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The next morning Michael being the first to rise from the bed, quietly left the room to go to Chris's room.

He opened the door to his surprise to see Chris laying on the bed with one hand over his face..

"Chris" Michael called out to him.

He peeked from his view across the bed to see Michael standing by his bed. He quickly removed his hand and sat up gazing into his eyes.

"Morning Mike" he greeted blandly.

"Morning..look I have news to tell you..you can't stay here anymore from what you and Marlon did endangering my baby isn't acceptable" he replied serious.

Chris didn't think he'd be kicked out but he didn't disagree with his best bud. He understood his reason and it was for the best.

"I know what I and Marlon did was messed up and shit..brother I'm sorry for what we did but I get what ya mean I'll go"

Michael's mouth dropped down in disbelief at the calm display.

"Close your mouth brother you don't want flies to fly in...we still best buddies?" he said uncertain running his shoulder nervously.

Michael quickly closed his mouth answering him with a small smile on his lips "of course Chris that won't change just be glad Amber didn't come and kick you out"

"Man I'm glad she didn't knowing her she'd be jumping with glee" Chris replied smirking at the imagery in his mind.

"Well it's better than nothing you have to the late afternoon, isn't Dani arriving today?" He asked curiously.

Chris smacked one hand down his face at his forgetfulness. He'd completely forgotten Dani was arriving today.

"Shit shit shit! This isn't good" he muttered loudly to himself.

Sensing his inner turmoil Michael suggested, taking him to the airport to help pick her up this evening and get them to a hotel.

Chris grinned in relief at his suggestion.
"Thanks Mike! I'll pay you back some day" he exclaimed in gratitude.

"I'll just let Dani know what went wrong and she'll handle you" he replied smirking.

Chris shivered knowing what his girlfriend was going to do and he wasn't looking forward to it.

Michael chuckled at his expression before leaving to check up on his little girl.

Around the late afternoon the pair left the house heading straight to the airport.

During the journey to the airport, the pair planned that Chris would get her and bring her back to the car since Michael couldn't leave the car without being recognized.

An hour and half later they arrived at the busy and bustling airport. Chris stepped out of the car walking into the airport.

Michael sat waiting patiently for them to return. He was feeling a tad nervous it's been almost a year since he last saw her.

Eventually Micheal heard the boot slam down by Chris and a feminine voice as they made their way into the car.

Soon enough the couple were sitting in front of him.

From what he saw Danni hadn't changed apart from her braids he last saw was replaced by her natural hair styled upwards in a big bun.

"Michael is that you??" She asked in unconcealed surprise.

"That was my reaction when he passed by me baby" Chris barked in laughter.

Danni rolled her eyes at him before focusing her attention on the nervous man in front of her.

"Wow who would think my amberbee would have you as a boyfriend and you become a sensation in the music industry" she stated proudly.

"Married and we have a baby girl" Michael answered sheepish.

Danni gasped at hearing marriage and baby together in one sentence. She couldn't believe in her absence the pair had eloped and had a baby. In her absence she missed so much.

"I didn't think you both would be married I recall you both argued like a married couple" she teased as Chris snickered loudly.

"The same would be said for you and Chris when's the wedding?" Michael responded smirking at the now blushing and speechless couple.

1- Michael.

"When did you become so outspoken!" She coughed into her hand brushing his topic about marriage.

"I've always been outspoken" Michael commented grinning cheekily.

The trio kept the conversation going as the car drove on. Eventually Michael bought up the topic of what happened yesterday which pissed off Dani to no end.

Sparking off an argument, between the pair to the point that Michael stopped the car and left to seat in front seat next to the driver, to give himself space from their arguing. But this unfortunately lasted to the point when Michael dropped them off at a local three star hotel.

Once the bags were taken up to their hotel room, Danni hurried out of the hotel to tell Michael she would be visiting without Chris in the next few days and he shouldn't tell Amber to not give the surprise away.
Which he happily agreed to and wished her farewell giving her the address before driving off.

A few minutes later he walked back into the living room to see his wife feeding Nevada.

Michael felt a tad aroused at the tender moment. Amber looked up from hearing his footsteps and his darkened eyes baring hotly down on her.

She knew they shouldn't do the deed so fast after his appointment but she could see he needed affection and attention which she knew was her duty to shower on him. The spell broke when little Nevada burped cutely announcing she had finished her meal pulling away from her mummy's breast.

Covering her breast Amber feeling his burning gaze quickly went to put Nevada down for the night.

She hurriedly ran back to the living room, immediately flinging herself at Michael. Using his reflexes in time, he held her tightly to him gripping her bum tightly.

He quickly made his way to their bedroom where they made love for hours.

After round three the exhausted couple laid by each others side.

"That was amazing" Amber said in awe as she stroked his hair.

He hummed in response at the feel of her hand in his hair until she popped the question she had been thinking about since he came home.

"Did you drop Chris off at a hotel?" She asked sweetly.

"Of course love don't worry he won't be staying with us again" he replied rolling his eyes.

"Why do I get the funny suspicion your hiding something Michael" her eyes narrowing sensing something fishy was going on.

"Nothing is going on my love" Michael implied innocently.

Amber snorted in response and Michael pulled her hand away from his hair, dragging her to his side.

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