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Kathrine stood waiting for the couple in front of her to start talking.

"Well um you see..." Michael trailing off and looking at his wifey in desperation.
Amber sighed and rolled her eyes at him to look into the eyes of her in law.

"Well you see I and Michael--" Amber began until she was interrupted by the smug tone of Marlon dropping his own input.

"Well you can tell mother they didn't pay enough attention in school" Marlon stated.

"Dum dum, we are married it's something we do like you'd understand who knows you might have a baby mama all over the world" Michael snapped back smirking at the now glaring Marlon.

"Married and pregnant? I need to seat down" Katherine said in shock and Michael brought a spare chair for her to seat in.

"Well Marlon has said part of it...yes we are married but the little one was conceived in the marriage" Amber explained to a now calm and eased Katherine.

Marlon and Michael equally looking sheepish while Katherine smiled at the news and congratulated them both.

"Well I want us to be remarried again but when we can both afford it" Micheal piped into the conversation.

"I'll be best man of course" Marlon singsonged to Michael.

"We shall see bro" Michael hinted not giving any promises.

"I'm fine not having another wedding love" Amber said.

"But I want you to have the best my key" Michael crooned kissing her forehead and rubbing her slight pump.

"Hm" she mumbled embarrassed at the affectionate kiss shown in front of Katherine.

"You two are adorable, you can call me mother dear" Katherine said smiling kindly to Amber.

Amber smiled feeling a few leaks of tears drip from her eyes. "Ugh hormones..thanks mother" she answered wiping off the tears off her cheeks.

At this moment Grace woke up rubbing her head to see everyone chatting around her. The news of marriage and the child was told to her.

"What?! You both got married and I didn't even get to see my baby in her fairytale wedding?" Grace fumed at the poor couple.
"Don't worry Mrs.Bailey we will get remarried once we can afford it" Michael repeated hoping it will ease her down.

"Call me Grace sweetie we are family, now do you know the sex of my grandchild?" She said dismissing him from calling her Mrs.Bailey.

"Well Mrs.Bail--Grace we want it to be a surprise" Michael told her.
"Well all I know if it's a boy, he's being named after me" Marlon stated arrogantly.

"Who said the kid is being named after you!" Michael said eyeing Marlon like he was most dumbest person he had ever seen.
The conversation continued on about the little one coming, but there was one small detail that wasn't making any sense to Michael.

"Wait a minute, If you found us then that means Joseph can find out us" Michael pondered outloud.

"Ah shit we have to move" forgetting momentarily that Katherine had told him earlier.

"That isn't necessary boys...you need to know what happened Michael"

Both of them sat down again and Amber sat nearby wondering what she was about to say.

"Joseph's dead" Katherine bluntly said to the shocked faces of Amber and Michael.
"H-how?" Amber asked timidly.

Katherine went into detail about what the police had told her about his death.
"I need to be alone" Michael responded emotionless and walked out the door to seat by the stairs.

Katherine fought the urge to go and comfort her son but Amber knowing how she felt squeezed her hand in comfort.
"I'll go see to him" she told her calmly and went out the door.

Grace watched her daughter walk out to her find her husband and it made her proud to see she had grown up in this time apart and knew she was going to be a great mother when the time came.

Amber walked out the door to see Michael sitting down the stairs, his head on his large palms sitting still.

She bent down carefully and ran her hands though his hair.

"Michael?" She said softly to him.
Micheal hearing her voice lifting up his head to look into her eyes.

"Yes love?" Michael replied.
"How do you feel about the news....?" Amber asked.

"I don't know what to feel love at all" Michael said biting his bottom lip nervously.

"When your ready to talk about it, I'll be here and the little one too" Amber said while patting her small bump.

"I'll always be here for our child whenever she or he needs me and I will be here to raise it every step of the way..I promise" Michael vowed to Amber and sealed his vow kissing the small bump gently.

"Let's go back inside Hm? I'll know you'll always be there no matter what" Amber responded lovingly and pecking him on the lips.

While that was happening outside the door, Marlon and Grace were squished up next to the door hearing the conversation outside and cooing at the adorableness.
Katherine sat in her chair munching on snacks provided and shaking her head at their behaviour.

The door opened to the unexpected Marlon and Grace tumbling onto the ground. Amber and Michael looking down in his disapproval to their relatives.

"I'm going to kill you Marlon" Michael hissed to a frightened Marlon.

"Michael!" Twin shouts from the living room making everyone look up to see the awakened siblings who tackled Michael to the ground and Amber getting out of the way in time.

Saved by the brats phew! Marlon thought relieved.

But Amber wasn't going to let this go, instead began to scold Marlon and Grace went to sit by her friend snickering at the misfortune of Marlon.

How am I getting scolded and Grace started it all!. Marlon thought annoyed to himself.

He sat there waiting for Amber to finish scolding him and Michael was busy catching up with his youngest siblings.
Chapter End Notes:

Smh to Marlon lol. Enjoy!

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