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I love Michael Jackson impersonators.  I saw this cute one the other day. His name is Fabio and he is 22 years old. He uses makeup and lots of contouring to look like Michael. I love watching videos of them on YouTube and seeing pictures of them all of the time. I also love Krista Jasmin Jackson, a female MJ impersonator and YouTuber. She does makeup tutorials on how she gets her look for her shows. I really like her. There are a lot of impersonators out there and I love them. I want to go see one live someday.  I THINK YOU ALL SHOULD CHECK OUT CARLO RILEY ( ALMOST MJJ)! He is so cool and very sweet on Twitter. I like Michael Knight too. Michael Knight sounds just like Michael too. He's so cute just like Michael. Tell me your favorite Michael impersonators and let me know ones I should check out.

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