiting the moon, Luna Collins is reeled into the craziest operation of her life through the operation of creating the world's superhumans.

Faliure after failure, they finally got it.

Until they realised, they specimens are related  

Meet 72 and 62, the pair of surviving hybrids bound to become the government's wildest dreams, that is, if Luna can handle them. Especially 72. 



(Edit: Though this story has been inactive for a number of years, I plan to re-write this story. So thank you to those who actually remembered that this story still exists and continued reading regardless of how inactive it has been due to life and school. Thank you guys for still reading!!!)

The best is yet to come!

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Chapter 12, Robot Remains by DarkestDreams
Author's Notes:

new character! WHEEEE. If any of you peeps watch Attack on Titan you will know where i got the dude from ^^ enjoy!! 

Robot Remains
Days have passed and 62’s health was beginning to improve. There is close monitoring towards her brother who is now beginning to learn at a rapid state. Not to mention his itching urge to see his sister for the very first time, unless the sister herself can even open her eyes.

Luna has helped herself to monitoring 62’s progress and vitals. She is supposed to keep a proper monitor on both specimens after all, since the chief expects more from them and Luna’s careless boss is placing the entire load on her shoulders.

Luna sighed as she jotted down the results coming from 62’s monitor, knowing how much work she has ahead of her as the siblings continue to grow and progress.

Flipping through the numerous pages on her transparent clipboard, 62 have passed all tests with (somewhat) outstanding results. Almost like her brother other than the sudden symptoms he has been experiencing. Including being stuck to an oxygen tank for who knows how long.

Luna was impressed that 62, other than her brother, didn’t even struggle when the scientists strapped her down to the metal table and stripped her. She went through the whole examination conscious, Luna believed she didn’t move a muscle due to the fact she cannot see what was going on.

The bath was the complete opposite of what happened to 72. The moment she took contact with water for the first time she began to shriek to the very top of her lungs as she flailed like a wild animal. It was harder to calm her down because water was spilling everywhere, the moment Luna was finished with 62, she was completely drenched with water. Thank goodness they didn’t have to sedate her.

Even though 62 was showing outstanding results, 72 was as well. Knowing 72 was beginning to act and respond to certain things already, Luna took this advantage to teach him more. She would hold up simple flash cards of everyday objects to the curious specimen and test him on what he saw. Only having trouble pronouncing most of them.

After he mastered the simple flash cards, Luna would lay them out on the floor and have a small box of the items shown on the flash cards. Giving him a chance to actually match them with the picture. He did wonderful.

Though, something unusual did happen during 62’s bath. Rumors spread like a virus when Brendon, who was watching 72 silently play with his new toys during that time, suddenly began to clutch his head shrieking ‘sister! sister!’. Luna wished she could have been two places at the same time, but this showed well enough that these experiments were more than siblings.

Luna glanced up from her paperwork as she watched 62 resting on her cot, already taken a blood test and looking healthy as ever. Smiling to herself, she leafed through a few more documents about her status. A fresh note jotted down with crimson red ink, from the one and only Blank written beside 62’s senses test made Luna break out in a cold sweat.

The note stated that they have already given up on hoping the hybrid would open her eyes, no matter how hard they tried to pry open her eyes, now caked over with coal black almost like an extreme overuse of eye shadow. He now states that 62 is now blind until further notice.

Blind?! How could this be? What would the head chief say about this is he finds out about 72 being glued to an oxygen tank and 62 having the risk of being blind? Even worse, will she even see her brother for the first time at all?

Luna’s heart sank, 72 will be extremely upset. After spending about his whole life sealed away in a glass chamber and finally waking up to see that his own flesh and blood cant even recognize him? Luna wiped a tear away from her eye as she continued her work.

After her shift was done with 62, Luna allowed a few other scientists to take place as Luna quietly wandered the blank halls. She took time to admire the structure of the ship, Conor wanted the ship to have a futuristic feel to it. Even the ship itself is extremely sleek and white, the letter J with a ring warped around it placed at the very front.

