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Reviewer: The man with no name Signed [Report This]
Date: Dec 30, 2015 12:51 am Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

Your story is so so beautiful!!!

You've written my wish in your story. I always wish that in the future, Michael will be no more misunderstood. The world will understand how beautiful, generous, kind and loving he is. I always dream about those better days.

Thank you so much for your story. Michael is the most precious gift the world has ever had.

Author's Response: You're so sweet. Thank you for this lovely review!! I'm very glad you understood and liked this little fic, even if it's a bit disjointed. You might like my fic "Dreamwalker" too. That one is more of a short story. Anyway, thanks again! :)

Reviewer: SweetPearl Anonymous [Report This]
Date: Aug 24, 2014 10:04 am Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

Hee hee- I'm glad you like my 'hyperness'! (Actually, I'm the completely opposite in real life- awkward, shy and fidgety XD)

You're hyper? Oh man- then am I the hyper-queen? XD

And you're welcome! :D Tho I just said the truth- your writing style's so awesome! Tell meh the secret to yoh writing~! :P

Oh thank you- but you really should get more reviews. The itty-bitty authors who writes non-romance fics doesn't even get a review- and those unoriginal and cliche romance stories are in the top tens. (What's so attractive about romance, anyways? 0.O)

That's right- and even if they did- they shoulda just put it in the not-a-story section- they pick out EVERY genre and it annoys me so much.

(...I've started to angst ONCE more, haven't I...?)

Ahaha- bad misunderstanding. But well- I also didn't kinda write it out properly. The thing is, there ARE good stories there if you look for it, and there are communities on almost every anime-books-whatever, those sort the good stories out, and you don't have to burn your eyes looking for good stories through the terrible ones.

But does have lots of poor authors who also does the same stuff going on here in MJF- OC x main character love.

(Hey, I'm a kid too, you know... :/ XD)

And I love AO3 too- though I don't visit it regularly.

I'm glad you think so too. I also once tried to read it online- and just after four-five pages... sigh... it was terrible. What's wrong with the majority of people? I'm not trying to sound rude- but it's trash, sexist and I think I'll pick up a MJ romance story than to read THAT.

I don't even want to pick up the '50 shades of grey' stuff... If these are famous, why am I or you not this century's Shakespear yet?

(What is THIS messege of mine if you're a troll? XD)

I think the admins of this site are pretty busy on their real-life (Like most of us, but I have no life) and no one even moderates the stories anymore. Sigh...

that would be amazing! I would certainly join it! :( (Though my writing is pretty shit, so...) We just don't have enough time on our hands, do we? But it's so amazing you know how to code- I can't do it to save my life! XD

Wow! You have a collection of MJ concert footage? :D (Remember to barricade your home very, VERY carefully- I am coming! Mwaahaha!) How did you collect it, if you don't mind me asking?

Uhh... smut? I- well- um... you, uh, get it, right...?

I'm really thankful that you would do that for me- and man, I feel terrible that I can't take it up! D: T.T I'm so sorry...

You have OCD? That must suck... I also had it- and still do, though the symptoms have ceased quite a bit.

MJ slash? I don't really have a problem with 'slash' or 'yaoi'.., but the same problem comes again... :(

(But, if we look on the bright side- people have vast imagination...)

Man... please don't make me more guilty- I should've specified that I didn't read smut. I'm just so sorry... but thank you so much for finding them for me. A tear-filled bearhug? :'D

But thanks again :)

(And we both rant, no doubt! XD)

Wow- that idea seems so nice! I love Paris- and she's so strong like Michael- it'd be a brilliant story. Please tell me when you finish it, pleaseee?

I can't really write about Mike! Just as you said- he's practically my life, and somehow, when I become mad or angry, just by hearing him say 'I love you more' calms me down unlike anyone could.

And besides, MJ has just SO much depth- his thinking, his love for others- I can't figure it out. I'll admit- I'm kinda selfish (Haha!) and I can't even begin to imagine what thoughts went on his mind.

(He's harder to figure out than L, I tell you...)

But- Black Butler kind-of happened in 'his' world, right? XD Just in 19th century- but then we'd have to think how to get him back in time!

