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Four days later...

Michael and Amber were relaxing in their shared bed late around eleven in the morning, talking about baby names and yet again the sex of the child.

Also to take their mind off when Frank would call them back for Michael's appointment.

"If the baby is a girl we can name her after my mother how about that love?" Michael suggested.

"Well if it's a boy, he could be named Marlon Junior" Amber sassed back smirking cheekily at her husband.

Michael shook his head at the horrifying suggestion.

"How about just Marlon?" Amber propped again cheekily.

"we aren't naming the little bun if it's..a he after Marlon..this will just make his head swell and its already big enough as it is" Michael said rolling his eyes.

Amber sniggered behind her hand at the thought of naming their child Marlon after the man himself.

"I know y'all are talking about me!" Marlon shouted from the living room to his favourite couple.

"Shut up Marlon!" Michael hollered back to his brother and Marlon laughed evilly and went back to whatever he was doing before.

"Now love, apart from the rude interruption by Marlon, today mother and Grace are house shopping so I thought this could be our chance to have a night out...I've missed being with you alone" Michael said to Amber and running his hands though her hair.

"Mhm, I agree with all the returning family members we haven't had any time to be alone let's do it" she response enjoying the relaxing feel of his large hands through her hair.

"Let's go out this afternoon..?" Michael asked.

Amber felt a slight butterfly touch around her stomach area, she rubbed the small bump lightly and facing Michael said, "someone agrees below with the idea, but for now kiss me" Faith demanded coyly to her husband.

"You have certainly gotten more demanding love" Michael answered raising his eyebrow and bent down to lay a deep kiss on her lips while they spent the remaining time kissing in bed.

Later on in the day..

It was around three in the afternoon Michael and Amber were dressed casually to leave the house for their private night out.

At the moment Amber was looking for one of her best earrings while Michael was in the bathroom combing his hair.

Finally finding the other earring Amber was looking down at the small mirror placed on the small desktop to adjust it correctly.
Marlon wondered what was going on since he hadn't seen either of the two since the morning and poked his head into their room to see Amber putting the finishing touches.
"Oh your going out suga? We going out today?" Marlon asked confused.

"We are, you aren't did you forget your babysitting tonight?" Micheal said walking back into the room and dropping the brush on the table.

"Since when?!" Marlon responded in surprise.

"Since this afternoon, the kids will be coming in twenty minutes or so" Amber said brushing off his surprise and standing up to brush the creases off her outfit.

"Wait hold up, this isn't fair I wasn't warned about this" Marlon complained.
"Well this has been arranged since this morning" Michael said.

"Ok lil bro what does mother say about it?" Marlon asked trying to peel his way out of this arrangement.

"You are babysitting our siblings and you can't stop it" Michael said crossing his arms and eyeing his brother.

Marlon pouted childishly and reluctantly gave in when Amber said she'd make him her coconut pie as a thank you.

"Yea whatever...go have fun you crazy kids don't do anything I won't do" Marlon said smirking and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Don't corrupt our siblings" Michael said in response and holding Amber's hand, they left the flat and went to their night out together.

"Corrupt my siblings he says" Marlon said mimicking Michael's voice and sat on the coach spread lazily and picking up a book from the small shelf to read.

Thirty minutes later, there was a loud banging on the door to the annoyance of Marlon and he knew it was going to be a long evening.

He briskly went to the door and opened to see his smaller siblings giggling and smirking up at him while his mother and Grace stood there.

"Well we can't stay too long Marlon, we have an appointment with a house estate agent" Katherine said in a rush and told Marlon the details which he shrugged off knowing what to do and letting them go.

Now Marlon and his siblings left alone in the flat, Randy crossing his arms and declaring bored "what we gonna play Marlon?"
"Yea what we doing brother" Janet pipped a in soft and equally bored voice.

"We are going to read a book and be quiet how does that sound" Marlon said to his troublesome siblings.

Randy stomped his foot in refusal and exclaiming once again "that is so boring! I don't want to read"

"Reading can be so much fun you know" Marlon said pleasantly trying to get them to cooperate.