Luna smiled as she watched the moon spin right before her eyes, being this close to the moon gave her goosebumps, but not everyone on board liked when the ship was being played around with as it does it’s daily flips, turns and rolls around the orbit of the moon. Most complained that it made them dizzy every time they watched the moon spiral out before them.

Image what the people in NASA must be thinking if they see a sleek white- futuristic spaceship doing a barrel roll right past them, they might think its aliens gone mad, but only the government has this project covered under safe hands.

Luna chuckled at the silly thought as she began to head her way down the winding halls to check up on 72, until she bumped into Blank.

“oh, good evening sir!” Luna piped up, giving a stiff salute to her boss as he walked by. He gestured her to follow as they both avoided carts and scientists strolling by. Blank babbled on and on about this and that, keeping his keen eyes onto a transparent clipboard just like Luna’s as she strolled behind. Soon they entered his office.

Luna always thought his office was bizarre, it was blank just like the man himself. And seriously? The door handle?

Luna sat down on one of the shiny looking chairs as Blank quietly sorted out the files on his perfectly organized desk. Not a paperclip out of place. Her eyes widened when she saw him slap 62’s file onto the desk.

Swallowing back the lump in her throat, Luna gingerly slid the file closer to her and opened it, seeing the exact copy of the documents she had right in her hands minutes ago.

Before Blank could say anything, Luna quickly piped up “why did you declare her blind?”


Blank shifted uncomfortably in his cushioned swerve chair. He tried to ignore the question by staring at the ceiling; Luna frowned, beginning to get impatient.

“sir” Luna said once more “why is experiment 62 confirmed blind?”

Blank sighed and quietly fiddled with a silver pen “because, the girl cant open her eyes, so what’s the point? We tried everything, we even spoke for surgery but we cant do so at such a stage that she can die out on us”

Luna sighed, adjusting her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Being the head’s assistant meant that Blank was allowed to speak confidential information about the experiments to her, never to the others onboard, unless one of them eavesdrops. Which will leave them to the so called ‘punishment chamber’

“but what about 72? Wont she get to see her brother when the time comes?!” Luna cried out, feeling her heart hammering against her chest.

Blank grabbed a makeshift slingshot made from rubber bands and a few old pens, loaded in a razor sharp pencil, and fired it towards the ceiling where the point stuck on the ceiling perfectly. You can clearly see small dots on the ceiling from recent launches.

“they are ready to meet each other already, even if 62 cant see her brother, then we shall teach her what the blind learns. She will use her other senses to communicate and allow her to use them like any other person.”

A smile blossomed on Luna’s face, for once Blank didn’t refer the hybrids as specimens or creatures, it made Luna’s heart happy.

“also 72 is going to have to deal with it if his sister cant see him anyways, the poor guy is getting too worked up about his sister”

The smile immediately faded from Luna, she hoped Blank wouldn’t mention of that. Blank pushed his chair back and began to head for the door until he turned around, ushering Luna out.

Before Luna was escorted out she noticed a small, red robot standing right beside the creamy white pencil holder on the desk, she quickly swiped it into her pocket and followed her boss.

Luna was later dismissed as she immediately headed towards 72’s room. She missed the curious fellow, he was also pretty entertaining as well. Nodding Brendon off, she sat down beside him on the floor where she kindly laid out a mat where he can play on.

72’s wires were attached back to his body as he tried to make a small tower of cards that seemed to always topple over. He smiled when he saw her.

“Luna!” he cried though the oxygen mask, Luna pulled him into her arms due to the fact that she don’t want him to crawl over. They may be learning the basics, but walking is a different matter. Both hybrids cant move around properly as yet.

Luna noticed a bent flash card blaring a bright red fire truck in his hand. Pulling it out of his grip, she noticed that most of the cards where either crumpled or bent. For a moment there was a nice set of flash cards a few minutes ago and now there is this.

“72? Why are all the cards like this?” Luna asked, 72 just stared at her.



Luna sighed and pushed the distorted cards away, turning back to see 72 gently playing with her white hair. She smiled.

