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The afternoon shift ending for Amber and she was ready with her bag of goodies to snack on once she was in the hotel.

But that wasn't the case for her, no her ex father waiting at the front entrance to try and catch her before she went home.

The lord was shining on him today when he glanced up to see her walking out of the store.

Amber in a cheerful mood holding her belongings, her arm was jerked by a slim fingered large hand and she rotated her head to face her father who was smiling nervously at her.
Now Amber's mood was ruined by this unfortunate event so trying to stay calm was the only solution at this point.

"who are you?!" She asked feigning ignorance and wondered why he was back again.

"I'm here Amber to talk, that's all I want to do, will you at least give me a chance?"

Amber giving her father an angry glare and a sassy yet cold response "you can shove that chance----"

She was cut off by Michael standing in front of her and being a tall shield away from her father.

Michael returning early from work wanted to surprise Amber by picking her up and going somewhere for the rest of the day but when he saw from the distance that she was being confronted by some stranger his overprotectiveness kicked in and he acted on impulse.

Immediately shielding her from this stranger, Michael glared down at the man folding his arms and asking cutly "who are you"

Amber's father responses raising an eyebrow "who is this boy Amber?"

Amber wanted to step out and tell him but she allowed Michael to take over. This was his territory and Michael glaring at him and asking the same question.

Amber's father responded calmly "I am her father boy"

Michael hated being referenced to 'boy' and that brought too many dark memories from his early days with Joseph.

His eyes glaring darkly down on him and the thoughts of the memories he went though as a child and previously came flooding back, Amber sensing his mood soothingly ran her fingers though his hair.

Michael sighed at the touch of her hand in his hair and feeling smudge calmer continued glaring at Amber's father.

Amber's father scoffed at the affection and he responded "I am Amber's father, Andy"

Michael narrowing his eyes still sucispicous if he was telling the truth or not asked for prove.

Andy pulling out his wallet and showing them both an old faded baby photo of amber at two or three years hugging a stuffed toy in her tiny hands.

Now Michael seen the prove stepped aside for Amber to talk to him and now mentioning to Andy "I am Amber's husband"

"Husband?! Since when! You kids only look 18 or 19 to be married" Andy exclaimed aghast.

"So what if we are? It's clearly none of your business if we are or not Andy" Amber replied bluntly to him.

Amber was a little taken back at her words and it showed in his tired features but his eyes glanced downward to the small but growing bump.

"Your pregnant too! How could you this to her boy!" Andy switching his anger to Michael.
"I am not boy sir" Michael replied shortly eyeing Andy in disgust.

"Now don't even start if I'm pregnant Andy at least Micheal is man enough to actually stay and be there for me unlike you who left mama when you got your wife knocked up and leaving us!" Amber lashed brutally to Andy.

She felt the stinging tears drip down her chin and Michael didn't want to her so distressed so early in their pregnancy, ignoring Andy he comforted his stressing wife and taking her back to the hotel to calm down from her traumatic experience.

Andy watched them walk away and he sighed and pondered over the words Amber lashed out at him, the overload on his guilty shoulders multipled more now he didn't even get the chance to try and talk to her heck even apologize.

He could see the damage he had caused for his only daughter, perhaps if he had stayed maybe things would have been better but his mind at the time was foolish when he finally found out his wife had conceived.

Seventeen years later and previously two years ago Andy confessed to Cherri about his marital affair in their third year of marriage and of course she was furious like any other woman and kicking him out to give her space.

She slowly forgive him and she understood his reason to connect with his eldest child but sadly wasn't fruitful.

Andy returning home and hanging his coat in their hallway to go into the kitchen to see Cherri placing the lasagna into the oven.

She looked up from her cooking to smile warmly to her husband.

She punched in the right temperature to let the lasagna cook. She kissed his cheek lovingly in greeting.

"If you wondering where mini you has gone, he went to the boxing ring with his friends to practice more" she said shaking her long brown greying pixie cut styled hair.

Andy chuckled along "he will definitely be a boxer at least he isn't wasting my money this time like all the other sports he's tried over the years"

Cherri giggled at her husband agreeing about their son's tendacny to get bored and move on to something new.

"How did it..go?" She asked delicately biting her lip gazing up into Andy's face.

Andy sighed and rubbing his temple replied sadly "she didn't even give me a chance to till her husband suddenly appeared! Husband! And that isn't the least news she's pregnant too! I wish I had stayed perhaps I could have prevented this from happening"

Cherri dragging her husband to dining table and sitting him down, she sat beside him and rubbing his hand soothingly.

"Darling you shouldn't worry or think back about the what ifs because she's made her own decisions she isn't a child anymore, it will take time for her open up to you don't give up because today didn't turn out well try another day, by the way you describe her temper she reminds me of a certain someone twenty years ago" Cherri joked to Andy and he laughed shortly.

they shared a brief kiss but Junior walked in and covered his eyes in disgust at what he saw, they both stopped kissing to address their only son and he removed his hands grinning cheekily at his parents.

Junior sat next to them and the small knitted family chatted together.
Chapter End Notes:

Well that didn't go well..do you think Amber's anger was justified? 😱 ..tell me what you think~ enjoy.

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