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Two days later...

Michael kept his promise to Dani. Not mentioning one word about her arrival.

Amber still suspicious chose to shrug the feeling off, chalking it up to one of Michael's many games.

Currently the mom of one was busy changing her precious almost two month old daughter in her bedroom.

She cooed at her wide eyed baby who couldn't help but kick feverishly while her mummy changed her wet nappy.

Gently removing the wet nappy then wrapping it up into a ball, chucked it into the bin next to her.

Amber spoke to her little one as she started to put a new nappy on her. Nevada blinked up in response appearing to be listening to her mummy's voice.

Unaware that Danni and Michael were watching behind her. Danni watched in awe seeing her younger cousin bond beautifully bought tears to her eyes.

Michael noticing her look pulled the handkerchief out of his front pocket. She blew quietly to his amusement and she glared up at him.

He titled his head for her to go in quietly while he left the room.

Danni creeped slowly to Amber's side quietly. She slithered her hands upwards slowly before slamming down on her shoulders.

Startled from the jolt Amber flung the baby powder bottle in the air. The powder rained down on her and the culprit behind her.

"Michael if this is your plan!--" but she cut was off by a voice she hadn't heard in quite some time.

"Now don't blame him.. amberbee it was my fault"

Amber spun around in haste to gawk at her cousin before she flung her arms around her cousin as she stumbled back from the sudden weight. The pair hugged tightly before Danni let go to allow her to finish changing the little girl.

A few minutes later the pair walked back into the living room. Michael sat on the coach watching an advert on food.

Amber sat next to him crossing her arms against her chest eyeing him irritated.

"Another surprise Michael! You always do this" she whined to him.

"You never expect it love it's funnier when you least expect it" he cooed sweetly pulling her to his side and kissing her deeply.

Danni interrupted their kiss before it could escalate any further.

"Baby watching guys I'm not planning to see you both have another child in front of me keep it PG" she stated smirking.

They pulled apart flushing at her words. Michael sensing they needed time together, He decided to hang out at the studio.

"You both enjoy a day without me I'm off to studio..on my way I will drag Marlon out of the house to come with me" he mentioned to the pair.

"Let's hope he will" Amber replied concerned for Marlon.

"He will love don't worry" Michael answered determined.

He stood up dusting himself before walking out of the door in a disguise.

Now that Michael was out of the picture Amber glared at her innocent cousin rocking Nevada in her arms.

"Did I forget to mention she looks like you Amber?" she contributed smiling sweetly.

Amber rolled her eyes at her as they shared a hearty laugh together.

They continued to chat and gossip over everything she'd missed.

In the meantime Michael was in the car on his way to Marlon's place to drag him along to the studio.

Marlon heard the knocking on his door and dashed towards the door. He flung the door open to his bewilderment to see his baby bro stood there.

"Eh lil bro..what you doing here and in that ridiculous outfit?!" He gawked at him biting back the urge to laugh.

"You're calling my outfit ridiculous when you have cheese puffs on your head? We are going to the studio" he responded eagerly.

"I'm not going out with you bro don't worry I'm not drinking" Marlon replied shaking his head.

"You can either be dragged or pulled along which one bro" he threatened sweetly.

"Fine just this once" Marlon mumbled in defeat.

He closed the door for a moment before stepping out a few minutes later in his coat. The two brothers strolled back to the car bickering as usual.

A while later they were in the studio listening to Michael's final cut demos.

"The demos sound amazing lil bro I knew you could do it" Marlon sat next to him facing the sound mixer deck.

"Thank you. You want to record something I can provide vocal back up" Michael suggested.

An opportunity to record in a studio? Hell yes!
Marlon thought to himself.

Marlon nodded eagerly.

He stood up going into the studio booth, and sat on the small stool and placing the large headphones on his head.

"Don't laugh lil bro this song I'm going to sing was something I wrote before I met michaela" Marlon mentioned eyeing his brother.

Michael smirked and they begun the studio session. Roughly an hour later the session finished and Michael couldn't help ask why he never tried go into the music business.

"I have the looks lil bro but my vocal range isn't as strong as yours besides its your dream not mine. I don't see myself on stage..Joseph wouldn't have allowed if I left the family to try the show business... solo" he replied pulling the headphones off his head.

The mention of their late father soured the light banter between them.

"You know Michael...Joseph wasn't always a cold hearted bastard before the mafia corrupted him.. sure he didn't smile often but you could tell he cared by his actions" Marlon mentioned sitting across his brother.

Michael turned to eye his brother and said coldly " all I have are memories of his threats and his cold shoulder"

"All right lil bro I'll share a quick story of how the bastard we call sperm donor came to hate long ago" Marlon spoke in a whismperical voice.

Michael groaned at his voice knowing that tone but Marlon ignored him and continued on.