“what is this 72?” Luna asked holding out a strand. 72 carefully took it in hand and whispered “hair”

“what a quick learner you are” Luna said cheerfully. She reached into her coat and pulled out a small black, cloth bag. 72 stared at it eagerly.

“now lets try something a little harder” Luna said, dumping out a ton of Scrabble pieces onto the mat “ you really have to concentrate this time”

Luna arranged her name with the letters. 72 examined it blankly, eyes wide. He has never seen letters before, Luna only taught him verbally.

“Luna, this is Luna” she said pointing to herself, 72 made a face, obvious by now that he knows her name, but is now clearly confused why there is letters scattered all over his feet.

Luna sighed, scrambling the letters up again. Now this will be like kindergarden, teaching the sibling’s their ABC’s and 123’s, Luna knows by now that she is not so good with children stuff.

72 quietly picked up a letter, and set it down. Soon he was beginning to arrange a word all by himself.


Luna bursted out laughing, startling the poor hybrid thinking he has done something wrong. But Luna was thrilled actually, seeing him learn so fast, even though her name isn’t spelled ‘Luan’ is always a good start.

Later on, Luna began to teach 72 the alphabet. She watched as he arranged the entire sequence himself after numerous attempts of him arranging every letter backwards or out of place. He was close enough, only by substituting A for Z and Z for A, most letters were placed upsidedown.

72 giggled seeing Luna’s distraught look. Luna loved seeing him smile, he has the biggest, most beautiful smile imagined. His giggle was so soft, yet a little high pitched. Everything about him was beautiful, He is perfect.

Suddenly a scientist entered the room, he was holding a package wrapped in clear plastic. “from the boss” he said handing it over to Luna, taking a glance over to 72 who stared at him curiously, he took a sharp turn of his heels and rushed out of the room.

Luna unwrapped the package as 72 craned his neck over her shoulder, eager to know what was inside. Luna pulled out a white, crisp looking t-shirt along with a pair of shaggy black, athletes shorts, underwear included. Luna winked at the hybrid.

“your new clothes have arrived”

Luna was actually itching to know when 72’s clothes were coming, since of course, he is still nude and cant go about the ship undressed. The moment Luna pulled off his towel he immediately wrapped himself into a ball and whimpered, after threatening him to strap him down on the table; he finally began to loosen up.

72 covered his face innocently as Luna pulled on his underwear, then his shorts and finally his white t-shirt. Reattaching the wires back on his boy, Luna took a few steps back to admire 72, he looked much better with clothes on, other than wearing a towel every day.

Luna watched as 72 toyed around with his new clothing, pulling and stretching the fabric as he rubbed his fingers against it. He looked over to Luna and whispered “sister”

“sister isn’t ready yet 72” Luna confirmed, picking the lint off her scientist coat as if to pass off the question, maybe Blank was right, maybe 72 was getting too hyped up about his sister.

72 shook his head in disgust. Luna knew he must be hearing that phrase every day, its true though, his sister isn’t ready until she is finally at the stage he is at. Seeing him in distress, Luna reached out to him, but he swiped her hand away. “sister ready” he said in a firm voice.

“72, sister is NOT ready yet, please be a bit patient for once”

The hybrid angrily swiped the Scrabble pieces off the mat, making them scatter everywhere on the metal floor. “sister ready” he said in an much harsh tone.

Luna’s eyes widened “stop 72” she said pointing a finger at him. 72 wailed and knocked the stack of flash cards off of the mat making them fly everywhere.

“I said STOP!” Luna shrieked slamming her fist down on the mat. The hybrid stared at her wide eyed, Luna felt her heart drop when he gave her that look, it was filled with innocence and warmth, guilt too. 72 began to whine softly, inching away from his beloved scientist thinking that she would yell at him again.

Luna sighed, lifting her fist from the ground. “im sorry” she said. 72 didn’t budge at all, he simply turned his back on her.

Luna felt as empty as space. She knew he wouldn’t do anything unless he gets to see his beloved sister. She pulled out the small red robot from her coat pocket and placed it close to him.