Death Note is pretty similar to the timeline of MJ- but I can't think of anything to fit him in. It'll be SO stupid to write L, Light and the task force going to see him- and ooc too. Soo... :(

OHMYGOSH- You- you- tell me, what is your brain made of!? Man- this is an even greater concept- and I get it just how hard it would be to do that. You'd have to do just researches after researches- and you don't get unlimited time! 

I'd love to help you! :D Sadly I don't have Skype, but do you have a email account in which we could talk? :)

(But keep in mind- I have a weird imagination- and I'm pretty unhelpful- so I don't even know if I would be of any help to you. D: )

Oh man... that was an incredible sized rant, huh? NOOO- I still haven't finished reading some stories for tommorow's exam...!

But, again, I'm REALLY sorry that I couldn't read those stories even after you managed to find them for me. Thank you so very much.(And sorry for the Skype stuff, too. I have limited internet- so it'll be a bummer if it finishes while I download the software :( )

And, hey- you make such amazing jewellery! Where did you learn it? :D

People are just so full of talent... T.T

And also, thank you for listening to me rant, too!

(And sorry...)

Yours ever hyper reviewer,



P.S - A big congratulations if you REALLY managed to read all that! (You still have that messege on 'Magical' pending, you know! XD)

Author's Response: Of course I managed to read all your message... duh. :P And I apologize for taking so long to reply... it's real life, it gets in the way. Sorry. But I haven't forgotten about you. ;)

The secret to my writing, you ask? There's no secret, I'm constantly improving, but I'll tell you what's helped me... because after highschool I made a push to try and become a better writer, and I can see in my own writing that I've progressed over the years. I'm a writing "late bloomer" so to speak. I'm nowhere near the kind of writer I want to be, but I work at it. So, first thing I did-- recognize the genre I want to write and thevoice/tone I want to have. Meaning, figure out what "parts" of your writing style you need to work on. For instance, I knew when I started writing fanfiction a bit more seriously that I was terrible at writing long pieces and I couldn't develop emotions. I sucked at going "in depth" in any way. I wanted to learn how to suck a reader into a characters mind. Then later I wanted to learn how to tell those emotions and stories through the smallest of actions, so I didn't have to be so explicit in my writing, I could hopefully be more subtle and the reader would understand my character. I still work on the "subtle" thing, it's still a challenge!
Any smut I had written before 2007 was pretty damn poor, and it's not so much that I wanted to write naughty kinky shit (though, sometimes I do these days), it's that I wanted to create those feelings between characters and build their relationships progressively. And unfortunately the side-effect was that I now write quite a bit of smut. lol. It's not my fav tho. What I love is building the tension and emotion in a budding relationship. So what I did is I read a shit-ton of the kind of fics I wanted to sound like. Pretty silly, and I'm sure you do that already, but that was the first step for me: not just reading for fun, but reading with the intention to learn from the writing styles I was reading. If you find something you adore, read it slowly and focus on the techniques... metaphors, sentence structure, the way the author transitions between ideas, sentence diversity, word choice, etc.
The second step for me was plotting out the stories or whatever I wanted to write. If you have an idea, start coming up with the world it belongs in, characters, their personalities, give them a reason for why they feel the way they do... some of this comes naturally sometimes, but even now I have to reign myself in sometimes and ask if something I'm making the character do or say belongs with their personality... and then the plot. Plot the plot. lol. Yeah, like, bullet-point where the story needs to go, so that you have a beginning, middle, and end, and it makes sense and you have all the steps that take the characters from point A to point Z. Have all the coffee meet-ups planned, and why and what they'll talk about, etc. So basically if u can come up with an idea u want to write, expand it into bulletpoints, so you're giving yourself an outline of your story, without writing it yet. Cuz good plot -- even fics with very little plot need to have good realistic transitions from one topic to the next -- so a good plot is where it starts for me. Just knowing what I want to write. I don't always plot so in depth these days, but all my longer fics I do, because I need to know where they're going. Ok, next, then I start picking scenes I feel inspired to write, and I do those first. A really big thing for me is I constantly ask myself if something sounds real. Always. All the time. Especially with dialogue. I try and think of actual real life so I can judge reactions and dialogue better. And I put my psychology/sociology knowledge to use. Like when I have to get inside male characters' minds... boys don't think like girls, they don't react the same, etc. And I write mostly male characters. So yeah. Finding a balance between what you feel sounds real and whatever unrealistic thing needs to happen in a fic... lol. *cough*Magical*cough* haha. Uh, next... VOCABULARY. This has been my struggle for years now. And although I think I have a fairly broad vocabulary, taking the time to expand it forcefully has been one of the biggest factors in the growth of my writing. Here's the thing I do, and yes, I actually do this because I have my iPhone on me 24/7... whenever I'm reading or even watching some tv and a word comes up that I -- 1. don't know, 2. know but dont use, 3. know but dont know the full meaning of, 4. a word that I know but is being used in a different way -- I it instantly. I have the app on my phone and it lets you "favorite" words, and I have HUNDREDS of words that I've been collecting over the years. And honestly, even if it's one of those words that you understand but never use and want to use, look it up. And then next time u come across it look it up again. The more familiar u are with new words the easier it is to recall them... and then for me they just pop into my mind when I'm writing. From one sentence to the next. The richer a vocab I picked up, the easier it was to diversify my sentences... that was a big one for me- not starting everything with He-this or She-that. I still do it. lol. If you're stuck, choosing a "word", just any word that sticks in your head, can help to push you. When I say you, I mean that's how it is for me, and I hope it can or may be the same for you. So yeah, that's pretty dorky, to use a dictionary (and a thesaurus) that much, but I do. And it's improved the range of my vocabulary like crazy. The more words you have, the more ideas u can express. :)
Ok, so... I just talked WAY TOO MUCH about how I write. I'm so sorry. I sound like a teacher to a pupil, and that's not what this is. I'm not the master of anything. Sorry. I hope it helped a bit though. Or maybe you might think I'm pedant to the extreme, but yeah. Nevermind. lol.

