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Summary: Katerina is 16 years old and dreams of being a dancer, she's preparing to go into the last round of a dance competition that she's entered, the competition is aired live on television which is a big risk for her as she doesn't want anyone to know she's the daughter of Michael Jackson, but what happens when Michaels heart stops on the day of the competition and is rushed to hospital, will she still compete or will she stay at the hospital until Michael wakes up.
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Published: Jan 12, 2017 Updated: Apr 06, 2017

1. Chapter 1 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (703 words)
Hey guys this is the first MJ story I've posted on this website I really hope you like it, please leave some feedback to let me know what you think.

2. Chapter 2 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (1227 words)
hey guy's here's the second chapter I hope you are all liking the story so far, I forgot to mention that even though this is round the time MJ died so it's 2009, the technology is the same as it is today.

3. Chapter 3 by luckystar [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1652 words)
Well here it is chapter 3 lets hope Michaels Okay read to find out.

4. Chapter 4 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (3967 words)
Ok guys this chapter is a little different, it's in Michael's pov, I know that sounds weird because he's in a coma but trust me, enjoy.

5. Chapter 5 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (1638 words)
Ok guys here it is chapter 5, time for the dance competition please leave a review guys would love to know what you think of the story

6. Chapter 6 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (2941 words)
two chapters in one day that's a record for me, here it is enjoy.

7. Chapter 7 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (3674 words)
Hey guy's just a quick note to say I might not be able to update for a few weeks due to my mum becoming ill, I will try to post when I can thank you for your understanding and support, Please enjoy this chapter and as always review as I would like to know what you think of the story.

8. Chapter 8 by luckystar [Reviews - 0] (3168 words)
Hey guy's sorry it's been a while but finally the next chapter is here, hope you enjoy it.