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Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 15, 2018 11:28 am Title: Chapter 11

Sorry I'm late! Okay I lowkey spoiled this chapter for myself bc I clicked on reviews and I seen what happens. BUT, twice as excited to read it happen!

I think the deal with Evie is legit just her jealousy; if Michael's gonna be different to his brothers and rather protect Ren, then so be it. That doesn't mean that he's up to some shady business or he's ashamed of her...even though he doesnt't know it yet, he's also gonna be the most famous outta the bunch! But I don't know if this safety from the media will last; I think Renee better enjoy her privacy while she has it. 

The scene with Renee's family was hard to read. I felt bad for her, feeling isolated within her own fam. I don't get why they're treating her that way, being pregnant doesn't make her invisible...if anything, they should be paying more attention to her. Omg me and Ren's family are about to have beef. HALF THAT BABY IS MICHAEL'S they need to stop blaming her. I didn't expect a full-on argument to ensue but that shit was intense af. Fr, the way they're acting towards Renee is causing her to become more self-deprecating and she's tryna seal herself off from Michael's family too. I'm just glad she got someone. 

Girllll you had me tearing up with that letter!!! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL, you wrote it so well, I really feel like that is something he would write! I love love love that he proposed to her. Oh mannnnn you are so wrong for leaving it there, Brandy. I need to know what she decides ASAFP. But my prediction is that she will IDK! Seems like she has way too many opps right now and if she goes and elopes it's just gonna make stuff worse on the family-side of things. But like I said a couple chapters ago, I think that being married to each-other will provide a better environment to raise Mango in so what I'm hoping is that she actually says yes. Maybe she can go live with Michael at Havenhurst and throw the deuces up to her fam. 

I LOVED this chapter so much man. Length and dynamics were on point! And fr, you go back on the 20th August?! That's so early wtf, you go back a whole month before I start university! But I hope the updates keep coming in until then! 

Author's Response:

Neelz you cheater, you. LOL It's okay I sometimes read the reviews before reading the chapter. It's so hard not to. 

Evie could be jealous, yes. But I do agree with you. If Michael wants to be different from his brothers and have a better guard of his relationship with Renee then so be it. He is allowed to do that because it's his relationship. It's funny how you say you don't know how long the safety from the media will last... Especially with Off The Wall preparing for release....

Yes, half of the baby is Michael's and it's something how often times than not a lot of the blame is put on the girl. Michael gets to breeze by a little but Renee is left taking the blame and it's a shame that it happens in real life. The guy should be just as cautious if not more than the girl. Definitely agree with her pulling away from both families, but it's nice that Katherine is trying to squeeze herself in there. Hopefully Renee continues to talk to Katherine. 

Awww, thank you! Sometimes I feel like a huge cornball when writing those letters lmao. I'm glad I got in touch with my inner Michael then. Of course he proposed to her girrrrrrl. He married Debbie Rowe just so she wouldn't have his kids out of wedlock. I think that marriage before kids is something he truly valued and I want to keep that present in all of my stories if I can. You think she's gonna say no?? LOL read the newest update and be shocked girl. LMAO I'm weak everyone wants her to move into Hayvenhurst. But Michael has big plans when he returns *rub hands like birdman*

Thanks so much for the support!! And girl yes, earlier than a mf. I'm trying to write almost every day so that way I have chapters stacked up to post. That way all I have to do is read over them and do small revisions. It's better than trying to write a chapter from scratch. Is this your first year of University? Dawg I swore you were older or the same age as me. Girl, you make my writing look like... eh! 

Again thanks for reading! 

Reviewer: yungjackson Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 14, 2018 07:03 pm Title: Chapter 11

I had a feeling that’s what he wanted to ask her when he took her inside. I can’t wait to find out the sex of the baby :). Hoping for a boy. Also hope Ren’s family comes around but if not she’s got Michael and his family which seem loving and supportive so far. 

Author's Response:

Yesss. And we find out the sex of the baby soon! Right, hopefully her family opens their eyes but for now she does have Katherine and Myra to lean on. 

Reviewer: waterlily91 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 14, 2018 02:21 pm Title: Chapter 11

I love how supportive Katherine is being, and it makes me sick at how Renee's family is being! I can't believe Mike proposed in a letter but at least he did it! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response:

Renee's family just doesn't understand that everything that is hard for them is harder for her. He did propose in a letter, but he did specifically because he'd never got the perfect opportunity to do it while at home. But hey Michael proposed to LMP over the phone allegedly so hey lmao. 

