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It's been four months since that emotional and dramatic day when Michael and Amber had gone missing.

Joseph had been searching all over Gary looking for them and asking questions from his resources producing fruitless results.

The results were making a neutral Joseph one pissed off man, like a kettle on boil it was only a moment of time before his temper erupted and pity on the person who was in the crossfire when it happens.

Unfortunately the day came and Joseph erupted in the classical way of slamming his meaty hands on his expensive oaked table glaring at his sons seating in front of him.

They all flinched at his heated stare looking back frightened to speak up.

"I'm going to say this once more..where is your brother!?" He bellowed furiously at them.

They all flinched once more at his shout and Jermaine hoping to try and calm their enraged father.
"Maybe Joseph he went out to the outskirts of town" he said timidly.

Joseph zoning his glare on Jermaine and shook his head before spatting annoyed "I sometimes think you only have my looks and no brain..what makes you think I haven't checked there you fool! That Afro is causing you to lose your damn brain cells!"

The brothers all sniggered at his words and Jermaine lowed his head in embarrassment but one look from their father, they all shut up.

Joseph instead seeing that they didn't know the answer swiping his hard gaze on each face till he noticed Marlon rubbing his nose in act of nervousness.

Joseph narrowed his eyes at Marlon and calling out in a candy coated tone "Marlon son come here...Now"

Marlon looking like a child who had been caught digging
in the cookie jar went up to Joseph and stood in front of him beads of sweat running down his neck in fear and anxiety.

"Now son I know you something so why not be a good son and tell your brothers and I were your young brother is hiding with his slut" he said smiling at Marlon which didn't look right on his usually expressionless face.

Marlon swallowing loudly as he eyed his father and his other brothers watching holding their breath to see what would unfold in front of them.

After seconds of silence the smile on Joseph's face changed to a deep frown and the anger he had left aside burst forth like a volcano.

He grasped Marlon's neck in one thick hand and bashed his fist into Marlon's mouth and letting him go.

Marlon stumbled in front of him and he spat a glop of blood beside him and he could feel his lip drip blood. He stood in front of his father not budging when it came to revealing his brothers location, he promised Michael by
any means Joseph shouldn't find out at any cost.

Joseph saw his punch didn't have any effect and instead to vent his pent up anger on poor Marlon, punched him till he revealed where Michael was.

Now Joseph didn't care for Michael like any normal and loving father would be on the lookout for their missing child, he only cared that the boy would reveal their Empire to the world, these days on the mafia were becoming notorious among the police and the major of Gary.

But that didn't stop him from beating his son till he was black and blue. Marlon tired and in pain from Joseph's blows cried out "I don't know where they are but they aren't in this town"

I hope you won't kill me bro for revealing a part of the promise..it's about time I leave this hell hole once and for all.... Marlon thought in his painfully troubled mind.

Joseph punched him once for more emphasis and let him whimper pathetically on the ground.

He hadn't received the news he wanted but it was a start and that was all that was needed.
He straightened his shirt and glaring at his sons and said deadly serious,

"Now boys get your brother fixed up before we return home, we don't want your mother to wonder what happened and this is a warning to show you what will happen if any valid information is kept from me"

They all nodded in agreement an without saying a word helped their wounded brother on the floor.
Joseph not caring went out the door to prepare for future pro trolling with a few members in the next town.

A week later...

Marlon had arranged with the dealer for horses his own escape from Joseph, he had planned for a long time to get this plan on the get go but protecting Michael and Amber from the hateful hands of Joseph occupied most of his time but now it was his time.

Marlon was packing his bags late in the evening and making sure everything was in place before zipping his bag was halted by the door opening and his mother walked in.

She went to Marlon and cupping his cheek softly and stated firmly to her baby "now be careful Marlon please I don't want to lose you"

Marlon chuckling and smiling charmingly at her said jokingly "I will mother stop worrying"

Katherine only seeing the light humour and peace in his eyes replied "a mother always worries"
She removed her hand from his firm jaw before putting a few twenty dollars bills in his palm.

Marlon was surprised at the money in hand and tried to hand the money back to her she held her hand out and firmly refused and told him take it along.

Katherine implied hopeful to Marlon "I hope you find a nice girl for me to see one day"

Marlon smirked in response "no promises"

He stood up now with all his possessions and a gun hidden on him, walked to his mother and held her close for moment and let go before kissing her cheek affectionatly before wishing her a goodbye and walked out of her life.

Katherine's misty eyes watched her son walk way and prayed Joseph would never catch him on his descend to the horse dealer.

Katherine had already known where Michael and Amber's destination was from Amber's mother (Grace), for now

Joseph letting his clouded anger illuminate his mid and not thinking in his rational mind that the two woman behind the scenes would know anything.

They feigned ignorance and for months been talking on the phone about the mafia, Grace when she heard what her daughter had gotten into and never knowing what was going on in her suppose child's busy social life.

She felt guilty and sad that her own daughter had ran away for such reasons even when she ran away only minor details were mentioned and the real truth was staring her in the face.

Both worrying mothers knew there babies wouldn't be able to get in contract with either of them because of

Joseph's ability to find out where the call was made and track them so they were both blind to their children's whereabouts.

Apart from the women, Marlon had finally arrived to the destination with the horse dealer.

The average heighted and bony figured man before Marlon arrived was petting the horse's coat.

Turning his head to the sound of footsteps he sneered playfully "you are late Mr.Jackson" the wind blowing his jet black coloured long hair.

Marlon snorted in response "at least I'm here"

Marlon taking his place from the man, feed the horse a green apple and stroking it's smooth coat.

Afterwards climbing the massive powerful animal's back and in seconds was seating on its back.

Marlon looking down at lined face full of past woes in his troubled eyes of the horse dealer said grateful

"thanks ..remember our deal"

A nod in response is all he received and kicking the horse between the shoulders, the horse neighed loudly and galloped into the night.

If only Marlon used his knowledge, you never trust a dealer..that can stab you in the back.

Chapter End Notes:

Well some insight to what has happened since Amber and Michael have left Gary and Joseph isn't happy 😖...Enjoy


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