You asked what's so attractive about romance... I think it's the first stop in "Writing"-Land for learning how to develop character emotions and relationships. Unfortunately, I think many writers get stuck there. I'll be honest and say that once I got acceptably good at writing romance, and then I wanted write something else, I realised that I hadn't developed those other skills. But romance is good IMO cuz it helps u "show not tell"(as teachers say) and to keep a train of thought going in a story. Nowadays I'm pushing myself to write stuff other than romance so I don't get stuck there. But romance is also romance-- u know, sweet lovey dovey shit. If you're attracted to the character ur writing about, usually it's natural. However, I have to say this-- sometimes it's just not natural to be writing romance, and MJ is a prime example of that. With him, I feel like he's so much more multi-faceted, there's so much more to write about. Even tho, obviously he's hot as hell. Like my little brother and father and crush all mixed into one. That sounded more kinky out loud than I feel it is in my head. I'm just the product of having him as a role-model growing up. lol.
Moving on.... Yeah, I started dabbling with making websites back around 2001/2002-ish... long ago, I know. HTML is not the same thing it was back then. I've had to keep up slowly learning more and more over the years. Anyway, about the non-crappy-MJ-fanfic site... it's a dream of mine, one day maybe. But I don't think there are enough fics that would qualify, and if there are, it's hard to find those other authors. So like, if it's just me being a prick with a site full of my own work saying all the rest sucks, lol, well, that's a bit too vain, even for me. I already have a little page with all my fics:

