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Another week passed after my conversation with Andy and behold It was my day off from work and as always I wasn't allowed to do too much extreme exercise thanks to Michael and Doctor Alice those two combined were a deadly force.

Michael tired from his night shift the previous night protested to come along with me to the park but by the bags of shadow under his eyes indicated his fatigue.

I didn't let him out of bed and he complied falling back to sleep without any resistance.

It was another bright sunny day and I was currently wearing a loose baggy striped red and white top with a knee length shorts and navy dolly shoes on my feet.

The weather got me craving a cool treat again and I went straight to the ice-cream van requesting another outrageous combination, the stuff I was craving was beginning to even worry myself but I chalk it up to the little thing in my tum at the moment.

So after paying for my treat and sitting down on the bench to lick my treat.

Afterwards dropping the stick into the bin and relaxing under the shade closing my eyes.

Till I felt something next to my leg, I opened my eyes to look and see a battered old football and just as I was about to pick up the ball a young teenager jogged up asking for the ball.

Just as I was about to bend down and pick the ball he swiftly picked the ball and we both stared at each other silently.

Andy suddenly dropped into the scene breathless and sweaty by the looks of it, he bent down holding his legs and he stood up again wiping the sweat of his smooth forehead.

"Well Junior you run too fast for me kiddo" Andy panted tiredly.
"Well pops just shows you need to work out more and that's what I'm doing" I heard from his mouth a semi deep mellow voice.

I watched their interaction until Andy noticed me there and blinking in surprise exclaimed softly "oh Amber I didn't see you there my apologies..well this is your brother Junior say hello son" he commanded lightly at the end.

"It really is true I am going to be an uncle" he exclaimed excitedly.

I was taken back by his excitement over having a nephew or niece but Andy wasn't pleased and scolded him to give me a proper greeting.

There was a hint of blush on his fair cheeks as he brought out a long slim callused hand and beamed cheerfully "Junior is the name lovely to meet you sis!"

He already slapped on the nickname 'sis' and he barely knew me this kid either was dense or over happily... but who am I to judge?

I shook his hand lightly and responded passively "Eh nice to meet you too Junior"

I couldn't help but observe his features as we shook hands to see we shared the same famailar eyes from Andy, but he had a strong jaw and a ashy brown Afro, he was lanky in frame but I never judge a skinny person..especially when I'm married to one.
Apart from that it seemed we shared the exact toothy grin.

Like a flash of lightening I saw glint of hurt in his hazel eyes but that was quickly covered up by another fake grin on his lips and we withdrew our hands.

Andy seeing that the introduction hadn't gone well between us both, quickly said a goodbye and they both left.

A bang of guilt in my gut telling maybe the way I handled the situation was wrong, he was my little brother and it wasn't his fault on what he's father did in the past.

Ignoring the guilt I spent a little longer in the shade and got up to go back to the hotel where my applehead slept.

Next few days...
Over the next days I didn't have any time to think about any of my new family members but all I did was work at the supermarket store and not lose my temper at any idiotic customers it was such a hard task to do but I tried...

It was now my shift break inbetween and indeed I needed it, my feet and bum were killing me with the changes I felt in my body making room for the little one in my tum.

So I practically waddled to the staff office and snuggle sat on the sofa with my feet propped up and sighed in contentment.

The peace was ruined when I heard the sound of a box falling to the ground and I knew it needed checking out.

If Jacob broke one more glass antique I'm going to kill him myself. I thought irritated.

Opening the door and poking my head out to see Junior of all people outside the door.

"Junior?" I exclaimed stunned.
"Hey sis!" He said brightly in reply, after picking up the box.

"What are you doing here Junior?" I asked ignoring his cheerful response.
"I work here sis, isn't that obvious?" He replied sarcastically.

"Of course I know that, for how long!" I asked now getting irritated.

Junior sensed somehow I was getting annoyed and he answered truthfully "well I got this job three days ago in the stocking department it's fun so far and look at the bright side we can see each other more and get to know each other more"

I sighed this was going to be a long day, I didn't say any more and we both went back to our routines.

After that day Junior found every opportunity during any break to talk and did so till the walls of awkwardness between us evaporated and sadly it worked.

It was another break and Junior decided to eat at a chicken and chips place instead of eating the sandwiches his mother made him (but he obviously shared with me).

So here we were in the semi quite restaurant which was actually a decent place in interior design and workers.

If Michael found out I came to a fried chicken restaurant, he would be pissed off so I made sure I got him a takeaway I wouldn't want a moody husband.

I was munching on my chips because I didn't have the stomach to have chicken, I was pushing the feeling of throwing up down seeing Junior dig into the chicken like it was his last meal.

He finished his piece of chicken and bluntly stated while wiping his mouth "I've always wanted a sister"
"Oh?" I inquired interested.

"Yeah really, pops and mum mentioned when I was a child I always disturbed them for a sister and well after all these years I've found you..it makes me so happy even though we both missed each others growing up I'll be there for you and my nephew" he said eyeing my stomach.

"Aw your so sweet Junior" I didn't fight the urge to ruffle his large Afro and as all younger brothers he protested that I was messing his hair up.

"Also sis even as your younger bro I'm still watching out for your husband, tell him for me I've got my eyes on him." He threatened cutely.

I snorted amused at his threat and we continued to eat, so after our break we went back to work and our shift ended usual six in the evening.

After closing down the shop, I went my way back to the hotel and I hadn't noticed as I was going along Junior was following behind me quietly.
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