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Now one month later after Marlon collected the van from the children, drove around till he was able to finally find the sign going to L.A and now driving into the city.

His eyes scanned around the area to making sure there wasn't a sign of Joseph's crew in sight, luckily for him he didn't see any but his eyes suddenly tuned in on a petite figured woman carrying three heavy bags and struggling by his vision from the car.

The pregnant woman looks exactly like Amber, could that be her?.. Marlon thought puzzled to himself.

He made up his mind before she got away to call out her and hopefully it wouldn't back fire on him.

"Amber!" Marlon hollered to Amber from the driving seat and she paused to tilt her head to the van where she clearly heard her name being called only to look into hazel eyes of Marlon she hasn't seen for over five months.

She gasped comically and waddling as fast she could to him carrying her shopping along with her. Marlon seeing her struggle stepped out of the halfway and quickly took the bags out of her hand.

"Marlon? Is it really you?" Amber asked timidly as she felt the tears began to fall down her face.

"Yep it's me suga don't need to cry Let's get in the van" Marlon replied smirking cheekily to Amber.

Amber speechless nodded and they went into the van and Marlon the gentleman carefully helped Amber into the van.

They sat in the van for several minutes reminiscing about the past and the present till Amber noticed the van was the exact van that was stolen from them months ago and she brought it up.

"How the hell did you find this van Marlon! Micheal and I thought it was gone for good" she said amazed.

"Well I found it in an old town near LA and well I took it back from these brats I wasn't in the mood to mess with, the weather was too damn hot to care..threatened them nicely to give me the van and they did" he explained smirking triumphantly.

Amber rolled her eyes and disagree that Marlon taking the van back nicely was false more like he took it back by force.
Marlon barked a humoured laugh and said he would drop her home.

Amber agreeing to his offer directed him to a tall building for several minutes.
While driving Marlon noticed the ring on Amber's hand, he had noticed ages ago but didn't want to bring it up till now.

"So I see that wedding ring on your finger sister-in-law it breaks my heart either of you invited me to the wedding" Marlon sniffed dramatically to Amber.
She giggled and patted his shoulder spinning a lie in her response "well brother-in-law of mine, blame your brother he wanted a rushed wedding"

"Don't worry sister-in-law I will definitely bring this up with brother dearest..is he even home today?" Marlon complained.

"Yep he is..it's great seeing you again Marlon" Amber replied warmly and rubbed her stomach gently.

They didn't speak again till they arrived to Micheal and Amber's flat which was on the first floor and Marlon refused to let Amber carry the shopping in her condition that only made her snort in amusement.

So she opened the door and she walked in first then Marlon walked in after.

Marlon gazed around the room seeing simple yet homely furniture placed all over the room.

Amber was now in the kitchen and since Marlon didn't knew the kitchen was he hollered "Suga where's the kitchen?"

"It's to your right Marlon" she shouted back in response.

Marlon pinpointed her voice and strolled into the kitchen to see where she was.

Now Michael awoke from his nap, pulled the duvet away from his body and stood up scratching his disheveled curls to walk to the kitchen to see his brother Marlon and Amber singing a horrible duet of 'endless love' by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

They stopped immediately when Michael walked in and he rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.

"Well hello little bro" Marlon singed charmingly.

Michael sighed and rubbed one large palm down his face.

To hear that voice after five months..I'm happy yet aggravated to hear it after so long...Micheal thought to himself.

Amber sensing that the brothers needed to talk, shooed them out of the kitchen and into the living room.

Now both of them standing in front of each other, eyeing each other to see any difference that changed over the long absence.

Marlon could only see that his little brother had cut off his signature Afro that now was a messy mop of curls on his head, apart from that he hadn't made any other changes.

Michael looking into his brother eyes could only see the slight bags under his eyes and apart from that nothing changed.
Marlon not wanting the silence to drag on any further,opened his arms up wide for a hug and grinning stupidly (in Michael's opinion)

"Come give me a hug bro" Marlon crooned sweetly.

"No" Michael responded childishly and shaking his head.

"Fine I'll come and get my hug" Marlon responded simply and immediately tackled Michael to the ground and now two of them were wrestling roughly on the floor.

"Let go of me Marlon" Michael shouted while pulling at Marlon's hair and pushing his face away from his.
Eventually they sat on the floor breathless from there tumble on the floor.