Eight year old Marlon ran home from the school bus ahead of his brothers who only chuckled at the speed he was running towards the house.

He went to find his father Joseph who luckily was in the living room drinking a beer. The breathless boy placed the paper onto his lap and waited for him to speak.

Joseph saw the paper noticing the 'term report' written on the top. He picked up the paper and read over the report.

His lips twitched at the *A star grades, he looked above the paper giving him an approving look.

He dropped his beer on the table beside him and patted his head lightly. He returned the paper back to him, telling him to run off and show his mother his grades. (F)

"Where did all the grades go Marlon?" Michael smirked at him once the story ended.

"I still maintained the grades even when I was still in the mafia" Marlon replied smirking smugly.

Michael rolled his eyes at him in response suggesting that they get a bite to eat and then head back to see Nevada and Amber at home.

Marlon hesitated at the suggestion..he didn't want to see either of them. The feeling of guilt beginning to wash over him.

"Don't worry Marlon she isn't mad. She's concerned is all, she just wants to see your alive and well" he replied sensing his discomfort.

Marlon sighed and closed his eyes before shaking his head in disagreement.

"Please big bro she loves you either way and you did say you were the first Jackson she ever loved" he admitted.

"I am the most loveable...I'll do it for you if she kicks me out I don't know what I'll do" Marlon replied nibbling his bottom lip hastily.

"Everything will be fine" Michael assured him calmly.

After taking a few breathes in Marlon smirked "your right but we are eating chicken and your paying lil bro"

"Why can't you pay?" Michael asked changing the subject.

"Because you have the cash and I've always paid for your lunch at school see this as you paying me back for all those years" he claimed smiling innocently.

"Fair point" Michael mumbled.

So the two brothers left the studio to walk to the local diner down the street.

The pair walked into the small diner and saw Martha on duty.

Once she saw Michael a huge grin bloomed on her painted red lips but a puzzled expression took over when she saw who was beside him.

"Hello Michael welcome back I haven't seen you in awhile! Who's your friend?" She greeted confused at the pair.

"Marlon Jackson at your service" Marlon chirped charmingly bringing her sun kissed hand into his dropping a feathery kiss.

"Oh my! What a charmer..didn't expect you to have a brother" she crooned at him quickly removing her hand from his hand.

Marlon dodged the attempted hit upside the head ignoring the look of annoyance written all over Michael's face.

"Well both of you sit down and I'll get you both the menu" she mentioned walking away to front desk.

Michael and Marlon went to sit at one of the empty tables by the window. Martha returned a few seconds later with the menus and handed them over.

The food eventually arrived to Marlon's delight and they both dug into the hearty meals.

The meals finished and their bellies full, Michael paid for the meal as Marlon smirked smugly at his sour expression.

Arriving to the mansion Marlon felt his heart in his throat (metaphorically) to see his two favorite people after his mistake.

Amber looked up from reading her book to see Michael followed by Marlon walk in.

Michael chose to leave quietly to check up on Nevada leaving the two alone to talk.


"I forgive you Marlon...it was a mistake and all you can do is be careful next time" she jumped in swiftly cutting him off.

"Th-thanks" he stuttered feeling the hallow space in his heart overflow from her sincere words.

"Now come here and give me a big hug I've missed my favourite Jackson" she crooned grinning cheekily at him. Her arms open inviting him.

"I knew I was right Michael can't get over me being your favourite" he replied grinning before he sat by her side and hugged her warmly.

"Are you always going to mention that Marlon?" Michael said walking back into the room holding Nevada. She wore a blue band across her head and matching dress with long white socks on her tiny feet.

"Always" he replied as he and Amber broke apart from their hug.

"Well someone is eager to see you"

Michael bent down gently handing Nevada over to him. Marlon held her in his large hands looking into her ebony coloured eyes.

Little Nevada gazed back at him transfixed by his hazel coloured eyes and couldn't help but kick her foot right into his chin.

Marlon winced at the sudden blow choosing to cradle her in his arms, he didn't want another kick from her powerful tiny foot.

"Your raising a footballer she's got a mean kick I blame you Michael" Marlon scoffed at him.

"She gave you that kick I bet to remind you who's boss and not my fault she's intelligent" he smirked.

"Aw she kicked cause she loves you Marlon" Amber cooed at her baby who only had eyes for her uncle.

He pulled at her little feet gently, the feeling of relief and gladness in his heart now that he was reunited once more with his siblings.

He vowed silently that he wouldn't make the same mistake ever again.

The rest of the evening was spent rekindling the bond and Marlon stayed over for the night.
Michael wasn't pleased but he couldn't win against her argument.

Michael was glad everything was slowly going back to normal (excluding his skin) at least some of it was.

Chapter End Notes:

Beware a time skip is coming lol.


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