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Amber's pov:

After another day of laying in bed and forcing Michael to keep his greedy hands to himself.

We left in the early Afternoon checking out with our bags and going back to the van and dropping our bags we buckled in and we were off.

The summer breeze blowing my hair back, I watched the fast moving scenery and taking the fresh air in.

We moved past the signage and continued to drive on and
drove into town. We parked and looked around seeing a few similar shops and houses.

"Ok baby I'm seeing the same shops and people...is it me or are we driving back to Gary?" I said sarcastically.

"Why didn't you say that before love?" Michael said annoyed.

"Excuse me hubby, but your the one driving and should have looked!" I exclaimed equally tickled off.

"Now love let's not argue we can always drive back" he said smoothly.

He started the van but the stupid thing refused to fire up the engine and he looked at the flashing red gas symbol indicating that we were out of gas.

"We're out of gas!" He chuckled nervously.

"Great just great" I groaned at the thought of us having to push the damn van to a nearest gas point that looked at least a mile away from here.

Michael refused to look at me and we both got out of the car. The bare sun glaring down on us in all its glory.
I felt the beads of sweat tickle my back in my long grey sleeve top.

I paused for a moment to remove the top and only leaving my red tank top also showing off my stomach.

Now I could feel Michael's eye ogle my upper half but I ignored him and we pushed the van.

The silence was welcoming but Michael decided to start humming and at first it was fine till he continued humming the same damn tune and my patience was already thin in this hot sun.

"Michael for the love of pizza stop humming please " I snapped and wiping the sweat off my forehead.

Michael looking like a kicked puppy didn't hum and there was a guilty silence between us.

I sighed we had been pushing the van for thirty minutes and we hadn't made any progress.

I stood still waiting for Michael to notice, a second later he did and turned around facing me asked,
"why did you stop pushing love?"

"I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier but I believe we aren't getting anywhere at all baby, I think we should just carry our stuff and walk there instead"

He nodded and we removed all our bags from the van and we made our way to the gas station.

Twenty minutes later coming back with our bags, to our shock the van had disappeared.

"Where is our Van! It was right here!" I shouted in anger.

Michael knew I was pissed off and tried rubbing my shoulders but I was too pissed off, shaking him off.

"I don't need a massage Michael!" I snapped at him angrily.

But Michael wasn't going give into my anger tantrum, he went in his grocery bag found a bottle of water opened it and stepping in front of me pouring the water all over my body.

I jumped at the feel of the cold water run down my overheated skin.

"Why did you do that for?" I asked him feeling more calmer.

"You needed to cool off and that was the only way I could think of" he replied simply, his usually neat hair frizzled in the heat and his Coca skin glistening in the heat.
"Your right thanks baby" I thanked him and wrapped my arms around his waist and tip toed to kiss him.

He kissed me back sweetly before he pulled away squinting at the feel of our sweaty bodies close together.

"You don't mind when we are in the bedroom hunnybun" I cooed at him.

He blushed a deep red and I wanted to tease a little further "aw are you getting shy?"
He scoffed and we played around some more for a few minutes.

The town fortaunely had a taxi service and we booked a taxi seating at the waiting area with our bags enjoying the large fan blowing in cool air.

The taxi we booked arrived and we got in and asked to be dropped off in L.A.
Chapter End Notes:
I'm in such a pleasant mood, you guys get an early update! Also to mj and amber smh 😁.. enjoy!
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