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: wordonthestreets32 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 14, 2018 01:18 pm Title: Chapter 11

KYAAAHHH!!!! A marriage proposal! Why didn't he do it in person tho? lol Oh well, Michael probably couldn't wait until June. Yay!!! I'm so happy they're getting married. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Yesss, a proposal! He was nervous and definitely didn't want to wait until June! Thanks so much for reading! 

Reviewer: waterlily91 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 05, 2018 03:11 pm Title: Chapter 10

Definitely, continue this! I say, have Michael stop touring during those two months. He can tell the media a family crisis has come up, which wouldn't be a lie, and postpone! That's just me!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! And your suggestion is a really good one. We're going to see what happens soon! 

Reviewer: wordonthestreets32 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 03, 2018 11:07 pm Title: Chapter 10

You updated again!!! Dunno how I missed this. This is such a scary situation for a young girl to be in. I can't wait till the baby Jackson is born! I hope everything works out especially with the tour and album coming out. Please don't stop updating!!!!

Author's Response:

Yesss. I'm trying to get into the habit of updating my stories a little more frequently. I have a lot of them lol (only 5) but I'm in college so sometimes it's hard to keep up and be consistent. Just check back on the weekends though. That's when I really update! Baby Jackson will make his or her debut not too long for now but we will see soon! 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 03, 2018 09:07 am Title: Chapter 10

It's been a hot second since this has been updated, I'm excited to finally sit down and read!

Okay I just absolutely love seeing Michael take such good care of Ren. Is Kash gonna be sticking around? Because I'm already getting bad vibes from her and I'm all about that positivity. Holy shit she's four months in already and they still have no clear plan of how their child will be raised? This has got me stressing and I can feel something bad about to happen - I feel it. In regards to your end notes, YES I MISSED THEM LOL! Renee seems like a naive girl and if Michael's not around for the first two months of their baby's life, I think the girl would crash and burn all by herself. This doesn't sound like the kind of thing she's going to be capable of doing by herself, and yeah in a way - I'ma just come out and say it - it is because of her young age. But I'm not worrying too much. Michael has proven his dedication to her and I know he won't let this happen. Well, he better not, or Thriller Boy is cancelled and that's no joke! I hope some kind of compromise can be reached by September. Maybe Michael could take a hiatus from touring? I mean, at least that way, Jermaine can finally be in the limelight and that means no more beef right? I'm jk, but I cannottt waittttt to see what's gonna happen here.

I know you have several stories ongoing, but please continue this, Brandy! I IS HERE FOR DIS. This is one of the very few that I actually read, and I enjoy reading it. Feels like there's too much brewing up at the moment and I'd hate to not be able to see the outcome. Catch you back here soon! Also I meant to ask you, how did your finals go? 

Author's Response:

Kash... we're going to see more of Kash, yes. 

Nope! No plan yet. They have a lot of things to discuss but Michael was only home for a limited time. When he returns things will start to be set in stone but it's going to get a little rocky... spoiler alert lmao. Anyway, I'm glad you missed them! I love writting them as I do my other couples. I do agree. Renee is naive and it has a lot to do with her age, yes. 19 is grown but is freshly gone. You haven't really taken care of yourself and taking care of another human being can be hard especially if you didn't plan it. Michael being famous doesn't help either. 

He's definitely dedicated to Renee, but... well you'll find out for yourself. Mwahahaha. Okay I'm playing around. Back to being serious Michael could take a hiatus from the tour but that would mean he's upsetting his fans and we know that Michael loves and lives for his fans happiness. They'll come to a decision soon enough and let's just hope that everyone is happy about it. LMAOOO @ Jermaine being the headliner of the tour... talk about some empty stadiums and arenas there'll be. I'm such an ass LOL. 

Yessss I write a thousand stories haha but I do plan on continuing this and the support that I get from you guys makes it 10x better and more enjoying to write. It's been longer than I wanted but the new update up. 

As for final girrrrrl them shits had me like 

But I'm so freaking happy that they're over!! I do start school back up on the 20 of August which is why I'm trying to get as much updating in as I possibly can within these next five weeks. Y'all about to get tired of me but OH WELL. 

Reviewer: mjj Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 03, 2018 02:20 am Title: Prologue

Continue, continue, continue, pleasseeeeee! With all your stories. 

Author's Response:

Thank you i definitely will!