About how I collected all my concert footage... it's not as glamorous as you're probably thinking... I joined a forum called MJUK back in 2005, and from 2005-2007 I was heavily involved, so much I became a Mod w thousands of posts, and it was the friends I made there... we all traded concerts. So here's how concert trading works... someone has something, and if it's really rare they only trade it for money. Next level is trading it only in exchange for other rare material. And ppl who have rare shit like to keep it rare so they can make money off it. Slowly though, it becomes more popular, or someone really nice uploads it for a big community/forum/YouTube, and then it's no longer so rare. So back before EVERYTHING was available on YouTube (btw- I'm so jealous now of how easy it is) we used to split concerts into RAR/ZIP files and upload them for our forum and friends and try to share the links with as many ppl as possible before the links got taken down by the host... think back in the days before even RapidShare and MegaUpload, tho, they helped a lot later on. lol. So I spent HOURS and whole nights after nights with a shitty modem internet downloading gigs of video split up into 100mb chuncks (or whatver it was, i dont rem) at slow speeds and then turning around and uploading again when someone else requested that concert. So no, I've never been to any MJ concerts IRL, just in case you thought that's where my material came from. It's just a lifetime of saving shit off 'line. I just collect videos and interviews and speechs, etc. Anything that has him on video. I mostly stopped in 2007 cuz i needed to pay attention to my real life more. And then in 2009 after he died, YouTube got SATURATED with everything you could imagine! I have a LARGE collection, meaning, 90+ full concerts, and all the interviews u can think of, and performances, etc... so knowing what what available and what I had back in 2007, I probably had a good 70% of everything what's available in the world. But then he died and everything you can think of ended up on YouTube... I mean EVERYTHING, so many rare concerts that seemed like just dreams to be able to watch only 2 years before, and all the behind the scenes and home footage you can imagine. Pictures too. Everything anyone ever had in their basement or attic that MJ had ever touched ended up on the internet it seems. So there's no point in collecting anything anymore. It's all so easily accessible these days, and there's SO MUCH. Too much. Like, MJ's life wasn't public enough before. Now, it's a free-for-all. So I probably only have about 30% of everything available now. These days I'm content with knowing that I've just seen or read something. So you'll be hardpressed to find a picture or video or story somewhere in this world about him that I havn't already seen. But I don't collect anymore. I got into authenticating MJ autographs in about 2011... dunno how I started, but after years of familiarity w his handwriting, I started hanging around Autograph Magazine Live, which is where a lot of auction/memorabilia pros hang out. cuz like I said, the market got flooded after 2009, still is, and it's not just real shit... when it comes to making money, ppl put MJ's name on everything. It hurts so much to have to tell a fan that their prized possession is really worth nothing, cuz it wasn't really MJ that signed it. Anyway, it's my little part of helping to preserve the truth in his legacy.

Ok, so what I was trying to say... lol, is that you can't steal my MJ collection! lol. It's all on a big harddrive. I'm not the kind that has posters and every version of every record or whatever ever made. He's only on my computer and in my mind. Or heart, whichever u prefer. But when u go thru my computer it becomes obvious quickly that I'm a fan. lol. Thing is, being a computer geek (self-proclaimed. There are others worse than me tho), I'm really organised. So that's where my life is. On my computer.

Ok, I totally lost my train of thought... Anyway. Don't worry about not liking smut. No need to apologize so much. I COMPLETELY understand. I only suggested what I knew was read-worthy smut cuz there's no actual non-smut in MJ fanfic-land. lol. You know, at least something that wasn't the run-of-the-mill. ...I wish fans would take the trouble to write about him as a person instead of as a sex-object. Like, seriously. I understand he's sexy and u need an outlet, but let there be some of the other as well. Many times I feel like I understand him better than most fans. (Or maybe it's just in my head. It's very possible.) Sometimes thinking about him makes me bawl crying. But at the same time no one but him can put a smile on my face as quickly and sincerely. I miss him. I think a lot of us fans feel like we've lost a personal friend. I wish I could capture that person in writing, but he's so hard to capture. There's so many sides of himself, so we've only ever caught glimpses of. Even though there's no one else in history whose life has been catalogued the same way. What's available to fans is more than what his own family even knows about him. It's crazy. So yeah... I wish so much I could read and write about him realistically.

