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The next day..

"We could just smother him with a pillow no one will know he died"

"Suga! Where did this thought come from? you do realise you can go to prison"

"You were in the mafia so you really can't talk"

"Touche but I don't have the connections I had a year ago to bail you out so let's not eh kill him...I don't want Michael's anger to rain down on me he never believes a word I say"

"Don't worry I can distract him from Chris and you can stash away the body"

"You watch too many CSI sitcoms suga I have a better plan"

Marlon and Amber stood beside Chris's bed, watching him snore loudly as he slept on his back in a tangled mess of blankets and pillows.

Marlon wasn't meant to come over specifically on his day off. He could have spent the day relaxing at home with Michaela or visiting his siblings but Michael practically begging him on the phone to be a peacemaker between his wife and Chris.

Once he heard that Chris was staying over he laughed long and hard for a good five minutes. He agreed to do so just to see the quarreling pair argue.

Approaching the sleeping lion, he silently crept to his bed. Ever so lightly he pressed Chris's nose.

Amber watched from the door sensing this wasn't going to end well stayed there for her safety.

Marlon sniggered to himself watching Chris struggle for air until his eyes snapped open and Marlon let go of his nose.

Chris breathed in deeply until his eyes adjusted to see a smirking Marlon standing by his bedside.

He shouted vexed "I will kick your ass you damn afro walking fool! No one disturbs my sleep!"

Marlon sensing this was his cue to leave quickly turned around and ran to the door. Quickly Amber twisted her body around backing herself into the wall.

Chris stumbled after him in hot pursuit to kick his ass.

Watching them run down the hall Amber rolled her eyes and sniggered quietly to herself. She went to check on her baby to see if she had been woken up.

To her luck the little Jackson princess hadn't woken up. Amber retucked her blanket around her fragile body and left the room.

She heard yells of pain coming from the living room.

"Let go of my Afro! That fuckin hurts!" She heard Marlon yell.

"Of course it's mean to dumbass!" She heard Chris shout back at him.

Amber strolled into the room and her eyes witnessed the two fools wrestling on the floor.

Just as she was about to try and stop them, Michael suddenly walked into the room bumping into Amber.

Michael sighed seeing his brother and friend fight on the floor. He pecked Amber's lips before jumping into the fight.

A few seconds later he had the two of them separately held by their ears.

"Now can you both behave you are not kids" Michael said giving them both a look of disdain before letting go of their ears.

They rubbed their ears from his painful grip, but that didn't stop from wondering why Michael was home early.

"Your wondering why I'm here? I came home to pick Amber up" he explained answering the question on their minds.

"Why?" She asked skeptical.

"The interview is today and I want you to come see me in action besides I have another appointment with the docto" he explained.

Marlon and Chris chose not to speak about the doctor issue, leaving it to another time.

"Who's going to look after Nevada?" Marlon asked in a worried tone.

Michael faced his brother and replied smirking "you and Chris will look after don't worry you'll be fine..I hope"

"What?!" They exclaimed simoustanly.

"You heard me your both looking after her be careful I do not want to return to see her dead or starved" he replied a layer of warning in his words.

All they could do was nod stupidly.
Michael clapped his hands and said "Marlon knows the place better so he can show you where anything is"

Afterwards he turned around to face Amber, grabbing her hand and leaving them alone.
The door slammed and a shrill cry jolted them out of their thoughts.

It was going to be a long day..

The two friends quickly followed the loud cries coming from Nevada's room.

"You pick her up Marlon she's your niece!" Chris told him.

"She's your niece too brother" Marlon pointed out.

"Not by blood! Alright fine I'll carry her you damn fool" Chris muttered in response.

He quickly picked the crying baby and held her next to his warm chest and hummed quietly.

Marlon watched in shock as he watched the loudmouth cradle the little one gently in his arms.

Chris met his surprised gaze. He whispered "what you staring at fool?"

"I'm wondering how you were able to do all that" Marlon replied skeptical.

"Brother I have several cousins enough to get some experience around babies I've been dumped with babies since I was a kid nothing new" he replied umbothered and sensing she fell asleep gently placed her back into the crib.

They quietly left the room and made their way back to the living room and sat down with a beer in hand.

"A baby whisperer" Marlon teased smirking at him.

"Marlon I will kick your ass again but I don't want the little one to be on our asses so soon" he replied irritated.

Marlon snorted in response but Chris wasn't finished.

"And how the hell do you have so little experience with babies! Eight siblings brother! Eight!" Chris asked in a low voice.

"I left the baby handling to my older sisters and mother when they were a little older I took control" Marlon explained.

"your still a damn fool can't even do what I did" he relied barking in laughter.

Marlon glared at his laughing body and eyed a pillow at the corner of his eye and ended up throwing it at him in retaliation.

A pillow fight rose between the pair for a few minutes before they fell to the ground hungry.

An hour passed and the duo was feeling even more hungry were arguing over what to order.


"Stake and ribs!"

"Thai food!"

"Soul food!"

"I don't want no rice and veggies I want wholesome food! Soul food will fill me up more than all those food shit no I'm having it" Chris argued frustrated.

"Fine you overgrown Negro! We will order your soul food and I'll order Chinese" Marlon responded in loosing his cool.

Chris nodded and Marlon quickly ordered the food on the phone and both restaurants replied the food would take fifteen to twenty minutes arrive.

They agreed to spilt the bill between them.

They waited in silence for their food until Marlon stood up clutching his Afro in worry.

"Shit! We forget to prepare food for Nevada" he yelled in panic.

"Well go look for milk! There should be some in the kitchen!" Chris replied panicking as well at their combined forgetfulness.

Marlon obeyed and rushed to the kitchen returning a few seconds later.

"Chris there isn't any milk and I don't know the brand the lovebirds feed her or breastfeed" Marlon responded.

"Ah fuck we are screwed Michael is going to kill us" Chris answered scared for his life.

"Indeed he is...you don't want to see how he was for Amber when your cousin went crazy brother..he's never looked so sinister this is going to be our grave...was nice knowing you" Marlon said gravely.

"Maybe we can find a brand and feed her that?" He suggested on a whim.

"That might work" Marlon replied scratching his cheek.

"You go buy it man I'll watch for the food and Nevada" Chris replied.

Marlon quickly left to find the formula not forgetting to leave money aside for the food.

Thirty minutes later Marlon walked back into the room with a formula in a small bag. He saw Chris chowing down and sat beside him to eat his take.

"Which one did you buy?" Chris asked after swallowing the mac and cheese.

"I found a formula with lactose intolerant" he mentioned before opening his bag of food.

"She should be alright with it...or we will die" he replied ominous.

A silence fell upon them but they continued to chow down enjoying the delicious food.

It wasn't long before Nevada began to cry once more, in fit of hunger.

Standing up with the bottle warm and ready they went to her room once more.
This time carrying her into the living room to feed her.

Marlon took control (after Chris showed him how to feed her). The look of pure awe plastered on his face feeding his niece.

But things turned sour once they removed the bottle from her lips noticing her shallow breathing and her cheeks flushed pink.

"What the hell is wrong with her? She's flushed" Chris exclaimed in a panic touching her reddening cjeek.

"Shit! She must be allergic to lactose! We need to take her to the hospital" Marlon replied.

The duo quickly grabbed a blanket and the spare house keys, with Nevada in Marlon's arms quickly hopped into the van and headed straight to the hospital.

Chapter End Notes:

Welp this isn't going to end well.. mj and amber are not going to be happy  

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