Reviewer: yungjackson Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 01, 2018 10:27 am Title: Chapter 10

Heck yeah I want you to continue :)!! I love this story already

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! 

Reviewer: yungjackson Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 02, 2018 08:39 pm Title: Chapter 9

I’m a new reader of yours. I’m reading all your stories right now and I love all of them. I’m glad you decided not to end this one because there are so many ideas and directions you can take this story! Keep up the amazing work girl :)

Author's Response:

Awww thanks so much! I hope you all enjoy the direction I take it!

Reviewer: waterlily91 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 25, 2018 11:46 pm Title: Chapter 9

How sweet! I bet Michael's wish was to be with Renee!

Author's Response:

We will find out soon enough!

Reviewer: Bibiaaf5c Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 03:59 pm Title: Prologue

I love this

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 02:05 pm Title: Chapter 9

Ha yes they'll grow, Renee - that's what pregnancy does to the female body. I see you've done your research on the Jackson fam! Renee's dong everything right, like surrounding herself with people who are bascially experiencing the same things as her, given how alone she's been with this whole thing...she needs support.

You mean JERMAINE is sour since leaving Motown. I have reciepts of Jermaine's saltiness ok, e.g. 'Word to the Badd'. LOL. Anyway, I hope Michael's career doesn't interfere with his relationship with Renee. We all know that Michael going solo changed the mf game what with the success of OTW and Thriller. This chapter was great, I loved the dynamics. The ending was especially lovely...the wishes they made; it really proves their innocence at their young age, yet it's almost ironic in a wonderful way since she's going to be a mother. Not telling what their wishes were was a good idea *DJ Khaled 'you smart'*, because I hope that they wished for a future with each-other in it, where everything is all good and they're happily raising lil lime. But do wishes always come true?

Also, nothing you write is 'boring'! This story is lit, and the pacing and progression doesnt feel too rushed nor too slowed. Now i really know Michael and Renee as characters, and I care about them and what happens to them. Keep 'em coming, Brandy!!

Author's Response:

Awww, thank you so much for your support Neelz! And I try to do my best when it comes to the research if I'm trying to be timeline correct lol. Girl lets not even talk about "Word to the Badd" shit was terrible. He tried it. I think Michael was a little upset when Jermaine left but he moved passed it (at least in my eyes). The wishes will definitely be revealed a little later in the story. 

Thanks so much for your review and reading. It means a lot! 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 01:49 pm Title: Chapter 8

"I read that if a woman eats a lot of spicy food then the baby will come out bald." 

I rarely actually laugh aloud and lose my shit when I'm reading stories, but THIS CRACKED ME TF UP LMFAO, where did Michael read this?! Omg he'd be the best, yet most clueless father ever. All jokes aside, it's assuring to see these two educate themselves, especially since they're going to be young parents. It shows they're really going to take care of lil lime and they recognise that a baby is a huge responsbility.

Okay...first, I am not saying that teen pregnancy has got to be in any way easy - it was unexpected for Renee, and I know just like most young girls do, she pictured having her first child when she's older, perhaps a little more mature and preferably settled down. But when she complained about how she's "so damn fertile", it kinda sounded low-key...unappreciative? And like regret? Idk if she was joking orrr it could just be her hormones and everything she's currently dealing with, but what she said stood out to me particularly because I now know how lucky a woman has gotta be if she's perfectly fertile...I mean - I have PCOS bro! I'd rather be OVERLY-FERTILE than INfertile. She needs to be aware that there are lots of girls who, by nature, won't be able to concieve/have children as easily as she has; she shouldn't really complain about it. Fair enough she's 19 but come on fam...don't overlook the importance of what you got. (Plus I know she's not on some Kylie Jenner shit and she'll be a good mum XD). 

Totally agree with Renee and wanting to stay out of the media's eyes. I seriously love how comfortable these two are with each-other. Somebody get them their own house, and two wedding rings. And then they can raise this baby the right way. BUT they should only marry if they want to make that committment, as if a baby isn't enough committment, they shouldn't just tie the knot because Renee's pregnant and it will validate everything or whatever. It would probably offer a better environment to raise their child in yeah, they should do it! HELL YEAH. 

Reviewer: wordonthestreets32 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Apr 23, 2018 12:47 pm Title: Chapter 9

I'm so glad it's not the end. I feel like the story is just beginning. This was an awesome chapter! So glad you updated :)

Michael's wish: A future with Renee

Author's Response:

Definitely not the end! Thanks so much for reading!

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