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It was a quiet afternoon in the neighborhood for Andy and Cherri who were on a shopping trip for the house.

Andy like any other man did not want to follow his wife on her annual shopping trip while Junior had used the excuse to go to work and leaving his father to the horror of tagging along.

So an hour into the shopping trip Andy was already bored, while holding the shopping bags while Cherri talked on about so and so while he half listened until they bumped into someone by mistake only for Andy to release it was Grace standing in front of them.

"I'll be at the food court" Cherri said while taking the bags off him and walking away knowing this conversation was needed to be discussed for a long time.

"Well never knew you were into white woman Andi" Grace said coolly refereeing back to the old name she used for him.
Andy sighed knowing this was going to take a while, since the party several days he'd wished to avoid this convention as long as possible but it looked like luck was not on his side today.

"Let's discuss this more privately" Andy replies just as calm and ignoring her comment about his preference in women.
Ten minutes later they were both sitting in a cafe near the food court, sitting in front of each other not speaking a word.
Andy wanting to break the ice spoke "you've aged well"

"Flattery won't get you know anywhere Andi" Grace responded.

"Well what do you want me to say?" Andy said now frustrated at her attitude.
"I want you to say your sorry for leaving I and Amber 19 years ago also the lies and promises you said to me all those years before even Amber came into the picture" Grace fired back.

"I'm sorry for all my mistakes and foolishly but I'm here now trying to patch up with my only daughter and she's pushing me away...is that what you want Grace?" Andy said looking Intensely into her eyes.

"Well actions are better than words" Grace spat back the bubble of hurt she'd felt raising her baby on her own, broke down before Andy's eyes.

"You are still bitter about what I did and yet again I will apologize but I'm not here for you I'm here for Amber and my new grandchild on the way..so if you want to stay in the past so be it or not I hope we can try and be friends for our child's sake" Andy said calmly.

"Well this short chat was interesting but I have to leave..think about it Grace" Andy said looking down on his watch.
He stood up looking into the still bitter and resentful eyes of Grace and walked out of the cafe.

Grace sat in her seat pondering over Andy's words and she didn't know what to feel at this moment but she'd think have more time to think about it later on in the hotel. So standing up with her tea, paid for the hot beverage and walked out to find something to do.

Now reunited with his wife and both of them enjoying their meal between them, Cherri knew something must have went down by the lines on his forehead showing and his lips slumped downward like a sad clown in a circus.

She didn't ask any questions knowing when he was ready to talk, he would in his own time. So eating their lunch they left the mall and went home.

Chapter End Notes:

An insight between Andy and Grace...Enjoy!

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