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It's been a few days since Michael and Amber spoke that night, the young couple slowly rekindling their love step by step.

During the past few days it took a some patience and time for the little girl to get used to her mother's arms around her but with Michael guiding along to understand their child made it easier.

Michael wouldn't say they were officially back together but they were slowing taking their time to becoming the united couple they once were.

Secretly he couldn't wait till the day he got the chance to kiss her again he did miss her warm lips against his.

It was late in the afternoon when the couple were pleasantly chanting over the cuteness of Nevada who slept soundly in her mother's arms.

The doorbell suddenly rung and Michael rose up to see who was at the door.
He chuckled when he opened the door to see Junior and Andy standing there in front of him.

Junior immediately pulled his brother-in-law into a brotherly embrace which lasted only a second.

"Hello junior and Andy what's brought you both here?" Michael asked innocently to them.

"You know why we are here I want to see my little granddaughter" Andy replied smirking at the pure innocent Michael tried to portray.

"What dad said!" junior chirped cheerfully.

Michael's innocent face melted into a bashful smile and rolled his eyes.

"Follow me" he replied and walked away hearing the footsteps follow behind him.

They arrived shortly to the living room to see Nevada grasping her mother's hand in her tiny fist and not letting go by any chance.

"Aww isn't that sweet sis!" Junior whispered at the adorable picture painted in front of him as he and his father quietly made their way to her side.

"Thanks she truly is breathtaking" Amber replied looking up and smiling at them.

"She really didn't inherit any of our family's looks she took all of the Jackson trait" Andy huffed pretending to be annoyed as he eyed his granddaughter.

"Mama mentioned that when she came here a few days ago" she mentioned wittily.
"I agree with her she really didn't dad such a shame she'll be missing the epic looks department" Junior bragged arrogantly.

"Well don't worry the next child we have will look like Amber" Michael added in smiling at Amber who grinned as a dust of blush appeared lightly on her dark skin.

"That's what we said about this little one" Junior said snorting quietly mindful to not wake Nevada.

"Like Michael said the next one" Amber replied rolling her eyes.

The father and son duo noticed from the pair, tbey looked and sounded genuinely happier.

The four of them sat quietly chatting while Nevada as always slept on. Eventually Amber asked if Junior wanted to hold her.

"I'm not good with fragile adorable babies even if Nevada is my niece" he replied nervously.

"Oh hush bro I'll show how to support her" she replied and handed her over to him gently and gave him instructions.

After a few seconds of readjusting her to seat in Junior's lanky arms, she sat correctly in his arms. A dopey grin expressed on his thin lips as he looked down at the innocent face of his niece.

"Now let grandpa hold her son don't keep her to yourself" Andy said and gently pulled Nevada from his hold.

His eyes brightened up and a large smile stretched across his lips as he gazed down at her in wonder.

"Why the hell did you name her Nevada? Was it a drunken mistake?" Junior asked completely skeptical.

"Well she was made at one of our stops points and it's a memorable time for the both of us" Michael answered smiling sweetly to Amber who looked away embarrassed.

"I didn't need to know any more information ew" Junior replied scrunching his nose in disgust.

"It takes two to make a child bro" Michael added sweetly.

"Aw did you not go for the sex education classes baby bro?" Amber asked cooing at him.

Junior glared at them as they sat giggling at his sour expression. Andy snorted quietly and continued to gaze down at his granddaughter.

Eventually the duo left the home happy to see the pair were together again easing their minds.

Nevada asleep in her bedroom under the watchful eyes of her parents. The young couple sat in the living room, laughing over a funny joke an actor said on the TV as they indulged in popcorn and soda pop.

"With all the food you eat where does it go applehead?" Amber asked him refereeing back to his old nickname.

Michael swallowed the popcorn in his mouth before he answered "I'm just naturally skinny Amber you should know that"

"Mark my words I'll fatten you up eventually" she vowed smirking at him stuffing popcorn into her mouth.

"Is that a threat?" He sassed back flirtatiously.

Amber swallowed the popcorn in her mouth loudly. She blushed looking away from his intense gaze.

I've missed her blushing seeing her it after so long gives me joy. He thought to himself happily.

Michael couldn't resist sitting closer and planted a small kiss on the corner of her lips enjoying the hitch he felt.

He pulled away slowly and Amber whimpered at the lost of his touch.
"I'm your wife Michael don't do this to me!"

"Do what?" He implied innocently.

"Tease me!" She replied breathless.

"I would never do such a thing to you" he replied innocently once more.

Amber pouted and chose to stuff her face with more popcorn while Michael sniggered at her expression.

They spent the rest of the night flicking through the channels until they chose to go to their separate rooms.

At midnight Michael rose from his bed finding it impossible to fall asleep. He found Amber making herself hot cocoa in a lime coloured mug in the kitchen.

Michael couldn't help but silently make his way towards her and scare her.
He bent down to whisper lowly "boo!" In her left ear.

Amber nearly jumped out of her skin from the scare, turning around to face a chuckling Michael.

"Michael!" She whispered glaring at him.

He wasn't bothered by her glare which only made him chuckle even more before he stopped to please her.

"You've always been easy to scare" he mentioned sweetly.

Amber scoffed at him and went back to stirring her coca.

"Why are you up?" He asked.

"I couldn't sleep..why are you up?" she replied as she dropped the spoon on the counter and faced him sipping from the large mug.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you" he admitted rubbing the back of his head.

"Neither can I" she admitted taking a slow slip from the mug.

"Want some? I can make you another cup" she asked him sweetly.

"Please" he replied.

The sound of the kettle boiling brought a soothing silence. Their eyes met unconsciously lost in a sea of emotions.

Till the kettle furious fumes popped the couple out of their stupor. Amber looked away to get his mug ready. Once the hot beverage was made she handed it to him. He smiled in thanks and stepped closer to kiss her cheek before walking away back to his room.

After finishing the coco, she washed the mug and left the kitchen to sleep in her room.

Chapter End Notes:

Aw they are rekindling little by little isn't it precious? 😍. comments are loved  enjoy!

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