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Over the next few days Amber had been spending her time split between ordering baby items from the baby magazines and reading parenting books soaking up as much information as she could.

At the moment after placing her last order for the day she sat thinking how she was going to persuade Marlon or Michael to go collect the boxes normally she would have done so herself if she wasn't carrying a baby in her stomach.

A peck to her lips jolted her from racing mind to find Michael sitting beside her.
"Oh hey baby I didn't see you there" she said sheepishly.

"You were lost in your thoughts if I pulled your nose I would have received body harm I didn't want to get a bruise" he teased smiling angelically.

She hit his arm with one of the magazines and he chuckled pretending to rub the painful bruise on his arm.

"Now your home Michael you tend to spend most of your time working or at the studio" she said dropping the magazine on the table.

"I took a break from both of them to spend some time with you since I haven't been around much for you" He replied frowning faintly.

"I've missed you and the little one has missed you too from all the kicks I've received these past few days" Amber replied sadly.

"I'm sorry for that love I don't mean to be away from you both it's just I want to build for our future together" He apologized holding her smaller hand in his.

"It's alright boo now tell me about the recording and everything in between in Epic records" Amber said changing the subject as her eyes shone in interest.
"Why not let me take you there instead so you can see how my day is when I'm not working" he suggested smiling crookedly.
"That will be great but are you sure..?" She replied doubtful.

"No it's fine we can spend a while and come home" he replied.

"Alright let's go!" She replied excited at the prosperity seeing how her husband worked and recorded his music.

Michael stood up helping her up from her chair as she glared at his cheeky smile. They grabbed the necessary items and went to the van after locking the door behind them.

Safely strapped in the van they drove to Epic Records. Holding hands to the entrance Michael showed his ID at the desk as well putting Amber's name down in the guest book.

They arrived at the studio after Michael gave Amber a small tour of the floor and left the studio last in the tour.

Walking into the studio Amber's eyes gazed around looking at the music equipment and recording booth constructed opposite each other.

At the sound mixer an older African American rocking a small Afro and beard sat busy mixing until his beady black coloured eyes fell on them when they entered into the studio.

His lips parted into a beaming smile when he saw Michael.

Michael pulling Amber by the arm to him, Quincy bellowed happily "smelly!"

"Oh come on Quincy don't say it in front of her" he mumbled blushing.

" smelly? How did that name come to pass?" Amber asked barely able to hold her snickering in.

"Another day love" he replied cheerfully avoiding the embarrassing subject.
"I've heard alot about you Mrs.Jackson he talks about you all the time" Quincy stated smirking smugly shifting his gaze onto her.

"what's your name sir?" She asked politely.

"Quincy Jones at your service I'm the producer working on smelly's first studio album" he replied.

"Lovely to meet you" she replied smiling at the older male.

Michael wanted to show her his progress in his selected tracks. Quincy sensing he wasn't needed in the room got up from his chair smacking Michael on his back and wishing farewell to them both as he went on his lunch break.

"So smelly can I hear your tracks from the demo?" Amber asked innocently sitting in Quincy's place.

"Don't call me that love I don't want Marlon to hear it and start calling me that name too" he said glaring at her briefly before looking for the demos.

"I wouldn't do such a thing" she implied innocently tucking a loose strand hair behind her ear.

Michael scoffed knowingly and went on looking for the demos until he brought out tapes labelled in black marker 'demo'
"So this is the first song that might be considered on the album" he said and played the song.

The first few seconds a guitar played until Michael's beautiful voice bleed into the track as he sang the first verse
She's out of my Life,

I don't know whether to laugh or cry
The song continued eventually fading into last part where Michael's cries of anguish.

The room was silent as Amber collected her thoughts, hearing the song made her want to weep at the sheer emotion elaborated in his tone.

"The song was beautiful Michael..what brought so emotion?" She asked sniffing slightly.
"The song wasn't written by me but I sat in sound booth pushing the emotions I felt when you went to relax with Marlon and the time you kicked me out of your room..." He explained grimacing.

"I feel so horrible about how I treated you Michael" she replied blinking back the tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

Michael moved away from the sound mix and stood in front of her, pulling her seat to him. He stood gazing into her eyes as he replied in a serious tone "that was in the past love it only made us stronger and besides its not my brothers baby your carrying so don't let that memory get to you" bringing her face close to his kissing her lips softly.

Letting go he went back to shuffling though all the demos where it became a game of him playing the demos and Amber giving her own input on the records.

Afterwards they left the studio to return home. Parking the van Michael went to buy Chinese for the house knowing if he didn't buy anything for Marlon he wouldn't have any peace from his whining while Amber went home.

Michael returning home with the warm bags of Chinese food in his hands. He placed the bags on the table as Amber stood up to get the plates and cutlery.

She laid them on the small table as Michael brought out the plastic containers out of the bag. They dung into the shared meal eating quietly until the door opened to reveal a fatigued Marlon walk into the room in his uniform.

His nose smelled the delicious aroma from the Chinese. Without one word he went into the kitchen grabbing a plate for himself sat next to Michael piling his plate with rice, ribs and sauce.

"You can't say hi Marlon? Is food on your mind?" Michael said eyeing his brother.

"Lil bro I'm not in the mood to argue with you today" Marlon replied rolling his eyes then bought a potion of rice to his lips.

"Who annoyed you this time bro?" Michael said cautiously.

"Michaela" he stated after swallowing the food in his mouth.
"Isn't that the girl we meet at the funfair a while ago?" He asked.

"Bingo! She works at my job placement she is a pain in my ass" he answered in an annoyed tone and continued to eat.
Poor marlon Amber thought in her mind as she sat listening to them talk as she ate.

Soon after the Chinese take out was finished between the three of them. The dishes washed the rest of the night was spent talking until the sudden knock on the door alerted the trio wondering who was knocking on the door at this time.

Marlon shared brief eye contact with Michael and Amber as he stood walking to the door. He opened the door to see Michaela standing at the door with his wallet in her hands.

"What the hell are you doing with my damn wallet bitch!" He exclaimed hysterical.
"You left your wallet at the store also your ID had your address out of the kindness of my heart I came around to return it to you" she sneered at him.

Wordlessly she shoved the wallet into his hand and stomped back to the stairs.

Marlon could only blink in surprise shoving the slight feeling of gratitude he had for her and closed the door holding his wallet.

Walking back into the living room to see the expectant faces of Michael and Amber staring back at him.

"Wasn't that the voice of Michaela?" Michael questioned him.

"Yes that was her" he said sitting down dropping his wallet onto the table.
"Didn't sound like a pleasant conversation" Amber added.

"It wasn't I admit I was a jerk to her" he admitted as his cheeks glowed a slight pink.

"How much of a big jerk were you to her?" Michael inquired eyeing him in disapproval.

"Alot.." he mumbled looking away from his hard gaze and looked at the wall where the shelves of books were kept.
"You need to apologize Marlon I might not know Her but she deserves one" Amber said adding her own input.
"What you too suga?" Marlon exclaimed his head whipping back to stare at her flabbergasted.

"I agree you have to apologize to her she did return your wallet for you" Michael said firmly.

"Oh alright you two! I'll do the day after its her day off tomorrow" Marlon replied rubbing his shoulders.

After another short chat Marlon went to have shower while the young couple went to their room to have an early night in.

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