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Amber's pov:

It's been a month after I found out I was pregnant and Michael after calming him down was over the moon and now
we were looking for a flat for ourselves hopefully we could fine before I developed any bigger.

Megan wanted me to stay home (she doesn't know we live in a hotel) but I stood my ground and said there was no point in me sitting at home.

So being the good friend she is changed my shift around and now I take the till shift every morning to early afternoon.

I was sitting comfortably on my new seating chair and doing the usual thing helping bag and price their items while giving them the change and so on.

A box of cigarettes were placed on the counter and I looked up smiling nicely into the face of a middle age man who's face was an expression of shock and astonishment.

He whispered "Amber...i-s-s that y-you..you've grown so much...do you remember me?"

I was a little skeptical of how this man knew my name, I didn't want to create a scene and the queue was getting longer looking back by the corner of my eye.

"Sir your holding up the queue, that will be $5.89 cents" I politely responded ignoring his question.

He gladly caught the hint and paid for his items and mumbled to me before moving on he would be back.

My shift finished just in time in the late afternoon and I grabbed my items walking briskly and carefully back to the hotel.

The pent up emotions I bolted up inside pouring into tears.

After all these years seeing him my heart still swelled in sick and twisted joy that he would want me back in his life after abandoning mama and I to go back to his happy family..why did it have to be here?!? In LA of all places!
I thought to myself anxiously and feeling nauseous.

I didn't want to throw up or call Michael because he has to work, so I breathed in a few times and getting up to change and taking a few tissues I wiped my tears.
Then wrapping the duvet around myself I fell asleep.

I heard the door open and woke up to see Michael in his brown Janitor uniform and his bag dropping to the ground when he saw me, he rushed forward, a look of concern written on his face.

He rubbed my face soothingly and asked "is something wrong with the baby?!"

I chuckled and replied "no Michael nothing is wrong with him, he's fine for now..it's something worse"
Michael was hoping for a little girl to look just like me but I hoped to have a little boy with his eyes and smile but we were a little biased but we would wait till the day so bets were being made.

He stared waiting for me to speak, he removed his hand and pulled the covers off and climbed in to gently pull me into his arms and he kissed my forehead.
Feeling more at ease with my wonderful husband, I spoke sniffing here and there

"well I never told you Michael but my father at the time several years ago, did have a one night stand with my mother when she was working with him in his growing music company at the time thinking he could have an affair with her and still have his wife who at the time couldn't get pregnant till around the time I was two he left when his wife was able to get pregnant and leaving nothing in return for us to thrive on! I mean what kind of man does that Michael?! And why did he have to reappear now we already have our own problems!"

I exclaimed furiously at the end and feeling the wet tears flow down my face again.

Michael removing his hands around me, I turned around to look into his hurt and shocked eyes.

"what happened to our promise love? To never keep secrets, I remember exactly how you went completely ballistic when I finally came to you about the mafia..now this why would you keep it from me for so long!" He exclaimed softly in a voice laced in venom.

"This is exactly why I didn't want to you tell Michael, I knew you would act this way!" I responded aggravated.

"Of course I would act this way if you told me sooner perhaps it would be different but you left it till now?" He responded glaring firmly in the eyes.

"Well excuse me I don't like remembering I am a dirty excuse from a failed affair Michael so get off my case" I hissed narrowing my eyes at him.

"And you think it makes me feel wonderful that I'm still connected to the mafia somehow? Hm imagine if Joseph received this information!" He replied sarcastically.

"Wow you made your point and I am not apologizing because

I wanted to keep this to myself alright?!" I shouted back in frustration at his pigheaded attitude.

We both needed to cool off so I got up from the bed and grabbing my coat I put it on wrapping around my prebum.

"Where are you going Amber?" He asked patiently.

"Out" I replied shortly.

"Out where?" He pressed wanting more information.

"Out wherever if it means being away from you for a while" I snapped harshly to him.

A flash of hurt was present in his doe like eyes and he warned seriously "be careful and don't let anything happen to our child"

"Of course I'll be, your talking like your going to give birth boy please" I rolled my eyes and grabbing my purse I went out the door.

There wasn't much for me to do, for one I can't drink with this little thing in my womb and eating spicy food gives me heartburn so a walk was the next best thing.

I walked around the area making sure take in the scenery in the dark and I breathed in the eerie air and looking up at the indigo coloured sky and the stars twinkling amongst it.

It was a beautiful sight and I felt the emotions that were brought back by my absent father's presence flowed away and the guilty feeling as I stood there recalling Michael and I's first fight.

My big mouth saying crap I didn't mean, I'm beginning to think it was my hormonal swings that were taking over my rational mind.

Dusting myself off and hugging my coat closer to my cold body I made my way back to the hotel.

Opening the door and seeing Michael standing by the mirror, the glow flowing into the room from the moon gave his features a mystical glow...it was beautiful.

I tiptoed to him and wrapping my arms around him which brought him out of his inner thoughts and he sighed.

"Your back" he reasoned stiffly.

"Michael I know I should have told you about my father a long time ago and I am truly for not telling you, I know now the promise we made last year I broke for that I will try harder not to hide any more from you"

Michael's body stilled and he turned around now putting his arms around my waist and I looked up smiling sadly to him.

"Love we are now married and sometimes we act so childish which I don't mind but I am yours as much as your mine..keeping secrets will only hinder us from growing so don't do it ok?"

"Mhmm...soo this is our first fight Michael how will we make up?" I inquired changing the subject and slipping my hands on his bare chest while stroking his hard chest coyly.

Michael's breathed hitched and his eyes darkened and he tipped my chin towards his eyeing me hotly before smirking "there are so many ways let me teach you"

And dipping his head down French kissing me till I could fill the world spin, Michael holding me tightly in his arms and that lead to a night of making up.

Chapter End Notes:

Oooh Amber and Mj had their first fight as a married couple 😱 and what's this?! Someone from Amber's past returning? What could it all mean!? *cough* I mean enjoy and your thoughts are loved 😘

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