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It was a regular afternoon for Amber working in the local supermarket near her and Michael's small apartment.

She was currently stacking and reloading old and new items onto the lower shelves using the shop ladder.

She hummed a happy tune as she stacked clearly enjoying the blissful and peaceful environment without a single rude or overconfident customer asking for assistance.

The manager walked towards her and Amber pausing her work looked into the dark brown eyes and strawberry blond shoulder length bobbing around her square yet feminine face.

She stopped in front of Amber and greeted her warmly "hey Amber, are you feeling alright?" ending in a concern tone lately Megan sees Amber run to the toilet to throw up or snap unintentionally at astonished regular customers.

"No biggie I'm fine" Amber said grinning from her place on the ladder.

"Are you sure Amber, you've had alot of toilet breaks as of late...are you pregnant?"
Amber snorted and looking up to see her work was done, hopped down from the ladder and stood in front of Megan.

"Don't worry---" she stopped now clutching her head feeling sudden dizzyness take over and she mumbled "I don't think feel good" then promptly fainted dropping to the floor.
Megan luckily catching her before she could bang her head, spoke into her walkie talkie urgently requesting a staff to call her husband and to call an ambulance.

Michael was relaxing at home on his day off waiting for Amber to come home, she always made sure to try and leave something for him to eat when he got home which he always thought back on how lucky he was to have her.

Now Michael was in bed taking a short nap when the telephone in their bedroom rang uprooting him from his nap.

He groaned in annoyance and dragging his curly head out from underneath the duvets and stretching a hand to pull the phone to his ear.

Now the phone resting in his ear, he switched his position now laying on his back.

Phone conversation:

Michael: hello?

Ben: good afternoon sir, is this Mr.Jackson I'm speaking to?

Micheal replied shortly swirling his long finger in his ear: yes.

Ben: well Mr.Jackson your wife fainted on duty and was taken to St.Kingsburys Hospital.

Michael's heart was banging in his chest at the thought of 'faint' and 'hospital' combined with Amber's name made him panic.
He asked breathlessly into the phone: what room?!?
Ben: number 62 sir.

Michael said his thanks and dropping the phone down, sprung from the bed and throwing on a red polo shirt, dark blue jeans and his trainers also not forgetting his wedding ring before rushing out the door and locking it then getting on the bus.

Arriving at the hospital and asking at the desk for which room his wife was, she gave him directions and he followed the directions to a large room filled with several patients on different beds and nurses stationed either helping or talking to their patient.

Michael looking around till he spotted Amber laying on the bed arguing with the doctor about wanting to leave and insisting she was abouselty fine.

Michael walked up to them and Amber pausing seeing Michael walk up grinned happily and he returned a small smile while bending to kiss her briefly.

Afterwards turning to the tall and lanky middle aged brunette haired, large square glasses doctor in front of him, they shook hands before he spoke.

"Hello sir I presume you are Mr.Jackson if I'm correct?" The doctors British accent clear in his mid brass voice.
Michael nodded and he continued on,

"Well Mr.Jackson your wife refused to let us have her stay a little longer because she--"

Amber interrupted "yes because I have told you many times I'm fine! Don't need to be here" she snapped crossing her arms.

Michael gave her a look of disapproval and she pouted looking away, he briefly spoke telling the doctor to continue.

The doctor coughed and holding out his clipboard shuffling though his papers.

"Well from your test results, Mrs. Jackson the reason you fainted was to due to your low sugar levels and we also found out you are one month in your pregnancy...congrats" the doctor smiled at the two young couple in front of him.

Michael standing by Amber was feeling a fleet of emotions all at once, happiness to relief and panic at being a father and how Amber was feeling.

In typical Amber fashion she pulled Michael by his polo shirt and looked into his big brown eyes and exclaimed hysterical "you big headed idiot! Why didn't you use protection?!"

Michael now grinning weakly gently removing her small hand from his shirt and standing up rightfully to look down at her in disbelief "and don't blame me love we are in this together, I thought you were using pills"

"I wasn't even thinking of the flipping pills you dummy! I thought it wouldn't happen" she sassed back.

Michael rolled his eyes and sassed back "now you weren't you listening in sex class at all when we were in school?"

Amber mumbled guilty she had been absent for class that day meaning she had skipped and leaving a horrified Michael to endure the embarrassing classes about the difference in full detail about a man and woman.

The two bickering couple now without realising had drawn in a listening crowd and everyone was holding in their laughter at their banter back and forth.

"I'll kill you, put you in a box and send you back to your mother" Amber hissed at him.

"I won't allow you do that to our child" he retorted sweetly.

Amber replied "I meant you!"

A nurse called out from a nearby corner of the room "are you two interested in a reality show?"

Simoustanly they responded "Hell no" and went back to arguing back and forth.

The doctor watched entertained at the whole show and muttering to himself "ah young love"

They froze and swiftly turning their heads around to snap at the calm and collected doctor "we are married for your information"

The doctor let them talk for a little longer and interluded to warn Amber to be careful and to take it easy while setting up a female doctor for her to come see for every semester she grows in her pregnancy and more details.

Chapter End Notes:

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