"Is that why mother said you always found books boring"Janet fired sharply back while Randy smiled smugly at Marlon.

Marlon narrowed his eyes and said in a voice full of authority "I am your older bro and you will respect me..do.I.make.myself clear?"

"Yes brother" they repeated at once realising their errors.

Marlon after taking a deep breath and already feeling a headache begin to pound in his head, he spoke in a much calmer and kinder tone to them "well brats, since you don't want to read why not draw?"

They both nodded in agreement and Marlon went into Micheal's and Amber's room to pull out a few pages from her sketchbooks and crayons she kept in a box next to the cupboard.

"Alright now kids, I have brought you paper and now you can draw to your heart contents" Marlon said cheerfully and dumping the equipment onto the floor also putting several newspapers as well.

Now they were sitting down on the floor drawing in peace, Marlon went into the kitchen to prepare them peanut butter sandwiches and glasses of milk just in case they decided to get hungry.

An hour later both children stuffed in food and bored out of their minds began to find ways to annoy Marlon even more that he thought it was desperate times to call someone else to help him.

Quickly grabbing the house phone while his siblings were distracted by pulling his hair and poking him he called the only second child hearted person he knew ...Junior.

=Phone conversation=
Phone dialled for several seconds until Junior picked up.
Junior: hello?
Marlon: yo Amber mini, it's me.
Junior sighed immediately knowing who it was: I told you to stop calling me that dude.
Marlon: Yeah well--ouch! Stop doing that Janet!
Junior: I heard from a little birdie you have the kids for the day.

Marlon: yes I do bro and I need a favour...

Junior: you want me to come over and help you? What's in it for me?
Marlon: I'm learning more and more about you mini Amber.

Junior: you do realise I can drop this call right? It's dropping and...!
Marlon: don't drop the call! I'll give you a piece of Amber's coconut cake..

Junior: two pieces and that's my final offer.

Marlon: oh alright just get your butt here!

The conversation was cut off and poor Marlon was left to oversee the kids for a little longer until help arrived.

Junior chuckled amused at the predicament of Marlon and went upstairs to the attic where his parents kept all his old toys and puzzle games which were luckily still in good condition.

Grabbing the few ones he could bring along in a large bag went down the stairs off attic to wipe the toys and boxes clean of any dust. Afterwards carrying the cleaned toys in the bag he went to his room, grabbing his keys and sunshades went out the door.

Arriving at their home an hour later Junior knocked on the door to see Marlon's hair coated in several bows and hairbands while he eyed Junior in hope.

"What happened to you dude?" Junior asked holding back his laughter at the sight of Marlon.

"Don't ask just come in" Marlon grumbled and he turned around walking back into the living room.

When Junior walked into the room Randy and Janet eyed in disgust wondering who the hell this guy was.

"Why you wearing sunshades in door?" Randy asked bluntly.

"Because I'm cool" junior answered smoothly and pocketing his shades to reveal his hazel coloured eyes to the two siblings.

"Well I heard you kids were bored so I came along with my old toys, now if you two behave properly you can play with em now will you?" He said seriously to the two mischievous children.

They nodded eagerly and sat on the floor smiling angelically.

"Alright kids since your seating so nicely, first I have my action figure for Randy and a stuffed toy for Janet then a bag full of puzzles" junior said while handing over the toys to them.

Marlon watched flabbergast at the behaviour of his siblings.

"How are you doing this so well, when I try to get to behave they won't do anything for me" Marlon complained.

"It's all in the fingers dude" Junior said wiggling his fingers and turning back to pay attention to Randy and Janet.
While Marlon went to sit back on the coach to relax in peace.

---Meanwhile with Amber and Michael---

Two hours after stopping at a restaurant for a quick meal, Michael and Amber decided to have a moonlight stroll in the park just enjoying each others company after awhile of walking they went to sit on a bench to enjoy the cool summer breeze.