“if you want, we can start over” she whispered, pushing the toy closer. The hybrid slowly turned around to see his favorite robot. He took a quick glance to Luna then the robot, he reached out and carefully picked it up.

“ok” 72 said, facing Luna. He watched Luna pick up the scattered flash cards and Scrabble pieces off of the floor. Luna would give a quick smile to him who was busy playing with his robot. 72 was trying to twist the robots stubby little arms when it slipped out of his grasp and flew to Luna’s feet.

Luna reached down to pick up the miniature toy when her hand caught onto the specimens. Luna yelped, jerking away from 72 who was on his hands and knees.

They both stared at each other, not knowing what to say. Until 72 wrapped his hand around the small toy with care and sat right infront of the still shocked Luna, playing with the toy.

72 can crawl? When was this?

“you know Miss Luna, just because he is a grown adult with no sense, doesn’t mean that he can’t crawl like any learning child would”

Luna’s eyes darted towards the door, expecting her boss to be standing there. Instead there was that stern, know-it-all scientist with his tiny glasses resting at the very bridge of his nose who helped himself by lecturing Luna while 72 took his bath.

Luna frowned. “thanks for the advice” she snorted, squinting to take a look at the man’s name tag. “Levi”

Levi was a slender looking scientist. She has only seen him barging about the ship barking complaints or yelling at a scientist for messing up. He was pretty arrogant to Luna’s eyes, hard to please as well as one hell of a temper. One little mistake could make his head blow off in steam and rage. Lets not mention he enjoys boasting himself as the best scientist. Not to leave out that HE was supposed to be Blank’s assistant before Luna came in.

Levi pushed his glasses up to his nose with a huff. “excuse me Miss Luna, but my name is pronounced LE- VIE not LEV-E” he said with supreme annoyance in his voice. Luna simply rolled her eyes.

“what are you doing here?” Luna shot at him, standing straight and tall, showing whose boss around here.

Levi flinched a little, but regained his posture quickly. “uh, I was just watching in the control room and I decided to take a little walk!” he said peering down his sharply rimmed glasses. “also Miss Luna, I am also in charge of you, as if I were to be Blank’s best assistant!”

Luna bit her lip, trying not to yell at the dude. She has heard that man boast about how he was to be in Luna’s place whenever she made a mistake.

Luna gave him a blank look while Levi took a glance over at 72 who was curiously staring back at him sucking on the toy robot in his mouth. Levi took a step back.

“his eyes freak me out” he stammered, pulling his collar nervously.

“why would you say that?” Luna said kneeling down to 72 and tried to pull out the toy he was sucking on. “aren’t they gorgeous?” she smiled, getting her hand covered in the specimen’s saliva.

Levi took a glance at the cot with the many machines surrounding it. “ehhh yeah, whatever” he sighed, trying to avoid 72’s sight.

Suddenly 72 pulled himself out of Luna’s grasp. The robot still in his mouth. Both scientists watched as he crawled over to Levi and plopped himself right infront of him. Levi watched wide eyed as the hybrid pulled the saliva drenched robot out of his mouth and held it out to him.

“Levi” 72 said, pronouncing it the right way.

Levi was struck speechless. Both men stared at one another with 72 still holding out his robot to him. A small puddle of spit dripped from the robot to the floor. Levi knelt down to him and took the robot in his hand. Trying his hardest not to make the ugliest face when his fingers touched the wet toy.

“uh, Thanks…. 72” he said, eye twitching.

72 smiled at him and curled up at his feet like a puppy. Levi stared at Luna eyes wide as the moon itself. “uh… what the heck do I do now?!” he squeaked, trying not to scream his head off.

Luna and Levi hoisted the napping hybrid back onto his cot as Luna tucked the sweet thing in with a blanket.

Luna nodded Levi off, but before Levi was to toss the toy away with disgust. He took a long, hard look at it. Luna smiled as he quietly slipped it into his coat pocket and left the room without another word.
End Notes:

im still writing now! this is all i got so far, but there is more to come! but pleasseee be pacient! i have exams coming up and its getting in the way D:

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