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I challenge you to write a story (can be short or long) based on the song Closer by Nine Inch Nails. You can include any characters you want (and Michael of course) If you haven't ever heard the song, then listen to it, and then see where your mind takes you!


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Hmmmmmm, I was thinking of writing a story and I have a plot but oh yeah!! I have no talent for writing, LOL. So heres my train of thought, as I love mature Michael, he had faked his death and is living quietly on his private island. His children and family and a few friends know and visit often. He goes to L.A. incognito to do some shopping and observe people and sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen with that unknown quality he has never really found before. A woman with quiet beauty and almost fairy like way about her. He cant let he go.....

Now heres the challenge, how does he woo her? How does he reveal himself to this woman and keep the peace he finally acheived? And if love does happen, will he convince her to leave her whole life behind to be with him? So all you amazing writers please accept!!

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There is a few ways this could go...

Michael as a kid could have had a imaginary friend      ( that is a girl) and soon he grows older and forgets about her. But now he is lonely and his "imaginary friend" comes to life! and then of course then fall in love. this could be in any era you like.


A girl as a child could have made up an imaginary friend (michael Jackson) and she forgets about him, and later as her life comes tumbling down and she is older, her old friend comes to life! And they fall in love.

I also think i will do a story like one of these

Categories: Romance Characters: Original Girl

Challenge: You must issue a love square in this book. It will be between a tomboy, a tough amazon, or a fluffy girly girl. He must choose one, but you can't make it so obvious, because he needs to flirt with all of them, and he can't just grope the tomboy and the amazon and leave the girly girl out. No, It just KILLS the readers excitement with who will he choose. It shouldn't be that hard. Long or short, round robins or flying solo.

The names of these three can be what ever you choose. Just don't go like Butch the tomboy or Wildtooth the amazon and Emelitite the Petite.

Everything down pat? Okay, good luck!

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Anyone interested in finished novels?  I have a few.



 (One Shot)


 (One Shot)




Categories: Bad: 1986-1990, Dangerous: 1991-1993, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Invincible: 2000-2003, Adventure, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance, Sci Fi, Song Fics, Suspense, Trigger Warning! Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl


- Michael is a massage therapist.

- A girl is his customer and

- they must have fun ;)

Other than that, you can make it up :)

Oh and it can be any catorgory or era.


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Okay so I have a great idea for a MJ story but I'm already juggling two. SO I CHALLENGE YOU! LOL So I want the main character to be an original girl who plays Michael's receptionist. SHe's new and always held the same idea of Michael Jackson that everybody else has. Sweet, kind and shy exc. But once she gets the job she sees another side.....ANY Genre have fun!

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Hey again MJFictioners. Another wacky challenge here for you!


- Story must take place on a random island, real or not.

- This time, Carly Rae Jepsen must be in the story and be with/see a pink-thonged Princess Diana (from my last challenge XD); Carly can be dressed in any clothes.

- Michael Jackson has to be in the story (duh!). He must be painfully stupid or incredibly bright.

- A creepy Barney must appear in the story.

- Celebrity of your choice has to wax Michael's balls.

- Oprah and Doctor Phil are related to Michael, in whatever way.

- A wish must be granted.

- Bondage of some sort must take place.

Anything else can be made up. Length of story, plot etc is to your own imagination.

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Summary: Write a story with an original female character named Katelyn, Danielle or Isabella (you choose) who meets Michael backstage after one of his concerts and he somehow ends up getting her phone number. It can be any era and the rest of the plot is up to you!
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this challege is very simple, do you think Michaels carreer would have been effected in any way if his skin had never turned white

  • would he have been as popular
  • if he was as popular would any of the scandals have been any worse
  • do you still see him being with a white woman or a black
  • would he still have become The King of Pop
  • would he have been better able to be himself and not have have press and fans following him 24/7
  • would his fame ben as powerful or less powerful


Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Family Characters: Michael, Original Girl

what if michael was a twin (for all intents and purpuse for this yes he is adal twin) but his identical twin was a savont of clasical music, fully and completley know classical music in and out on a level even he doesn't know of regular music but because of this he has a mind of a child he's severly delayedand only when they speak of clasicall music he can carry on straight informative conversation only when in that mode

Michael on the other hand is into music as he was in reality, but is a severe busness man, but he realizes his brother really wants to be a clasical concert it think the word is director, so he hatches a plan with the help of (a female friend) to get his bother exactly what he wants but at a risk because if he gets caught it could be the biggest scandal in music history.


  • Michael having an identcal twin
  • Michael deally witha mentally disable brother
  • Michael meets the woman due to there care for his brother
  • working with a woman that becaomes a close friend
  • the romance blem before the end of the story (not a focus)
  • big clasical concert at the end
  • does the public find out you decide
  • it could end where his brother just gets his wish
  • it could end where Michael does a press conference and tells all

again you decide

how Michael looks


michaeals brother looks like he dos in the dangerous picture but this is how his aperance is if you understand

Michaels brother (you name him)

michaeals brother looks like he dos in the dangerous picture but this is how his aperance is if you understand


Categories: Angst, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Romance Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I have posted the document which is in here first so that it can be promoted more easily. This here is the place where all your stories made from the prompts can go into and be posted here! 

I don't mind what era, how many characters you have to create or what categories your story goes in, but as long it is a crossover with any one or more of the fandoms listed below (in case you didn't catch them on the document):

Back To The Future

Doctor Who 

Captain EO


Have fun!

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Suspense Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I just simply want anyone to do a story featuring les twins in it , you can make the plot anything you want : ) and if you could incorporate some comedy in there , please and thank you ^_^

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Haha I guess my last challenge was too difficult.'s one you might like! It has to be a sex scene with Michael. The dirtest, most nasty one you can make up;) Dirty Launguage, stuff like that can be included;) Have fun ladies! 

Categories: Adult Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I want you guys to write a one-shot story about Michael and a very hot girl being stranded on an island with 'nothing' to do ;-) rated R only please

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