Well Michael was glaring at him thinking how could he have been given such a stupid brother and Marlon sat with his face in his hands smirking.

Amber walking into the room to see both men on the floor, she placed her hands on her hips and ordered firmly to them both.

"what are you two doing on the floor! Get up and wear something more presentable and Marlon sit on the coach I'll be back"
Marlon sniggered when she walked away and Michael mumbled "shut up Marlon" and they obeyed her orders.

Marlon was sitting on the comfortable sofa waiting for his pregnant sister in law and his adorable brother to return.

Amber waddled into the living room carrying a tray of beverages and snacks for their guest. Marlon stood and took the tray off her hands and put it on the table himself.

Amber snorted and sat down carefully mindful of her three month baby bump.

Marlon gazed at her features and smirked "your glowing sugar"

Amber beamed and said her thanks while Marlon leaned in kissing her cheek sweetly.

Michael strolling into the living room to witness his brother kissing his wife's cheek.

"Remove those lips of yours from her who knows where they've been" Michael snapped rudely.

"You missed me bro, admit it" Marlon singed to his brother.

"I missed that I didn't see you does that count bro?" Michael sang back.

Marlon wiped a fake tear off his fake and sniffed dramatically "see what your husband does to me? So cold bro"

Amber chuckled while rubbing her stomach and watching the reunion between the reunited brothers.

It's been several hours since Marlon returned and we agreed he could stay with us for awhile, but in my hearts of heart knew it was going to be longer than a day so I better prepare myself for the stupidity and irritation of Marlon.

It was early evening Amber cuddling next to me, she'd fallen asleep during the catching up with Marlon and running my fingers though her long straight hair while she napped, snoring softly against me.

There was a calm atmosphere until Marlon decided to open up his big mouth.

"Aww look at you lovebirds all snuggled in" he cooed and pretending to swoon like a deranged fangirl.

I rolled my eyes at him and scoffed ignoring his comment and let my focus drift on Amber's peaceful and beautiful face.

Marlon snapped me out of my thoughts when he mentioned in a serious tone we needed to talk. I didn't want Amber to hear what might be said between us for the moment, she was already under enough stress with our little one growing steadily in her growing stomach.

I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up gently to our bedroom and laid her down also covering her with the duvet to keep warm.

I kissed her forehead and she mumbled sleepily but didn't wake up and I closed the door behind quietly making my way back to the living room.

I sat next to Marlon and waited for him to speak, he looked serious yet I could see a layer of fear in his eyes.

"Bro...Joseph is on the look out for all of us my escape has broken the camels back with him, when you left well he held a meeting to find out and he harmed me when he noticed that I held information about your whereabouts..I'm sorry bro I blunted out you both weren't in Gary in my pain but he doesn't know where you both are" Marlon explained in detail.

I held my face in hands and sat still engrossed in the information Marlon had just told me.

I was swimming in a sea of emotions sitting beside him, how was I going to protect my family against a raging bull Joseph on the loose?!

Marlon shaking my shoulder, I recoiled away from his touch and snapped at him cruelly "how are we going to get this sorted Marlon!"

Marlon ignoring my words stated coolly "we will find a way bro...you aren't thinking right calm down!"

"I can't stay calm with this kind of news that you told Joseph we were not in the Gary and also did you forget he is after all of our heads! Don't bullshit me!" I hissed venomously to him.

"Now think rationally lil bro..our other brothers might have left him and went to join other gangs so calm down we will get though this" Marlon responded soothingly.

We sat in silence and I could only hear my breathing and his both of lost in our thoughts.

"Sooo my advice definitely helped bro because I can see a pregnant amber" Marlon suddenly said popping the silence between us.

"Really bro? I didn't follow your advice" I said in response scrunching my nose at the horrible thought if Amber heard his advice she'd kill me.

"Well If you didn't follow my advice lil bro, you can tell me how good it was" he suggested and wiggling his eyebrows coyly.

"That is none of your business Marlon" I replied narrowing my eyes at him.
"Oh come on bro! Give me something" Marlon whined like he was five years old again.

"No and stop asking me!" I answered eyeing him annoyed with his persistence.

"I'm beginning to think not seeing you for so long was so peaceful" I snapped at him.

"Well I'm going to be here for awhile lil bro you can't avoid it" he smartly replied smirking.

We continued to chat quietly to ourselves and I felt a the burden on my shouldrs become lighter with Marlon here with I and Amber.
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