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I love to write/ read fanfiction. I've been writing fanfiction since I was about 15 or so. Back then I was reeeeally bad at it and though I've gotten better I still think I'm not the greatest.
I'm also on a site called The stories I have on here are not on there.
The stories I have on there are from a completely different fandom.
I'm here on this site cause I'm obsessed with Michael and that's that!!!!
Enough said!!!!
If by some chance, you want to see my other stories that are on that site, go to plays/ musicals and they are under Les Miserables. I can't remember what my penname is, but I do remember it has the word butterflies in it.
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Challenges by Dreamgirl4Michael
Summary: I chalinge you to write a story about a group of fangirls during the Jacksonmania era!!!!!!! I want it to be veeeeeeery over the top and be as crazy as you can be!!!!!! The J5 fans were pretty crazy!!!!! Jacksonmania was probably jjust as bad as Beatlemania, if not more crazy!!!!!
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