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Michael's pov:
It was several hours after I and my beautiful wife had made love for the first time, my mind during night was consumed in moment of heat and caressing her beautiful body that I didn't if my rough ways would have hurt her but she liked it for some reason.

Looking down at her covered naked body and frizzed hair running down her back I couldn't help but think she was so beautiful just sleeping soundly in my arms.

I'd never thought she would be such a shy person but now I know she has her moments and as her husband I knew now..
The words I didn't know tumbled out of my mouth softly, watching her made my heart swell in adoration for this girl no woman by my side.

I Just Want To Lay Next To You
For Awhile
You Look So Beautiful Tonight
Your Eyes Are So Lovely
Your Mouth Is So Sweet
A Lot Of People
Misunderstand Me
That's Because They Don't
Know Me At All
I Just Want To Touch You
And Hold You
I Need You
God I Need You
I Love You So Much

I kissed her forehead slightly and she mumbled in her sleep smiling and cuddled even further to me, she must may have heard my declaration of love for her.

The urge to sleep fell on my tired body and my eyes closed and I wrapped the duvet around us a little further to not let the chill breeze through.

The next morning..
The banging from the door awoke us from our slumber, it must have been the breakfast I had ordered an hour ago from the motel kitchen.

My wifey complained about the time and having to get up to open the door, I told her I will attend to the door and she didn't complain but burrow further into the duvets.

I got up from our warm bed and opened the door to see our breakfast in an older lady's arms, I gently took the tray out of her hands and thanked her, she blushed lightly and walked away.

Holding the tray in my hands, I shut the door behind me with my shoulder.

I sat in the middle of the bed and my beautiful wifey must have smelt the food and plopped up from covers.

"Mhm that smells so good, and oh beastly husband of mine you don't know what that smile of yours can do to unprepared woman" she said teasingly.

I rolled my eyes and snorted amused at her works and replied "if it works on them how doesn't not work on you?"

"I'm immune to your charms boo" she smirked coyly.

I laughed at her words and I dipped a fresh strawberry in the chocolate sauce provided and placed it on her mouth in which she happily opened her mouth to chew on it producing a sensual sound of approval.

I wanted more of her and pushing the tray onto the table, I pulled her into my lap and kissed her while wrapping my hands around her caging her to my chest.

She protested weakly "no Michael not now I'm still sore"
I continued to kiss her sweet lips tasting the strawberry in her mouth and I stated smugly "I know you are but your not protesting"

She didn't talk any further and that lead us to love making again and forgetting our breakfast.
Several hours later we were spread on the bed and eating our shared meal in bed.

Once again my lovely wife's hair resembled a tornado and she wasn't happy about it, she tried smoothing her hair out and the duvet slipped revealing part of her upper body part.

My eyes zoomed on and she knew where my gaze landed.
"Hell to the no! We are not doing it again you've tired me out enough as it is!" She exclaimed hotly.

I chuckled at her cute expression and suggested I would run a bath for her sore body and she agreed to it as long as I did not enter in with her.

That made me pout a little at the thought but I agreed, getting up and kissing her gently before going to the bathroom to run hot water and found those bubble scented stones.

The water filled fast and there was enough for her to lay in and not accidentally drown.

Testing the temperature and feeling that it was just right, I left the door open and went to get her.

I picked her up bridal style and she protested but I reasoned with her and she stayed quiet.

I bent down and laid her into the warm water and she sighed a breath of relief.

Seeing she was satisfied I got up but her wet hand on mine stopped me.

"Thank you boo..I love you my key" she said lovingly, I beamed lovingly into her eyes and said sweetly "I love you more my heart"

I quickly left the room before I broke our agreement and let her soak in the bath for herself.

We spent the rest of the day in bed and my love fighting me but I being stronger I pulled her to my side.

"We should try that casino down the street to get some exercise and maybe we might strike lucky" she commented.
"What we are doing here isn't exercise?" I teased raising my eyebrow down at her.

"Let's just go and no" she scoffed lightly.

We both got up from from the comfort of our bed and dressed while hiding our bags for safety.

We left the room locking the door behind us and checked the van before crossing the road to the nearby casino.

The smell of alcohol and cheap perfume filled the air when we opened the doors and stepped into the busy atomoshere, I tightened my hold on Amber's waist.

We went straight to the slot machines and we both sat on a separate machine.

I cracked my knuckles to emphasise my arrogance and Amber rolled her eyes.

"Alright babe since your going to be cocky, alright whoever wins in the slot machine gets the other to do whatever they want" she challenged.

"Anything?" I smirked at her and I could see loosing her confidence by the large gulp she took in.

"Alright let's start then" I said innocently.

The race was on and we both were concreting to beat each other until I saw the symbols on the machine stop at the orange and five symbol indicating my win.
I couldn't help but let out a joyous 'whoop!' and raise my hands up in the air.

Amber looking at my victory dance and gave up, pouting cutely and she accused childishly "you cheated!"
"I didn't cheat love, being with Joseph had it's perks" I responded.

She groaned in defeat because I won our little bet, she hopped off the stool and stood in front of me.

"I'll go get a bag and we can put the coins in there and we can do whatever I want" I said pulling her to me and pecking her lips.

Removing my hands from her hips I went to retrieve a bag and returned with the bag a second later.

We collected our winnings and went back to the motel after a decent meal at a local chicken and chip restaurant.

Chapter End Notes:

Well Micheal's Pov lol and there will be a switch if Pov thought out the story 😚

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