In the time since I last wrote to u here, I actually started a new little MJ fic. I have about 2500 words written, it's called "Flying". The summary is "Michael has never been afraid of heights." Essentially, it's random periods in Michael's life, 3-4 years apart and progressing from 1971 to 2008, and his outlook on the world in that moment, from his point of view, and coincidentally a few of those times he's somewhere high up --rooftop, balcony, high window-- in a building, looking down on the world or sea of fans, alone with his thoughts. The concept is (as u can imagine) really scary to write, cuz I'm literally attempting to get inside his head. Yikes- Michael's personal thoughts. Can you imagine if he ever read it? Embarrassment all around. lol. At least Vox Populi and Magical he'd be able to read and not want to kill me. lol. And also it's not the happiest thing to write about, cuz as we know Michael was a perfectionist who was never satified with himself, and always strived for the stars. But what I'm most hoping to show his outlook on life and how he sees himself and his position in life as he matures. Vague, I know. And tho, I started and havn't written anything for it in about a month, I have it plotted out and have random parts of it and I'm excited for it. :) At least it's something that I can finish within the next year and not something like that "what if MJ hadn't died" fic that would literally take the rest of my life to write. lol. I'm just telling u all this cuz I have no one else to tell this shizzle to and I appreciate your common madness. ;) I mean, that we share this passion. lol.

Honestly, it's so bloody hard to write about him. He's too close, too ethereal, too deep to portray fully. But maybe it's a good idea if I want to be a better writer. Trying to capture all that. If I fail to a degree where it's unpublishable, well, then it stays on my computer. But if I get even a little close to what he was really like, that would be a bit nice. IDK. Like you said, he's harder to figure out than L. hahaha!

FYI, I don't *actually* have OCD, not clinically, but you know what I mean. OCD where you are just organized and neurotic enough to call yourself that casually. lol. (Just clearing that up.)

You looked at my jewelry!?? Thank you so much! You're super sweet. I'm glad u like it. I just picked up techniques here n there. I started my little business in highschool. It all started with wire, beads, and a few good plyers. :)

Listening to *you* rant?? What about me?? HA HA. I've just give you my life story here. Hahaha. Let me know if you're still alive after this novel. lol.

Reviewer: SweetPearl Anonymous [Report This]
Date: Aug 20, 2014 04:59 am Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

Oh well- I don't really know if there are any ways to PM someone here- so, uh, I'll spam your review box! XD Sorry!

Thank you! :)

That's true, really. Now I think about it, it all makes sense! And yes, I'm an Athesist, so no problems there.

Haha- not really. You didn't ruin it for anyone- just made poor lil slow me understand! :P

(Sorry- I can't really write- how to say this- deep stuff while replying- so erm- sorry? XD)

And no problem- it's the truth. I can't stand to see bad grammar or spelling- and I strive to improve mine everyday.

Oh god. You're right, there are too little stories that I like here on MJF, and most of them don't even update. Or if they do, it turns to gag-inducing smut (Actually- any kind of smut is gag-inducing!) or gushy-mushy romance.

Many stories don't even have proper grammar or spelling. And the Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Humor etc genres are filled with romance, romance AND romance. C'mon people- these genres do NOT focus on romance every. Freaking. Time.

Sometimes, you know, I plan on taking you guys- or the authors on MJF who writes good non-romance fics and plan a revolt. On that topic- have you even seen the admins active anymore?

(If the #1 source of MJ fanfiction is like this, I don't even want to imagine how the rest would have been...)

Wait, wait- WAIT! NOOOOO- don't stick forks in your eyes! How about the 'Mind bleach'? It works amazingly. I used it to rid my mind of the trash literature such as Twilight.(Sorry, if you like that- but I regret nothing!)

Anyway, I agree with you. I could spend my life on There are stories of ALL kinds of stories- and every you can imagine.

I wish some authors would come here and write MJ x anime crossovers! Imagine how amazing would it be if Michael ends up in Black Butler universe-


You read my profile.

You read my embarrassing profile that I haven't updated in a WHOLE YEAR.

X////X Oh goodness- I'm dying of shame! D:


But you like Death Note and Black Butler? Cool! (No-no- I ain't Bipolar - I just kind of like to write that way! I'm hyper, remember? XD)

Oh, and I'd love it if you do pass the name of the two authors! Please do! And thank you! But 'wrote'? T.T does that means they don't update anymore?

And- again, I'm getting embarrassed (I apologize if the spelling is wrong- there's no spellcheck here! And... I'm too lazy...)

