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Reviewer: yourburgersarethebest Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 08, 2019 10:39 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

Soo helpful!

Reviewer: emuzziee9526 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Mar 24, 2015 08:02 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

Thank you so much for the tips they have been a huge help for me. :) God Bless You -Eleanor M

Author's Response:

Thank you for letting me know that you've found it useful! Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to touch on :)

Reviewer: MichaelManiac Signed [Report This]
Date: Mar 02, 2015 05:58 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

I used to be able to work with 3rd person omniscient but now I just can't. It's confusing.

That really depends. The first story I fell in love with writing first person was written solely in the MG, Erin's POV. It was her story, her experience. I guess I drove my readers crazy by just writing her point of view because they wanted to know why Michael wasn't acting on the feelings it was clear that he was feeling for her.

When the story ended and readers begged me to write a sequel, I featured both POV's so that the readers could know Michael's motives and reasons for his actions. It was nice to know what was going on in Michael's head, especially since there was a significant time gap between the two stories.

I think it all goes back to first person being personal but I think a larger portion of it is that it's easier to write and easier to comprehend as a reader than 3rd person.

Author's Response:

That's better than me. I could do a gag version of 3rd person omniscient...but I'd probably get frustrated after the first paragraph.

You could say you were driving them crazy, OR you could say that you were leaving them in suspense ;) In reality, we are only truly granted one POV.....which sucks when it comes to dating. Alternating the POVs, can be especially powerful (as you've said), as a result.

Ah. Touché

Reviewer: brandyandMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 28, 2015 07:03 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

Can I be honest? And this might make my school district sound really shitty... but.. they never really thoroughly went into it. They told us each category of POV (1st, 2nd, 3rd- Limited & Omniscient), and they explain that 1st person is "I","We", and 2nd person was (blah blah blah) and then the same with third but that's where they stopped. They didn't explain it thoroughly or even taught us how to properly use it. So basically I learned from reading stories and doing my online (here it comes) research. Lol, but yeah. 

I really don't know which one is my preference. I like them all, but I write more in first person and I guess third person limited rotating in my stories? In Gangsta Lovin' and Mars Vs. Venus I tend to switch a lot between first person for the perspectives of Michael and Stacey/Semaj. At times I'll use third person limited when it's a lot going in that chapter and I don't want to keep having to write who's POV it is. 

I regret not using third person limited rotating on my last update for Gangsta Lovin' I didn't realize how many times I was switching POV's and I didn't realize it until AFTER the update was written and proofread & it finally set in my mind that I should've just did it so I can switch perspectives without putting *Michael's POV* or *Semaj's POV*

I hope I got that right. 

That's actually truly embarassing that I really don't know what it is. But I'm telling you when I say they didn't teach us that stuff, that didn't. They talked about it in third grade ONCE and then in fifth grade ONCE and I haven't heard it since then. Not even since I've entered high school. 

Author's Response:

I don't think they taught me in this kind of detail during HS. Perhaps in college? Either way, research prior to each update. LOL. Well, that and being a lifelong reader. You use more of 3rd person limited rotating in GL, from my recollection. Occassionally you throw in some 3rd person omniscient elements (e.g. the twinkle in her dad's eye when he was agreeing to rehire Michael). I think all of them are manageable (separately) if the writing skill is on par. Yours is very strong...particularly for your age and level of schooling.

I think that you are doing exactly what you ideally could be doing as a writer. You are learning how to become an even better writer. Don't be hard on yourself.

Reviewer: KerenOlivero Anonymous [Report This]
Date: Feb 28, 2015 03:36 am Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

I mean,  sometimes when an author is doing first person (whether it's Michael or the original girl) they don't specify whose thoughts, etc. so it leaves you wondering who's who..

Author's Response:

Ah, right. I tend to think that if you are doing first person, not to switch mid chapter. Wait until the next chapter and simply alternate POV that way. Switching mid-chapter walks the line of being jumpy.

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 27, 2015 10:46 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

I think the language for Cradle is more so TPLR than TPO now that I thought it through. Lol: I thought I had moments of TPO in the wording some times. I reread one of the chapters I thought I did it in for sure (Chapter 14) but I  didn't see it at all. I might have been thinking about Inked when the charactors talk directly to the reader. I'm going to chalk it up to being tired as hell but not sleeping. Lol. 

As for the writing genre post. You can maybe do a section about how to write each one successfully and more believable. For example let's say it's a period piece. Address the wording, the tone, scenery etc. It's not just about good grammatically correct dialogue. It's also about making it sound like it's the 1800 as opposed to 1999. All without limiting the writers imagination.  

I'm sure there might be a formula to writing each genre. What are they? 

Ill come back when I'm not as tired to add more. Lol. 

Author's Response:

LOL. That's they chapter I reread before responding. Yes, you did that in Ink quite a few times.

Writing Genres - I definitely need to work through which I want to address first and how many different genres I want to touch on. Probably just: Suspense, mystery, romance, period pieces, and sci-fi. There's definitely a formula. I'll add this to my huge list of weekend research. Thankfully it is much more enjoyable than perusing pubmed and analyzing study quality.

