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Author's Chapter Notes:

To any new readers who tune it's best to read the first saga to understand the story :)



Since the day Michael and I had escaped from Indiana and the mafia. We had been travelling on horse for two months or so I wasn't sure, the days don't matter as long as we keep moving from place to place.

We were now in a small town I hadn't bothered to see the sign of what this town was called.

I attended to the horses while Michael had gone to take a leak and in his absence I watched them feast on the fresh red apples, I picked from the trees when we stopped for a break some time ago. 

I gently stroked Michael's horse coat as he ate the apple from my hand and I smiled seeing him enjoy his snack.

I felt Michael's cool breath on my neck and feeling his lean arms wrap around my waist.
"Feeding Katie and chestnut love?" He asked and kissed my neck tenderly.


I turned around to face him, grinning up into his dark brown eyes.
In the first week of our travelling Michael had decided to cut his beautiful Afro that broke my heart and my attempts to persuade him not to get a haircut was unfruitful and he ended up cutting it at a local barber.



Running my hands through his curly hair and I grinned "you do realise applehead we ain't going to have Eh...your pet animals for too long right? And someone is in need for haircut again your hair grows so fast"


Michael bent down and pecked my lips lovingly as he grinned cheekily "well there will be different animals when we find our dream home gurl..let's go down this grassy path, when I came

back up I heard music coming from the other side there might be a festival going along"


"As long as your pets don't stay in our room then so be it and you can have as many pets as you like" I replied laughing.

He chuckled and grabbing my hand in his, we walked hand in hand and our free hand holding the rail for the horses to follow us as we made our down the grassy path till we arrived to a banner that read 'Retirement Horses Festival'


We walked into the festival with our horses and seeing the multicoloured stalls and seeing families wearing painted masks on their faces it was a lovely sight to see.

We dropped off our horses at the field where different other types of horses were eating or drinking water but we our bags removed before doing so.

After doing so we sat at a bench and ate our lunch in peace for the moment until later on we were approached by a white bearded blue eyed fella who sat next to us.

"So the latest horses in the field are they yours?" He asked interested.
Michael answered politely "yes they are ours"

"They are quite beautiful and rare..how were you able to get them?" He continued to ask more questions interested.

I stepped into the conversation "well they were a gift from our relatives for our engagement" I lied hopefully that he would take the bait and let it be.

He raised his ashy eyebrows in surprised and eyed our ringless hands. 

"We don't like to show off our rings for safety purposes" Michael lied and I could tell he had caught on and helped along we had to be cautious to, we don't want to be found.

The man shrugged his shoulders and said offhanded "uh congrats to the both of you" and the silence swept in till Michael gave a signal, it was time for us to leave but before we could leave the man halted our movement when he exclaimed, "Wait!"

We both looked at him waiting for his reason. 

He coughed and said "well I have an offer if you would sell your horses to me I will give you 2000 dollars in cash"

Michael immediately replied "no sale" and he stood up grabbing my hand and wanted us to move away but the man once again pushed his offer "how about I double that offer per house and a small van full with a days worth of gas ... What do you say to that?"

I politely smiled and answered the man "give us a few minutes to think about your offer"

The man stood up and walked away to give us some space. When he was far enough I turned around to Michael and glared "no sale?! What is going on your mind Michael Hm? We are broke that money and bus can get us a to our destination a little faster"

Michael glared back at me equally annoyed "I'm not selling our horses love, they are staying"

I groaned and took deep breath to calm my raging emotions. "Michael I know you love them but think of if we went into ride into a city with these horses we would be stripped from them anyway look at it this way we leave them here they will be cared for and we have a faster way of transport..please applehead?"

Michael continued to glare until his big brown eyes softened and he sighed, I knew he agreed and I squealed pulling him by the collar and kissing him sweetly and pushing him away just as the man reappeared.

He clapped his hands and inquired eagerly "so do we have a deal?"

Michael pinned his brown eyes on the nervous man and said seriously "before we hand over them to you..will they be looked after properly?"

The man nodded his head in agreement and stated "you have my word sir...great! Let me get the van and money for you I'll back in a couple of minutes"
After he left Michael and I went to the horse field and said our quick farewells to his babies and we went back to the bench where I sat in his lap and placed butterfly kisses on his face as we waited and his hand resting on my thigh.


There was a sudden rumble of an engine and we both looked up to see a purple and blue starred van drive in front of us. The window rolled down to reveal the man and he was grinning sheepishly.

He got out the van and patted the van "well here it is and your money is in the back of the bus... it was lovely doing business with you" he held out a hand to Michael and he shook firmly before letting go.

I opened the van front door and inspected the inside to see it wasn't in a bad condition and spotted the bags of money hidden amongst the blankets.

Turning around I saw Michael had been looking around the van not letting his whole body enter into the van. We nodded in agreement and he began to hand me our bags one by one.


Eventually we got everything arranged and we now sat in front of the van, we waved to the man and Michael started the engine and we were on our way to another city.


So we were on the main road, watching the cars pass by and the radio breaking the silence between us and feeling little bored I slithered my hand into Michael's and In response he squeezed my hand gently as he focused on the road.

After driving for an hour Michael spoke "love it's going to take another two hours sleep, I'll wake you when we arrive"
I laid my head on his shoulder and falling asleep to his light hums.

Chapter End Notes:

well there it is folks! here is the first chapter to the sequel! I hope you enjoy as much I did writing it..the next chapter will be up in soon! 


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