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In Marlon's Journey...

Marlon not the best person at directions ended up at the last place to be expected and that was on the accidental route of the town a mile or more away from Indiana, abandoning his horse ages ago and finding himself here wasn't on his list of cleverly taken decisions.

He needed to get out of this town fast and there wasn't much vehicles around in sight.

So Marlon was sitting underneath the cool shade of a vacant tree or so he thought when he heard the whispers and laughter coming from the back of the tree.

He got up with his bags and saw a few gangly and young teens all hyped over the van they just stole.

Marlon desperately needing a ride and this van was his ticket to get out of here. So he causally walked up to the kids who all snubbed him thinking he was a stupid grown up.

As you can see Marlon wasn't in the mood to be nice to any child in the unbearable sun so he wiped out his gun from his hidden place and pointed it at the teens smirking and stating "you kids have five seconds to leave this van or my friend here will accidently shoot one of you which will it be?"

The teens all screamed and ran away scattering to wherever.

Marlon chuckled and withdrew his gun then opening the car skillfully with his hijackering skills and started the car then drove off in the right direction.
Finally taking the right route Michael and Amber arrived in L.A around the evening and went into a motel to spend the night.

Which unfortunately turned into weeks and the pair were only their last dime for their hotel fee and another evening meal between them.

Amber and Michael laying in bed after another round of exploring each other were enjoying the comfortable silence.

Amber was worried about their situation and said to her husband "Michael what are we going to do? We are broke! How are we going to find ourselves"

Michael kissing her earlobe and speaking into her ear softly "don't worry love we will find jobs and live here till we are able to maintain a flat how about that?"

She wasn't satisfied with that response and retorted "But--"

Michael interrupted responding strongly to her "no buts we will be fine Ok?" Feeling her concerns and worries.

Amber mumbled in agreement and suddenly Michael flipped her on her back in front of him and he hovered over her smirking sexily down at her.

"Now we are going to do something and you aren't going to worry alright love~" Michael said huskily.

Amber felt her heart quicken in speed at the look on his face and he dipped his head low to her neck placing sensual kisses and nothing was said for the rest of that day.

The next morning Michael forgetting to mention to Amber he went around the area looking for a job these past several weeks.

Now Amber taking her bag and leaving the hotel also not forgetting to drop a note for him so he wouldn't end up in a panic mode and look for her.

Now in the supermarket twenty minutes away from the hotel, Amber entered hoping to try and sneak some food walking around in the large supermarket filled with several food types and so forth.

She was stopped by a tall purple haired teenager who politely asked if she could guide her to the frozen food section.

"You walk down this lane and turn left you'll see the sign leading you right to the frozen section I'm happy to help" she replied professionally sweet to the lost customer.

The young girl said her thanks and went away while Amber stood there before attempting to walk away till she was stopped by a female voice.

She turned around to face a strawberry blond haired slim figure approach her.

I hoped I haven't been caught taking anything. Amber thought to herself fearfully.

The manager smiling warmly to Amber said to her "well your kind of talk is just what we are looking for in this place would you be interested in a job here? You'll have to go for training for two weeks but once that's done you can start work immediately"

"Sign me up" Amber grinned happily and the fear she felt vanishing along with the great news.

The manager chuckling at her response asked her to follow her back to the staff room and they did discussing the details and so forth included in working as a customer service helper in the store.

The details collected and Amber was assigned a two week training that started on Friday and she couldn't wait to start and get this Job on the go!

She went back to the hotel to open the door and view the scented candles and tray of various candy and chocolates on their bed.

Micheal coming out of the shower drying his unruly curly hair with a towel to see Amber on the bed already munching on a piece of candy.

"Wow everywhere smells heavenly Michael I can see we are celebrating, I have good news for you"
Michael chuckled and sat on the bed letting the towel slip slightly when parting his strong long legs in front of her.

Amber's eyes drifted their momentarily but she quickly looked up into smiling eyes of Michael.

"Well baby we are celebrating my job I forget to mention that I applied for in the area and the hotel we are currently called me back and said they hired me! They even said since I am now an employee they said they can lower down our fee as a discount" he explained in joy.

Amber was truly happy for Michael and gave him a kiss to congratulate him and she expressed her own news in which Michael in return kissed her as well.

He went back into the bathroom to change and came back wearing a blue top and navy jeans with white rolled up socks and climbed in the bed.

The young couple cuddled together and ate their sugary treats in blissful and easy going silence becoming lost in their thoughts.

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