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Yeah. . . This was so much easier on I don't know what to say. Obviously, I'm a fan of Maiki-kun"s otherwise, I wouldn't be here. As much as I love him, I honestly don't see him as sexy. When I look at Michael, I see a mentor, a brother, and a close friend. I don't bash him, but I'll proudly admit that I like to tease him. I base a lot of things I put in my stories off of things that have actually happened to me, or someone I know. If it's not that, then my friends gave me that idea. MY FRIENDS ARE EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN PRUSSIA! Sorry. . . I make a lot of anime and manga references as well. Especially Hetalia: Axis Powers, Ouran High School Host Club, and Fullmetal Alchemist. If you get confused, just ask me whatever you want to ask, and I'll be happy to answer. I have some work already on here that GhostOfJealousy posted for me. Again, thank you SOOOOOO much! *Huggles!* This includes MICHAEL JACKSON: User Guide and Manual. Hehehehe. . . *Shoe to the face* Sorry about that. . . But I finally have an account now, so I'll be posting my own stories. However, I went blank on Captain EO: Battle for Mater, and Turn Off the Dark, so no updates for those just yet. *Another shoe to the face* Ow! Will you stop that!? Anyways. . . I'm new here, so I hope to make some new friends. Yes, I am a young Michael Jackson fan. I'm turning 15 this coming July on the 24th. But I'm serious about my writting. I gladly take constructive critisism. Go ahead and shoot at me as much as you like as long as it helps make me better.

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Challenges by The Rose Red Alchemist

Okay, I'm new to challenges, so forgive me if this sucks. Pretty much, what you have to do is create a story using MICHAEL JACKSON: User Guide and Manual. Here are the rules.

*This must have humor

*As much as you may want an MJ unit, you have to have him ordered by accident

*This must remain T-rated (You can make as many dirty jokes, and cuss as much as you want to, but no further then that please.)

Also, it came to my attention that someone requested a Sexy mode. You can look at the reviews and it should be there. I even came up with a way to get him into that mode. First get Michael into his Flustered mode, and start flirting with him until he feels comfortable. (Note: This may take a day or two. Maybe even a week.) Then he'll start flirting back, and eventually go into his Sexy mode.

This is pretty easy, and I made it pretty loose, so that you can have fun with this. Just keep the manual handy and this should go almost as awesome as Prussia. (If you don't watch Hetalia, don't ask. . .)

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