No problem- actually, I also wished I could find someone here who likes and reads non-romance MJ fanfics- so, in all honesty, thank YOU. :)

(But I'm pretty clueless sometimes- so I don't know if you would enjoy talking with me! XD)

And no need to apologize for ranting- see, I do it all the time!

And, P.S - I just read 'Magical's' third chapter- my goodness- it's just sooo fantastic! Thank you so much for that amazing gift you've given us!

P.P.S - And if you are wondering how I wrote all those previous bits without getting hyper, I have NO idea! XD

So, then,

Keep rockin' and writing new stories!

I will be waiting,



And yes, I uses the P.S before finishing the... err, review? Open Messege? XD But I don't care!

Author's Response: OMG... you ARE hyper! lol, and I thought I was bad. ha. Don't worry, I don't think it's a bad thing. I'm still super excited that you like my writing! :) :) Thank you ever so much!!
Don't worry about the extra reviews, it's not like this story is that popular, so if anything you're doing me a favor, haha! So that works out just fine. :)
The smut on here is terrible, and the RPGs... like, seriously! I know I'm being rude by saying this, but that is not what u do on a fanfiction repository site like this. Take that shizzle to a forum. It's a lack of proper moderating. *le sigh* Anyway, um, about I was saying that it has a lot of poor authors actually (yikes, sorry for the confusion).. I feel like only beginners post there. I'm sure there's plenty of good authors mixed in, but from my experience the majority are children. I'm probably biased, but I prefer AO3 as a general fanfic site. Oh-well. Moving on..... yes, Twilight is crap. You should feel no shame in saying so. I *tried* to read it onceuponatime, cuz I didn't want to bash it before I at least *tried*... well, I didn't get very far before I wanted to barf, so yeah, I couldn't do it. lol. Or that Twilight fanfic "50 Shades"-- oh man, that's the kind of stuff you use to paper-mache, it's not good for anything else. I was at work about a year ago when two chicks in our change-rooms were talking about how good 50 Shades of Gray was... so I picked up the book cuz it was sitting on the counter, I TRIED to read a few pages... I really couldn't. If you've read enough fanfic, u can *tell* when the author is shit.
So now that I've bashed just about everything on the planet and sound like a huge ungrateful pessimist troll... lol. No, I've never seen admins here, but then again, I've never looked. As for the creating a revolt- I was thinking a few months ago to start a small MJ fanfic website that only accepts good fics, a few romanance would be acceptable, but only actual good ones, none of this MJ/OFC nonsense. So authors would either submit fics for review or they would be invited to have their works hosted. But that's a huge amount of work and I'm a busy gal. lol. So unfortunately it won't happen any time soon.
Other than MJF, MJ fanfic happens on some forums where the girls congregate randomly... as u know, some forums tend to be more chat-based, some are more downloads/media-centric, and others are more famous for their girly fanfics. Well, back in 2005-2007 I actually used to collect MJ concert footage heavily (I have a massive collection of MJ videos) and I used to be on this forum called KOP Board (one of many I was part of, but this one is magically still alive), and back then that's where I met the two authors I was talking about... one was user "littlesusie" (she stopped writing in 2006)... she has a few stories I saved. She wrote acceptably good smut... MJ/Janet, MJ/LMP, there was one MJ/DianaRoss I think, and then the one I remember best was "Two Rooms", MJ/Riley (Riley is LMP's daughter)... so you can see at least the the pairings are more interesting. I managed to find an old bookmark on my compter to "Two Rooms": but you're gonna need an account. If that sounds like anything you might like, cuz yeah, it's still smutty, but at least they're better fics, then I can zip and send you a file with the rest I have. I'm OCD, so I knew even back then that there wasn't any other good MJ fanfic, so IDK why, but I saved them. And my computer is super organized, so I still have them. Actually, I have everything I've ever created or touched on a computer since 1997, haha, but that's besides the point. Anyway, the 2nd author was a crazy chick I used to be good friends with by the username "sodium-amytal", who used to write the nastiest slash smut you could imagine! lol, but she happened to it well. She went through a phase back in 2006 where she used to write MJ/TMez (Tom Mesereau) slash and since it was right after the 2005 trial the fics were pretty interesting. She used to write MJ/TomSneddon, MJ/JordanChandler and MJ/GavinArviso too tho, and the entire Chandler family, so it may not be your cup of tea. And unfortunately she doesn't have all the ton of MJ/TMez ones (that she used to have a decade ago) posted anywhere anymore. And she's moved on from the MJ fandom, but there's still a few long ones here: the bottom. Though, her writing style gives MJ an odd personality that you may not be used to, so don't say I didn't warn you. I actually only recognise two of those fic titles.