Reviewer: TutThreeSevens Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 27, 2015 09:58 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

I usually like writing in First Person POV's but I've been trying to branch out with Third person. I tried it first with my short "The Time" then decided to try it with a full blown fic with "Cradle To The Grave". I think I use Third person omniscient. But I think I also mix it with Third person limited rotating. It's a little harder to write and I'm always worried about people getting confused (I really hope that's not he case :(...)but at the same time I kind of like the flow of it. I always make sure if there is more than one or two people present anyone speaking is properly identified. Whether the dialogue is internal or external. 

I may have committed at least on faux pas in Third Person. :(

One peeve is when the person switches all the way from First person to third person in the same paragraph.  I'm always like "How we hearing that person think? Hmmm? Hmmm? Hmmm? O.o Also I completely dislike Second Person. It's awkward to read plus everything you said in the limits portion. I can't see reading an entire fic saying YOU did this or YOU did that. Like no. I'm just sitting here trying to read this... I didn't do any of that. Lmao. It might narrow on my part but I just can't. Lol.

I like reading in any POV if it's well written and the premis is interesting. I only lose interest when things start to get confusing, overtly corny or cliched. 

Great topic!

More soon!! <333

Author's Response:

I'm curious about the mixing of those two. I'm going to have to reread it to see If I see that mix. I'm (obviously) not a fan of the omniscient perspective, simply because I find that the narrator's all-knowingness to take away from the personal element. I think the 3rd person limited rotating is what has pulled me into Cradle.

I share those peeves lol. Second person: I did NOT say that naive comment to MJ and I did NOT just have a cliche water gun fight with him. If anything, I climbed in the tree and watched, because my ass didn't have an extra bra. Oh, and I brought some water balloons and an umbrella with me. If I went down the full list of i can't even, I'd have enough for another chapter.

TY. I'm still pondering the genre question. If you can narrow it down with an additional question/sub topic, I'd appreciate it.

Reviewer: HoneyToTheBee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Feb 27, 2015 08:48 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

I always use 1st person, I feel its the best way to get to know your characters. However I hate the limitation of not knowing what the rest of the people are thinking and doing behind the scenese. I try to limit my POVs to just Michael and the OGs or just the OGs. Sometimes it's more interesting to leave Michael as the mysterious character that he was. 

The downfall to 1st person is that there are so many details missing because you can only see through the eyes of your characters. 

I've seen stories before that contain a back and forth between 1st and 3rd person POVs and it worked for that author, but I feel like I'd have a bunch of mumbo he-she-I-you jumbo.

It's rare to see POVs outside of Michael and the OG's I think it would be interesting to see the POVs expanded more. Like tell from a friend or employees perspective. 

Author's Response:

I totally need to check out the stories where 1st and 3rd person have worked together. I'd be curious to see what that's like (with a positive outcome). I've never seen that done in a way that didn't leave me (at least on some level) going oh noes. I think certain rules are flexible....perspective? Not so much, without seriously challenging the realism of the story.

Hmm. I'm intrigued by your comment about the employee's or friend's perspective. My thought would be that a good deal of the intensity of the story, the detail, and the emotional involvement would be lost. I'm curious as to how you would work around that.

Reviewer: MichaelManiac Signed [Report This]
Date: Feb 27, 2015 07:22 pm Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

Another great chapter! When I first started I wrote 3rd person omniscient. I continued this for years until one day I decided to write a story in first person. I loved it. It was so much better, so much more personal with 3rd person omniscient. And it flowed so much better too. I haven't written another story in 3rd person omniscient since then.

To me, writing in first person allows you and your readers a chance to get to know the character better. It also develops the character more, giving him or her an actual voice and giving them personality. With 3rd person omniscient, I find that I have to try too hard to develop the characters. I don't know the characters as well as I do with first person. With first person, the character sort of develops itself in away.

The only down side to 1st person is that you don't know what all the characters are feeling and thinking. However, I like this because it adds an element of mystery to the thoughts and motives of the other characters and kind of leaves the readers in for a surprise. I usually reveal the motives later on or you could always switch character point of views.

Author's Response:

3rd person omniscient sounds exhausting. I agree about 1st being more personal. Now, do you stick with one perspective the whole time? What do you feel the benefit is over 3rd person limited (rotating)?

Good point re:element of mystery. I completely agree about that aspect.

Reviewer: KerenOlivero Anonymous [Report This]
Date: Feb 27, 2015 07:24 am Title: Knowing Your POV: Who's on First?

I use third person view in my fics and it's natural so there aren't too many problems. As for my mistakes that can irritate, (if you want to call it that ) would be using the pronoun for the characters too often or calling the character by their name too often, back when I was still developing as a writer so I work hard to maintain a balance since then. What I do to minimize confusion for the third person is just place a horizontal ruler to separate the different scenes. 

One thing that bugs me a little is inconsistencies with the different POVS like all being used in a chapter..think it's best to stick with one. But I can read pretty much any POV as long as there is consistency and within a first person pov the author puts a label whether it's Michael or some other character. 


Author's Response:

I agree about a balance between he/she and a character's name. I do take slight issue with the idea of one as ever not still developing as a writer. I think developing one's writing is an ongoing process, and if one thinks they've reached their apex, they simply need to seek out a new editor and/or mentor.

Could you please clarify what you meant in the last paragraph. I get what you are saying about inconsistencies in your first sentence, but I'm unclear as to whether the second point is an elaboration or a different point. embarrassed

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