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I ALWAYS felt like Darryl deserved a Girlfreind During the "Bad " short film  Danille

And Michael's crew

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Chapter 5 by TheMJFictionWriter
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Fumbling with my keys and hearing the footsteps getting closer was killing me i got my key and a hand came to my shoulder "Ahhh!" i turn around swinging and punching keeping my eyes closed. They grabbed my hands i tried my hardest to get out of there grip."CALM DOWN ITS JUST ME!" darryl spoke. I opened my eyes to see a stupid grin on his face."DARRYL WHAT THE HEL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!"."I was trying to catch up with you earlier but you were talking to some guy." that doesn't give you the right to follow me home and SCARE ME HALF TO DEATH!".Sorry dang, but i do live over here too. I gave him an evil glare and started my way back into the house till i realized he was trying to come in too. "Woah woah Woah! where do you think your going?". Im coming inside" I pushed him back outside refusing this intrusion."c'mon now its cold out here" "AND?!?. "Please dani. studying him for a minute i let him in he slid through the door taking one step into out living room and his eyes widened.


"Yo this house is phat ma." I didn't understand a word he just said but i felt offened for some reaseon " What did you just say?" he gave me a confused look and then he smiled." All i said was your house is nice ha". "why couldn't you just say that at first. I walked past him and started up the stairs and once again he was being a tag-along." OH No Go back and have a seat on the couch or something." But i want a tour of the house" . "well you'll jus have to wait. I started back up the stairs heading to my room to change clothes and get ready to clean and eventually get darryl out. 


Coming back downstairs i went straight to the kitchen for the dishes carefully turning on the sink and getting to it. "so.."soo.."This is all you do wash dishes all dam day and clean up" "If i want to contnue living here...Yes"  "oh". I finished the dishes and went to the laundry room for the vacuum cleaner. "what you fina do now?" "I gotta vacuum the rugs the rooms and then clean the stove" When am i going to get my tour?" "When i finish now move" Pushing him out of the way i vacuumed the living room and wrapped the cord to take it up stairs Darryl follwed behind me for a while and then dissapeared into the kitchen maybe to eat up everything in site oh god. 


Finishing up finally i headed back downstairs to check on darryl "Darryl!" I walked past the kitchen not paying attention until i saw something that made me go back."what are you doing darryl" Cleaning the stove, what does it look like?" well, I hope your doing it right" i tried looking over his shoulders to see progress and he blocked "Im not done yet" I went back to what i was doing to give him some time and finally came back to see him sitting on our counter and the stove was spotless."Okay first Get off the counter and OMG darryl you did a great job" "I know that now how bout that tour" Okay sure why not" He shook his head laughing and followed me up the steps.

"Okay where you wanna start?" Your room" He said with a smirk i noded my head at this" Okay Bathrooms it is" His smile dropped and mine grew bigger I showed him the bathrooms on both ends of the hall" We have total of 4 bathrooms , and 3 bedrooms so one bedroom doesn't have a bathroom" He started to look bored by this time"Get we get on to the rooms mam" I shot him a glare" Fine by me" I showed him the guest bedroom and then my parents room."and that completes our tour please drive home safetly" pushing him past my room and hitting the first step"You never showed me your room" " It's just like the other one's!" " I don't know that" " well i do and thats all that matters!" Starting to push him again he slithered past me and ran twards my room he grabbed the knob and started to shake it"dammit why is your door locked?" I laughed on the inside thanking god that i locked it when i left out the first time. 


He started to think and something came to him he started to reach down in his pockets and he grabbed a bobbi pin. When i noticed it i tackled him from behind "NO!!!" "What is so wrong with your room that you won't let me see it??!" we fell to the ground fighting and the pin flew over by the wall and i crwled fast to grab but he reached out pulling me futher away from it he jumped over me and got it i layed there turning over he wiggled the bobbi pin in the door and walked in. "your room is sooc cute" He walked around my white and red room and looked at my wall of pictures of me and my freinds then Our pictures together I never got a chance to take them down. "aww dani" i felt my stomach go into knots and i turned over on the floor Slowly getting up and walking into the room"what?" "you room is so cute" He poked me and i smacked his hand he was startng to get annoying. " I can't belive you kept these pictures" "Yea i forgot to take them down." i replied dryly. he started to sit on my bed and i stopped him" Use the chai:3r please" "why are you so strict" "cuz thats how you get dips in your bed, just do it" He ignored my wishes and sat down

He jumped a bit and stood "what Tha?, Whats this? he grabbed my diary from under him and started trying to open it. I wasn't paying attention to him until i heard rattling and then a "click" "Dear Diary May 18, 1988 Graduation Day" he read outloud "HEY!! " I snatched my book out of his hands and hid it behind me closing it." over here invading my privacy and stuff" " Im pretty sure nothing big is in that book" " Your right but its mine so no you can't look at it" Truth was i wrote about him majority of the time except for the first page and if he seen it I would die.

I Looked over at the clock (9:30) My Mom is on her way home Shit! "darryl you gotta go!" He got up slowly too slow i pushed him out my door until i heard a "Honk" From outside. I pushed him to the side peaking out my window seeing my mothers car pull into the driveway."who's that?" "My Mom and you gotta get out of here" I started to pace back and fourth and i got an idea "get into the closet!" "what?!" "you heard me go" I started shoving him in and slamming the door behind me "whatever you do michael please don't come out im not suppose to have anyone here this late" "but when can i leave"" In the morning when i do just gotta move fast. The fron door opened down stairs and my mother yelled "Hey dani im home" i ran downstairs nervously. "hey mom" i said not able to sit still it was one of my downfalls if i was hiding something i was very gittery She took notice of this which made me more nervous " you alright baby" yes  mam i sure am ha ha (sigh)" "mhmm well come get you sister out of the car and help me with these bags" "Okay" I headed out the door ahead of her silently praying Darrly stayed quiet. 

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