"This is so nice applehead, we get some time to ourselves" Amber said happily and kissing Michael sweetly.

After sharing their kiss Michael grinned mischievous "we wont be alone for too long when our little one comes and we are having another soon after"

Amber eyed him like he was a mad man "your joking right? Don't be silly acting like your going to be pushing this child out" she snapped hitting him on his chest.
"Ouch" Michael said playfully and rolled his eyes while Amber just glared at him.
They continued to chat amongst themselves and did some more walking around until Michael read the time on his watch to around close to be midnight.

"Alright love let's go home, the kids must have gone home ages ago, let's hope they tired out Marlon" Michael said smirking.

"Don't be so mean Michael to Marlon" amber retorted rolling her eyes.

Now holding hands Michael eyed his cute wife and said to her wearily "it's like Marlon can do no wrong in your eyes love you don't have a crush on him again do you?"

"Oh stop being so paranoid applehead why would I have a crush on your brother when I have the finest Jackson as my husband" Amber replied smirking.

"Oh don't say stuff like that" Michael muttered embarrassed.

Amber stopped walking to face Michael and looked up into his beautiful ebony eyes "now look here Michael, you are a very handsome man alright you have nothing to fear about your looks whether it's your nose or what not you are fine the way you are...that's just how God made you and I'm not complaining when your music finally gets heard there are going to be girls screaming your name..I'll be there to support you"

Michael could only look into his wife's eyes with loving eyes as he watched her speak and listened to her passionate words.
"Thanks for believing in me my heart" Michael said huskily and bent down to give his wife a passionate deep kiss while Amber had to cling to him, her knees weak from his kiss.

After a few seconds they pulled up for air and Amber replied "anytime my key" smiling while they held hands and walked home.

Now the living room left in a decent mess of crayons, food and crumbled newspapers all over the floor after the kids went home with the mums, including Junior leaving an exhausted Marlon on the coach snoring loudly.

The door creaked open to the deep sleeper Marlon is, didn't flinch and the young couple walked into the small flat to see their living littered in a mess which pissed off Amber the most.

Amber furious stomping over to Marlon shaking him awake shouting his name until he opened his eyes.

Marlon yawning tiredly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to see a furious Amber and silently laughing Michael, he looked at the time to see it was past midnight.

Now Marlon forgetting He was going to be scolded folded his arms and eyed them sternly "now time do you call this Hm?"
"That doesn't matter at the moment! Why are all my papers and art equipment on the floor" Amber snapped back at Marlon.

"we will get there but why you are you both coming so late, you had me worried shit" Marlon continued on ignoring Amber's fury.

Now Michael jumped in before his hormonal wife could do something she'd regret said apologetic "now Marlon we are sorry for making you wait but don't forget we aren't kids so we can go out when we please" ending on a serious note.

"Alright whatever" Marlon said in defeat and unfolding his arms then looking around the mess.

"Whoops" he said now noticing the mess and now taking note of a furious Amber who was being held back by Michael.
"Yes whoops indeed" Amber hissed.

Marlon gulped and immediately went into a rushed story of what happened and he got smacked upside the head by Amber and she stomped yet again to her and Michael's room.

"Ow" Marlon mumbled while rubbing his head in pain.

Michael sat down beside him chuckling evilly while Marlon eyed his brother. "Finding this funny little bro?"

"Yes I am, she sees you as this guy who can do no wrong and for once you get in trouble" Michael replied smirking in delight.

"Whatever" Marlon mumbled to himself.
"Well I'm off to join my wife so I'll see you tomorrow don't forget to clean up, this is a lesson for you bro never touch Amber's stuffs without her permission..good night"

Michael said and standing up to join his wife in the room.

When he entered he saw she had changed into a nightgown and he knew right there then and then he wanted her while she combed her hair.

He walked up to her and placing little kisses on her neck while he bent down to hold her by the waist.

In which Amber didn't even protest and they moved to the bed making love until they were too tired and fell asleep.
Chapter End Notes:

Poor Marlon smh lol. Comments are loved..enjoy!

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