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Hey! I'm Lauren! My interests are primarily slash fic, especially between mj and prince, so if you like that, you're gonna like me.

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Michael Jackson and Prince fight witches in the Madoka Magica universe. WARNING, THIS STORY CONTAINS GORE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, DON'T READ. But seriously, if you like Madoka Magica (and these two ;) ) then PLEASE DO READ YES. Please comment :)



That's Mike's weapon, it's supposed to be a sword XD

Those are their names written in Runic script like in the show. Mike's weapons are swords with microphones at the handle, he can also project force fields and psychic energy beams.

Prince's cloud guitar can manipulate its strings to go in any direction, he can also transform his love symbol guitar into a crossbow and he can shoot energy beams from his fingertips, which he often uses to fire his bow.

In this fantastical adventure, Prince realizes Mike doesn't know the truth about the soul gems, and is hoping he never finds out, all while mike spirals into a pit of insecurity over his skills as a fighter and the relevance of his wish.

EDIT: Sorry if i go back and edit stuff here and there without actually adding new chapters, i just write everything out in one fell swoop and then post it, not really considering any flaws or faulty dialogue or edit anything before hand because after I finish a chapter my brain is too tired and just wants to get it out there. I may end up going back and tweeking some lines here and there but nothing that changes the overarching plot so don't worry.

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