So yeah. That's all I know about any acceptable MJ fanfic, and those two don't write MJ fics anymore. I have a few hundred MJ fics downloaded (back in 2006 I downloaded an entire archive from a site that closed down) but NONE of them were any good. It's a shame.
Oh! Actually, randomly I found a so-so one a few months ago on AO3, a MJ/BritneySpears smut... yeah, pretty dumb, but considering the fic was set in 2001 it worked out. Oh! I actually found it for you: ... it's meh, but it's better than others.
Sadly, I've never found any good non-romance MJ fics, not a single one. lol. I'm sorry. :( I wish there was a site like the one I was thinking of making where actual good MJ fics (and non-romance fics) could be found! lol. *pouty face*
Moving on, cuz I've just talked way too much... yes, your profile is fine. Everyone's profile sucks, don't worry. :) As for enjoying talking to you- I think I would love it actually. You seem like a fun person who knows how to judge critically. :) And don't apologise for ranting- what do you think this whole reply of mine is!? HAHA!
Hang on a bit, I need to do some real life stuff before I write u back for the long review on Magical also, I wont forget. ;)
Lastly-- me, write new stories?? haha, not any time soon unfortunately. I have one long MJ fanfic in the works right now, but I know it's not going to be finished for months. I've written almost 10,000 words for it, but it's in completely scattered pieces. I'll tell u the concept though... it's called My Father, and it's from Paris's POV and feelings about her dad as she grows up into her 20's. It's bits and pieces of flashbacks and talks she has with Janet or LisaMarie and things she learns about him, and in those ways she pieces together her dad's history and re-discovers him and even falls in love with him all over again. So it's a weird fic, cuz MJ is barely in it, but it's all about him.
I just find it SO HARD to write about MJ. All my other fanfics in other fandoms happen so much easier --not that I'm a fast writer, I'm actually really slow and take a million years to edit-- but MJ is just impossible to write about nowadays. It's too hard. It's too sad. He's too clear in my head. He's like my father and brother and lover and best friend. How do you write fiction about someone like that? And when I try and put it on paper I don't know how to justify a plot if it can't feel real. But if you have some plot suggestions I would love that!!!! Just keep in mind that I can't take him out of his world. Even Magical was still technically inside his world. ...... Oh. Actually- I'll tell you a GIGANTIC MJ fanfic novel that I've wanted to write for a couple years now, but I haven't even started. I know that the title will be "Dieu et Mon Droit". It's supposed to be the continuation of MJ's life if he hadn't died in 2009. (Epic, I know!) Like, if he just ended up in a coma for a while and then woke up. It's supposed to be about him trying to get back on his feet and conquer all the industry assholes, and about a shit-ton of corporate and legal battles. So it needs a LOT of planning and logic and real-world scenarios about lawsuits and marketing strategies and legal drama, and needs to take into account all the stuff that's happened in the real world since 2009. You can imagine that this is a MONSTER to try and write realistically. I'm basically trying to write his life, as it should/could have been. And I would only ever try and do it if I knew I could do it successfully, if I had a good enough plan. Gah, I wish I could talk to you and bounce ideas off you! I don't have anyone to do that with. Thank you for listening to me rant. I'll ttyl on the other review, hold tight. :)

Reviewer: SweetPearl Anonymous starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: Aug 16, 2014 04:25 am Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

The story's pretty neat! It's kinda odd to see Michael being honoured like a god- but I really liked it! I truly hope, that one day, people will stop saying those fake stuff at Mike and finally remember him for everything he has done.

