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They walked into the Dermatology ward and directed to medical doctor room. They strolled down the empty hall until they saw the name plate of 'Dr Rose'

Stepping into the room Doctor Rose looked up to see her 2:0 afternoon appointment. She recognized Michael's face from his music played all over the radio in her car or at home.

She found it catchy but not exactly her kind of music.

She greeted them as well cooing over Nevada who slept on peacefully. Once the introductions were dome she began explaining what was going on.

"So your telling me my husband skin is losing it's skin pigment and he's becoming paler is that correct?" Amber repeated feeling overwhelmed by the information.

"Yes Mrs Jackson the medical term is Vitiligo" she said to the worried couple.

"What areas are affected? I need to check since I wasn't able to check in the first appointment. so please remove your shirt" she asked kindly.

Amber nodded at him to reassure him that it was ok. He swallowed thickly before quickly removing the shirt leaving his chest bare.

From what Dr.Rose spotted the pink patches spread from the back of his neck, to his bellybutton finishing at his impressive hands.

"Hm does anyone have vitilogo in your family?" She asked concerned.

"If I recall from my father's side" he replied.

"This must have skipped a generation then Mr Jackson but... this is worse far than you described to me Mr Jackson..your case is a serious one"

"Can it be cured?" Michael asked in a hopeful voice.

Doctors roses crystal coloured eyes reflected grief when she uttered "no I'm sorry there isn't a cure at the moment but it doesn't mean you can't live your life freely it just means you need to take more care. Some parts of your hair on your head and groin will change to white due to loss of pigment"

Michael's heart deflated at the words and Amber saw his crushed expression wishing she could help somehow.

"How about our little girl? Will she be affected?" Amber asked concerned.

"There is a fifty chance the skin condition will appear in your child or next but it's best to check as she grows" Dr. Rose replied politely.

Either parent weren't happy about the news but it just showed they needed to keep an eye on Nevada as she grew.

Dr. Rose carried on with the appointment while Michael put his shirt back on. She informed them of the dos and don't to do now that he was diagnosed.

The appointment hadn't lasted long but it was enough for the young couple to leave feeling depressed.

Michael who hadn't always liked his looks now felt even more dispirited knowing he was going to lose parts of his pigment and his hair growing white due to this stupid condition.

Unfortunately when they came out of the car they were obvious to fact that a paparazzi laid hidden behind a bush snapping pictures silently.

They decided on the way to see their families and spread the news separately.

Chapter End Notes:

I know it's a little short but the next is longer so at least wait for that at least! Lol.

Comments are loved.

See you all in the new year!

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