Your grammer and spelling - YESHHHH! Really, the MJ fandom is flooded with bad R rated fics with no originality, horrible spelling and grammer - I feel happy that there are still authors who write non-romance fics :D

(And yes, I'm the same hyper reviewer who recently reviewed your story 'Magical' XD) 

Keep rockin'!


Author's Response: I can see that you're the same hyper reviewer, and I love you for it! lol.
I know this story is weird, but it's a comment on how a society's values and beliefs change with time. As well as, the great impact marketing can have. MJ himself proved this during his lifetime. So if the idea of "Michael Jackson" was expanded upon properly, it's not impossible for this to become reality.... that is, if someone as genius as Michael were to take control of the marketing of MJ's legacy. Branca and McCain have the power to create god, truly. It's simply a matter of turning MJ-the-person into an ethereal and everlasting IDEA. And Michael made sure to give us all the tools to do it. So yeah. Because if one looks at history, that's how these god and god-like figures start.. they don't come from heaven (that's a human idea), gods are created and reinforced and propagated by man, and throughout the generations the story gets bigger and wilder and more actual facts get lost. (Sorry if you're not an atheist and that offended you, but historically, well, the evidence is there.) That's an important aspect of time passing that I was also commenting on: that things get forgotten and obscured and twisted. And you'd be amazed how quickly this happens. So if you add everything together -- while it's not probable for this fic to happen, it is possible. Anyway, that's what this story is actually about, whether I wrote it well enough for that to come across or not.. personally, I think it's screaming it. You know, I never meant to explain it, I wanted ppl to just think about it for themselves, but I guess I just ruined that. lol.
Lastly, thank you for commenting on my spelling a grammar, I make it a point to write as well as I can. The smut (actually, all writing) in the MJ fandom is the WORST of any fandom ever... I honestly want to barf, stick a fork in my eye, and douse my brain in bleach --all at the same time!-- every time I attempt to read that drivel. Most of it is just too horrible for words... I think it has something to do with the high level of dedication from the fans, mixed with having every age-group, and every culture on earth (many non-native English speakers)... many of whom haven't experienced real fanfiction and have no idea that the standards are usually much higher. Well, except on, hahaha, but that's a joke forgotten by time. So yeah, I hate saying this, but I don't actually read MJ fanfiction. I've tried SO many times, and I'm so thankful when I come across a good one, but it's so rare, a needle in a haystack and I don't have the time to sort thru garbage. I've only ever found two authors that wrote good MJ fanfic... I can pass along their stories to u if u like, now that I know we feel at least a bit the same on this whole "MJ fanfic" topic.. lol. Or not, it's ok. Anyway, I apologise for ranting again. But thank you so much for your reviews. I have a few friends in the MJ fandom but none who I can talk about fanfic to, so thank you.
Oh! PS- I just read your profile... I love Black Butler and Death Note also!! :) :)

Reviewer: MJFan232 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jan 16, 2014 10:13 pm Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

Very neat! I like it. Very inspiring as well. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! So very glad u liked it. :)

Also, for the other reviewers, sorry the site screwed up when I responded...

Thank you so much for saying that. I hope it's true. And I'm glad u enjoyed it. :) ...The delusional part of me really hopes that he will indeed be remembered this way.

Wow, thanks! Honestly, when I first got the idea, it was going to be only the snippet in the middle with the mother and son. I had wanted that to be longer actually, but it didn't turn out that way. I don't know how I would extend this, the point of it is probably worn out by the time u read to the end IMO, but I certainly welcome ideas. Like I said, I thought it would have ended up longer also. Thanks again! :)

Reviewer: Zeriaon Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jan 16, 2014 06:24 pm Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

Wow, this was really good; a great yet subtle way of honoring our King :) You're a talented writer; I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Author's Response:

Reviewer: JustPassinThru Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jan 16, 2014 02:53 pm Title: VOX POPULI VOX DEI

This was very interesting... and it's a really cool idea! Are you thinking about expanding the story and idea? 'Cause that would be pretty awesome, I think.

Author's Response:

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